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2013 Subscription/Secondary Harlequin Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Joanna FulfordThe Caged Countess2013JanuaryHH347 HSS9780373306565 / 978-0-373-30656-5Regency; husband and wife spies run into each other in Paris, Countess 2
Sarah MalloryBehind the Rake's Wicked Wager2013JanuaryHH348 HSS9780373306572 / 978-0-373-30657-2Regency; Bath, heroine hosts card parties, Coale Brothers 2 (Jasper, the Viscount)
Gail RanstromA Daring Liaison2013FebruaryHH349 HSS9780373306589 / 978-0-373-30658-9Regency; man investigates suspicious deaths, including how old flame has been twice widowed
Deborah SimmonsThe Last de Burgh2013FebruaryHH350 HSS9780373306596 / 978-0-373-30659-6Medieval; girl disguised as boy gets help from knight, de Burgh 8 (Nicholas)
Lucy AshfordThe Outrageous Belle Marchmain2013MarchHH351 HSS9780373306602 / 978-0-373-30660-2Regency; 1819, fake betrothal, dressmaker and landowner
Isabelle GoddardUnmasking Miss Lacey2013MarchHH352 HSS9780373306619 / 978-0-373-30661-9Regency; woman-turned-highwayman holds up earl
Michelle StylesAn Ideal Husband?2013AprilHH353 HSS9780373306626 / 978-0-373-30662-6Victorian; Newcastle upon Tyne 1852, heiress rescued from ruin by fake betrothal to viscount
Anne HerriesHis Unusual Governess2013AprilHH354 HSS9780373306633 / 978-0-373-30663-3Regency; heiress working as governess
Helen DicksonThe Devil Claims a Wife2013MayHH355 HSS9780373306640 / 978-0-373-30664-0Medieval; heroine engaged to someone else
Elizabeth BeaconThe Scarred Earl2013MayHH356 HSS9780373306657 / 978-0-373-30665-7Regency; reclusive former soldier, society beauty, Seaborne 2
Joanna FulfordHis Lady of Castlemora2013JuneHH357 HSS9780373306664 / 978-0-373-30666-4Medieval; 11th century Northumbria, possibly-barren widow, forced betrothal, Captive Wife 2
Lyn StoneThe Substitute Countess2013JuneHH358 HSS9780373306671 / 978-0-373-30667-1Regency; 1818, marriage of convenience, convent-raised heroine
Gail WhitikerNo Role for a Gentleman2013JulyHH359 HSS9780373306695 / 978-0-373-30669-5Regency; to protect his sister's reputation, hero pretends he's the playwrite, Bretton 2
Carol TownendLady Isobel's Champion2013JulyHH360 HSS9780373306701 / 978-0-373-30670-1Medieval; France 1173, a count fetches his betrothed after her years in a convent, Knights of Champagne 1
Elizabeth BeaconThe Black Sheep's Return2013AugustHH361 HSS9780373306718 / 978-0-373-30671-8Regency; runaway lady meets Seaborne family's black sheep, Seaborne 3
Sarah MalloryBought for Revenge2013AugustHH362 HSS9780373306725 / 978-0-373-30672-5Regency; Waterloo veteran seeks revenge on man through his daughter
Anne HerriesPromised to the Crusader2013SeptemberHH363 HSS9780373306732 / 978-0-373-30673-2Medieval
Mary NicholsIn the Commodore's Hands2013SeptemberHH364 HSS9780373306749 / 978-0-373-30674-9Regency; 1792
Helen DicksonThe Master of Stonegrave Hall2013OctoberHH365 HSS9780373306756 / 978-0-373-30675-6Regency; 1820 Yorkshire
June FrancisThe Adventurer's Bride2013OctoberHH366 HSS9780373306763 / 978-0-373-30676-3Tudor; Oxfordshire 1527
Michelle StylesPaying the Viking's Price2013NovemberHH367 HSS9780373306770 / 978-0-373-30677-0Viking; 876 North Yorkshire
Isabelle GoddardThe Major's Guarded Heart2013NovemberHH368 HSS9780373306787 / 978-0-373-30678-7Regency; Sussex 1813
Anne HerriesCourted by the Captain2013DecemberHH369 HSS9780373306794 / 978-0-373-30679-4Regency; Officers and Gentlemen 1
Meriel FullerThe Knight's Fugitive Lady2013DecemberHH370 HSS9780373306800 / 978-0-373-30680-0Medieval; England 1326
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Limit by Number: HH1-100 HH101-200 HH201-300 HH301-400
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