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2012 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Carol ArensScandal at the Cahill Saloon2012JanuaryHH1071 HH-39780373296712 / 978-0-373-29671-2Western; Texas 1882, Cahill Cowboys continuity 3
Carole MortimerThe Lady Confesses2012JanuaryHH1072 HH-39780373296729 / 978-0-373-29672-9Regency; 1817, lady disguised as a companion, falls for employer's nephew, Copeland Sisters 3
Ann LethbridgeCaptured for the Captain's Pleasure2012JanuaryHH1073 HH-39780373296736 / 978-0-373-29673-6Regency
Margaret McPheeA Dark and Brooding Gentleman2012JanuaryHH1074 HH-39780373296743 / 978-0-373-29674-3Regency; Scotland, woman working as a companion is blackmailed into stealing, caught by employer's son, Gentlemen of Disrepute 2
Jenna KernanThe Last Cahill Cowboy2012FebruaryHH1075 HH-39780373296750 / 978-0-373-29675-0Western; Texas 1882, Cahill Cowboys continuity 4
Louise AllenRavished by the Rake2012FebruaryHH1076 HH-39780373296767 / 978-0-373-29676-7Regency; 1808, India and England, Wreck of the Bengal Queen 1
Marguerite KayeThe Wicked Lord Rasenby2012FebruaryHH1077 HH-39780373296774 / 978-0-373-29677-4Georgian; 1798, marked as Regency
Ann LethbridgeLady Rosabella's Ruse2012FebruaryHH1078 HH-39780373296781 / 978-0-373-29678-1Regency; rake meets impoverished noble woman who is working as a companion while searching for her father's will
Elizabeth LaneThe Lawman's Vow2012MarchHH1079 HH-39780373296798 / 978-0-373-29679-8Western; California 1858, lawman looking for revenge is shipwrecked, loses memory, rescued by enemy's daughter
Louise AllenSeduced by the Scoundrel2012MarchHH1080 HH-39780373296804 / 978-0-373-29680-4Regency; 1809, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, woman washes up on beach of small island involved in a covert Naval operation, Wreck of the Bengal Queen 2
Christine MerrillLady Folbroke's Delicious Deception2012MarchHH1081 HH-39780373296811 / 978-0-373-29681-1Regency; blind hero
Joanna FulfordThe Viking's Touch2012MarchHH1082 HH-39780373296828 / 978-0-373-29682-8Early Middle Ages; East Anglia, England 895 A.D., hero is rich mercenary, heroine is widow with son, marriage of convenience for protection, Viking 2
Charlene SandsA Cowboy Worth Claiming2012AprilHH1083 HH-39780373296835 / 978-0-373-29683-5Western; Arizona 1884
Louise AllenMarried to a Stranger2012AprilHH1084 HH-39780373296842 / 978-0-373-29684-2Regency; 1809, twin brother of woman's fiancé offers marriage of convenience after fiancé dies in shipwreck, Wreck of the Bengal Queen 3
Christine MerrillLady Drusilla's Road to Ruin2012AprilHH1085 HH-39780373296859 / 978-0-373-29685-9Regency
Deb MarloweTall, Dark and Disreputable2012AprilHH1086 HH-39780373296866 / 978-0-373-29686-6Regency; 1821
Kate WelshA Texan's Honor / A Texan's Honour2012MayHH1087 HH-39780373296873 / 978-0-373-29687-3Western; Texas 1878, marriage with a stranger to escape a brute
Marguerite KayeRake with a Frozen Heart2012MayHH1088 HH-39780373296880 / 978-0-373-29688-0Regency; Sussex 1824, governess accused of theft
Christine MerrillLady Priscilla's Shameful Secret2012MayHH1089 HH-39780373296897 / 978-0-373-29689-7Regency
Amanda McCabeThe Taming of the Rogue2012MayHH1090 HH-39780373296903 / 978-0-373-29690-3Elizabethan; 1589 London, playwright
Anthology: Elizabeth Lane, Kate Welsh, Lisa PlumleyWeddings Under a Western Sky: The Hand-Me-Down Bride by Lane; The Bride Wore Britches by Welsh; Something Borrowed, Something True by Plumley2012JuneHH1091 HH-39780373296910 / 978-0-373-29691-0Western
Carla KellyMarriage of Mercy2012JuneHH1092 HH-39780373296927 / 978-0-373-29692-7Regency; Devon, inheritance tied to marrying American prisoner-of-war
Deb MarloweUnbuttoning Miss Hardwick2012JuneHH1093 HH-39780373296934 / 978-0-373-29693-4Regency; spinster assistant to a Marquess
Jeannie LinMy Fair Concubine2012JuneHH1094 HH-39780373296941 / 978-0-373-29694-1Early Middle Ages; China; Tang Dynasty, 824 AD, Concubine 1
Carol ArensRenegade Most Wanted2012JulyHH1095 HH-39780373296958 / 978-0-373-29695-8Western; Kansas 1881, marriage to a stranger
Annie BurrowsAn Escapade and an Engagement2012JulyHH1096 HH-39780373296965 / 978-0-373-29696-5Regency
Ann LethbridgeThe Laird's Forbidden Lady2012JulyHH1097 HH-39780373296972 / 978-0-373-29697-2Regency; 1818, English woman in Scotland, The Gilvrys of Dunross 1 (Ian)
Michelle WillinghamTempted by the Highland Warrior2012JulyHH1098 HH-39780373296989 / 978-0-373-29698-9Medieval; Scotland 1305, MacKinloch 3 (Callum)
Jillian HartMontana Bride2012AugustHH1099 HH-39780373296996 / 978-0-373-29699-6Western; Montana Territory 1884, pregnant widow mail order bride to blacksmith
Marguerite KayeOutrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah2012AugustHH1100 HH-39780373297009 / 978-0-373-29700-9Regency; 1817
Diane GastonA Not So Respectable Gentleman?2012AugustHH1101 HH-39780373297016 / 978-0-373-29701-6Regency; 1828, rake to the rescue of ex-betrothed
Sophia JamesLady With the Devil's Scar2012AugustHH1102 HH-39780373297023 / 978-0-373-29702-3Medieval; Scotland 1346
Debra CowanWhirlwind Cowboy2012SeptemberHH1103 HH-39780373297030 / 978-0-373-29703-0Western; West Texas 1886. sweetheart returns with amnesia
Bronwyn ScottHow to Disgrace a Lady2012SeptemberHH1104 HH-39780373297047 / 978-0-373-29704-7transformation of a bluestocking, Rakes Beyond Redemption 1
Margaret McPheeHis Mask of Retribution2012SeptemberHH1105 HH-39780373297054 / 978-0-373-29705-4Regency; 1810, woman taken hostage for revenge, Gentlemen of Disrepute 3
Terri BrisbinThe Highlander's Stolen Touch2012SeptemberHH1106 HH-39780373297061 / 978-0-373-29706-1Medieval; Scotland 1370, woman rejected by her childhood crush, Medieval-MacLerie 4 (Tavis)
Anthology: Judith Stacy, Lauri Robinson, Debra CowanAll a Cowboy Wants for Christmas: Waiting for Christmas by Stacy; His Christmas Wish by Robinson; Once Upon a Frontier Christmas by Cowan2012OctoberHH1107 HH-39780373297078 / 978-0-373-29707-8Western; Stacy: Texas 1889; Robinson: Nebraska 1884; Cowan: Indian Territory 1872
Bronwyn ScottHow to Ruin a Reputation2012OctoberHH1108 HH-39780373297085 / 978-0-373-29708-5Rakes Beyond Redemption 2
Christine MerrillTwo Wrongs Make a Marriage2012OctoberHH1109 HH-39780373297092 / 978-0-373-29709-2Regency
Amanda McCabeTarnished Rose of the Court2012OctoberHH1110 HH-39780373297108 / 978-0-373-29710-8Elizabethan; 1564 London, Tudor Queens 1
Antholody: Louise Allen, Lucy Ashford, Joanna FulfordSnowbound Wedding Wishes: An Earl Beneath the Mistletoe by Allen; Twelfth Night Proposal by Ashford; Christmas at Oakhurst Manor by Fulford2012NovemberHH1111 HH-39780373297115 / 978-0-373-29711-5
Lauri RobinsonUnclaimed Bride2012NovemberHH1112 HH-39780373297122 / 978-0-373-29712-2Western; Wyoming Territory 1877
Bronwyn ScottHow to Sin Successfully2012NovemberHH1113 HH-39780373297139 / 978-0-373-29713-9William IV; London 1835, Rakes Beyond Redemption 3
Blythe GiffordReturn of the Border Warrior2012NovemberHH1114 HH-39780373297146 / 978-0-373-29714-6Stewart; Scottish Borders 1528, Brunson Clan 1 (John)
Carol FinchOklahoma Wedding Bells2012DecemberHH1115 HH-39780373297153 / 978-0-373-29715-3Western; Oklahoma Territory 1892, single woman in land rush, undercover marshal as fake fiancé
Carole MortimerSome Like it Wicked2012DecemberHH1116 HH-39780373297160 / 978-0-373-29716-0Regency; 1817, widowed duchess and another duke, Daring Duchesses 1 (Pandora)
Diane GastonBorn to Scandal2012DecemberHH1117 HH-39780373297177 / 978-0-373-29717-7Regency; 1816, widower and governess
Anthology: 3 x Michelle WillinghamWarriors in Winter: In the Bleak Midwinter; The Holly and the Viking; A Season to Forgive2012DecemberHH1118 HH-39780373297184 / 978-0-373-29718-4Medieval; Ireland, MacEgan next generation (Brianna, Rhiannon, Liam)
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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