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Third Series HH301-400 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Susan Spencer Paul/Susan PaulThe Heiress Bride1996JanuaryHH301 HH-30373289014 / 0-373-28901-4Medieval; Bride 2 (Rosaleen Sarant)
Elizabeth LaneLydia1996JanuaryHH302 HH-30373289022 / 0-373-28902-2Western; Colorado Territory 1868
Nina BeaumontTwice upon Time1996FebruaryHH303 HH-30373289030 / 0-373-28903-0time travel, Italy 1888
Suzanne BarclayLion's Legacy1996FebruaryHH304 HH-30373289049 / 0-373-28904-9Medieval; 1381, Lion 3
Ruth LanganDiamond1996FebruaryHH305 HH-30373289057 / 0-373-28905-7Western; Jewels of Texas 1
Emily FrenchIllusion1996FebruaryHH306 HH-30373289065 / 0-373-28906-519th Century; post-American Civil War
Tori PhillipsFool's Paradise1996MarchHH307 HH-30373289073 / 0-373-28907-3Elizabethan; England 1586, queen's goddaughter travels disguised as a boy with the court jester
Rae MuirThe Pearl Stallion1996MarchHH308 HH-30373289081 / 0-373-28908-1Regency; India and England
Diana HallWarrior's Deception1996MarchHH309 HH-3037328909X / 0-373-28909-XMedieval; England 1154, followed by Angel of the Knight
Lynna BanningWestern Rose1996MarchHH310 HH-30373289103 / 0-373-28910-3Western; Oregon, 1880s
Margaret MooreThe Norman's Heart1996AprilHH311 HH-30373289111 / 0-373-28911-1Medieval; Warrior 5 (Sir Roger de Montmorency)
Taylor RyanBirdie1996AprilHH312 HH-3037328912X / 0-373-28912-X
Elizabeth MayneMan of the Mist1996AprilHH313 HH-30373289138 / 0-373-28913-8Regency; Scotland 1808, secret marriage, five-year separation
Lynda TrentThe Fire Within1996AprilHH314 HH-30373289146 / 0-373-28914-6American Civil War; 1865, heroine saves the life of a Union captain
Miranda JarrettSparhawk's Angel1996MayHH315 HH-30373289154 / 0-373-28915-4Sparhawk 6 (Nickerson)
Theresa MichaelsOnce a Lawman1996MayHH316 HH-30373289162 / 0-373-28916-2Western; Texas 1877, Kincaid 3 (Conner)
Deborah SimmonsThe Devil Earl1996MayHH317 HH-30373289170 / 0-373-28917-0Regency; Cornwall 1818, gothic, Regency 2
Ana SeymourFrontier Bride1996MayHH318 HH-30373289189 / 0-373-28918-918th Century; Philadelphia 1762, herioine is indentured
Cheryl ReavisThe Bartered Bride1996JuneHH319 HH-30373289197 / 0-373-28919-719th Century; North Carolina 1862, pregnant woman marries quiet farmer
Merline LovelaceLady of the Upper Kingdom1996JuneHH320 HH-30373289200 / 0-373-28920-0Ancient Egypt; heroine is a high priestess
Linda CastleAbbie's Child1996JuneHH321 HH-30373289219 / 0-373-28921-9Western; 1880s Colorado
Catherine ArcherVelvet Touch1996JuneHH322 HH-30373289227 / 0-373-28922-7Medieval; Velvet 2
Mary McBrideDarling Jack1996JulyHH323 HH-30373289235 / 0-373-28923-519th Century; Chicago and St. Louis 1869, Pinkerton agent, alcoholic hero
Ruth LanganDulcie's Gift1996JulyHH324 HH-30373289243 / 0-373-28924-3South Carolina
Carolyn DavidsonLoving Katherine1996JulyHH325 HH-30373289251 / 0-373-28925-1Western; Devereaux 1
Claire DelacroixMy Lady's Champion1996JulyHH326 HH-3037328926X / 0-373-28926-XSayerne 1
Cheryl St JohnBadlands Bride1996AugustHH327 HH-30373289278 / 0-373-28927-8Western; North Dakota, female reporter, hero raised with the Sioux
Margaret MooreThe Baron's Quest1996AugustHH328 HH-30373289286 / 0-373-28928-6Medieval; Warrior 6 (Etienne DeGuerre)
Ruth LanganPearl1996AugustHH329 HH-30373289294 / 0-373-28929-4Western; Texas 1870, Jewels of Texas 2
Liz IrelandMillie and the Fugitive1996AugustHH330 HH-30373289308 / 0-373-28930-8Western; Texas 1880
Veronica SattlerJesse's Lady1996SeptemberHH331 HH-30373289316 / 0-373-28931-618th Century; Charleston, 1792, French-Irish heroine
Deborah SimmonsMaiden Bride1996SeptemberHH332 HH-30373289324 / 0-373-28932-4Medieval; England 1280, de Laci 2 (Nicholas)
Pat TracyBeloved Outcast1996SeptemberHH333 HH-30373289332 / 0-373-28933-2Western; 1868, eastern heroine journeys west after being left off of wagon train, Guardsmen 1
Sally CheneyThe Wager1996SeptemberHH334 HH-30373289340 / 0-373-28934-0Victorian; London 1855
Suzanne BarclayKnight's Ransom1996OctoberHH335 HH-30373289359 / 0-373-28935-9Medival; Bordeaux 1375, Sommerville Brothers 4
Emily FrenchThe Wedding Bargain1996OctoberHH336 HH-30373289367 / 0-373-28936-718th Century; 1750s
Ana SeymourGabriel's Lady1996OctoberHH337 HH-30373289375 / 0-373-28937-5Western; Dakota Territory 1876, Prescott 2
Laurel AmesTempted1996OctoberHH338 HH-30373289383 / 0-373-28938-3Regency; Devonshire 1814
Dallas SchulzeShort Straw Bride1996NovemberHH339 HH-30373289391 / 0-373-28939-1Western; reluctant marriage of convenience
Laurie GrantMy Lady Midnight1996NovemberHH340 HH-30373289405 / 0-373-28940-5Medieval; England 1140
Miranda JarrettGift of the Heart1996NovemberHH341 HH-30373289413 / 0-373-28941-3Western; Sparhawk 7 (Rachel Sparhawk Lindsey)
Taylor RyanBeauty and the Beast1996NovemberHH342 HH-30373289421 / 0-373-28942-1
Tori PhillipsSilent Knight1996DecemberHH343 HH-3037328943X / 0-373-28943-XTudor; England 1528, hero has taken temporary vow of silence, Cavendish Chronicles 1
Margaret MooreThe Wastrel1996DecemberHH344 HH-30373289448 / 0-373-28944-8Victorian; Unsuitable Men 1 (Paris Mulholland)
Rae MuirThe Trail to Temptation1996DecemberHH345 HH-30373289456 / 0-373-28945-6Western; journey to Montana
DeLoras ScottThe Devil's Kiss1996DecemberHH346 HH-30373289464 / 0-373-28946-4Western; Missouri 1874, heiress hires outlaw for Western experience
Elizabeth MayneLord of the Isle1997JanuaryHH347 HH-30373289472 / 0-373-28947-2Georgian; 1770s Ireland
Linda CastleThe Return of Chase Cordell1997JanuaryHH348 HH-30373289480 / 0-373-28948-0Western; Texas following Civil War
Gayle WilsonRaven's Vow1997JanuaryHH349 HH-30373289499 / 0-373-28949-9Regency; American merchant marries duke's daughter, marriage in name only
Ana SeymourLucky Bride1997JanuaryHH350 HH-30373289502 / 0-373-28950-2Western; Wyoming 1876, Prescott 1
Susan AmarillasWyoming Renegade1997FebruaryHH351 HH-30373289510 / 0-373-28951-0Western
Ruth LanganJade1997FebruaryHH352 HH-30373289529 / 0-373-28952-9Western; Jewels of Texas 3
Catherine ArcherLady Thorn1997FebruaryHH353 HH-30373289537 / 0-373-28953-7Victorian; England 1855
Kate KingsleyThe Scout's Bride1997FebruaryHH354 HH-30373289545 / 0-373-28954-5Western frontier, army scout hero
Susan SchonbergThe Phoenix of Love1997MarchHH355 HH-30373289553 / 0-373-28955-3Regency; Surrey 1808, marquis and childhood marriage
Sharon SchulzeHeart of the Dragon1997MarchHH356 HH-30373289561 / 0-373-28956-1Medieval; Northern Wales, 1215, l'Eau Clair Chronicles 1
Shari AntonEmily's Captain1997MarchHH357 HH-3037328957X / 0-373-28957-XAmerican Civil War
Lyn StoneThe Wicked Truth1997MarchHH358 HH-30373289588 / 0-373-28958-8Victorian; heroine disguised as a man, investigates murder she's suspected of
Suzanne BarclayKnights Divided1997AprilHH359 HH-30373289596 / 0-373-28959-6Medieval; 1386, Sommerville Brothers 5
Judith StacyOutlaw Love1997AprilHH360 HH-3037328960X / 0-373-28960-XWestern; Missouri 1876 , US Marshall
Emily FrenchBogus Bride1997AprilHH361 HH-30373289618 / 0-373-28961-819th Century; 1840s America
Nina BeaumontSurrender the Heart1997AprilHH362 HH-30373289626 / 0-373-28962-6Victorian era; Paris 1855
Miranda JarrettThe Secrets of Catie Hazard1997MayHH363 HH-30373289634 / 0-373-28963-4Sparhawk 8 (Anthony)
Margaret MooreThe Dark Duke1997MayHH364 HH-30373289642 / 0-373-28964-2Victorian; England 1863, Unsuitable Men 2 (Adrian Fitzwalter)
Julie TetelSweet Sarah Ross1997MayHH365 HH-30373289650 / 0-373-28965-0Western; Oreganon Trail 1836, attacked by Sioux, captured by Mandans, North Point 4
Claire DelacroixEnchanted1997MayHH366 HH-30373289669 / 0-373-28966-9Medieval; Paranormal (jinnis, curses, shapeshifting), 1100s, Sayerne 2
Laurie GrantLawman1997JuneHH367 HH-30373289677 / 0-373-28967-7Western; Texas 1868
Taylor RyanThe Essential Wife1997JuneHH368 HH-30373289685 / 0-373-28968-5marriage of convenience
Rae MuirAll but the Queen of Hearts1997JuneHH369 HH-30373289693 / 0-373-28969-3Western; 6-feet tall heroine, Nevada Territory
Beth HendersonReckless1997JuneHH370 HH-30373289707 / 0-373-28970-7
Deborah SimmonsTempting Kate1997JulyHH371 HH-30373289715 / 0-373-28971-5Regency; heroine kidnaps hero, Regency 3
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Mary [US] / Mary [UK]1997JulyHH372 HH-30373289723 / 0-373-28972-3Western; New Mexico Territory, 1881, Merry Widows 1
Susan Spencer PaulThe Bride Thief1997JulyHH373 HH-30373289731 / 0-373-28973-1Medieval; England, May 1426, Bride 3 (Isabelle Gaillard)
Lynna BanningWildwood1997JulyHH374 HH-3037328974X / 0-373-28974-XWestern; Oregon and Pacific Northwest, 1860s
Mary McBrideQuicksilver's Catch1997AugustHH375 HH-30373289758 / 0-373-28975-8Western
Margaret MooreThe Rogue's Return1997AugustHH376 HH-30373289766 / 0-373-28976-6Victorian; Unsuitable Men 3 (Lord Elliot Fitzwalter)
Ana SeymourOutlaw Wife1997AugustHH377 HH-30373289774 / 0-373-28977-4Western; Wyoming Territory 1882, female outlaw saves rancher's life
Laurel AmesNancy Whiskey1997AugustHH378 HH-30373289782 / 0-373-28978-218th Century; Pennsylvania 1793
Catherine ArcherLord Sin1997SeptemberHH379 HH-30373289790 / 0-373-28979-0Victorian
Elizabeth MayneLady of the Lake1997SeptemberHH380 HH-30373289804 / 0-373-28980-4Early Middle Ages; England 899 AD, Pagan/Christian
Cassandra AustinCally and the Sheriff1997SeptemberHH381 HH-30373289812 / 0-373-28981-2Western; Kansas 1877
Judith StacyThe Marriage Mishap1997SeptemberHH382 HH-30373289820 / 0-373-28982-0Western; California, man and woman unexpectedly wake up together, married
Rae MuirThe Lieutenant's Lady1997OctoberHH383 HH-30373289839 / 0-373-28983-9Western; Wedding Trail 1
Ruth LanganRuby1997OctoberHH384 HH-30373289847 / 0-373-28984-7Western; 1870, Jewels of Texas 4
Carolyn DavidsonThe Forever Man1997OctoberHH385 HH-30373289855 / 0-373-28985-5Western
Sharon SchulzeTo Tame a Warrior's Heart1997OctoberHH386 HH-30373289863 / 0-373-28986-3Medieval; Welsh Marches 1214, l'Eau Clair Chronicles 2
Anthology: Suzanne Barclay, Margaret Moore, Deborah SimmonsThe Knights of Christmas: The Twelfth Day of Christmas by Moore; A Wish for Noel by Simmons; Kara's Gift by Barclay1997NovemberHH387 HH-30373289871 / 0-373-28987-1
Susan AmarillasWild Card1997NovemberHH388 HH-3037328988X / 0-373-28988-XWestern; Wyoming 1879
Lyn StoneThe Arrangement1997NovemberHH389 HH-30373289898 / 0-373-28989-8Regency; composer with secrets, gossip columnist
Kit GardnerThe Untamed Heart1997NovemberHH390 HH-30373289901 / 0-373-28990-1Western; Colorado Territory
Suzanne BarclayKnight's Rebellion1997DecemberHH391 HH-3037328991X / 0-373-28991-XMedieval; England 1390, Sommerville Brothers 6
Pat TracyCade's Justice1997DecemberHH392 HH-30373289928 / 0-373-28992-8Western; Denver, school teacher hunts for missing pupil, finds pupil's uncle, Guardsmen 2
Gayle WilsonHis Secret Duchess1997DecemberHH393 HH-30373289936 / 0-373-28993-6Regency; war-scarred duke, secret baby
Linda CastleTemple's Prize1997DecemberHH394 HH-30373289944 / 0-373-28994-4Western; Montana
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Bride1998JanuaryHH395 HH-30373289952 / 0-373-28995-2Medieval; Warrior 7 (Sir George de Gramercie)
Merline LovelaceCountess in Buckskin1998JanuaryHH396 HH-30373289960 / 0-373-28996-0Western; California 1840
Cassandra AustinHero of the Flint Hills1998JanuaryHH397 HH-30373289979 / 0-373-28997-9Western; Kansas 1876
Jackie ManningA Wish for Nicholas1998JanuaryHH398 HH-30373289987 / 0-373-28998-7Restoration; England
Deborah SimmonsThe de Burgh Bride1998FebruaryHH399 HH-30373289995 / 0-373-28999-5Medieval; England 1200s, marriage forced by royal decree, de Burgh 2 (Geoffrey)
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Catherine1998FebruaryHH400 HH-30373290004 / 0-373-29000-4Western; 1880s, Merry Widows 2
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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