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HH101-HH200 Subscription/Secondary Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Gail WhitikerA Most Improper Proposal2002OctoberHH101 HSS0373304102 / 0-373-30410-2Regency; heroine belatedly takes rake up on indecent proposition, Steepwood 5
Victoria AldridgeBen Morgan's Mistake2002OctoberHH102 HSS0373304110 / 0-373-30411-019th Century; New Zealand; Morgan 1
Anne AshleyA Noble Man2002NovemberHH103 HSS0373304129 / 0-373-30412-9
Helen DicksonAn Innocent Proposal2002NovemberHH104 HSS0373304137 / 0-373-30413-7
Sylvia AndrewAn Unreasonable Match2002DecemberHH105 HSS0373304145 / 0-373-30414-5
Paula MarshallThe Beckoning Dream2002DecemberHH106 HSS0373304153 / 0-373-30415-3Restoration; England and Holland
Paula MarshallAn Unconventional Duenna2003JanuaryHH107 HSS0373304161 / 0-373-30416-1Regency; London 1812, Steepwood 8
Claire ThorntonTen Guineas on Love2003JanuaryHH108 HSS037330417X / 0-373-30417-XGeorgian; debt-ridden heroine wagers she can find a husband in a month, also published under Alice Thornton
Anne HerriesCounterfeit Earl2003FebruaryHH109 HSS0373304188 / 0-373-30418-8Regency
Juliet LandonThe Passionate Pilgrim2003FebruaryHH110 HSS0373304196 / 0-373-30419-6Medieval; England 1359
Elizabeth BaileyThe Captain's Return2003MarchHH111 HSS037330420X / 0-373-30420-X
Olga DanielsA Royal Engagement2003MarchHH112 HSS0373304218 / 0-373-30421-8Tudor; England 1539
Gail WhitikerThe Guardian's Dilemma2003AprilHH113 HSS0373304226 / 0-373-30422-6Regency; guardian thinks ward's schoolteacher is not respectable, Steepwood 11
Helen DicksonConspiracy of Hearts2003AprilHH114 HSS0373304234 / 0-373-30423-417th Century; 1605, the paranoia of King James I & IV
Anne AshleyLord Exmouth's Intentions2003MayHH115 HSS0373304242 / 0-373-30424-2
Joanna MakepeaceThe Traitor's Daughter2003MayHH116 HSS0373304250 / 0-373-30425-0Tudor; Henry VII
Meg AlexanderMr Rushford's Honour / Mr Rushford's Honor2003JuneHH117 HSS0373304269 / 0-373-30426-9
Anne HerriesSatan's Mark2003JuneHH118 HSS0373304277 / 0-373-30427-7Restoration; England
Nicola CornickAn Unlikely Suitor2003JulyHH119 HSS0373304285 / 0-373-30428-5
Juliet LandonA Most Unseemly Summer2003JulyHH120 HSS0373304293 / 0-373-30429-3Elizabethan
Sylvia AndrewAn Inescapable Match2003AugustHH121 HSS0373304307 / 0-373-30430-7
Jennifer LandsbertKnight's Move2003AugustHH122 HSS0373304315 / 0-373-30431-5Medieval; Dorset 1194
Paula MarshallThe Missing Marchioness2003SeptemberHH123 HSS0373304323 / 0-373-30432-3Regency; Steepwood 16
Mary NicholsThe Honourable Earl2003SeptemberHH124 HSS0373304331 / 0-373-30433-1Regency
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Marriage Truce2003OctoberHH125 HSS037330434X / 0-373-30434-XRegency
Elizabeth RollsMistress or Marriage?2003OctoberHH126 HSS0373304358 / 0-373-30435-8Regency; follows The Unexpected Bride
Joanna MaitlandA Penniless Prospect2003NovemberHH127 HSS0373304366 / 0-373-30436-6Regency; herione disguised a boy
Elizabeth BaileyAn Ardent Friendship2003NovemberHH128 HSS0373304374 / 0-373-30437-4
Mary BrendanA Roguish Gentleman2003DecemberHH129 HSS0373304382 / 0-373-30438-2Regency
Helen DicksonLord Fox's Pleasure2003DecemberHH130 HSS0373304390 / 0-373-30439-0Restoration
Francesca ShawThe Youngest Dowager2004JanuaryHH131 HSS0373304404 / 0-373-30440-4Regency; new Earl proposes marriage to widowed countess
Juliet LandonThe Maiden's Abduction2004JanuaryHH132 HSS0373304412 / 0-373-30441-2
Paula MarshallRinaldi's Revenge2004FebruaryHH133 HSS0373304420 / 0-373-30442-0Medieval; Renaissance Italy
Claire ThorntonRaven's Honour / Raven's Honor2004FebruaryHH134 HSS0373304439 / 0-373-30443-9Regency; Spain during Peninsular War, Major saves a woman's life, swears an oath to protect her
Anne HerriesThe Abducted Bride2004MarchHH135 HSS0373304447 / 0-373-30444-7Regency
Gail WhitikerAn Innocent Deceit2004MarchHH136 HSS0373304455 / 0-373-30445-5Regency; heroine disguised a male horse-riding instructor
Helen DicksonCarnival of Love2004AprilHH137 HSS0373304463 / 0-373-30446-3Georgian era; Venice 1789
Georgina DevonThe Rake2004AprilHH138 HSS0373304471 / 0-373-30447-1
Julia ByrneThe Viking's Captive2004MayHH139 HSS037330448X / 0-373-30448-XEarly Middle Ages; 900s
Elizabeth BaileyMisfit Maid2004MayHH140 HSS0373304498 / 0-373-30449-8Regency
Paula MarshallAn Unconventional Heiress2004JuneHH141 HSS0373304501 / 0-373-30450-1Regency era; Australia, Dilhorne Dynasty prequel (Dr Alan Kerr)
Sylvia AndrewLord Calthorpe's Promise2004JuneHH142 HSS037330451X / 0-373-30451-XRegency
Helen DicksonThe Pirate's Daughter2004JulyHH143 HSS0373304528 / 0-373-30452-8Caribbean
Georgina DevonThe Rebel2004JulyHH144 HSS0373304536 / 0-373-30453-6Regency
Anne HerriesCaptive of the Harem2004AugustHH145 HSS0373304544 / 0-373-30454-4
Claire ThorntonGifford's Lady2004AugustHH146 HSS0373304552 / 0-373-30455-2Regency; Bath, tortured, scarred hero, impoverished heroine with a stutter
Paula MarshallHester Waring's Marriage2004SeptemberHH147 HSS0373304560 / 0-373-30456-0Regency era; Australia, Dilhorne Dynasty 1 (Tom, later known as the Patriarch)
Sylvia AndrewLord Trenchard's Choice2004SeptemberHH148 HSS0373304579 / 0-373-30457-9Regency
Francesca ShawThe Rebellious Bride2004OctoberHH149 HSS0373304587 / 0-373-30458-7Regency; heroine says she cannot be ruined, as already lost reputation
Georgina DevonThe Rogue's Seduction2004OctoberHH150 HSS0373304595 / 0-373-30459-5Regency
Mary NicholsThe Westmere Legacy2004NovemberHH151 HSS0373304609 / 0-373-30460-9Regency; fake engagement
Elizabeth BaileyThe Veiled Bride2004NovemberHH152 HSS0373304617 / 0-373-30461-7Regency
Paula MarshallA Strange Likeness2004DecemberHH153 HSS0373304625 / 0-373-30462-5Victorian; England, Dilhorne Dynasty 2 (Alan)
Helen DicksonHighwayman Husband2004DecemberHH154 HSS0373304633 / 0-373-30463-3
Gail WhitikerA Scandalous Courtship2005JanuaryHH155 HSS0373304641 / 0-373-30464-1Regency; estranged "sister" turns out to be no blood relation, and beautiful
Mary NicholsThe Incomparable Countess2005JanuaryHH156 HSS037330465X / 0-373-30465-XRegency
Anne HerriesThe Sheikh2005FebruaryHH157 HSS0373304668 / 0-373-30466-81920s
Paula MarshallAn Innocent Masquerade2005FebruaryHH158 HSS0373304676 / 0-373-30467-6Victorian era; 1850s Australia, amnesia, Dilhorne Dynasty 3 (Thomas, aka Fred)
Sylvia AndrewColonel Ancroft's Love2005MarchHH159 HSS0373304684 / 0-373-30468-4Regency
Helen DicksonThe Property of a Gentleman2005MarchHH160 HSS0373304692 / 0-373-30469-2Regency
Joanna MakepeaceHer Guardian Knight2005AprilHH161 HSS0373304706 / 0-373-30470-6Medieval; Wars of the Roses
Elizabeth BaileyPrudence2005AprilHH162 HSS0373304714 / 0-373-30471-4Regency; Governess Trilogy 1
Mary NicholsLady Lavinia's Match2005MayHH163 HSS0373304722 / 0-373-30472-2Regency
Meg AlexanderThe Sweet Cheat2005MayHH164 HSS0373304730 / 0-373-30473-0Regency; 1817
Anne AshleyThe Reluctant Marchioness2005JuneHH165 HSS0373304749 / 0-373-30474-9
Anne HerriesRosalyn and the Scoundrel2005JuneHH166 HSS0373304757 / 0-373-30475-7Regency
Victoria AldridgeA Convenient Gentleman2005JulyHH167 HSS0373304765 / 0-373-30476-519th Century; New Zealand, Morgan 2
Elizabeth BaileyNell2005JulyHH168 HSS0373304773 / 0-373-30477-3Regency; Governess Trilogy 2
Mary NicholsA Lady of Consequence2005AugustHH169 HSS0373304781 / 0-373-30478-1Regency
Gail WhitikerBlackwood's Lady2005AugustHH170 HSS037330479X / 0-373-30479-XRegency; Marquis picks wife on strictly non-romantic grounds
Sophia JamesFallen Angel2005SeptemberHH171 HSS0373304803 / 0-373-30480-3Victorian; England 1861
Paula MarshallThe Astrologer's Daughter2005SeptemberHH172 HSS0373304811 / 0-373-30481-1Restoration; 1660s England
Anne HerriesA Matter of Honour / A Matter of Honor2005OctoberHH173 HSS037330482X / 0-373-30482-X
Deborah MilesThe Decadent Countess2005OctoberHH174 HSS0373304838 / 0-373-30483-8Regency
Georgina DevonThe Lord and the Mystery Lady2005NovemberHH175 HSS0373304846 / 0-373-30484-6Regency
Dorothy ElburyA Hasty Betrothal2005NovemberHH176 HSS0373304854 / 0-373-30485-4Regency
Mary NicholsMistress of Madderlea2005DecemberHH177 HSS0373304862 / 0-373-30486-2Regency; heiress pretends not to be one
Elizabeth BaileyKitty2005DecemberHH178 HSS0373304870 / 0-373-30487-0Regency; Governess Trilogy 3
Meg AlexanderThe Gentleman's Demand2006JanuaryHH179 HSS0373304889 / 0-373-30488-9Regency
Anne HerriesA Perfect Knight2006JanuaryHH180 HSS0373304897 / 0-373-30489-7Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 1
Paula MarshallHis One Woman2006FebruaryHH181 HSS0373304900 / 0-373-30490-0American Civil War; Washington, Dilhorne Dynasty 4 (Jack)
Anne AshleyTavern Wench2006FebruaryHH182 HSS0373304919 / 0-373-30491-9Regency
Dorothy ElburyThe Viscount's Secret2006MarchHH183 HSS0373304927 / 0-373-30492-7Regency
Anne HerriesA Knight of Honour / A Knight of Honor2006MarchHH184 HSS0373304935 / 0-373-30493-5Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 2
Paula MarshallThe Dollar Prince's Wife2006AprilHH185 HSS0373304943 / 0-373-30494-3Victorian; 1890s; Dilhorne Dynasty 5a (Cobie Grant), story split across two books, followed by Prince of Secrets
Gail WhitikerA Most Unsuitable Bride2006AprilHH186 HSS0373304951 / 0-373-30495-1Regency; London, why does woman ride in Hyde Park so heavily veiled?
Georgina DevonAn Unconventional Widow2006MayHH187 HSS037330496X / 0-373-30496-XRegency
Anne HerriesHer Knight Protector2006MayHH188 HSS0373304978 / 0-373-30497-8Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 3
Paula MarshallPrince of Secrets2006JuneHH189 HSS0373304986 / 0-373-30498-6Victorian; 1890s; Dilhorne Dynasty 5b (Cobie Grant), story split across two books, preceded by The Dollar Prince's Wife
Helen DicksonBelhaven Bride2006JuneHH190 HSS0373304994 / 0-373-30499-41930s; Europe
Claire ThorntonThe Wolf's Promise2006JulyHH191 HSS0373305001 / 0-373-30500-1Regency; Sussex Coast 1809, shipowner hired to smuggle heroine's brother out of France, also published under Alice Thornton
Elizabeth BaileyThe Count's Charade2006JulyHH192 HSS037330501X / 0-373-30501-XRegency
Anne AshleyBeloved Virago2006AugustHH193 HSS0373305028 / 0-373-30502-8Regency
Joanna MakepeaceThe Spanish Prize2006AugustHH194 HSS0373305036 / 0-373-30503-6Elizabethan; pirate
Dorothy ElburyThe Officer and the Lady2006SeptemberHH195 HSS0373305044 / 0-373-30504-4Regency
Mary NicholsThe Hemingford Scandal2006SeptemberHH196 HSS0373305052 / 0-373-30505-2Regency; Hemingford 1
Meg AlexanderThe Rebellious Débutante [UK] / The Rebellious Debutante [US]2006OctoberHH197 HSS0373305060 / 0-373-30506-0Regency; Wentworth 4 (Perdita)
Paula MarshallElizabethan Season: Spring: Maid of Honour [UK] / Maid of Honor2006OctoberHH198 HSS0373305079 / 0-373-30507-9Elizabethan
Mary NicholsMarrying Miss Hemingford2006NovemberHH199 HSS0373305087 / 0-373-30508-7Regency; Hemingford 2
Anne AshleyA Lady of Rare Quality2006NovemberHH200 HSS0373305095 / 0-373-30509-5Regency
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