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HH1-HH100 Subscription/Secondary Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Julia ByrneScandal and Miss Smith1998September?HH1 HSS0373303106 / 0-373-30310-6Regency
Helen DicksonAn Unpredictable Bride1998September?HH2 HSS0373303114 / 0-373-30311-4English Civil War
Stephanie LaurensTangled Reins1998October?HH3 HSS0373303122 / 0-373-30312-2Regency; Regency 1
Juliet LandonA Knight in Waiting1998October?HH4 HSS0373303130 / 0-373-30313-0Medieval; North Yorkshire, 1350s
Marie-Louise HallMajor's Muslin1998November?HH5 HSS0373303149 / 0-373-30314-9Regency; 1810
Elizabeth HenshallBetrayed Hearts1998November?HH6 HSS0373303157 / 0-373-30315-7Medieval; Cheshire 1080
Meg AlexanderHis Lordship's Dilemma1998?December?HH7 HSS0373303165 / 0-373-30316-5Regency
Francesca ShawMaster of Winterbourne1998?December?HH8 HSS0373303173 / 0-373-30317-3English Civil War
Anne AshleyThe Earl of Rayne's Ward1999?January?HH9 HSS0373303181 / 0-373-30318-1Regency
Sarah WestleighThe Inherited Bride1999?January?HH10 HSS037330319X / 0-373-30319-XMedieval; Devon 1347, marriage of convenience, d'Evreux Family 1 (Richard)
Anne AshleyLady Linford's Return1999February?HH11 HSS0373303203 / 0-373-30320-3Regency
Julia ByrneMistress of her Fate1999February?HH12 HSS0373303211 / 0-373-30321-1Medieval; Stratford and Wells, 1464
Stephanie LaurensFair Juno1999March?HH13 HSS037330322X / 0-373-30322-XRegency; Regency 4
Elizabeth HenshallMadselin's Choice1999March?HH14 HSS0373303238 / 0-373-30323-8Medieval; Normandy after the Conquest
Louisa GrayThe Standish Inheritance1999April?HH15 HSS0373303246 / 0-373-30324-6Regency
Juliet LandonThe Knight, the Knave and the Lady1999April?HH16 HSS0373303254 / 0-373-30325-4Medieval; North Yorkshire, 1350s
Francesca ShawA Compromised Lady1999May?HH17 HSS0373303262 / 0-373-30326-2Regency; 1815/16 Belgium (Waterloo) and London
Sarah WestleighSet Free My Heart1999May?HH18 HSS0373303270 / 0-373-30327-0Medieval; 1347, widow, voyage with handsome knight, d'Evreux Family 2 (Thomas/Tamkin)
Stephanie LaurensImpetuous Innocent1999June?HH19 HSS0373303289 / 0-373-30328-9Regency; London, Regency 3
Julia ByrneGentle Conqueror1999June?HH20 HSS0373303297 / 0-373-30329-7Norman Conquest
Anne AshleyThe Neglectful Guardian1999JulyHH21 HSS0373303300 / 0-373-30330-0
Elizabeth HenshallThe King's New Man1999JulyHH22 HSS0373303319 / 0-373-30331-9Medieval; North of England 1107
Anne AshleyMiss Harcourt's Dilemma1999August?HH23 HSS0373303327 / 0-373-30332-7Regency
Helen DicksonThe Rainborough Inheritance1999August?HH24 HSS0373303335 / 0-373-30333-518th Century; York 1709/10
Stephanie LaurensFour in Hand1999September?HH25 HSS0373303343 / 0-373-30334-3Regency; Regency 2
Sarah WestleighLoyal Hearts1999?September?HH26 HSS0373303351 / 0-373-30335-1Medieval; 1347, childhood betrothal, d'Evreux Family 3 (Giles)
Meg AlexanderThe Love Child1999?October?HH27 HSS037330336X / 0-373-30336-XRegency; Wentworth 1 (Sebastian)
Paula MarshallThe Lost Princess1999?October?HH28 HSS0373303378 / 0-373-30337-8Medieval; Renaissance Italy
Julia ByrneRavensdene's Bride1999?November?HH29 HSS0373303386 / 0-373-30338-6Regency; England
Juliet LandonThe Golden Lure1999?November?HH30 HSS0373303394 / 0-373-30339-4Medieval; Airedale and York, 1350
Meg AlexanderThe Merry Gentleman1999?December?HH31 HSS0373303408 / 0-373-30340-8Regency; Wentworth 2 (Perry)
Valentina LuellenHostage of Love1999?December?HH32 HSS0373303416 / 0-373-30341-6Scotland
Stephanie LaurensThe Reasons for Marriage2000?January?HH33 HSS0373303424 / 0-373-30342-4Regency; 1816, Lester Family 1
Sarah WestleighChevalier's Pawn2000?January?HH34 HSS0373303432 / 0-373-30343-2Medieval; Wales 1406/7, heroine spent 5 years as a hostage, rescuer offered marriage for love or vengeance?
Meg AlexanderThe Passionate Friends2000January?HH35 HSS0373303440 / 0-373-30344-0Wentworth 3 (Dan, from The Love Child?)
Julia ByrneMy Enemy, My Love2000January?HH36 HSS0373303459 / 0-373-30345-9
Stephanie LaurensA Lady of Expectations2000February?HH37 HSS0373303467 / 0-373-30346-7Regency; Lester Family 2
Helen DicksonHonour Bound2000February?HH38 HSS0373303475 / 0-373-30347-5Cromwell
Sarah WestleighA Most Exceptional Quest2000March?HH39 HSS0373303483 / 0-373-30348-3Regency; hero loses memory in Peninsular War
Carol TownendLeaves on the Wind2000March?HH40 HSS0373303491 / 0-373-30349-1Medieval; England/Cyprus 1099 Crusade/Normans & Saxons, outlaw heroine
Stephanie LaurensAn Unwilling Conquest2000April?HH41 HSS0373303505 / 0-373-30350-5Regency; Lester Family 3
Gail MallinConqueror's Lady2000April?HH42 HSS0373303513 / 0-373-30351-3Norman Conquest; 1066/68
Anne HerriesAn Ideal Match2000May?HH43 HSS0373303521 / 0-373-30352-1Regency
Joanna MakepeaceThe Devil's Mark2000May?HH44 HSS037330353X / 0-373-30353-XMedieval; Winchester 1238
Stephanie LaurensA Comfortable Wife2000June?HH45 HSS0373303548 / 0-373-30354-8Regency; Regency 5 / Lester Family 4
Pauline BentleyMarriage Rites2000June?HH46 HSS0373303556 / 0-373-30355-617th Century; 1690s
Janet EdmondsA Nabob's Daughter2000?July?HH47 HSS0373303564 / 0-373-30356-4Regency
Sarah WestleighJousting With Shadows2000?July?HH48 HSS0373303572 / 0-373-30357-2Medieval; England, marriage between strangers, widower knight and woman freed from convent life
Marie-Louise HallRake's Reform2000?August?HH49 HSS0373303580 / 0-373-30358-0Regency
Paula MarshallThe Deserted Bride2000?August?HH50 HSS0373303599 / 0-373-30359-9Elizabethan; long separation from child bride
Elizabeth BaileySeventh Heaven2000?September?HH51 HSS0373303602 / 0-373-30360-2Georgian; 1780s
Juliet LandonThe Goldsmith's Jewel2000?September?HH52 HSS0373303610 / 0-373-30361-0Medieval; York, 1360
Sarah WestleighFelon's Fancy2000?October?HH53 HSS0373303629 / 0-373-30362-9Regency; 1818, ex-felon Earl marries the daughter of Baron who owes him money
Laura CassidyA Remembered Love2000?October?HH54 HSS0373303637 / 0-373-30363-7English Civil War; 1643-46
Francesca ShawThe Unconventional Miss Dane2000?November?HH55 HSS0373303645 / 0-373-30364-5Regency
Helen DicksonKatherine2000?November?HH56 HSS0373303653 / 0-373-30365-3English Civil War; London 1641
Meg AlexanderThe Last Enchantment2000?December?HH57 HSS0373303661 / 0-373-30366-1Regency
Pauline BentleySilk and Sword2000?December?HH58 HSS037330367X / 0-373-30367-XMedieval; 1485 England
Elizabeth LowtherGambler's Wedding2001?January?HH59 HSS0373303688 / 0-373-30368-8Regency; 1813
Sarah WestleighEscape to Destiny2001?January?HH60 HSS0373303696 / 0-373-30369-6Elizabethan; Channel Islands 1571/2, woman rescues spy for Elizabeth I from the sea
Anne AshleyLady Knightley's Secret2001?February?HH61 HSS037330370X / 0-373-30370-XRegency
Carol TownendSapphire in the Snow2001?February?HH62 HSS0373303718 / 0-373-30371-8Norman Conquest; France & England, woman due to enter convent, man charged with treason
Louisa GrayBeau's Stratagem2001?March?HH63 HSS0373303726 / 0-373-30372-6Regency; Bath
Joanna MakepeaceBattlefield of Hearts2001?March?HH64 HSS0373303734 / 0-373-30373-4Medieval; 1471 England
Anne AshleyLady Jane's Physician2001April?HH65 HSS0373303742 / 0-373-30374-2Regency; England 1819
Pauline BentleyRebel Harvest2001April?HH66 HSS0373303750 / 0-373-30375-0Jacobite Uprisings
Meg AlexanderFarewell the Heart2001MayHH67 HSS0373303769 / 0-373-30376-9Regency; 1815
Joanna MakepeaceReluctant Rebel2001MayHH68 HSS0373303777 / 0-373-30377-7
Sarah WestleighHeritage of Love2001JuneHH69 HSS0373303785 / 0-373-30378-5Victorian; heroine wants to learn about her natural father, meets American businessman
Elizabeth LowtherThe Ransomed Bride2001JuneHH70 HSS0373303793 / 0-373-30379-3Medieval; 1405 England, France
Meg AlexanderMiranda's Masquerade2001?July?HH71 HSS0373303807 / 0-373-30380-7Regency
Joanna MakepeaceCrown Hostage2001?July?HH72 HSS0373303815 / 0-373-30381-5Medieval; Northampton/London, 1483
Sarah WestleighThe Outrageous Dowager2001?August?HH73 HSS0373303823 / 0-373-30382-3Regency; London, widow tries to hold out for marriage rather than seduction
Laura CassidyThe Black Pearl2001?August?HH74 HSS0373303831 / 0-373-30383-1
Francesca ShawMiss Weston's Masquerade2001?September?HH75 HSS037330384X / 0-373-30384-XRegency; 1818, heroine disguised as a boy
Pauline BentleyPenruthin's Wife2001?September?HH76 HSS0373303858 / 0-373-30385-8Medieval; Somerset England, 1453
Gail MallinDebt of Honour / Debt of Honor2001?October?HH77 HSS0373303866 / 0-373-30386-6Georgian; Cumbria 1793
Laura CassidyMaiden Court2001?October?HH78 HSS0373303874 / 0-373-30387-4Tudor; London 1541/2
Elizabeth BaileyHidden Flame2001?November?HH79 HSS0373303882 / 0-373-30388-2
Helen DicksonAn Illustrious Lord2001?November?HH80 HSS0373303890 / 0-373-30389-0
Gail MallinMarry in Haste2001?December?HH81 HSS0373303904 / 0-373-30390-4Regency; c1810, London and Wales
Laura CassidyJudith's Place2001?December?HH82 HSS0373303912 / 0-373-30391-2Tudor; Kew 1562
Sarah WestleighThe Impossible Earl2002?January?HH83 HSS0373303920 / 0-373-30392-0Regency; governess inherits property leased to Earl who refuses to leave
Joanna MakepeaceThe Baron's Bride2002?January?HH84 HSS0373303939 / 0-373-30393-9Norman Conquest
Elizabeth BaileyFriday Dreaming2002?February?HH85 HSS0373303947 / 0-373-30394-7Regency
Joanna MakepeaceCorinna's Cause2002?February?HH86 HSS0373303955 / 0-373-30395-5Stuart; England, 1685
Sarah WestleighA Lady of Independent Means2002?March?HH87 HSS0373303963 / 0-373-30396-3Regency; 1815, heroine travels to Paris and to battlefield of Waterloo
Marie-Louise HallSweet Treason2002?March?HH88 HSS0373303971 / 0-373-30397-1Tudor; London 1558
Ann Elizabeth CreeLord Rotham's Wager2002?April?HH89 HSS037330398X / 0-373-30398-XRegency
Laura CassidyThe Frozen Heart2002AprilHH90 HSS0373303998 / 0-373-30399-8Tudor; Greenwich 1563/4
Gail WhitikerAn Offer to Love2002MayHH91 HSS0373304005 / 0-373-30400-5Regency; Cornwall, rich widow retreats to remote estate to avoid fortune hunters
Joanna MakepeaceKing's Pawn2002MayHH92 HSS0373304013 / 0-373-30401-3Medieval; Richard III, last years before Tudor era, England 1484/5
Anne HerriesLord Ravensden's Marriage2002JuneHH93 HSS0373304021 / 0-373-30402-1Regency, c1811
Joanna MakepeaceDragon's Court2002JuneHH94 HSS037330403X / 0-373-30403-XTudor; Henry VII, 1499 London
Elizabeth BaileyAn Innocent Miss2002JulyHH95 HSS0373304048 / 0-373-30404-8
Laura CassidyMadrilene's Granddaughter2002JulyHH96 HSS0373304056 / 0-373-30405-6Elizabethan
Meg AlexanderThe Reluctant Bride2002AugustHH97 HSS0373304064 / 0-373-30406-4
Joanna MakepeaceStolen Heiress2002AugustHH98 HSS0373304072 / 0-373-30407-2Medieval; London/Bruges 1461
Nicola CornickA Companion of Quality2002SeptemberHH99 HSS0373304080 / 0-373-30408-0
Paula MarshallThe Falcon and the Dove2002SeptemberHH100 HSS0373304099 / 0-373-30409-9Medieval; Tuscany, 1430
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