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Third Series HH701-800 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Mary SchallerBeloved Enemy2004AprilHH701 HH-30373293011 / 0-373-29301-1American Civil War
Margo MaguireNot Quite a Lady2004AprilHH702 HH-3037329302X / 0-373-29302-XVictorian; 1880s, Temple 2
Deborah HaleThe Last Champion2004MayHH703 HH-30373293038 / 0-373-29303-8Medieval; 12th Century
Kate BridgesThe Engagement2004MayHH704 HH-30373293046 / 0-373-29304-6Western; 1890s Alberta, Canada, Mounties 3
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Duke's Mistress2004MayHH705 HH-30373293054 / 0-373-29305-4Regency
Lynna BanningHigh Country Hero2004MayHH706 HH-30373293062 / 0-373-29306-2Western; Oregon 1884
Terri BrisbinThe Countess Bride2004JuneHH707 HH-30373293070 / 0-373-29307-0Medieval; Lincolnshire, England 1198, Dumont 3
Mary BurtonThe Unexpected Wife2004JuneHH708 HH-30373293089 / 0-373-29308-9Western; 1870s Montana
Joanna MaitlandA Poor Relation2004JuneHH709 HH-30373293097 / 0-373-29309-7Regency
Charlene SandsThe Courting of Widow Shaw2004JuneHH710 HH-30373293100 / 0-373-29310-0Western
Carol FinchTexas Bride2004JulyHH711 HH-30373293119 / 0-373-29311-9Western; Texas, half-Comanche hero
Elizabeth RollsThe Dutiful Rake2004JulyHH712 HH-30373293127 / 0-373-29312-7Regency; Rake 1
Elaine KnightonFulk the Reluctant2004JulyHH713 HH-30373293135 / 0-373-29313-5Medieval; 1200s
Victoria BylinWest of Heaven2004JulyHH714 HH-30373293143 / 0-373-29314-3Western; 1880s New Mexico, Midas 1
Jillian HartThe Horseman2004AugustHH715 HH-30373293151 / 0-373-29315-1Western; Montana Territory 1882
Patricia Frances RowellA Scandalous Situation2004AugustHH716 HH-3037329316X / 0-373-29316-XRegency; England 1807, Elements 3 (Air)
Juliet LandonThe Widow's Bargain2004AugustHH717 HH-30373293178 / 0-373-29317-8Medieval; Scotland 1319
Pam CrooksThe Mercenary's Kiss2004AugustHH718 HH-30373293186 / 0-373-29318-6Western; 1890s
Kate BridgesThe Proposition2004SeptemberHH719 HH-30373293194 / 0-373-29319-4Western; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 1
Joanne RockThe Knight's Redemption2004SeptemberHH720 HH-30373293208 / 0-373-29320-8Medieval; Wales 1260, herione from a family where women cursed to remain unmarried, Knight 2
Miranda JarrettPrincess of Fortune2004SeptemberHH721 HH-30373293216 / 0-373-29321-6Regency
Debra CowanWhirlwind Wedding2004SeptemberHH722 HH-30373293224 / 0-373-29322-4Western; 1880s West Texas, Whirlwind 2
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Carol Finch, Lynna BanningOne Starry Christmas: Stormwalker's Woman by Davidson; Home for Christmas by Finch; Hark, the Harried Angels by Banning2004OctoberHH723 HH-30373293232 / 0-373-29323-2Christmas; Banning: Western; Oregon 1900
Deborah HaleHighland Rogue2004OctoberHH724 HH-30373293240 / 0-373-29324-0Victorian; London 1875, laird's daughter protects sister from servant turned fortune hunter
Nicola CornickThe Penniless Bride2004OctoberHH725 HH-30373293259 / 0-373-29325-9Regency
Judith StacyThe One Month Marriage2004OctoberHH726 HH-30373293267 / 0-373-29326-7Western; Los Angeles, California 1897, troubled marriage, separation
Anthology: Margaret Moore, Terri Brisbin, Gail RanstromThe Christmas Visit: Comfort and Joy by Moore; Love at First Step by Brisbin; A Christmas Secret by Ranstrom2004NovemberHH727 HH-30373293275 / 0-373-29327-5
Elizabeth LaneWyoming Woman2004NovemberHH728 HH-30373293283 / 0-373-29328-3Western; Wyoming, Tolliver 3
Elizabeth RollsThe Unexpected Bride2004NovemberHH729 HH-30373293291 / 0-373-29329-1Regency; blind heroine, takes place of twin in arranged marriage, followed by Mistress or Marriage?, in UK published in box set with Modern Romance "The Mistress Contract" by Helen Brooks and Tender Romance "The Stand-In Bride" by Lucy Gordon
Lynna BanningThe Wedding Cake War2004NovemberHH730 HH-30373293305 / 0-373-29330-5Western; Oregon 1879
Gail RanstromThe Rake's Revenge2004DecemberHH731 HH-30373293313 / 0-373-29331-3Regency; heroine posing as murdered fortune teller, Wednesday League 4
Carol FinchThe Last Honest Outlaw2004DecemberHH732 HH-30373293321 / 0-373-29332-1Western; Rocky Mountains, half-breed hero
Juliet LandonOne Night in Paradise2004DecemberHH733 HH-3037329333X / 0-373-29333-XElizabethan
Jillian HartMontana Wife2004DecemberHH734 HH-30373293348 / 0-373-29334-8Western; Montana Territory, 1883
Terri BrisbinThe King's Mistress2005JanuaryHH735 HH-30373293356 / 0-373-29335-6Medieval; 1178 England, Dumont 4
Carolyn DavidsonTexas Lawman2005JanuaryHH736 HH-30373293364 / 0-373-29336-4Western; Texas, 1901
Joanna MaitlandMy Lady Angel2005JanuaryHH737 HH-30373293372 / 0-373-29337-2Regency
Debra CowanWhirlwind Groom2005JanuaryHH738 HH-30373293380 / 0-373-29338-0Western; West Texas, 1884, Whirlwind 3
Cheryl St JohnPrairie Wife2005FebruaryHH739 HH-30373293399 / 0-373-29339-9Western; Nebraska 1867, troubled marriage following death of child
Miranda JarrettRake's Wager2005FebruaryHH740 HH-30373293402 / 0-373-29340-2Regency; Penny House 1
Wendy DouglasThe Unlikely Groom2005FebruaryHH741 HH-30373293410 / 0-373-29341-0Western; Alaska
Elaine KnightonThe Alchemist's Daughter2005FebruaryHH742 HH-30373293429 / 0-373-29342-9Medieval
Kate BridgesThe Bachelor2005MarchHH743 HH-30373293437 / 0-373-29343-7Western; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 2
Denise LynnFalcon's Honor / Falcon's Honour2005MarchHH744 HH-30373293445 / 0-373-29344-5Medieval; Northern England 1142, Falcon 2
Elizabeth RollsThe Unruly Chaperon2005MarchHH745 HH-30373293453 / 0-373-29345-3Regency; widowed chaperon with second chance at love
Jenna KernanTurner's Woman2005MarchHH746 HH-30373293461 / 0-373-29346-1Western; Rocky Mountains, 1830s
Lyn StoneThe Viscount2005AprilHH747 HH-3037329347X / 0-373-29347-XVictorian; England 1859, widow with son marries disreputable viscount for protection from plot to declare her insane
Carol FinchThe Ranger's Woman2005AprilHH748 HH-30373293488 / 0-373-29348-8Western; Texas Ranger
Anthology: Terri Brisbin, Joanne Rock, Miranda JarrettThe Betrothal: The Claiming of Lady Joanna by Brisbin; Highland Handfast by Rock; A Marriage in Three Acts by Jarrett2005AprilHH749 HH-30373293496 / 0-373-29349-6
Victoria BylinAbbie's Outlaw2005AprilHH750 HH-3037329350X / 0-373-29350-XWestern; New Mexico 1887, Midas 2
Terri BrisbinThe Duchess's Next Husband2005MayHH751 HH-30373293518 / 0-373-29351-8Regency
Jillian HartRocky Mountain Man2005MayHH752 HH-30373293526 / 0-373-29352-6Western; Rocky Mountains, 1884
Gail RanstromThe Missing Heir2005MayHH753 HH-30373293534 / 0-373-29353-4Regency; Wednesday League 5
Elizabeth LaneHer Dearest Enemy2005MayHH754 HH-30373293542 / 0-373-29354-2Western; Colorado 1884
Anthology: Judith Stacy, Cheryl Reavis, Pam CrooksSpring Brides: Three Brides and a Wedding Dress by Stacy; The Winter Heart by Reavis; McCord's Destiny by Crooks2005JuneHH755 HH-30373293550 / 0-373-29355-0
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Viscount's Bride2005JuneHH756 HH-30373293569 / 0-373-29356-9
Mary BurtonHeart of the Storm2005JuneHH757 HH-30373293577 / 0-373-29357-71866
Joanne RockMy Lady's Favor2005JuneHH758 HH-30373293585 / 0-373-29358-5Medieval; Brittany, France 1345
Nicola CornickThe Notorious Lord2005JulyHH759 HH-30373293593 / 0-373-29359-3Bluestocking Brides 1
Cheryl St JohnHis Secondhand Wife2005JulyHH760 HH-30373293607 / 0-373-29360-7Western; Colorado 1890, badly scarred hero, brother's pregnant widow, Copper Creek Brides 2
Denise LynnFalcon's Love2005JulyHH761 HH-30373293615 / 0-373-29361-5Medieval; England 1142, Falcon 3
Anne O'BrienPuritan Bride2005JulyHH762 HH-30373293623 / 0-373-29362-3Restoration; England 1663
Nicola CornickOne Night of Scandal2005AugustHH763 HH-30373293631 / 0-373-29363-1Bluestocking Brides 2
Patricia Frances RowellA Treacherous Proposition2005AugustHH764 HH-3037329364X / 0-373-29364-XRegency; Elements 4 (Moonlight)
Jillian HartRocky Mountain Widow2005AugustHH765 HH-30373293658 / 0-373-29365-8Western; Montana Territory 1884
Juliet LandonThe Bought Bride2005AugustHH766 HH-30373293666 / 0-373-29366-6Medieval; post-Norman Conquest, 1080s
Nicola CornickThe Rake's Mistress2005SeptemberHH767 HH-30373293674 / 0-373-29367-4Bluestocking Brides 3
Jenna KernanThe Trapper2005SeptemberHH768 HH-30373293682 / 0-373-29368-2Western; Missouri River, 1840
Joanne RockThe Laird's Lady2005SeptemberHH769 HH-30373293690 / 0-373-29369-0Medieval; 1307, Scotland/England
Anne O'BrienThe Disgraced Marchioness2005SeptemberHH770 HH-30373293704 / 0-373-29370-4Regency; Faringdon Scandals 1 (Henry)
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Kate Bridges, Mary BurtonA Season of the Heart: Rocky Mountain Christmas by Hart; The Christmas Gifts by Bridges; The Christmas Charm by Burton2005OctoberHH771 HH-30373293712 / 0-373-29371-2
Elizabeth RollsHis Lady Mistress2005OctoberHH772 HH-30373293720 / 0-373-29372-0Regency; Blakehurst 1, an ebook of this novel included in free download offer for Harlequin's 60th birthday, January 2009
Lynna BanningThe Ranger and the Redhead2005OctoberHH773 HH-30373293739 / 0-373-29373-9Western
Sarah ElliottReforming the Rake2005OctoberHH774 HH-30373293747 / 0-373-29374-7Regency
Anthology: Nicola Cornick, Joanna Maitland, Elizabeth RollsA Regency Invitation [UK] / A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season [US]: The Fortune Hunter by Cornick; An Uncommon Abigail by Maitland; The Prodigal Bride by Rolls2005NovemberHH775 HH-30373293755 / 0-373-29375-5
Judith StacyThe Hired Husband2005NovemberHH776 HH-30373293763 / 0-373-29376-3Western; Los Angeles, California 1897, financial consultant hired to rescue heroine's father's business
Diane GastonThe Mysterious Miss M2005NovemberHH777 HH-30373293771 / 0-373-29377-1Regency
Carol FinchLone Wolf's Woman2005NovemberHH778 HH-3037329378X / 0-373-29378-XWestern; bounty hunter
Miranda JarrettThe Lady's Hazard2005DecemberHH779 HH-30373293798 / 0-373-29379-8Regency; Penny House 2
Carolyn DavidsonOklahoma Sweetheart2005DecemberHH780 HH-30373293801 / 0-373-29380-1Western; 1893, Oklahoma
Anne O'BrienThe Outrageous Débutante [UK] / The Outrageous Debutante [US]2005DecemberHH781 HH-3037329381X / 0-373-29381-XRegency; Faringdon Scandals 2 (Nicholas)
Meriel FullerConquest Bride2005DecemberHH782 HH-30373293828 / 0-373-29382-8Norman Conquest
Gail RanstromThe Courtesan's Courtship2006JanuaryHH783 HH-30373293836 / 0-373-29383-6Regency; Wednesday League 6
Victoria BylinMidnight Marriage2006JanuaryHH784 HH-30373293844 / 0-373-29384-4Western; New Mexico, Midas 3
Margaret McPheeThe Captain's Lady2006JanuaryHH785 HH-30373293852 / 0-373-29385-2Regency; 1804, high seas from England to Gibraltar, heroine disguised as Captain's boy
Terri BrisbinThe Maid of Lorne2006JanuaryHH786 HH-30373293860 / 0-373-29386-0Medieval; Scotland 1308
Deborah HaleThe Bride Ship2006FebruaryHH787 HH-30373293879 / 0-373-29387-9Canada, Nova-Scotia
Diane GastonThe Wagering Widow2006FebruaryHH788 HH-30373293887 / 0-373-29388-7Regency
Charlene SandsRenegade Wife2006FebruaryHH789 HH-30373293895 / 0-373-29389-5Western; Texas, mail-order bride, marriage in name only, white hero raised by the Cheyenne
Sylvia AndrewA Very Unusual Governess2006FebruaryHH790 HH-30373293909 / 0-373-29390-9Regency
Anne O'BrienThe Enigmatic Rake2006MarchHH791 HH-30373293917 / 0-373-29391-7Regency; Faringdon Scandals 3 (Joshua)
Elizabeth LaneWyoming Wildfire2006MarchHH792 HH-30373293925 / 0-373-29392-5Western; Wyoming
Louise AllenThe Earl's Intended Wife2006MarchHH793 HH-30373293933 / 0-373-29393-3Regency
Sharon SchulzeFor My Lady's Honor2006MarchHH794 HH-30373293941 / 0-373-29394-1Medieval; l'Eau Clair Chronicles 7
Miranda JarrettThe Duke's Gamble2006AprilHH795 HH-3037329395X / 0-373-29395-XRegency; Penny House 3
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Venetian's Mistress2006AprilHH796 HH-30373293968 / 0-373-29396-8
Lisa PlumleyThe Scoundrel2006AprilHH797 HH-30373293976 / 0-373-29397-6Western; 1882 Northern Arizona Territory, Crabtree Sisters 2 (Sarah), Morrow Creek 2
Margo MaguireSaxon Lady2006AprilHH798 HH-30373293984 / 0-373-29398-4Norman Conquest
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St John, Jenna KernanWed Under Western Skies: Abandoned by Davidson; Almost a Bride by St John; His Brother's Bride by Kernan2006MayHH799 HH-30373293992 / 0-373-29399-2Western; Kernan: Colorado
Diane GastonA Reputable Rake2006MayHH800 HH-3037329400X / 0-373-29400-XRegency
Limit by Year: 1977 78 79 80 81 82 ... 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Limit by Number: 1st Series: HH1-90 2nd Series: HH1-17 3rd Series: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400 HH401-500 HH501-600 HH601-700 HH701-800 HH801-900 HH901-1000 HH1001-1100 HH1101-1200
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