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Third Series HH101-200 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Nina BeaumontSapphire Magic1991NovemberHH101 HH-30373287011 / 0-373-28701-1Von Berg 1
Laurie PaigeWedding Day Vows1991NovemberHH102 HH-3037328702X / 0-373-28702-Xmarriage between strangers in Newgate Prison
Marianne WillmanThomasina1991DecemberHH103 HH-30373287038 / 0-373-28703-8Western; Mexico 1846, doctor in Mexican village and new assistant
Theresa MichaelsA Corner of Heaven1991DecemberHH104 HH-30373287046 / 0-373-28704-6American Civil War
Isabel WhitfieldSilver Fury1991DecemberHH105 HH-30373287054 / 0-373-28705-4Western; heroine spies on suspected silver thief, son of tycoon making own way in world
Caryn CameronKing's Man1991DecemberHH106 HH-30373287062 / 0-373-28706-2Medieval
Maura SegerLight on the Mountain1992JanuaryHH107 HH-30373287070 / 0-373-28707-0Victorian; Wales 1857
Lindsay McKennaLord of Shadowhawk1992JanuaryHH108 HH-30373287089 / 0-373-28708-9Georgian; Wales and Ireland, 1790s
Bay MatthewsRambler's Rest1992JanuaryHH109 HH-30373287097 / 0-373-28709-719th Century; Louisiana 1852
June Lund ShiplettSweet Vengeance1992JanuaryHH110 HH-30373287100 / 0-373-28710-0Western
Ruth LanganHighland Heart1992FebruaryHH111 HH-30373287119 / 0-373-28711-9Highland 4
Sally CheneyThief in the Night1992FebruaryHH112 HH-30373287127 / 0-373-28712-7
Donna AndersParadise Moon1992FebruaryHH113 HH-30373287135 / 0-373-28713-519th Century; 1898 Honolulu, Hawaii
Jackie MerrittWyoming Territory1992FebruaryHH114 HH-30373287143 / 0-373-28714-3Western; raising sheep in cattle country
Miranda JarrettSteal the Stars1992MarchHH115 HH-30373287151 / 0-373-28715-118th Century; Rhode Island 1772
Ana SeymourThe Bandit's Bride1992MarchHH116 HH-3037328716X / 0-373-28716-XWestern; heroine kidnapped and taken to Mexico
Kit GardnerArabesque1992MarchHH117 HH-30373287178 / 0-373-28717-8Regency; England, 1823
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Heart1992MarchHH118 HH-30373287186 / 0-373-28718-6Medieval; 1201, Wales, Warrior 1 (Emryss Delanyea)
Lynda TrentRachel1992AprilHH119 HH-30373287194 / 0-373-28719-4Victorian; 1850s England, villagers suspicious of new reclusive resident
Kristie KnightThe Garden Path1992AprilHH120 HH-30373287208 / 0-373-28720-819th Century; pre-Civil War Charleston, South Carolina
Pat TracyThe Flaming1992AprilHH121 HH-30373287216 / 0-373-28721-6Texan Rancher offered inheritance to marry English spinster
Pamela LittonDance with the Devil1992AprilHH122 HH-30373287224 / 0-373-28722-4Western; New Mexico 1870
DeLoras ScottRogue's Honor / Rogue's Honour1992MayHH123 HH-30373287232 / 0-373-28723-2Western; female saloon owner in Oklahoma land rush
Erin YorkeHeaven's Gate1992MayHH124 HH-30373287240 / 0-373-28724-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1567, rebel earl wants to reclaim his Irish estate, finds it in the hands of a woman
Lindsay McKennaKing of Swords1992MayHH125 HH-30373287259 / 0-373-28725-9Regency
Cheryl ReavisThe Prisoner1992MayHH126 HH-30373287267 / 0-373-28726-7American Civil War
Maura SegerThe Lady and the Laird1992JuneHH127 HH-30373287275 / 0-373-28727-5Scotland
Julie TetelSweet Suspicions1992JuneHH128 HH-30373287283 / 0-373-28728-3Georgian; early 1700s, George I, murder
Lucy ElliotThe Claim1992JuneHH129 HH-30373287291 / 0-373-28729-1
Elizabeth AugustPirate Bride1992JuneHH130 HH-30373287305 / 0-373-28730-517th Century; Carolina Coast 1673
Ruth LanganTexas Healer1992JulyHH131 HH-30373287313 / 0-373-28731-3Western; Texas 2, white doctor in Comanche camp
Deborah SimmonsFortune Hunter1992JulyHH132 HH-30373287321 / 0-373-28732-1Regency; viscount marries for money
Madeline HarperDangerous Charade1992JulyHH133 HH-3037328733X / 0-373-28733-XVictorian; Great Plains/London 1874
Dallas SchulzeTemptation's Price1992JulyHH134 HH-30373287348 / 0-373-28734-8Western; shotgun wedding
Barbara BrettonThe Reluctant Bride1992AugustHH135 HH-30373287356 / 0-373-28735-619th Century; Delaware 1887
Catherine ArcherRose Among Thorns1992AugustHH136 HH-30373287364 / 0-373-28736-4Norman Conquest; England 1066
Shirley ParenteauThe Naked Huntress1992AugustHH137 HH-30373287372 / 0-373-28737-2Western; Seattle 1889
Kit GardnerThe Dream1992AugustHH138 HH-30373287380 / 0-373-28738-0Victorian era
June Lund ShiplettBoston Renegade1992SeptemberHH139 HH-30373287399 / 0-373-28739-919th Century; Boston 1872
Isabel WhitfieldBodie Bride1992SeptemberHH140 HH-30373287402 / 0-373-28740-2Western; California 1879, father forces managing daughter into marriage
Suzanne BarclayKnight Dreams1992SeptemberHH141 HH-30373287410 / 0-373-28741-0Medival; Sommerville Brothers 1
Mary DaheimGypsy Baron1992SeptemberHH142 HH-30373287429 / 0-373-28742-9
Patricia HaganThe Desire1992OctoberHH143 HH-30373287437 / 0-373-28743-7American Civil War
Miranda JarrettColumbine1992OctoberHH144 HH-30373287445 / 0-373-28744-5New England; Massachusetts, Sparhawk 1 (Kit)
Theresa MichaelsGifts of Love1992OctoberHH145 HH-30373287453 / 0-373-28745-3Western; Washington Territory, 1873
Lucy ElliotThe Conquest1992OctoberHH146 HH-30373287461 / 0-373-28746-1Quebec, Canada
Ruth LanganChristmas Miracle1992NovemberHH147 HH-3037328747X / 0-373-28747-XWestern; New Mexico 1866
Sally CheneyTender Journey1992NovemberHH148 HH-30373287488 / 0-373-28748-8
Margaret MooreChina Blossom1992NovemberHH149 HH-30373287496 / 0-373-28749-6Victorian; London 1851
Elizabeth LaneMoonfire1992NovemberHH150 HH-3037328750X / 0-373-28750-X
DeLoras ScottSpringtown1992DecemberHH151 HH-30373287518 / 0-373-28751-8Western; 1850s ghost town, followed by Timeless
Erin YorkeDangerous Deceptions1992DecemberHH152 HH-30373287526 / 0-373-28752-6Victorian; female spy looking for assassin targeting Queen Victoria
Nina BeaumontPromises to Keep1992DecemberHH153 HH-30373287534 / 0-373-28753-4Victorian era; Austria 1847, Von Berg 2
Lynda TrentBeloved Wife1992DecemberHH154 HH-30373287542 / 0-373-28754-2Western; Texas 1887, mail-order bride, widower with five daughters
Barbara FaithGamblin' Man1993JanuaryHH155 HH-30373287550 / 0-373-28755-0Western; 1895
Sandra ChastainJasmine and Silk1993JanuaryHH156 HH-30373287569 / 0-373-28756-9Cader Sisters 1
Louisa RawlingsWicked Stranger1993JanuaryHH157 HH-30373287577 / 0-373-28757-7Paris 2
Kristie KnightNo Man's Fortune1993JanuaryHH158 HH-30373287585 / 0-373-28758-5wilds of Panama
Maura SegerThe Taming of Amelia1993FebruaryHH159 HH-30373287593 / 0-373-28759-317th Century; New England 1650, Belle Haven 1
Kit GardnerThe Stolen Heart1993FebruaryHH160 HH-30373287607 / 0-373-28760-7
Virginia NielsenTo Love a Pirate1993FebruaryHH161 HH-30373287615 / 0-373-28761-519th Century; New Orleans 1814
Suzanne BarclayKnight's Lady1993FebruaryHH162 HH-30373287623 / 0-373-28762-3Medival; Sommerville Brothers 2
Laurel AmesTeller of Tales1993MarchHH163 HH-30373287631 / 0-373-28763-1Regency; London 1815
Mary McBrideRiverbend1993MarchHH164 HH-3037328764X / 0-373-28764-XAmerican Civil War
Susan AmarillasSnow Angel1993MarchHH165 HH-30373287658 / 0-373-28765-8
Claire DelacroixRomance of the Rose1993MarchHH166 HH-30373287666 / 0-373-28766-6Medieval; Crusades, Rose 1
Julie TetelSweet Seduction1993AprilHH167 HH-30373287674 / 0-373-28767-4War of 1812; Maryland plantation, American resistance, North Point 1
Ruth Jean DaleLegend!1993AprilHH168 HH-30373287682 / 0-373-28768-2Western; Texas 1876, Taggerts of Texas 4 (the others are contemporaries)
Coral Smith SaxeCaptured Moment1993AprilHH169 HH-30373287690 / 0-373-28769-0woman emigrates to America for arranged marriage
Laurie GrantBeloved Deceiver1993AprilHH170 HH-30373287704 / 0-373-28770-4Medieval; 1410s
Lindsay McKennaBrave Heart1993MayHH171 HH-30373287712 / 0-373-28771-2Western; Dakota, Irish heroine, Lakota hero (reprint)
Laurel PaceDestiny's Promise1993MayHH172 HH-30373287720 / 0-373-28772-0plantation in Georgia, in disguise as a governess
Ana SeymourAngel of the Lake1993MayHH173 HH-30373287739 / 0-373-28773-9during shipwreck hero is widowed and also rescues young woman with amnesia
Miranda JarrettSpindrift1993MayHH174 HH-30373287747 / 0-373-28774-7Rhode Island, Sparhawk 2 (Jonathan)
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Quest1993JuneHH175 HH-30373287755 / 0-373-28775-5Medieval; Warrior 2 (Urien Fitzroy)
Erin YorkeBound by Love1993JuneHH176 HH-30373287763 / 0-373-28776-3Maryland, shipping-heir turned indentured labourer, pregnant widow
Barbara LeighWeb of Loving Lies1993JuneHH177 HH-30373287771 / 0-373-28777-1Western; Nebraska
Beverlee RossAnnabelle1993JuneHH178 HH-3037328778X / 0-373-28778-XWestern; Northern California 1885
DeLoras ScottGarters and Spurs1993JulyHH179 HH-30373287798 / 0-373-28779-8Western
Ruth LanganTexas Hero1993JulyHH180 HH-30373287801 / 0-373-28780-1Western; Texas 3
Marianne WillmanThe Cygnet1993JulyHH181 HH-3037328781X / 0-373-28781-XElizabethan; England, woman might be of noble blood
Julie TetelSweet Sensations1993JulyHH182 HH-30373287828 / 0-373-28782-8War of 1812; tortured hero, North Point 2
Maura SegerThe Seduction of Deanna1993AugustHH183 HH-30373287836 / 0-373-28783-6American Revolution; Belle Haven 2
Suzanne BarclayKnight's Honor1993AugustHH184 HH-30373287844 / 0-373-28784-4Medival; Sommerville Brothers 3
Deborah SimmonsSilent Heart1993AugustHH185 HH-30373287852 / 0-373-28785-2French Revolution; Paris, mute hero
Andrea ParnellAurelia1993AugustHH186 HH-30373287860 / 0-373-28786-0
Debbi BedfordBlessing1993SeptemberHH187 HH-30373287879 / 0-373-28787-9Western; 1880s Colorado
Pat TracyWinter Fire1993SeptemberHH188 HH-30373287887 / 0-373-28788-7Western; Montana Territory 1886, hero motivated by revenge, but heroine still tempted
Mary McBrideFly Away Home1993SeptemberHH189 HH-30373287895 / 0-373-28789-5Western; New Mexico Territory, half-breed Apache hero
Cassandra AustinWait for the Sunrise1993SeptemberHH190 HH-30373287909 / 0-373-28790-9Western; Kansas 1870s
Veronica SattlerThe Bargain1993OctoberHH191 HH-30373287917 / 0-373-28791-7duke fetches maid from a brothel for his rakish grandson
Sally CheneyTapestry1993OctoberHH192 HH-30373287925 / 0-373-28792-519th Century; Manchester, England 1831
Kit GardnerThe Gilded Lion1993OctoberHH193 HH-30373287933 / 0-373-28793-3
Louisa RawlingsScarlet Woman1993OctoberHH194 HH-30373287941 / 0-373-28794-1Regency era; Paris
Marianne WillmanPieces of Sky1993NovemberHH195 HH-3037328795X / 0-373-28795-XWestern; 1873 Arizona, Comanche brave and mail-order bride with no groom
Ruth LanganDeception1993NovemberHH196 HH-30373287968 / 0-373-28796-8
Laurel AmesCastaway1993NovemberHH197 HH-30373287976 / 0-373-28797-6Regency; Bristol 1818
Sandra ChastainSunshine and Satin1993NovemberHH198 HH-30373287984 / 0-373-28798-418th Century; 1793 New Orleans, Cader Sisters 2
Elizabeth LowellReckless Love1993DecemberHH199 HH-30373287992 / 0-373-28799-2Western; 1887 Utah Territory; MacKenzie-Blackthorn 1; (reprint) published twice in this line as both HH38 and HH199
Margaret MooreThe Viking1993DecemberHH200 HH-3037328800X / 0-373-28800-XEarly Middle Ages; Viking 1 (Einar Svendson)
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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