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By Author: M&BHs and HHs released in the UK and USA sorted by author and title:

Mills & Boon Historicals from 1977 to 2014 in the UK:

Harlequin Historicals from 1977 to 2014 in the USA:

Not only... but also...

Still to come

I am still (occasionally) working on getting the following sections online:


Especial thanks to Melita who has contributed an awesome number of scanned covers for old Mills & Boon Historicals. If you're looking to fill out your collection, check her out on eBay. I couldn't resist buying a few, but had to restrain myself when the number I wanted reached triple figures.

Barbara very generously rehomed two giant boxes of old Mills and Boon Historicals with me. She'd subscribed for several years, so I was in the unusual position of being offered books with just one previous owner. I had a lot of fun scanning the covers, and am now settling in to read them too!

Thanks to Laura for her excellent cover-duplicate tips.... especially the ones where they have changed the colour of the heroine's dress to make it less obvious! Bev has sent me a whole load of bright and clearly-scanned UK covers, and Heather has also produced some truly detailed US scans which are all the more valuable since she is on the other side of the pond to me. Both Bev's and Heather's scans put mine to shame!

Thank you also to Preeti, Catie and Pricilla who each used to host this site in its different guises, and to all the fans who have contributed to these past sites, whose names I do not know.

Want to contribute?

I will be your friend for life if you contribute any data, corrections, additions, book covers, dates, isbns, etc. You can email me to chat or to update me on any of the above. I live in Scotland and subscribe to M&B Historicals but I'm working in the dark when it comes to the US books. You can even have my mailing address if you want to send me free books to scan! ;)

Origins of Website and Sources

This fan-run website has its origins in a website which has been hosted by three other fans in the past. In its first incarnation it was started by Preeti Singh, who in 1996 also founded the Bookstore Junkies email group for genre fiction fans who root around in secondhand bookshops. She passed the site on to Catie (of Little Bookshop) to maintain. When she didn't have the time to keep it fully up to date, the site passed onward again to Pricilla. It was Pricilla's version that I'd stumbled upon myself and used to help me in my many ebay purchases, and hunts for backlist books in the mid-2000s.

More recently I found that my bookmark to Pricilla's wonderfully useful Mills & Boon Geocities site no longer worked. Thanks to the Internet Archive I managed to find a copy of two pages of the website containing all of the data I could ask for!

Here are the two archived pages from 2004 (not updated more recently than 2002):

I took this data and built on it to flesh out the Harlequin Historical side and to bring the Mills & Boon list back up to date. I corrected some errors, and no doubt added some of my own.

I felt that the listing would greatly benefit from book covers so I set about collecting them online and scanning my own.

The sources I used include (the ever-fragrant) Google, ISBN check digit calculator, Amazon.com and .co.uk, AbeBooks, Fantastic Fiction, FictionDB, ebay, The British Library. The most recent books feature on millsandboon.co.uk and eharlequin.com. Thanks are also due to my Postman for lugging so many parcels of books up the hill and upstairs to my flat.

It can be hard to find information about Mills & Boon and Harlequin books. Since these books are only on sale for a short period of time (a month or so), there's no incentive for the publishers to maintain backlist information online. There can also be a certain snobbery among some book dealers and individuals selling on ebay and similar sites where they feel it's not worth their time to provide much specific information about particular books because "romances are all the same". For fans of the genre or of specific authors, this website should make glomming easier!