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Third Series HH401-500 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Shari AntonBy King's Decree1998FebruaryHH401 HH-30373290012 / 0-373-29001-2Medieval; 1106
Erin YorkeDevlin1998FebruaryHH402 HH-30373290020 / 0-373-29002-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1593, English heroine inadvertanly gets Irish hero captured
Jacqueline NavinThe Maiden and the Warrior1998MarchHH403 HH-30373290039 / 0-373-29003-9Medieval; 1180, Henry II, follwed by The Viking's Heart
Jillian HartLast Chance Bride1998MarchHH404 HH-30373290047 / 0-373-29004-7Western; Montana Territory 1866, mail-order bride
Madeline GeorgeGabriel's Heart1998MarchHH405 HH-30373290055 / 0-373-29005-5Western; 1882
Cheryl BolenA Duke Deceived1998MarchHH406 HH-30373290063 / 0-373-29006-3Regency
Ruth LanganMalachite1998AprilHH407 HH-30373290071 / 0-373-29007-1Western; 1871, Jewels of Texas 5
Susan Spencer PaulBeguiled1998AprilHH408 HH-3037329008X / 0-373-29008-XRegency; heroine is mute
Claire DelacroixMy Lady's Desire1998AprilHH409 HH-30373290098 / 0-373-29009-8Medieval; Burgundy, 1114, Sayerne 3
Liz IrelandPrim and Improper1998AprilHH410 HH-30373290101 / 0-373-29010-1Western; California 1852
Suzanne BarclayLion's Lady1998MayHH411 HH-3037329011X / 0-373-29011-XMedieval; Highlands 1384, Lion 5
Ana SeymourJeb Hunter's Bride1998MayHH412 HH-30373290128 / 0-373-29012-8Western; 1857, heroine disguised as a boy, sneaks onto wagon train
Lyn StoneThe Wilder Wedding1998MayHH413 HH-30373290136 / 0-373-29013-6Victorian; 1880s Paris/London, heroine believes she is dying, wants to live life to the full
Rae MuirTwice a Bride1998MayHH414 HH-30373290144 / 0-373-29014-4Western; unofficial wedding on trail west, Wedding Trail 2
Tori PhillipsMidsummer's Knight1998JuneHH415 HH-30373290152 / 0-373-29015-2Tudor; England 1530, Cavendish Chronicles 2 (Brandon)
Carolyn DavidsonRunaway1998JuneHH416 HH-30373290160 / 0-373-29016-0Western; North Texas 1894
Patricia McLinnWidow Woman1998JuneHH417 HH-30373290179 / 0-373-29017-9Western; Wyoming 1882
Laurel AmesInfamous1998JuneHH418 HH-30373290187 / 0-373-29018-7Regency; London 1815
Susan MalleryWild West Wife1998JulyHH419 HH-30373290195 / 0-373-29019-5Western; 1879, Montana Mavericks
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Honor / A Warrior's Honour1998JulyHH420 HH-30373290209 / 0-373-29020-9Medieval; Warrior 8 (Bryce Frechette)
Laurie GrantThe Duchess and the Desperado1998JulyHH421 HH-30373290217 / 0-373-29021-7Western; Colorado, 1872
Nina BeaumontThe Shadowed Heart1998JulyHH422 HH-30373290225 / 0-373-29022-5Venice 1767
Merline LovelaceThe Tiger's Bride1998AugustHH423 HH-30373290233 / 0-373-29023-319th Century; sea voyage and China
Mary McBrideStorming Paradise1998AugustHH424 HH-30373290241 / 0-373-29024-1Western; half-breed hero
Ruth LanganThe Courtship of Izzy McCree1998AugustHH425 HH-3037329025X / 0-373-29025-XWestern; mail-order bride
Catherine ArcherFire Song1998AugustHH426 HH-30373290268 / 0-373-29026-8Medieval
Deborah SimmonsThe Last Rogue1998SeptemberHH427 HH-30373290276 / 0-373-29027-6Regency; compromising situation, plain heroine, Regency 4
Jacqueline NavinThe Flower and the Sword1998SeptemberHH428 HH-30373290284 / 0-373-29028-4Medieval; 1190s England
Cheryl St JohnThe Mistaken Widow1998SeptemberHH429 HH-30373290292 / 0-373-29029-2Western; 1869, heroine injured in train wreck, mistaken identity
Cassandra AustinFlint Hills Bride1998SeptemberHH430 HH-30373290306 / 0-373-29030-6Western; Kansas 1881
Carolyn DavidsonThe Wedding Promise1998OctoberHH431 HH-30373290314 / 0-373-29031-4Western; 1860s, McPherson 1
Gayle WilsonHonor's Bride / Honour's Bride1998OctoberHH432 HH-30373290322 / 0-373-29032-2Regency; Portugal 1811, honourable soldier is drawn to another man's wife, one who follows the drum but is abused
Ana SeymourA Family for Carter Jones1998OctoberHH433 HH-30373290330 / 0-373-29033-0Western; 1881 Nevada, Sheridan 1
Shari AntonLord of the Manor1998OctoberHH434 HH-30373290349 / 0-373-29034-9Medieval; England 1109
Ruth LanganBlackthorne1998NovemberHH435 HH-30373290357 / 0-373-29035-7Restoration; England 1662
Elizabeth LaneApache Fire1998NovemberHH436 HH-30373290365 / 0-373-29036-5Western; Arizona Territory 1876, half-breed hero
Lynna BanningLost Acres Bride1998NovemberHH437 HH-30373290373 / 0-373-29037-3Western; Oregon 1886
Tori PhillipsThree Dog Knight1998NovemberHH438 HH-30373290381 / 0-373-29038-1Tudor; Northumberland 1487, Cavendish Chronicles 3 (Thomas)
Cheryl ReavisHarrigan's Bride1998DecemberHH439 HH-3037329039X / 0-373-29039-XAmerican Civil War
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Passion1998DecemberHH440 HH-30373290403 / 0-373-29040-3Medieval; Warrior 9 (Griffydd DeLanyea)
Linda CastleTerritorial Bride1998DecemberHH441 HH-30373290411 / 0-373-29041-1Western; New Mexico Territory 1889
Sharon SchulzeThe Shielded Heart1998DecemberHH442 HH-3037329042X / 0-373-29042-XMedieval; Welsh Marches 1215, l'Eau Clair Chronicles 3
Suzanne BarclayPride of Lions1999JanuaryHH443 HH-30373290438 / 0-373-29043-8Medieval; Scottish Middle Marches 1393, Lion 6
Judith StacyThe Heart of a Hero1999JanuaryHH444 HH-30373290446 / 0-373-29044-6Western; Wyoming 1886, hero moves back home to raise sister's children
Lyn StoneThe Knight's Bride1999JanuaryHH445 HH-30373290454 / 0-373-29045-4Medieval; Scotland 1314, man's dying wish is for knight to marry his pregnant widow, Medieval 1
Pat TracyBurke's Rules1999JanuaryHH446 HH-30373290462 / 0-373-29046-2Western; Denver, woman buys brothel, wants to turn it into a school, Guardsmen 3
Jacqueline NavinA Rose at Midnight1999FebruaryHH447 HH-30373290470 / 0-373-29047-0Victorian; Cambridgeshire, 1847
Sharon HarlowFor Love of Anna1999FebruaryHH448 HH-30373290489 / 0-373-29048-9Western; West Texas, 1890
Elizabeth MayneThe Highlander's Maiden1999FebruaryHH449 HH-30373290497 / 0-373-29049-7Stuart; Glencoe, Scotland 1598, map making in the Highlands
Rae MuirHawken's Wife1999FebruaryHH450 HH-30373290500 / 0-373-29050-0Western; Wedding Trail 3
Cheryl St JohnJoe's Wife1999MarchHH451 HH-30373290519 / 0-373-29051-9Western; Colorado 1865, Joe's widow proposes marriage of convenience to keep her ranch
Deborah HaleMy Lord Protector1999MarchHH452 HH-30373290527 / 0-373-29052-7Georgian; 1742 England
Margo MaguireThe Bride of Windermere1999MarchHH453 HH-30373290535 / 0-373-29053-5Medieval; Henry V, 1421, Bride 1
Jackie ManningSilver Hearts1999MarchHH454 HH-30373290543 / 0-373-29054-3Western; 1860s Nevada
Deborah SimmonsRobber Bride1999AprilHH455 HH-30373290551 / 0-373-29055-1Medieval; heroine leads group of bandits, 13th century, de Burgh 3 (Simon)
Carolyn DavidsonThe Tender Stranger1999AprilHH456 HH-3037329056X / 0-373-29056-XWestern; Colorado 1875
Ruth LanganRory1999AprilHH457 HH-30373290578 / 0-373-29057-8Elizabeth era; Ireland 1560, O'Neil Saga 1
Ana SeymourFather for Keeps1999AprilHH458 HH-30373290586 / 0-373-29058-6Western; Nevada 1882, unwed mother, Sheridan 2
Margaret MooreThe Welshman's Bride1999MayHH459 HH-30373290594 / 0-373-29059-4Medieval; Warrior 10 (Dylan DeLanyea)
Janet KendallHunter of my Heart1999MayHH460 HH-30373290608 / 0-373-29060-8Regency; London 1825
Laurie GrantMaggie and the Maverick1999MayHH461 HH-30373290616 / 0-373-29061-6Western; Texas 1869
Cassandra AustinThe Unlikely Wife1999MayHH462 HH-30373290624 / 0-373-29062-4Western; Kansas 1867
Suzanne BarclayTaming the Lion1999JuneHH463 HH-30373290632 / 0-373-29063-2Medieval; Scotland 1407, Lion 7
Julia JustissThe Wedding Gamble1999JuneHH464 HH-30373290640 / 0-373-29064-0Regency; Wellingford 1
Mary McBrideThe Marriage Knot1999JuneHH465 HH-30373290659 / 0-373-29065-9Western; Kansas 1880
Liz IrelandA Cowboy's Heart1999JuneHH466 HH-30373290667 / 0-373-29066-7Western; South Texas 1883
Lyn StoneBride of Trouville1999JulyHH467 HH-30373290675 / 0-373-29067-5Medieval; France 1318, heroine worries new husband will disinherit her son from first marriage, Medieval 2
Ruth LanganConor1999JulyHH468 HH-30373290683 / 0-373-29068-3Elizabethan era; Ireland 1563, O'Neil Saga 2
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Sarah1999JulyHH469 HH-30373290691 / 0-373-29069-1Western; 1880s, Merry Widows 3
Lynda TrentThe Rancher's Wife1999JulyHH470 HH-30373290705 / 0-373-29070-5Western; woman abandoned by husband in sod house during winter
Susan Spencer PaulThe Captive Bride1999AugustHH471 HH-30373290713 / 0-373-29071-3Medieval; 1437, Bride 4 (Katharine Malthus)
Ana SeymourLord of Lyonsbridge1999AugustHH472 HH-30373290721 / 0-373-29072-1Medieval; England 1130, Norman heroine, Lyonsbridge 1
Linda CastleHeart of the Lawman1999AugustHH473 HH-3037329073X / 0-373-29073-XWestern; Arizona Territory, 1889
Lynna BanningPlum Creek Bride1999AugustHH474 HH-30373290748 / 0-373-29074-8Western; Oregon 1886, European heroine
Carolyn DavidsonThe Midwife1999SeptemberHH475 HH-30373290756 / 0-373-29075-6Western; 1890s Minnesota
Tori PhillipsLady of the Knight1999SeptemberHH476 HH-30373290764 / 0-373-29076-4Tudor; 1520 France, Pygmalion story, Field of the Cloth of Gold, Cavendish Chronicles 4
Catherine ArcherWinter's Bride1999SeptemberHH477 HH-30373290772 / 0-373-29077-2Medieval; England 1461, amnesia, Seasons 1
Barbara LeighThe Surrogate Wife1999SeptemberHH478 HH-30373290780 / 0-373-29078-0Western; the Carolinas
Jacqueline NavinStrathmere's Bride1999OctoberHH479 HH-30373290799 / 0-373-29079-9Victorian; Northumberland 1847, duke, governess
Ruth LanganBriana1999OctoberHH480 HH-30373290802 / 0-373-29080-2Elizabeth era; 1560s Ireland, O'Neil Saga 3
Cheryl St JohnThe Doctor's Wife1999OctoberHH481 HH-30373290810 / 0-373-29081-0Western; 1880s Kansas, marriage of convenience, respectable hero, heroine with secrets, Harvey Girls 1
Diana HallBranded Hearts1999OctoberHH482 HH-30373290829 / 0-373-29082-9Western; Colorado 1868
Gayle WilsonLady Sarah's Son1999NovemberHH483 HH-30373290837 / 0-373-29083-7Regency; second chance at love, heroine appeared to cheat during original engagement and have a love child
Sharon SchulzeThe Hidden Heart1999NovemberHH484 HH-30373290845 / 0-373-29084-5Medieval; Welsh Marches, 1213, l'Eau Clair Chronicles 4
Jillian HartCooper's Wife1999NovemberHH485 HH-30373290853 / 0-373-29085-3Western; Montana Territoty, 1864, mail-order bride
Judith StacyThe Dreammaker1999NovemberHH486 HH-30373290861 / 0-373-29086-1Western; Nevada 1884, strangers become 50/50 owners of a general store
Anthology: Ruth Langan, Jacqueline Navin, Lyn StoneOne Christmas Night: Highland Christmas by Langan; Wife for Christmas by Navin; Ian's Gift by Stone1999DecemberHH487 HH-3037329087X / 0-373-29087-X
Deborah HaleA Gentleman of Substance1999DecemberHH488 HH-30373290888 / 0-373-29088-8Regency
Loree LoughJake Walker's Wife1999DecemberHH489 HH-30373290896 / 0-373-29089-619th Century; 1850s Maryland and Texas
Cassandra AustinHeart and Home1999DecemberHH490 HH-3037329090X / 0-373-29090-XWestern; Kansas 1879
Suzanne BarclayThe Champion2000JanuaryHH491 HH-30373290918 / 0-373-29091-8Medieval; England 1222, Knights of the Black Rose 1 (cross-author series)
Elizabeth LaneShawnee Bride2000JanuaryHH492 HH-30373290926 / 0-373-29092-618th Century; Valley of the Ohio 1747, hero is white but raised as Shawnee
Shari AntonBy Queen's Grace2000JanuaryHH493 HH-30373290934 / 0-373-29093-4Medieval; England 1109
DeLoras ScottThe Lady and the Outlaw2000JanuaryHH494 HH-30373290942 / 0-373-29094-2Western; 1875, widowed duchess on the run in the Colonies
Deborah SimmonsThe Gentleman Thief2000JanuaryHH495 HH-30373290950 / 0-373-29095-0Regency; emeralds go missing in Regency Bath, RITA Award finalist
Carolyn DavidsonThe Bachelor Tax2000JanuaryHH496 HH-30373290969 / 0-373-29096-9Western; Texas, Tanner 1 (Gabe)
Laurie GrantMy Lady Reluctant2000JanuaryHH497 HH-30373290977 / 0-373-29097-7Medieval; England 1141
Liz IrelandThe Outlaw's Bride2000JanuaryHH498 HH-30373290985 / 0-373-29098-5Western; Texas
Ana SeymourThe Rogue2000FebruaryHH499 HH-30373290993 / 0-373-29099-3Medieval; 1190s, knight back from the Crusades, secret baby, Knights of the Black Rose 3 (cross-author series)
Judith StacyWritten in the Heart2000FebruaryHH500 HH-30373291000 / 0-373-29100-0Western; Los Angeles, California 1896, staid hero and bold heroine
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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