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Third Series HH801-900 Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Judith StacyJared's Runaway Woman2006MayHH801 HH-30373294018 / 0-373-29401-8Western; Colorado 1887, woman hiding her son from his uncle
Juliet LandonHis Duty, Her Destiny2006MayHH802 HH-30373294026 / 0-373-29402-6Medieval; late Medieval London, 1473
Anthology: Lyn Stone, Gail Ranstrom, Anne O'BrienBroken Vows, Mended Hearts: A Bouquet of Thistles by Stone; Paying the Piper by Ranstrom; Battle-Torn Bride by O'Brien2006JuneHH803 HH-30373294034 / 0-373-29403-4
Elizabeth RollsThe Chivalrous Rake2006JuneHH804 HH-30373294042 / 0-373-29404-2Regency; heroine's father has dementia and is accused of theft, Rake 2
Carol FinchThe Ranger2006JuneHH805 HH-30373294050 / 0-373-29405-0Western; 1870s, half-Apache Texas Ranger hero
Lynna BanningLoner's Lady2006JuneHH806 HH-30373294069 / 0-373-29406-9Western; Oregon 1872
Terri BrisbinTaming the Highlander2006JulyHH807 HH-30373294077 / 0-373-29407-7Medieval; Scotland 1355, Medieval-MacLerie 1 (Connor, the laird)
Carolyn DavidsonLone Star Bride2006JulyHH808 HH-30373294085 / 0-373-29408-5Western; Texas 1895
Louise AllenThe Society Catch2006JulyHH809 HH-30373294093 / 0-373-29409-3Regency
Kate BridgesThe Commander2006JulyHH810 HH-30373294107 / 0-373-29410-7Western; 1895, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 3
Anne O'BrienThe Runaway Heiress2006AugustHH811 HH-30373294115 / 0-373-29411-5Regency
Joanne RockThe Knight's Courtship2006AugustHH812 HH-30373294123 / 0-373-29412-3Medieval; France 1174
Pam CrooksWanted!2006AugustHH813 HH-30373294131 / 0-373-29413-1Western; 1870s Idaho
Sylvia AndrewThe Bridegroom's Bargain2006AugustHH814 HH-3037329414X / 0-373-29414-XRegency
Margaret McPheeMistaken Mistress2006SeptemberHH815 HH-30373294158 / 0-373-29415-8Regency; London
Charlene SandsAbducted at the Altar2006SeptemberHH816 HH-30373294166 / 0-373-29416-6Western; heroine abducts hero from his wedding
Michelle StylesThe Gladiator's Honour / The Gladiator's Honor2006SeptemberHH817 HH-30373294174 / 0-373-29417-4Ancient Rome; 65 BC, gladiator, divorced heroine
Tanya Anne CrosbyThe Impostor Prince2006SeptemberHH818 HH-30373294182 / 0-373-29418-2Imposter 2
Anthology: Judith Stacy, Victoria Bylin, Elizabeth LaneStay for Christmas: A Place to Belong by Stacy; A Son is Given by Bylin; Angels in the Snow by Lane2006OctoberHH819 HH-30373294190 / 0-373-29419-0
Sarah ElliottThe Rake's Proposal2006OctoberHH820 HH-30373294204 / 0-373-29420-4Regency
Christine MerrillThe Inconvenient Duchess2006OctoberHH821 HH-30373294212 / 0-373-29421-2Regency; Devon, Radwell 1
Catherine MarchMy Lady English2006OctoberHH822 HH-30373294220 / 0-373-29422-0Norman Conquest
Anthology: Elizabeth Rolls, Deborah Hale, Diane GastonMistletoe Kisses [US] / A Regency Christmas [UK]: A Soldier's Tale by Rolls; A Winter Night's Tale by Hale; A Twelfth Night Tale by Gaston2006NovemberHH823 HH-30373294239 / 0-373-29423-9Regency
Gail RanstromIndiscretions2006NovemberHH824 HH-30373294247 / 0-373-29424-7Regency
Lisa PlumleyThe Rascal2006NovemberHH825 HH-30373294255 / 0-373-29425-5Western; Northern Arizona Terriroty, 1883, Crabtree Sisters 3 (Grace), Morrow Creek 3
Claire ThorntonThe Defiant Mistress2006NovemberHH826 HH-30373294263 / 0-373-29426-3Restoration; Venice and England 1666, Charles II, second chance for previously-betrothed couple, City of Flames 1
Nicola CornickLord Greville's Captive2006DecemberHH827 HH-30373294271 / 0-373-29427-1
Miranda JarrettThe Adventurous Bride2006DecemberHH828 HH-3037329428X / 0-373-29428-XGeorgian era; 1780s France and Italy, Grand Tour 1
Pam CrooksHer Lone Protector2006DecemberHH829 HH-30373294298 / 0-373-29429-8Western; Los Angeles, 1898
Louise AllenMoonlight and Mistletoe2006DecemberHH830 HH-30373294301 / 0-373-29430-1
Terri BrisbinThe Earl's Secret2007JanuaryHH831 HH-39780373294312 / 978-0-373-29431-2Regency; Edinburgh 1818, Regency-MacLerie 1
Carol FinchFletcher's Woman2007JanuaryHH832 HH-39780373294329 / 978-0-373-29432-9Western; Texas Ranger
Denise LynnFalcon's Heart2007JanuaryHH833 HH-39780373294336 / 978-0-373-29433-6Medieval; England 1143, Falcon 4
Claire ThorntonThe Abducted Heiress2007JanuaryHH834 HH-39780373294343 / 978-0-373-29434-3Restoration; England 1666, Charles II, reclusive and scarred heiress is rescued/abducted during Great Fire of London, City of Flames 2
Cheryl St JohnThe Lawman's Bride2007FebruaryHH835 HH-39780373294350 / 978-0-373-29435-0Western; 1887, heroine was the tool of a conman for years, Harvey Girls 2
Juliet LandonA Scandalous Mistress2007FebruaryHH836 HH-39780373294367 / 978-0-373-29436-7Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 1
Lyn RandalWarrior or Wife2007FebruaryHH837 HH-39780373294374 / 978-0-373-29437-4Ancient Rome; Gladiatrix 1 (Leda)
Sophia JamesAshblane's Lady2007FebruaryHH838 HH-39780373294381 / 978-0-373-29438-1Medieval; 1358
Carla KellyBeau Crusoe2007MarchHH839 HH-39780373294398 / 978-0-373-29439-8Regency; hero survived shipwreck and isolation on a desert island
Diane GastonInnocence and Impropriety2007MarchHH840 HH-39780373294404 / 978-0-373-29440-4Regency
Stacey KayneMustang Wild2007MarchHH841 HH-39780373294411 / 978-0-373-29441-1Western; 1880s New Mexico and Wyoming Territory, Wild 1
Lynna BanningCrusader's Lady2007MarchHH842 HH-39780373294428 / 978-0-373-29442-8Medieval; Jerusalem, 1193
Margaret McPheeThe Wicked Earl2007AprilHH843 HH-39780373294435 / 978-0-373-29443-5Regency; London and Cornwall, 1814
Stacey KayneBride of Shadow Canyon2007AprilHH844 HH-39780373294442 / 978-0-373-29444-2Western; Colorado Territory, 1870
Denise LynnCommanded to his Bed2007AprilHH845 HH-39780373294459 / 978-0-373-29445-9Medieval; 1170s
Claire ThorntonThe Vagabond Duchess2007AprilHH846 HH-39780373294466 / 978-0-373-29446-6Restoration; England 1666, Charles II, pregnant heroine pretends lover married her before his death, masquerades as his widow, City of Flames 3
Jenna KernanHigh Plains Bride2007MayHH847 HH-39780373294473 / 978-0-373-29447-3Western; 1864, American West, including Sioux, High Plains 1
Kate BridgesKlondike Doctor2007MayHH848 HH-39780373294480 / 978-0-373-29448-0Western; 1898, British Columbia to Klondike [Yukon gold rush], Klondike 1
Louise AllenA Most Unconventional Courtship2007MayHH849 HH-39780373294497 / 978-0-373-29449-7Regency
Michelle WillinghamHer Irish Warrior2007MayHH850 HH-39780373294503 / 978-0-373-29450-3Medieval; Ireland 1171, widower protects woman from abusive fiancé, MacEgan Brothers 1 (Bevan)
Cheryl St JohnThe Preacher's Daughter2007JuneHH851 HH-39780373294510 / 978-0-373-29451-0Western; Kansas 1894, cloistered heroine, hero with a dark childhood, Harvey Girls 3
Carol FinchMcCavett's Bride2007JuneHH852 HH-39780373294527 / 978-0-373-29452-7Western; Oklahoma, mail-order bride
Helen DicksonRogue's Widow, Gentleman's Wife2007JuneHH853 HH-39780373294534 / 978-0-373-29453-419th Century; England/Charleston, South Carolina, 1880
Lyn RandalTempted by Innocence2007JuneHH854 HH-39780373294541 / 978-0-373-29454-116th Century; Spain/Spanish Indies, 1517
Miranda JarrettSeduction of an English Beauty2007JulyHH855 HH-39780373294558 / 978-0-373-29455-8Georgian era; Rome, Italy, 1784, Grand Tour 2
Elizabeth LaneThe Stranger2007JulyHH856 HH-39780373294565 / 978-0-373-29456-5Western; New Mexico Territory 1881
Pam CrooksUntamed Cowboy2007JulyHH857 HH-39780373294572 / 978-0-373-29457-2Western; Denver, 1885
Michelle StylesThe Roman's Virgin Mistress2007JulyHH858 HH-39780373294589 / 978-0-373-29458-9Ancient Rome; 69 BC, older cousin attempts to separate relative from unsuitable widow
Debra CowanWhirlwind Baby2007AugustHH859 HH-39780373294596 / 978-0-373-29459-6Western; West Texas, 1885, Whirlwind 4
Juliet LandonDishonour and Desire / Dishonor and Desire2007AugustHH860 HH-39780373294602 / 978-0-373-29460-2Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 2
Amanda McCabeA Notorious Woman2007AugustHH861 HH-39780373294619 / 978-0-373-29461-916th Century; Venice 1525, Renaissance 1
Christine MerrillAn Unladylike Offer2007AugustHH862 HH-39780373294626 / 978-0-373-29462-6Regency; Radwell 2
Kate BridgesKlondike Wedding2007SeptemberHH863 HH-39780373294633 / 978-0-373-29463-3Western; Yukon, Canada, 1898, Klondike 2
Elizabeth RollsA Compromised Lady2007SeptemberHH864 HH-39780373294640 / 978-0-373-29464-0Regency; hero is lame, Blakehurst 2
Mary BrendanA Practical Mistress2007SeptemberHH865 HH-39780373294657 / 978-0-373-29465-7Regency; Hunter Brothers 1 (Sir Jason)
Michelle WillinghamThe Warrior's Touch2007SeptemberHH866 HH-39780373294664 / 978-0-373-29466-4Medieval; Ireland 1175, healer, badly wounded warrior, MacEgan Brothers 2 (Connor)
Anthology: Cheryl St John, Jenna Kernan, Pam CrooksA Western Winter Wonderland: Christmas Day Family by St John; Fallen Angel by Kernan; One Magic Eve by Crooks2007OctoberHH867 HH-39780373294671 / 978-0-373-29467-1Western; Kernan: Colorado, 1887
Gail RanstromLord Libertine2007OctoberHH868 HH-39780373294688 / 978-0-373-29468-8Regency; London 1821, Blood Wyvern Brotherhood 1
Juliet LandonThe Warlord's Mistress2007OctoberHH869 HH-39780373294695 / 978-0-373-29469-5Roman Britain; Brigantia, Northern England, 202 AD
Blythe GiffordThe Harlot's Daughter2007OctoberHH870 HH-39780373294701 / 978-0-373-29470-1Medieval; 1380s England
Anthology: Nicola Cornick, Margaret McPhee, Miranda JarrettChristmas Wedding Belles [US] / Regency Christmas Weddings [UK]: The Pirate's Kiss by Cornick; A Smuggler's Tale by McPhee; The Sailor's Bride by Jarrett2007NovemberHH871 HH-39780373294718 / 978-0-373-29471-8Cornick: linked to Bluestocking Brides trilogy
Charlene SandsBodine's Bounty2007NovemberHH872 HH-39780373294725 / 978-0-373-29472-5Western; Northern California 1882, bounty hunter, runaway heiress
Helen DicksonWicked Pleasures2007NovemberHH873 HH-39780373294732 / 978-0-373-29473-2Victorian
Denise LynnBedded by Her Lord2007NovemberHH874 HH-39780373294749 / 978-0-373-29474-9Medieval; England 1170s
Sophia JamesMasquerading Mistress2007DecemberHH875 HH-39780373294756 / 978-0-373-29475-6Regency; 1816
Kathryn AlbrightThe Angel and the Outlaw2007DecemberHH876 HH-39780373294763 / 978-0-373-29476-3Western; 1873 San Diego
Louise AllenVirgin Slave, Barbarian King2007DecemberHH877 HH-39780373294770 / 978-0-373-29477-0
Michelle StylesA Christmas Wedding Wager2007DecemberHH878 HH-39780373294787 / 978-0-373-29478-7Victorian; 1846, Newcastle upon Tyne, bridge building, second chance at love
Diane GastonThe Vanishing Viscountess2008JanuaryHH879 HH-39780373294794 / 978-0-373-29479-4Regency
Stacey KayneMaverick Wild2008JanuaryHH880 HH-39780373294800 / 978-0-373-29480-0Western; Wyoming Territory, 1883, Wild 2
Elizabeth LaneOn the Wings of Love2008JanuaryHH881 HH-39780373294817 / 978-0-373-29481-720th Century; 1910s Long Island, New York
Michelle WillinghamHer Warrior King2008JanuaryHH882 HH-39780373294824 / 978-0-373-29482-4Medieval; Norman Conquest of Ireland 1170, Irish king marries Norman bride to save his tribe, MacEgan Brothers 3 (Patrick)
Jenna KernanOutlaw Bride2008FebruaryHH883 HH-39780373294831 / 978-0-373-29483-1Western; 1850 Sacramento, California, snowbound pass, Cascade Mountains 1
Sarah ElliottThe Wayward Debutante2008FebruaryHH884 HH-39780373294848 / 978-0-373-29484-8Regency; London and Norfolk, 1818
Deb MarloweScandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss2008FebruaryHH885 HH-39780373294855 / 978-0-373-29485-5Regency
Terri BrisbinSurrender to the Highlander2008FebruaryHH886 HH-39780373294862 / 978-0-373-29486-2Medieval; Scotland 1356, Medieval-MacLerie 2
Charlene SandsTaming the Texan2008MarchHH887 HH-39780373294879 / 978-0-373-29487-9Western; Texas 1883
Sophia JamesHigh Seas to High Society2008MarchHH888 HH-39780373294886 / 978-0-373-29488-6Regency; Wellingham 1 (Asher)
Bronwyn ScottPickpocket Countess2008MarchHH889 HH-39780373294893 / 978-0-373-29489-3William IV; England 1831
Joanne RockA Knight Most Wicked2008MarchHH890 HH-39780373294909 / 978-0-373-29490-9Medieval; Bohemia 1381
Kate BridgesKlondike Fever2008AprilHH891 HH-39780373294916 / 978-0-373-29491-6Western; Canadian West, Yukon wilderness, 1898, Klondike 3
Louise AllenNo Place for a Lady2008AprilHH892 HH-39780373294923 / 978-0-373-29492-3Regency
Amanda McCabeA Sinful Alliance2008AprilHH893 HH-39780373294930 / 978-0-373-29493-0Tudor; Henry VIII, Spanish/French leads, Renaissance 2
Mary BrendanThe Wanton Bride2008AprilHH894 HH-39780373294947 / 978-0-373-29494-7Hunter Brothers 2 (Mark)
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Kate Bridges, Charlene SandsWestern Weddings: Rocky Mountain Bride by Hart; Shotgun Vows by Bridges; Springville Wife by Sands2008MayHH895 HH-39780373294954 / 978-0-373-29495-4Hart: Western, Montana, Brooks Brothers 1
Bronwyn ScottNotorious Rake, Innocent Lady2008MayHH896 HH-39780373294961 / 978-0-373-29496-1Regency; London 1829
Carol FinchCooper's Woman2008MayHH897 HH-39780373294978 / 978-0-373-29497-8Western; Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory 1880s
Michelle StylesTaken by the Viking2008MayHH898 HH-39780373294985 / 978-0-373-29498-5Early Middle Ages; 793 AD, England and Norway, herione kidnapped by Vikings at Lindisfarne, Viken Jaarls 1
Nicola CornickThe Last Rake in London2008JuneHH899 HH-39780373294992 / 978-0-373-29499-2Edwardian; London, linked to Bluestocking Brides triology
Patricia Frances RowellAn Impetuous Abduction2008JuneHH900 HH-39780373295005 / 978-0-373-29500-5Regency; Derbyshire 1811, Elements 5 (Firelight)
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