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2001 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Carolyn DavidsonMaggie's Beau2001JanuaryHH543 HH-30373291434 / 0-373-29143-4Western; 1870s, linked to MacPherson family
Catherine ArcherSummer's Bride2001JanuaryHH544 HH-30373291442 / 0-373-29144-2Medieval; Seasons 3
Ruth LanganThe Sea Nymph2001JanuaryHH545 HH-30373291450 / 0-373-29145-017th Century; Sirens of the Sea 2
Elizabeth LaneBride on the Run2001JanuaryHH546 HH-30373291469 / 0-373-29146-9Western; 1880s, mail-order bride to Colorado
Shari AntonKnave of Hearts2001FebruaryHH547 HH-30373291477 / 0-373-29147-7Medieval
Cheryl St JohnSweet Annie2001FebruaryHH548 HH-30373291485 / 0-373-29148-5Western; Colorado 1888, heroine limps, uses a wheelchair, parents block marriage, Copper Creek Brides 1
Debra Lee BrownIce Maiden2001FebruaryHH549 HH-30373291493 / 0-373-29149-3Medieval; 1206 Viking Scotland
Laurie GrantThe Ranger's Bride2001FebruaryHH550 HH-30373291507 / 0-373-29150-7Wester; Texas Ranger
Lyn StoneThe Highland Wife2001MarchHH551 HH-30373291515 / 0-373-29151-5Medieval; arranged marriage to a man she isn't told is deaf, Medieval 5
Gayle WilsonAnne's Perfect Husband2001MarchHH552 HH-30373291523 / 0-373-29152-3Regency; shrapnelled hero made guardian to his enemy's daughter, Sinclair Brides 2
Bronwyn WilliamsLongshadow's Woman2001MarchHH553 HH-30373291531 / 0-373-29153-119th Century; The Carolinas 1879, woman rents a half-breed prisoner as farm labourer
Charlene SandsLily Gets Her Man2001MarchHH554 HH-3037329154X / 0-373-29154-XWestern; 1880s Texas, followed by Chase Wheeler's Woman
Tori PhillipsOne Knight in Venice2001AprilHH555 HH-30373291558 / 0-373-29155-8Tudor era; Italian Renaissance, 1550, heroine has birthmark on her face, of Jewish descent converted to Catholicism; Cavendish Chronicles 6
Carolyn DavidsonThe Seduction of Shay Devereaux2001AprilHH556 HH-30373291566 / 0-373-29156-619th Century; Louisiana 1870, Devereaux 2, linked to Maggie's Beau
Anne GracieGallant Waif2001AprilHH557 HH-30373291574 / 0-373-29157-4Regency
Jillian HartNight Hawk's Bride2001AprilHH558 HH-30373291582 / 0-373-29158-2Western; Wisconsin 1840, Return to Tyler
Margaret MooreThe Overlord's Bride2001MayHH559 HH-30373291590 / 0-373-29159-0Medieval; England 1200s, Warrior 13 (Raymond D'Estienne)
Nicole FosterCimarron Rose2001MayHH560 HH-30373291604 / 0-373-29160-4Western; New Mexico Territory 1875
Judith StacyThe Nanny2001MayHH561 HH-30373291612 / 0-373-29161-2Western; Wisconsin 1840, female gardener promoted to nanny for unruly children, Return to Tyler
Jackie ManningTaming the Duke2001MayHH562 HH-30373291620 / 0-373-29162-0Regency; England 1821, female horse whisperer
Deborah HaleThe Wedding Wager2001JuneHH563 HH-30373291639 / 0-373-29163-9Regency; England 1811
Julianne MacLeanThe Marshal and Mrs O'Malley2001JuneHH564 HH-30373291647 / 0-373-29164-7Western; 1890s Kansas
Ruth LanganThe Sea Sprite2001JuneHH565 HH-30373291655 / 0-373-29165-517th Century; England 1665, Sirens of the Sea 3
Nicola CornickThe Virtuous Cyprian2001JuneHH566 HH-30373291663 / 0-373-29166-3Regency; England 1812, Suffolk 1
Julia JustissThe Proper Wife2001JulyHH567 HH-30373291671 / 0-373-29167-1Regency; Wellingford 2
Theresa MichaelsMagic and Mist2001JulyHH568 HH-3037329168X / 0-373-29168-XMedieval; Scotland, Clan Gunn 3
Elizabeth LaneMy Lord Savage2001JulyHH569 HH-30373291698 / 0-373-29169-8Elizabethan; 1573 England, Lenape chieftain abducted from Virginia
Mary BurtonThe Colorado Bride2001JulyHH570 HH-30373291701 / 0-373-29170-1Western; Colorado
Judith StacyThe Widow's Little Secret2001AugustHH571 HH-3037329171X / 0-373-29171-XWestern; 1880s Nevada, widow becomes pregnant
Margo MaguireCeltic Bride2001AugustHH572 HH-30373291728 / 0-373-29172-8Medieval; Henry V, early 1400s, Bride 3
Anne AveryThe Lawman Takes a Wife2001AugustHH573 HH-30373291736 / 0-373-29173-6Western; Colorado
Nicola CornickLady Polly2001AugustHH574 HH-30373291744 / 0-373-29174-4Regency; Suffolk 2
Anthology: Susan Mallery, Maureen ChildShotgun Grooms: Lucas's Convenient Bride by Mallery; Jackson's Mail Order Bride by Child2001SeptemberHH575 HH-30373291752 / 0-373-29175-2
Debra Lee BrownThe Mackintosh Bride2001SeptemberHH576 HH-30373291760 / 0-373-29176-0Medieval; Scotland 1192
Cheryl St JohnThe Gunslinger's Bride2001SeptemberHH577 HH-30373291779 / 0-373-29177-9Western; Montana Mavericks, second chance at love
Jacqueline NavinThe Sleeping Beauty2001SeptemberHH578 HH-30373291787 / 0-373-29178-7Regency
Anthology: Millie Criswell, Mary McBride, Liz IrelandA Western Family Christmas: Christmas Eve by Criswell; Season of Bounty by McBride; Cowboy Scrooge by Ireland2001OctoberHH579 HH-30373291795 / 0-373-29179-5
Emily FrenchIronheart2001OctoberHH580 HH-30373291809 / 0-373-29180-9Medieval
Deborah HaleWhitefeather's Woman2001OctoberHH581 HH-30373291817 / 0-373-29181-7Western; Montana Mavericks
Catherine ArcherAutumn's Bride2001OctoberHH582 HH-30373291825 / 0-373-29182-5Medieval; Seasons 4
Anthology: Susan Spencer Paul, Shari Anton, Tori PhillipsTis the Season: A Promise to Keep by Paul; Christmas at Wayfarer Inn by Anton; Twelfth Knight by Phillips2001NovemberHH583 HH-30373291833 / 0-373-29183-3
Deborah SimmonsMy Lady de Burgh2001NovemberHH584 HH-30373291841 / 0-373-29184-1Medieval; 13th century, murder in a nunnery, de Burgh 6 (Robin)
Carolyn DavidsonA Convenient Wife2001NovemberHH585 HH-3037329185X / 0-373-29185-XWestern; Montana 1897, Montana Mavericks
Jillian HartBluebonnet Bride2001NovemberHH586 HH-30373291868 / 0-373-29186-8Western; Montana Territory
Susan Spencer PaulThe Prisoner Bride2001DecemberHH587 HH-30373291876 / 0-373-29187-6Medieval; 1400s, Bride 6 (Glenys Seymour)
Lyn StoneThe Quest2001DecemberHH588 HH-30373291884 / 0-373-29188-4Medieval; wounded hero, widow of abusive marriage, Medieval 6
Bronwyn WilliamsThe Mail-Order Brides2001DecemberHH589 HH-30373291892 / 0-373-29189-219th Century; North Carolina 1899, unsuitable woman answers advert for mail-order bride
DeLoras ScottSara and the Rogue2001DecemberHH590 HH-30373291906 / 0-373-29190-6Western; freight wagons on Kansas prairie
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Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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