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M1-M100 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Julia HerbertThe Runaways1977SeptemberM1 Masq0263724298 / 0-263-72429-8Georgian; 50p net; Mid 18th Century England
Jane WilbyEleanor and the Marquis1977SeptemberM2 Masq0263724158 / 0-263-72415-8Regency; London, Marquis asked to help bring poor relation into fashion
Marguerite BellA Rose for Danger1977SeptemberM3 Masq0263724247 / 0-263-72424-7Georgian; Mid 18th Century England
Judith PolleyThe Secret of Val Verde1977SeptemberM4 Masq0263724301 / 0-263-72430-1Western; Mexico 1866, published in the US by Dell as Passion's Prisoner, and as Val Verde
Elizabeth de GuisePuritan Wife1977OctoberM5 Masq0263724565 / 0-263-72456-5Restoration; England 1660
Judith PolleyThe King's Shadow1977OctoberM6 Masq0263724921 / 0-263-72492-1English Civil War; c1645, published in US by Dell as The Serpent and the Dove
Julia HerbertThe Fortune-Hunter1977OctoberM7 Masq026372526X / 0-263-72526-XGeorgian?
Valentina LuellenFrancesca1977OctoberM8 Masq0263725448 / 0-263-72544-8Medieval; Florence, Italy; Borgias, 1501; originally published as Children of the Devil (UK, 1970, Robert Hale)
Sylvia SarkSophie and the Prince1978JuneM9 Masq0263726177 / 0-263-72617-7Victorian; Russia and England 1860s
Marguerite BellThe Devil's Daughter1978JuneM10 Masq0263726185 / 0-263-72618-5Regency; England
Valentina LuellenMadelon1978JuneM11 Masq0263726444 / 0-263-72644-4Medieval; 11th Century Spain; originally published in UK by Robert Hale, 1970
Frances LangStranger at the Gate1978JuneM12 Masq0263727106 / 0-263-72710-617th Century; France, originally published 1975 by Robert Hale in UK
Judith StewartThe Laird's French Bride1978AugustM13 Masq0263727149 / 0-263-72714-9French Revolution; France & Scotland
Julia MurrayThe Notorious Lady May1978AugustM14 Masq0263727122 / 0-263-72712-2Regency; England, London Season
Lisa MontagueLady of Darkness1978SeptemberM15 Masq0263726525 / 0-263-72652-5Regency; highwayman
Julia HerbertPrisoner of the Harem1978SeptemberM16 Masq0263727114 / 0-263-72711-4Georgian era; France and Algiers 1780s (1793, Naples/Algiers)
Valentina LuellenGambler's Prize1978OctoberM17 Masq0263728471 / 0-263-72847-119th Century; New Orleans. UK originally published by Wright & Brown 1969 as Slightly Scarlet
Polly MeyrickThe Damask Rose1978OctoberM18 Masq0263728579 / 0-263-72857-9Regency
Patricia OrmsbyJoanna, or The Young Irish Ladies1978NovemberM19 Masq0263727165 / 0-263-72716-5Regency; originally published by Peter Davis Ltd 1977
Margaret HopeThe Queen's Captain1978NovemberM20 Masq0263728161 / 0-263-72816-1Elizabethan; England
Belinda GreyThe Passionate Puritan1978DecemberM21 Masq0263727181 / 0-263-72718-1Restoration; England
Pamela BennettsDear Lover England1978DecemberM22 Masq026372719X / 0-263-72719-XElizabethan; England
Jane WilbyMan of Consequence1979JanuaryM23 Masq0263727157 / 0-263-72715-7Georgian era; Martinique 1754, new guardian seems as cruel as previous one
Shirley GreyThe Crescent Moon1979JanuaryM24 Masq0263727173 / 0-263-72717-3Medieval; France 1540s
Dinah DeanFlight from the Eagle1979FebruaryM25 Masq026372868 / 0-263-72868-4Regency era; Russia 1812 - Russian retreat from Napoleon's invasion published 1974 by William Heinemman as The Road to Kaluga (hardcover)
Margaret RomeMaid of the Border1979FebruaryM26 Masq0263728692 / 0-263-72869-2Elizabethan; England and Scotland
Gina VeroneseThe Serpent's Tooth1979MarchM27 Masq0263728706 / 0-263-72870-6Renaissance; Borgias Rome c1500
Ann HulmeA Poor Relation1979MarchM28 Masq0263728714 / 0-263-72871-4
Patricia OrmsbySet to Partners1979AprilM29 Masq0263728722 / 0-263-72872-2Regency; England
Valentina LuellenA Pride of MacDonalds1979AprilM30 Masq0263728730 / 0-263-72873-017th Century; Scotland 1692, MacDonalds and Campbells, Glencoe massacre; UK originally published by Wright & Brown 1968
Margaret HopeHostage Most Royal1979MayM31 Masq0263728803 / 0-263-72880-3Edwardian era; Middle Europe, ca. 1900
Belinda GreyLoom of Love1979MayM32 Masq0263728757 / 0-263-72875-7Regency; Yorkshire, ca. 1811
Mary KistlerThe Jarrah Tree1979JuneM33 Masq0263728765 / 0-263-72876-5Victorian era; Australia, 1840s, is a gothic novel, not a romance
Julia MurrayWed for a Wager1979JuneM34 Masq0263728773 / 0-263-72877-3Regency; England
Julia HerbertBond-Woman1979JulyM35 Masq0263096750 / 0-263-09675-017th Century; Virginia Colony, 1690s; originally published in Australia
Valentina LuellenThe Countess1979JulyM36 Masq0263728854 / 0-263-72885-4Georgian era; Russia 1761, set against struggle between Peter and Catherine; UK originally published by Wright & Brown 1967
Belinda GreySweet Wind of Morning1979AugustM37 Masq026372882X / 0-263-72882-XElizabethan; England
Patricia OrmsbyHeir Presumptive1979AugustM38 Masq0263728846 / 0-263-72884-6Regency; England
Lisa MontagueThe Emperor's Jewel1979SeptemberM39 Masq0263728838 / 0-263-72883-8Regency era; Napoleonic France
Kate BuchanBlack Fox1979SeptemberM40 Masq0263730832 / 0-263-73083-2Medieval; 15th century Scotland
Ann EdgeworthRunaway Maid1979OctoberM41 Masq0263730840 / 0-263-73084-0Georgian; England, George III
Lee StaffordFountains of Paradise1979OctoberM42 Masq0263730867 / 0-263-73086-7Victorian era?; 19th century India, heroine is sole survivor of a shipwreck
Jasmine CresswellThe Abducted Heiress1979NovemberM43 Masq0263730859 / 0-263-73085-9
Meriol TrevorThe Marked Man1979NovemberM44 Masq0263727130 / 0-263-72713-0Georgian era; French Occupied Luxembourg 1789, young woman helps rebel leader
Margaret HopeThe Shadow Queen1979DecemberM45 Masq0263096734 / 0-263-09673-4Stuart; look-a-like of Mary Queen of Scots
Julia MurrayRosamund1979DecemberM46 Masq0263730883 / 0-263-73088-3Regency; England
Belinda GreyMoon of Laughing Flame1980JanuaryM47 Masq0263732118 / 0-263-73211-8English girl marrying into the Navajo
Dinah DeanThe Ice King1980JanuaryM48 Masq0263732126 / 0-263-73212-6Regency era; 1819/1820 Russia (Moscow Season)
Gina VeroneseMarietta1980FebruaryM49 Masq0263732169 / 0-263-73216-9Renaissance; Florence, heroine disguised as boy-actor
Jan ConstantThe Rebel and the Redcoat1980FebruaryM50 Masq0263732177 / 0-263-73217-7
Emma GayleCousin Caroline1980MarchM51 Masq0263732185 / 0-263-73218-5Victorian; York
Lois MasonAbigail's Quest1980MarchM52 Masq0263732193 / 0-263-73219-3Victorian era; New Zealand, 1862
Judy TurnerFollow the Drum1980AprilM53 Masq0263732207 / 0-263-73220-7Regency; 1815 Waterloo, herione dodges marriage to man three times her age
Anne MaddenStolen Inheritance1980AprilM54 Masq0263732215 / 0-263-73221-5Restoration; England
Patricia OrmsbyThe Elusive Marriage1980MayM55 Masq0263732223 / 0-263-73222-3Regency; England
Valentina LuellenMaria Elena1980MayM56 Masq0263732231 / 0-263-73223-1Elizabethan; Spanish heroine, British sea captain hero. UK originally published by Wright & Brown, 1968
Kate BuchanSatan's Mountain1980JuneM57 Masq026373224X / 0-263-73224-X
Helen MayDuel of Love1980JuneM58 Masq0263732258 / 0-263-73225-8Regency
Christina LaffeatyCount Antonov's Heir1980JulyM59 Masq0263732266 / 0-263-73226-6Victorian era; mid-19th century Russia
Caroline MartinCaptain Black1980JulyM60 Masq0263732274 / 0-263-73227-4Cromwell; previously dutiful Puritan heroine rebels
Belinda GreyMeeting at Scutari1980AugustM61 Masq0263732282 / 0-263-73228-2Victorian; Crimean War
Ann EdgeworthThe Devil's Angel1980AugustM62 Masq0263732290 / 0-263-73229-0
Anne MaddenCromwell's Captain1980SeptemberM63 Masq0263732304 / 0-263-73230-4English Civil War
Gina VeroneseHouse of Satan1980SeptemberM64 Masq0263732312 / 0-263-73231-2Georgian era; Vienna 1785, herione sees past façade of Count Satan
Jasmine CresswellTarrisbroke Hall1980OctoberM65 Masq0263732320 / 0-263-73232-0Regency
Christina LaffeatyZulu Sunset1980OctoberM66 Masq0263732339 / 0-263-73233-9Victorian era; Zululand 1879
Elaine ReeveLady in the Lion's Den1980NovemberM67 Masq0263732347 / 0-263-73234-7Norman Conquest; c1070
Christine JamesUnwilling Betrothal1980NovemberM68 Masq0263732355 / 0-263-73235-5Georgian era; Pre-Revolutionary France
Julia MurrayA Perfect Match1980DecemberM69 Masq0263732363 / 0-263-73236-3Regency
Emma GayleFrenchman's Harvest1980DecemberM70 Masq0263732371 / 0-263-73237-1
Patricia OrmsbyLysander's Lady1981JanuaryM71 Masq0263734323 / 0-263-73432-3Regency; England
Valentina LuellenCastle of the Mist1981JanuaryM72 Masq0263734331 / 0-263-73433-1Scotland; UK originally published by Hale 1972
Margot HollandLady of Starlight1981FebruaryM73 Masq026373434X / 0-263-73434-XNorman Conquest; England
Sara OrwigCamilla1981FebruaryM74 Masq0263734358 / 0-263-73435-8
Margaret EastvaleChange of Heart1981MarchM75 Masq0263734365 / 0-263-73436-5
Margaret PembertonLion of Languedoc1981MarchM76 Masq0263734374 / 0-263-73437-4hero rescues heroine from being burnt as a witch
Polly MeyrickThe Reluctant Match1981AprilM77 Masq0263734382 / 0-263-73438-2Regency
Belinda GreyGlen of Frost1981AprilM78 Masq0263734390 / 0-263-73439-0Stuart; Scotland
Kate BuchanThe Flame Stone1981MayM79 Masq0263734404 / 0-263-73440-4Victorian era; France following Franco-Prussian War (1870-71)
Judy TurnerA Gift for Pamela1981MayM80 Masq0263734412 / 0-263-73441-2French noblewoman on slave block
Belinda GreyDaughter of Isis1981JuneM81 Masq0263734420 / 0-263-73442-0Victorian era; Egypt
Isobel StewartStranger in the Glen1981JuneM82 Masq0263734439 / 0-263-73443-9Stuart; English girl in the Scottish Highlands
Dinah DeanThe Eagle's Fate1981JulyM83 Masq0263736318 / 0-263-73631-8Regency era; Russia 1812 - Russian retreat from Moscow
Caroline MartinMan with a Falcon1981JulyM84 Masq0263736296 / 0-263-73629-6English Civil War
Robyn StuartBuccaneer's Lady1981AugustM85 Masq0263735761 / 0-263-73576-1Restoration; England, woman stows away on ship of buccaneer she's hired
Ann HulmeSummer Heiress1981AugustM86 Masq026373577X / 0-263-73577-XRegency
Valentina LuellenMoonshadow1981SeptemberM87 Masq0263736644 / 0-263-73664-419th Century; Georgia, 1850s
Helen MayChance of Love1981SeptemberM88 Masq0263736652 / 0-263-73665-2
Jan ConstantMacKenzie's Woman1981OctoberM89 Masq0263736679 / 0-263-73667-9Geogian; 20 yrs after Culloden
Judy TurnerSherida1981OctoberM90 Masq0263736687 / 0-263-73668-7Regency; pretty girl suddenly becomes heiress, guardian/ward
Jasmine CresswellThe Blackwood Bride1981NovemberM91 Masq0263736970 / 0-263-73697-0Regency
Lisa MontagueFortune's Folly1981NovemberM92 Masq0263736989 / 0-263-73698-9Victorian; 1851, Great Exhibition
Margot HollandBlack Marquis1981DecemberM93 Masq0263737314 / 0-263-73731-4Norman Conquest; England 1066
Anne HerriesDevil's Kin1981DecemberM94 Masq0263737322 / 0-263-73732-2Georgian; pre-Revolutionary Paris and England
Helen MaySea Raven's Bride1982JanuaryM95 Masq0263737551 / 0-263-73755-117th Century; New Providence in Caribbean 1670
Judy TurnerTriple Tangle1982JanuaryM96 Masq026373756X / 0-263-73756-XRegency; runaway heiress disguised as a boy, snowbound
Marjorie MayThat Sweet Enemy1982FebruaryM97 Masq0263737853 / 0-263-73785-3Regency era; Switzerland, Napoleonic era
Jean EvansKing's Puritan1982FebruaryM98 Masq0263737861 / 0-263-73786-1Cromwell; England 1651
Ann EdgeworthThe Golden Bride1982MarchM99 Masq0263738043 / 0-263-73804-3Victorian era; England, Jamaica
Valentina LuellenThe Prince of Deception1982MarchM100 Masq0263738051 / 0-263-73805-1Georgian era; Russia, 1761
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