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Third Series HH1-100 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Kristin JamesSatan's Angel1988JulyHH1 HH-30373286015 / 0-373-28601-5Western; Texas, Texas Ranger, also published under Candace Camp
Kathleen EaglePrivate Treaty1988JulyHH2 HH-30373286023 / 0-373-28602-3
Bronwyn WilliamsWhite Witch1988AugustHH3 HH-30373286031 / 0-373-28603-1Western; American Indian finds white English woman, gift from Great Spirit
Nora RobertsRebellion1988AugustHH4 HH-3037328604X / 0-373-28604-XGeorgian; Scotland 1745, Jacobite Uprising, MacGregor series (Serena)
Cassie EdwardsPassion in the Wind1988SeptemberHH5 HH-30373286058 / 0-373-28605-8Australia
Patricia PotterSwampfire1988SeptemberHH6 HH-30373286066 / 0-373-28606-6American Revolution; 1780s, the Carolinas, Link 1
Marianne WillmanVixen1988OctoberHH7 HH-30373286074 / 0-373-28607-4penniless heroine stows away on a keelboat
Lucy ElliotShared Passions1988OctoberHH8 HH-30373286082 / 0-373-28608-2
Heather Graham PozzessereDark Stranger1988NovemberHH9 HH-30373286090 / 0-373-28609-0American Civil War; Slater Brothers 1, later published under Heather Graham
Ruth LanganMistress of the Seas1988NovemberHH10 HH-30373286104 / 0-373-28610-4Elizabethan; female pirate
Caryn CameronDawn's Early Light1988DecemberHH11 HH-30373286112 / 0-373-28611-2War of 1812, later published under Karen Harper
DeLoras ScottBittersweet1988DecemberHH12 HH-30373286120 / 0-373-28612-0Western; outlaw heroine, half-Cheyenne hero
Karen KeastChina Star1989JanuaryHH13 HH-30373286139 / 0-373-28613-9
Patricia Gardner EvansSilver Noose1989JanuaryHH14 HH-30373286147 / 0-373-28614-7
Patricia PotterBetween the Thunder1989FebruaryHH15 HH-30373286155 / 0-373-28615-5American Civil War; Colorado, Thunder 1
Pamela WallacePromises1989FebruaryHH16 HH-30373286163 / 0-373-28616-3hero plucks heroine from the sea
Cassie EdwardsA Gentle Passion1989MarchHH17 HH-30373286171 / 0-373-28617-1
Jeanne StephensWild Horizons1989MarchHH18 HH-3037328618X / 0-373-28618-XWestern; wagon train to Oregon, forced into marriage due to slander to her reputation
Heather Graham PozzessereRides a Hero1989AprilHH19 HH-30373286198 / 0-373-28619-8Western; Missouri post-Civil War, later published under Heather Graham
Patricia PotterSamara1989AprilHH20 HH-30373286201 / 0-373-28620-1War of 1812; British Naval blockade, Link 2
Nora RobertsLawless1989MayHH21 HH-3037328621X / 0-373-28621-XWestern; Arizona Territory, half-Apache hero, Eastern heroine
Deborah ChesterCaptured Hearts1989MayHH22 HH-30373286228 / 0-373-28622-8French Revolution
Bronwyn WilliamsDandelion1989JuneHH23 HH-30373286236 / 0-373-28623-6Western; heroine rescued from selling body by older widower, has already met his son
Lucy ElliotFrontiers of the Heart1989JuneHH24 HH-30373286244 / 0-373-28624-4Western; California, sea voyage
Brooke HastingsSo Sweet a Sin1989JulyHH25 HH-30373286252 / 0-373-28625-2
Patricia PotterSeize the Fire1989JulyHH26 HH-30373286260 / 0-373-28626-0Western; Arizona Territory 1865, half-breed scout, falsely accused
Caryn CameronSilver Swords1989AugustHH27 HH-30373286279 / 0-373-28627-9Florida
Elizabeth LaneWind River1989AugustHH28 HH-30373286287 / 0-373-28628-7Western; Wyoming Territory
Marianne WillmanRose Red, Rose White1989SeptemberHH29 HH-30373286295 / 0-373-28629-5Medieval; Edward IV, heroine's husband is executed, king immediately orders her to marry the landless hero
Kathleen EagleMedicine Woman1989SeptemberHH30 HH-30373286309 / 0-373-28630-919th Century; Paha Sapa, the land of the Lakota, 1819
Ruth LanganTexas Heart1989OctoberHH31 HH-30373286317 / 0-373-28631-7Western; 1870, Texas 1
Maureen BronsonDelta Pearl1989OctoberHH32 HH-30373286325 / 0-373-28632-5
Heather Graham PozzessereApache Summer1989NovemberHH33 HH-30373286333 / 0-373-28633-3Western; Western Texas 1870, later published under Heather Graham
Shirley ParenteauHemlock Feathers1989NovemberHH34 HH-30373286341 / 0-373-28634-1Western; logging camp, Oregon
Patricia PotterChase the Thunder1989DecemberHH35 HH-3037328635X / 0-373-28635-XWestern; Thunder 2
Sally CheneyGame of Hearts1989DecemberHH36 HH-30373286368 / 0-373-28636-8
Curtiss Ann MatlockThe Forever Rose1990JanuaryHH37 HH-30373286376 / 0-373-28637-6Western; Quaker heroine
Elizabeth LowellReckless Love1990JanuaryHH38 HH-30373286384 / 0-373-28638-4Western; 1887 Utah Territory, MacKenzie-Blackthorn 1, published twice in main Harlequin Historical line as both HH38 and HH199
Caryn CameronLiberty's Lady1990FebruaryHH39 HH-30373286392 / 0-373-28639-2American Revolution; later published under Karen Harper
DeLoras ScottFire and Ice1990FebruaryHH40 HH-30373286406 / 0-373-28640-6Western; marriage of convenience
Ruth LanganHighland Barbarian1990MarchHH41 HH-30373286414 / 0-373-28641-4Tudor; Scotland 1561, Highland 1
Cassie EdwardsPassion's Embrace1990MarchHH42 HH-30373286422 / 0-373-28642-2Seattle
Kristin JamesThe Gentleman1990AprilHH43 HH-30373286430 / 0-373-28643-0Western; Montana, prequel to The Hell Raiser by Dorothy Glenn
Lucy ElliotSummer's Promise1990AprilHH44 HH-30373286449 / 0-373-28644-9
Dorothy GlennThe Hell Raiser [US] / The Hellraiser [UK]1990MayHH45 HH-30373286457 / 0-373-28645-7Western; Montana wilderness, a prequel to this novel, "The Gentleman", was written by Kristin James
Mollie AshtonTerms of Surrender1990MayHH46 HH-30373286465 / 0-373-28646-5Regency era; Napoleon-era Paris
Bronwyn WilliamsStormwalker1990JuneHH47 HH-30373286473 / 0-373-28647-3Western; half-American Indian hero helps woman who was raped and left pregnant by American Indian who killed her parents
Patricia PotterDragonfire1990JuneHH48 HH-30373286481 / 0-373-28648-120th Century; China, Boxer Rebellion 1900, British herione and American hero
Caryn CameronFreedom Flame1990JulyHH49 HH-3037328649X / 0-373-28649-X
Kathleen EagleHeaven and Earth1990JulyHH50 HH-30373286503 / 0-373-28650-3Western; Oregon, 1846
Susan JohnsonGolden Paradise1990AugustHH51 HH-30373286511 / 0-373-28651-119th Century; 1870s
DeLoras ScottThe Miss and the Maverick1990AugustHH52 HH-3037328652X / 0-373-28652-XWestern; St Louis and The Rockies 1859
Victoria PadeThe Doubletree1990SeptemberHH53 HH-30373286538 / 0-373-28653-8Western; mail-order bride
Mary DaheimKing's Ransom1990SeptemberHH54 HH-30373286546 / 0-373-28654-617th Century; Puritan v. Restoration
Marianne WillmanTilly and the Tiger1990OctoberHH55 HH-30373286554 / 0-373-28655-4British spinster and Jamaican rake adventure from Jamaica to Yucatan jungles, Mexico
Jo Ann AlgermissenGolden Bird1990OctoberHH56 HH-30373286562 / 0-373-28656-219th Century; Louisiana
Kristin JamesThe Yankee1990NovemberHH57 HH-30373286570 / 0-373-28657-0Western; Texas, 1868
Erin YorkeAn American Beauty1990NovemberHH58 HH-30373286589 / 0-373-28658-9heroine tries to shake off law student hired to tutor her
Lynda TrentHeaven's Embrace1990DecemberHH59 HH-30373286597 / 0-373-28659-7Western; Texas, heroine must get holy relic back from outlaws to return to her convent
Louisa RawlingsStranger in My Arms1990DecemberHH60 HH-30373286600 / 0-373-28660-0French Revolution; Paris 1
Caryn CameronBraden's Brides1991JanuaryHH61 HH-30373286619 / 0-373-28661-9New South Wales, Australia
Nicole JordanMoonwitch1991JanuaryHH62 HH-30373286627 / 0-373-28662-7Regency era; Antigua 1819
Patricia PotterThe Silver Link1991FebruaryHH63 HH-30373286635 / 0-373-28663-5Western; New Mexico 1846
Lucy ElliotContraband Desire1991FebruaryHH64 HH-30373286643 / 0-373-28664-3American Civil War
Ruth LanganHighland Heather1991FebruaryHH65 HH-30373286651 / 0-373-28665-1Tudor; Scotland 1562, Highland 2
Heather Graham PozzessereForbidden Fire1991FebruaryHH66 HH-3037328666X / 0-373-28666-XEnglish woman takes her wealthy mistress's place in an arranged marriage with American
Bronwyn WilliamsGideon's Fall1991MarchHH67 HH-30373286678 / 0-373-28667-8heroine forced to labour in a whaling camp
Jan McKeeSweet Justice1991MarchHH68 HH-30373286686 / 0-373-28668-6Western
Pamela LittonStardust and Whirlwinds1991MarchHH69 HH-30373286694 / 0-373-28669-4Western
Caryn CameronWild Lily1991MarchHH70 HH-30373286708 / 0-373-28670-8American Civil War; lead up to Civil War, Washington DC
Lindsay McKennaSun Woman1991AprilHH71 HH-30373286716 / 0-373-28671-6Western; Apache heroine
Kate KingsleyRansom of the Heart1991AprilHH72 HH-30373286724 / 0-373-28672-4New Orleans, and sea voyage
Donna AndersMari1991AprilHH73 HH-30373286732 / 0-373-28673-219th Century; Hawaii, followed by Ketti
Kate BelmontMission of Mercy1991AprilHH74 HH-30373286740 / 0-373-28674-0sea voyage
Lynda TrentThe Black Hawk1991MayHH75 HH-30373286759 / 0-373-28675-9Elizabethan; privateer tries to turn respectable
Peggy BechkoCloud Dancer1991MayHH76 HH-30373286767 / 0-373-28676-7Spanish Colonisation, Acoma/Apache
Marjorie BurrowsThe Loving Swords1991MayHH77 HH-30373286775 / 0-373-28677-5
Patricia PotterThe Abduction1991MayHH78 HH-30373286783 / 0-373-28678-3Tudor; Scottish Border, 1550
Lucy ElliotPrivate Paradise1991JuneHH79 HH-30373286791 / 0-373-28679-119th Century; New York, 1883
Linda ShawOdessa Gold1991JuneHH80 HH-30373286805 / 0-373-28680-520th Century; 1900; Wyoming; St Louis, Missouri; Manhattan, and Saratoga Springs, New York
Donna AndersKetti1991JuneHH81 HH-30373286813 / 0-373-28681-319th Century; 1893 Honolulu, Hawaii, sequel to Mari
Jennifer WestPassion's Legacy1991JuneHH82 HH-30373286821 / 0-373-28682-1rural England, London, and India, heroine suddenly in high society
Doreen Owens MalekTorchlight1991JulyHH83 HH-3037328683X / 0-373-28683-X
Patricia HaganThe Daring1991JulyHH84 HH-30373286848 / 0-373-28684-8American Civil War; Appalachia
Elaine RomeStark Lightning1991JulyHH85 HH-30373286856 / 0-373-28685-6Western; Montana, late 1800s, later republished under Elaine Barbieri
Louisa RawlingsAutumn Rose1991JulyHH86 HH-30373286864 / 0-373-28686-4Normandy
Mary DaheimImprobable Eden1991AugustHH87 HH-30373286872 / 0-373-28687-2
Shirley ParenteauGolden Prospect1991AugustHH88 HH-30373286880 / 0-373-28688-0Western; trekking to the Klondike, Yukon, Canada
Catherine BlairDevil Wind1991AugustHH89 HH-30373286899 / 0-373-28689-9Regency; French Revolution
Elisabeth MacDonaldEstero Bay1991AugustHH90 HH-30373286902 / 0-373-28690-2Western; California
Ruth LanganHighland Fire1991SeptemberHH91 HH-30373286910 / 0-373-28691-0Highland 3
Elizabeth LaneBirds of Passage1991SeptemberHH92 HH-30373286929 / 0-373-28692-9Virginia, and sea voyage from England
Ann PopeGold Fever1991SeptemberHH93 HH-30373286937 / 0-373-28693-7Western; California 1849
Erin YorkeForever Defiant1991SeptemberHH94 HH-30373286945 / 0-373-28694-5heroine marries man her late missionary father had disapproved of
Lucy ElliotPassionate Alliance1991OctoberHH95 HH-30373286953 / 0-373-28695-3American Revolution
Maureen BronsonRagtime Dawn1991OctoberHH96 HH-30373286961 / 0-373-28696-1
Nicole JordanTender Feud1991OctoberHH97 HH-3037328697X / 0-373-28697-XEnglish heroine in Scottish Highlands
Barbara LeighTo Touch the Sun1991OctoberHH98 HH-30373286988 / 0-373-28698-8Medieval; heroine in disguise as a man
Bronwyn WilliamsThe Mariner's Bride1991NovemberHH99 HH-30373286996 / 0-373-28699-6marriage of convenience, wife to care for his elderly stepmother while he's at sea
Kate KingsleySeason of Storms1991NovemberHH100 HH-30373287003 / 0-373-28700-3Creole society, half-breed heroine
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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