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Third Series HH601-700 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Lyn StoneMarrying Mischief2002MarchHH601 HH-30373292015 / 0-373-29201-5Victorian; 1864, Earl compromises and marries woman whose reputation he ruined 7 years previously
Wendy DouglasShades of Gray2002MarchHH602 HH-30373292023 / 0-373-29202-3Western; Texas 1868
Cheryl ReavisThe Bride Fair2002AprilHH603 HH-30373292031 / 0-373-29203-119th Century; post-Civil War North Carolina
Nicola CornickMiss Verey's Proposal2002AprilHH604 HH-3037329204X / 0-373-29204-XRegency; Suffolk 3
Lisa PlumleyThe Drifter2002AprilHH605 HH-30373292058 / 0-373-29205-8Western; Arizona Territory, heroine is Eastern-educated, author on etiquette
Catherine ArcherDragon's Knight2002AprilHH606 HH-30373292066 / 0-373-29206-6Medieval; Brotherhood of the Dragon 2
Gayle WilsonHer Dearest Sin2002MayHH607 HH-30373292074 / 0-373-29207-4Regency; Spain 1813, hero rescues Spanish woman from abusive guardian/fiancé, Sinclair Brides 3
Elizabeth LaneNavajo Sunrise2002MayHH608 HH-30373292082 / 0-373-29208-2Western; 1860s New Mexico
Margo MaguireBride of the Isle2002MayHH609 HH-30373292090 / 0-373-29209-0Medieval; c1300, half-breed heroine (Scots/English)
Charlene SandsChase Wheeler's Woman2002MayHH610 HH-30373292104 / 0-373-29210-4Western; hero is a Cheyenne brave, follows Lily Gets Her Man
Julia JustissMy Lady's Pleasure2002JuneHH611 HH-30373292112 / 0-373-29211-2Regency; My Lady's 2
Tori PhillipsThe Dark Knight2002JuneHH612 HH-30373292120 / 0-373-29212-0Tudor; hero is stand-in executioner, heroine sentenced to die for practicing Catholicism, Cavendish Chronicles 8 (Tonia)
Lynna BanningThe Courtship2002JuneHH613 HH-30373292139 / 0-373-29213-9Western; Oregon
Mary BurtonThe Perfect Wife2002JuneHH614 HH-30373292147 / 0-373-29214-7
Carolyn DavidsonThe Texan2002JulyHH615 HH-30373292155 / 0-373-29215-5Western; Texas
Anne GracieAn Honourable Thief / An Honorable Thief2002JulyHH616 HH-30373292163 / 0-373-29216-3Regency
Gail RanstromA Wild Justice2002JulyHH617 HH-30373292171 / 0-373-29217-1Regency; 1816, Wednesday League 1
Anne AveryThe Bride's Revenge2002JulyHH618 HH-3037329218X / 0-373-29218-XWestern; Denver, Colorado, 1898
Deborah HaleBorder Bride2002AugustHH619 HH-30373292198 / 0-373-29219-8Medieval; 1140s Wales
Ruth LanganBadlands Law2002AugustHH620 HH-30373292201 / 0-373-29220-1Western; the Dakotas, Badlands 1
Patricia Frances RowellA Perilous Attraction2002AugustHH621 HH-3037329221X / 0-373-29221-XRegency; England 1810, Elements 1 (Fire)
Judith StacyMarried by Midnight2002AugustHH622 HH-30373292228 / 0-373-29222-8Western; 1896, new bride finds husband wagered he could marry within 30 days
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Lady2002SeptemberHH623 HH-30373292236 / 0-373-29223-6Medieval; married by royal command, Warrior 14 (Sir Reece Fitzroy)
Jillian HartMontana Legend2002SeptemberHH624 HH-30373292244 / 0-373-29224-4Western
Debra Lee BrownA Rogue's Heart2002SeptemberHH625 HH-30373292252 / 0-373-29225-2Medieval; Scotland
Kate BridgesLuke's Runaway Bride2002SeptemberHH626 HH-30373292260 / 0-373-29226-0Western; Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory 1873
Anthology: Cheryl St John, Elizabeth Lane, Mary BurtonChristmas Gold: Colorado Wife by St John; Jubal's Gift by Lane; Until Christmas by Burton2002OctoberHH627 HH-30373292279 / 0-373-29227-9
Ruth LanganBadlands Legend2002OctoberHH628 HH-30373292287 / 0-373-29228-7Western; Badlands 2
Julia JustissMy Lady's Honor / My Lady's Honour2002OctoberHH629 HH-30373292295 / 0-373-29229-5Regency; My Lady's 3
Nicola CornickThe Blanchland Secret2002OctoberHH630 HH-30373292309 / 0-373-29230-9Regency
Anthology: Miranda Jarrett, Lyn Stone, Anne GracieGifts of the Season: A Gift Most Rare by Jarrett; Christmas Charades by Stone; The Virtuous Widow by Gracie2002NovemberHH631 HH-30373292317 / 0-373-29231-7
Mary BurtonRafferty's Bride2002NovemberHH632 HH-30373292325 / 0-373-29232-5American Civil War
Bronwyn WilliamsBeckett's Birthright2002NovemberHH633 HH-30373292333 / 0-373-29233-319th Century; North Carolina cattle farm, foreman and boss's daughter
Terri BrisbinThe Dumont Bride2002NovemberHH634 HH-30373292341 / 0-373-29234-1Medieval; Lincolnshire, England 1194, Dumont 1
Carol FinchBounty Hunter's Bride2002DecemberHH635 HH-3037329235X / 0-373-29235-XWestern; 1870s, half-Cherokee hero
Ruth LanganBadlands Heart2002DecemberHH636 HH-30373292368 / 0-373-29236-8Western; Badlands 3
Margo MaguireNorwyck's Lady2002DecemberHH637 HH-30373292376 / 0-373-29237-6Medieval
Katy CooperLord Sebastian's Wife2002DecemberHH638 HH-30373292384 / 0-373-29238-416th Century
Deborah HaleLady Lyte's Little Secret2003JanuaryHH639 HH-30373292392 / 0-373-29239-2Regency
Cheryl ReavisThe Forbidden Bride2003JanuaryHH640 HH-30373292406 / 0-373-29240-619th Century; Cornishman mining gold in North Carolina, 1845
Catherine ArcherDragon's Daughter2003JanuaryHH641 HH-30373292414 / 0-373-29241-4Medieval; Brotherhood of the Dragon 3
Nicole FosterHallie's Hero2003JanuaryHH642 HH-30373292422 / 0-373-29242-2Western; Arizona Territory 1876
Lyn StoneThe Scot2003FebruaryHH643 HH-30373292430 / 0-373-29243-0Victorian; arranged marriage of Englishwoman to Highland Scot
Kate BridgesThe Midwife's Secret2003FebruaryHH644 HH-30373292449 / 0-373-29244-9Western; Banff, Alberta, Canada 1888
Denise LynnFalcon's Desire2003FebruaryHH645 HH-30373292457 / 0-373-29245-7Medieval; Northern England 1142, Falcon 1
Charlene SandsThe Law and Kate Malone2003FebruaryHH646 HH-30373292465 / 0-373-29246-5Western; California, childhood sweethearts, sheriff, female saloon owner
Carolyn DavidsonTempting a Texan2003MarchHH647 HH-30373292473 / 0-373-29247-3Western; Texas
Miranda JarrettThe Silver Lord2003MarchHH648 HH-30373292481 / 0-373-29248-1Regency; Claremont 2
Lynna BanningThe Angel of Devil's Camp2003MarchHH649 HH-3037329249X / 0-373-29249-XWestern; Oregon, RITA Award Finalist
Sharon SchulzeBride of the Tower2003MarchHH650 HH-30373292503 / 0-373-29250-3Medieval; l'Eau Clair Chronicles 6
Nicola CornickLady Allerton's Wager2003AprilHH651 HH-30373292511 / 0-373-29251-1Regency; Mostyn & Trevithick Feud 1; UK pubbed in "The Christmas Collection" box set (0-263-83303-8) with Modern Romance "The Playboy's Mistress" by Kim Lawrence and Tender Romance "Always and Forever" by Betty Neels
Sharon HarlowMcKinnon's Bride2003AprilHH652 HH-3037329252X / 0-373-29252-XWestern
Julianne MacLeanAdam's Promise2003AprilHH653 HH-30373292538 / 0-373-29253-8Western; 1770s Nova Scotia
Ruth LanganHighland Sword2003AprilHH654 HH-30373292546 / 0-373-29254-6Mystical Highlands 1
Deborah HaleBeauty and the Baron2003MayHH655 HH-30373292554 / 0-373-29255-4Regency; 1818, war-wounded, reclusive hero
Margo MaguireScoundrel's Daughter2003MayHH656 HH-30373292562 / 0-373-29256-2Victorian; Temple 1
Elizabeth LaneWyoming Widow2003MayHH657 HH-30373292570 / 0-373-29257-0Western; Wyoming, Tolliver 1
Lisa BinghamThe Other Bride2003MayHH658 HH-30373292589 / 0-373-29258-9Western; Other 1
Nicola CornickThe Notorious Marriage2003JuneHH659 HH-30373292597 / 0-373-29259-7Regency; Mostyn & Trevithick Feud 2
Gail RanstromSaving Sarah2003JuneHH660 HH-30373292600 / 0-373-29260-0Regency; investigative heiress in disguise, Wednesday League 2
Liz IrelandBlissful, Texas2003JuneHH661 HH-30373292619 / 0-373-29261-9Western; Texas
Charlene SandsWinning Jenna's Heart2003JuneHH662 HH-30373292627 / 0-373-29262-7Western
Carolyn DavidsonTexas Gold2003JulyHH663 HH-30373292635 / 0-373-29263-5Western; Texas
Victoria BylinOf Men and Angels2003JulyHH664 HH-30373292643 / 0-373-29264-3Western; Colorado 1885
Elaine KnightonBeauchamp Besieged2003JulyHH665 HH-30373292651 / 0-373-29265-1Medieval; Welsh Marches, 1200s
Ruth LanganThe Betrayal2003JulyHH666 HH-3037329266X / 0-373-29266-XMystical Highlands 2
Bronwyn WilliamsBlackstone's Bride2003AugustHH667 HH-30373292678 / 0-373-29267-8captive widow, half-breed drifter
Patricia Frances RowellA Dangerous Seduction2003AugustHH668 HH-30373292686 / 0-373-29268-6Regency; Cornwall 1816, Elements 2 (Water)
Helen KirkmanA Moment's Madness2003AugustHH669 HH-30373292694 / 0-373-29269-4Viking; England, 917 AD
Jillian HartHigh Plains Wife2003AugustHH670 HH-30373292708 / 0-373-29270-8Western; Montana 1881
Jenna KernanWinter Woman2003SeptemberHH671 HH-30373292716 / 0-373-29271-6Western; Rocky Mountains, 1835
Miranda JarrettThe Golden Lord2003SeptemberHH672 HH-30373292724 / 0-373-29272-4Regency; Claremont 3
Juliet LandonThe Knight's Conquest2003SeptemberHH673 HH-30373292732 / 0-373-29273-2Medieval; Edward III, 1300s
Lisa PlumleyThe Matchmaker2003SeptemberHH674 HH-30373292740 / 0-373-29274-0Western; Northern Arizona Terriroty, 1880s, Crabtree Sisters 1 (Molly), Morrow Creek 1
Margaret MooreIn the King's Service2003OctoberHH675 HH-30373292759 / 0-373-29275-9Medieval; Warrior 15 (Sir Blaidd Morgan)
Elizabeth LaneWyoming Wildcat2003OctoberHH676 HH-30373292767 / 0-373-29276-7Western; Wyoming, Tolliver 2
Lisa BinghamThe Other Groom2003OctoberHH677 HH-30373292775 / 0-373-29277-5Western; Other 2
Ruth LanganThe Knight and the Seer2003OctoberHH678 HH-30373292783 / 0-373-29278-3Mystical Highlands 3
Cheryl St JohnThe Tenderfoot Bride2003NovemberHH679 HH-30373292791 / 0-373-29279-1Western; Colorado, pregnant, abused widow hired as ranch housekeeper
Ann Elizabeth CreeMy Lady's Prisoner2003NovemberHH680 HH-30373292805 / 0-373-29280-5Regency
Margo MaguireThe Virtuous Knight2003NovemberHH681 HH-30373292813 / 0-373-29281-3Medieval; Temple prequel
Lynna BanningThe Scout2003NovemberHH682 HH-30373292821 / 0-373-29282-1Western; Nebraska Territory, 1860
Tanya Anne CrosbyThe Impostor's Kiss2003DecemberHH683 HH-3037329283X / 0-373-29283-XWilliam IV; 1831, Imposter 1
Nicola CornickThe Earl's Prize2003DecemberHH684 HH-30373292848 / 0-373-29284-8Regency; Tallants 1
Kate BridgesThe Surgeon2003DecemberHH685 HH-30373292856 / 0-373-29285-6Western; 1890s Alberta, Canada, Mounties 2
Carol FinchOklahoma Bride2003DecemberHH686 HH-30373292864 / 0-373-29286-4Western; Oklahoma,1889
Judith StacyCheyenne Wife2004JanuaryHH687 HH-30373292872 / 0-373-29287-2Western; Santa Fe Trail, half-Cheyenne hero, Colorado Confidential
Blythe GiffordThe Knave and the Maiden2004JanuaryHH688 HH-30373292880 / 0-373-29288-0Medieval; 1350s England
Joanna MaitlandMarrying the Major2004JanuaryHH689 HH-30373292899 / 0-373-29289-9Regency; hero scarred from Peninsular War, Stratton 1
Debra CowanWhirlwind Bride2004JanuaryHH690 HH-30373292902 / 0-373-29290-2Western; West Texas, 1883, Whirlwind 1
Carolyn DavidsonColorado Courtship2004FebruaryHH691 HH-30373292910 / 0-373-29291-0Western; wagon train
Nicola CornickThe Chaperon Bride2004FebruaryHH692 HH-30373292929 / 0-373-29292-9Regency; Tallants 2
Mary BurtonThe Lightkeeper's Woman2004FebruaryHH693 HH-30373292937 / 0-373-29293-719th Century; North Carolina 1880s
Joanne RockThe Wedding Knight2004FebruaryHH694 HH-30373292945 / 0-373-29294-5Medieval; 1250, heroine snatched from a convent, Knight 1
Debra Lee BrownRocky Mountain Marriage2004MarchHH695 HH-30373292953 / 0-373-29295-3Western; Colorado, Colorado Confidential
Terri BrisbinThe Norman's Bride2004MarchHH696 HH-30373292961 / 0-373-29296-1Medieval; Northwestern England, 1198, Dumont 2
Joanna MaitlandRake's Reward2004MarchHH697 HH-3037329297X / 0-373-29297-XRegency; Stratton 2
Judith StacyMaggie and the Law2004MarchHH698 HH-30373292988 / 0-373-29298-8Western; Colorado 1889, sheriff keeps an eye on college-graduate heroine, potential thief
Carolyn DavidsonThe Marriage Agreement2004AprilHH699 HH-30373292996 / 0-373-29299-6Western; Devereaux 3 (Lily)
Nicola CornickWayward Widow2004AprilHH700 HH-30373293003 / 0-373-29300-3Regency; Tallants 3
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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