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H1001-H1100 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Margaret McPheeMistaken Mistress2006OctoberH1001 MBHR9780263846737 / 978-0-263-84673-7Regency; London
Christine MerrillThe Inconvenient Duchess2006OctoberH1002 MBHR9780263846744 / 978-0-263-84674-4Regency; Devon, Radwell 1
Denise LynnFalcon's Desire2006OctoberH1003 MBHR9780263846751 / 978-0-263-84675-1Medieval; Northern England 1142, Falcon 1
Jillian HartThe Horseman2006OctoberH1004 MBHR9780263846768 / 978-0-263-84676-8Western; Montana Territory 1882
Anne AshleyA Lady of Rare Quality2006NovemberH1005 MBHR9780263846782 / 978-0-263-84678-2Regency
Mary NicholsTalk of the Ton2006NovemberH1006 MBHR9780263846799 / 978-0-263-84679-9Regency
Terri BrisbinThe Norman's Bride2006NovemberH1007 MBHR9780263846805 / 978-0-263-84680-5Medieval; Northwestern England, 1198, Dumont 2
Lisa PlumleyThe Drifter2006NovemberH1008 MBHR9780263846812 / 978-0-263-84681-2Western; Arizona Territory, heroine is Eastern-educated, author on etiquette
Anne HerriesAn Improper Companion2006DecemberH1009 MBHR9780263846836 / 978-0-263-84683-6Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 1
Lyn StoneThe Viscount2006DecemberH1010 MBHR9780263846843 / 978-0-263-84684-3Victorian; England 1859, widow with son marries disreputable viscount for protection from plot to declare her insane
Claire ThorntonThe Vagabond Duchess2006DecemberH1011 MBHR9780263846850 / 978-0-263-84685-0Restoration; England 1666, Charles II, pregnant heroine pretends lover married her before his death, masquerades as his widow, City of Flames 3
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Kate Bridges, Mary BurtonA Season of the Heart: Rocky Mountain Christmas by Hart; The Christmas Gifts by Bridges; The Christmas Charm by Burton2006DecemberH1012 MBHR9780263846867 / 978-0-263-84686-7
Louise AllenNot Quite a Lady2007JanuaryH1013 MBHR9780263851526 / 978-0-263-85152-6Regency
Helen DicksonThe Defiant Debutante2007JanuaryH1014 MBHR9780263851533 / 978-0-263-85153-3Regency
Deborah HaleThe Bride Ship2007JanuaryH1015 MBHR9780263851540 / 978-0-263-85154-0Canada, Nova-Scotia
Michelle StylesA Noble Captive2007JanuaryH1016 MBHR9780263851557 / 978-0-263-85155-7Ancient Rome; 75 BC, roman hero held captive, shelters in a pagan temple
Kate BridgesThe Bachelor2007JanuaryH1017 MBHR9780263851564 / 978-0-263-85156-4Western; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 2
Mary BrendanThe Wanton Bride2007FebruaryH1018 MBHR9780263851571 / 978-0-263-85157-1Hunter Brothers 2 (Mark)
Juliet LandonA Scandalous Mistress2007FebruaryH1019 MBHR9780263851588 / 978-0-263-85158-8Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 1
Anne HerriesA Wealthy Widow2007FebruaryH1020 MBHR9780263851595 / 978-0-263-85159-5Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 2
Denise LynnFalcon's Honor / Falcon's Honour2007FebruaryH1021 MBHR9780263851601 / 978-0-263-85160-1Medieval; Northern England 1142, Falcon 2
Carolyn DavidsonThe Marriage Agreement2007FebruaryH1022 MBHR9780263851618 / 978-0-263-85161-8Western; Devereaux 3 (Lily)
Diane GastonInnocence and Impropriety2007MarchH1023 MBHR9780263851625 / 978-0-263-85162-5Regency
Helen DicksonRogue's Widow, Gentleman's Wife2007MarchH1024 MBHR9780263851632 / 978-0-263-85163-219th Century; England/Charleston, South Carolina, 1880
Sophia JamesHigh Seas to High Society2007MarchH1025 MBHR9780263851649 / 978-0-263-85164-9Regency; Wellingham 1 (Asher)
Terri BrisbinThe Countess Bride2007MarchH1026 MBHR9780263851656 / 978-0-263-85165-6Medieval; Lincolnshire, England 1198, Dumont 3
Cheryl St JohnThe Tenderfoot Bride2007MarchH1027 MBHR9780263851663 / 978-0-263-85166-3Western; Colorado, pregnant, abused widow hired as ranch housekeeper
Louise AllenA Most Unconventional Courtship2007AprilH1028 MBHR9780263851670 / 978-0-263-85167-0Regency
Anne HerriesA Worthy Gentleman2007AprilH1029 MBHR9780263851687 / 978-0-263-85168-7Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 3
Miranda JarrettRake's Wager2007AprilH1030 MBHR9780263851694 / 978-0-263-85169-4Regency; Penny House 1
Michelle StylesSold and Seduced2007AprilH1031 MBHR9780263851700 / 978-0-263-85170-0Ancient Rome; 68 BC, followed by The Perfect Concubine ebook novella, lady marries merchant to save father form scandal
Pam CrooksWanted!2007AprilH1032 MBHR9780263851717 / 978-0-263-85171-7Western; 1870s Idaho
Margaret McPheeThe Wicked Earl2007MayH1033 MBHR9780263851724 / 978-0-263-85172-4Regency; London and Cornwall, 1814
Mary NicholsWorking Man, Society Bride2007MayH1034 MBHR9780263851731 / 978-0-263-85173-1Victorian; England 1844
Gail RanstromIndiscretions2007MayH1035 MBHR9780263851748 / 978-0-263-85174-8Regency
Helen DicksonTraitor or Temptress2007MayH1036 MBHR9780263851755 / 978-0-263-85175-5Stuart era; 1698 Scotland/England
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St John, Jenna KernanWed Under Western Skies: Abandoned by Davidson; Almost a Bride by St John; His Brother's Bride by Kernan2007MayH1037 MBHR9780263851762 / 978-0-263-85176-2Western; Kernan: Colorado
Helen DicksonA Scoundrel of Consequence2007JuneH1038 MBHR9780263851779 / 978-0-263-85177-9Regency
Elizabeth BeaconAn Innocent Courtesan2007JuneH1039 MBHR9780263851786 / 978-0-263-85178-6Regency
Sarah ElliottThe Rake's Proposal2007JuneH1040 MBHR9780263851793 / 978-0-263-85179-3Regency
Catherine MarchThe King's Champion2007JuneH1041 MBHR9780263851809 / 978-0-263-85180-9Medieval; England 1295
Judith StacyThe Hired Husband2007JuneH1042 MBHR9780263851816 / 978-0-263-85181-6Western; Los Angeles, California 1897, financial consultant hired to rescue heroine's father's business
Juliet LandonDishonour and Desire / Dishonor and Desire2007JulyH1043 MBHR9780263851823 / 978-0-263-85182-3Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 2
Christine MerrillAn Unladylike Offer2007JulyH1044 MBHR9780263851830 / 978-0-263-85183-0Regency; Radwell 2
Georgina DevonThe Rake's Redemption2007JulyH1045 MBHR9780263851847 / 978-0-263-85184-7Regency
Michelle StylesThe Roman's Virgin Mistress2007JulyH1046 MBHR9780263851854 / 978-0-263-85185-4Ancient Rome; 69 BC, older cousin attempts to separate relative from unsuitable widow
Victoria BylinMidnight Marriage2007JulyH1047 MBHR9780263851861 / 978-0-263-85186-1Western; New Mexico, Midas 3
Louise AllenNo Place for a Lady2007AugustH1048 MBHR9780263851878 / 978-0-263-85187-8Regency
Joanna MaitlandBride of the Solway2007AugustH1049 MBHR9780263851885 / 978-0-263-85188-5Regency
Anne HerriesMarianne and the Marquis2007AugustH1050 MBHR9780263851892 / 978-0-263-85189-2Regency; linked to Married by Christmas
Lyn RandalWarrior or Wife2007AugustH1051 MBHR9780263851908 / 978-0-263-85190-8Ancient Rome; Gladiatrix 1 (Leda)
Lisa PlumleyThe Matchmaker2007AugustH1052 MBHR9780263851915 / 978-0-263-85191-5Western; Northern Arizona Terriroty, 1880s, Crabtree Sisters 1 (Molly), Morrow Creek 1
Mary NicholsA Desirable Husband2007SeptemberH1053 MBHR9780263851922 / 978-0-263-85192-2Victorian; Great Exhibition 1851
Annie BurrowsHis Cinderella Bride2007SeptemberH1054 MBHR9780263851939 / 978-0-263-85193-9Regency
Miranda JarrettThe Lady's Hazard2007SeptemberH1055 MBHR9780263851946 / 978-0-263-85194-6Regency; Penny House 2
June FrancisTamed by the Barbarian2007SeptemberH1056 MBHR9780263851953 / 978-0-263-85195-3Medieval; 1461, Scottish Borders
Jenna KernanThe Trapper2007SeptemberH1057 MBHR9780263851960 / 978-0-263-85196-0Western; Missouri River, 1840
Sophia JamesMasquerading Mistress2007OctoberH1058 MBHR9780263851977 / 978-0-263-85197-7Regency; 1816
Anne HerriesMarried by Christmas2007OctoberH1059 MBHR9780263851984 / 978-0-263-85198-4Regency; linked to Marianne and the Marquis
Terri BrisbinThe Earl's Secret2007OctoberH1060 MBHR9780263851991 / 978-0-263-85199-1Regency; Edinburgh 1818, Regency-MacLerie 1
Michelle StylesTaken by the Viking2007OctoberH1061 MBHR9780263852004 / 978-0-263-85200-4Early Middle Ages; 793 AD, England and Norway, herione kidnapped by Vikings at Lindisfarne, Viken Jaarls 1
Jillian HartMontana Wife2007OctoberH1062 MBHR9780263852011 / 978-0-263-85201-1Western; Montana Territory, 1883
Deb MarloweScandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss2007NovemberH1063 MBHR9780263852028 / 978-0-263-85202-8Regency
Miranda JarrettThe Duke's Gamble2007NovemberH1064 MBHR9780263852035 / 978-0-263-85203-5Regency; Penny House 3
Carla KellyBeau Crusoe2007NovemberH1065 MBHR9780263852042 / 978-0-263-85204-2Regency; hero survived shipwreck and isolation on a desert island
Meriel FullerThe Damsel's Defiance2007NovemberH1066 MBHR9780263852059 / 978-0-263-85205-9Medieval; France, 1135
Lynna BanningThe Scout2007NovemberH1067 MBHR9780263852066 / 978-0-263-85206-6Western; Nebraska Territory, 1860
Elizabeth BeaconHousemaid Heiress2007DecemberH1068 MBHR9780263852073 / 978-0-263-85207-3Regency
Anne HerriesMarrying Captain Jack2007DecemberH1069 MBHR9780263852080 / 978-0-263-85208-0Regency
Claire ThorntonMy Lord Footman2007DecemberH1070 MBHR9780263852097 / 978-0-263-85209-7Georgian era; 1789 Paris, beginnings of French Revolution, hero undercover as footman/hairdresser, marked as Regency on UK cover
Michelle WillinghamHer Irish Warrior2007DecemberH1071 MBHR9780263852103 / 978-0-263-85210-3Medieval; Ireland 1171, widower protects woman from abusive fiancé, MacEgan Brothers 1 (Bevan)
Anthology: Judith Stacy, Victoria Bylin, Elizabeth LaneStay for Christmas: A Place to Belong by Stacy; A Son is Given by Bylin; Angels in the Snow by Lane2007DecemberH1072 MBHR9780263852110 / 978-0-263-85211-0
Diane GastonThe Vanishing Viscountess [& The Mysterious Miss M]2008JanuaryH1073 MBHR9780263862362 / 978-0-263-86236-2UK edition includes the free story "The Mysterious Miss M", effectively making it a 2-in-1
Christine MerrillA Wicked Liaison2008JanuaryH1074 MBHR9780263862379 / 978-0-263-86237-9Regency
Lyn StoneThe Arrangement2008JanuaryH1075 MBHR9780263862386 / 978-0-263-86238-6Regency; composer with secrets, gossip columnist
Louise AllenVirgin Slave, Barbarian King2008JanuaryH1076 MBHR9780263862393 / 978-0-263-86239-3
Stacey KayneMustang Wild2008JanuaryH1077 MBHR9780263862409 / 978-0-263-86240-9Western; 1880s New Mexico and Wyoming Territory, Wild 1
Elizabeth RollsA Compromised Lady2008FebruaryH1078 MBHR9780263862416 / 978-0-263-86241-6Regency; hero is lame, Blakehurst 2
Mary NicholsRunaway Miss2008FebruaryH1079 MBHR9780263862423 / 978-0-263-86242-3Regency
Bronwyn ScottPickpocket Countess2008FebruaryH1080 MBHR9780263862430 / 978-0-263-86243-0William IV; England 1831
Annie BurrowsMy Lady Innocent2008FebruaryH1081 MBHR9780263862447 / 978-0-263-86244-7Tudor; Henry VII
Kate BridgesThe Commander2008FebruaryH1082 MBHR9780263862454 / 978-0-263-86245-4Western; 1895, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 3
Louise AllenThe Dangerous Mr Ryder2008MarchH1083 MBHR9780263862461 / 978-0-263-86246-1Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 1
Deb MarloweAn Improper Aristocrat2008MarchH1084 MBHR9780263862478 / 978-0-263-86247-8Regency; England 1821, Egyptology
Amanda McCabeTo Catch a Rogue2008MarchH1085 MBHR9780263862485 / 978-0-263-86248-5Regency; London, Chase Muses 1
Carol TownendThe Novice Bride2008MarchH1086 MBHR9780263862492 / 978-0-263-86249-2Norman Conquest; heroine raised in convent takes sister's place in marriage, Wessex Weddings 1
Pam CrooksHer Lone Protector2008MarchH1087 MBHR9780263862508 / 978-0-263-86250-8Western; Los Angeles, 1898
Anne AshleyLady Gwendolen Investigates2008AprilH1088 MBHR9780263862515 / 978-0-263-86251-5Regency
Anne HerriesThe Unknown Heir2008AprilH1089 MBHR9780263862522 / 978-0-263-86252-2Regency
Miranda JarrettThe Adventurous Bride2008AprilH1090 MBHR9780263862539 / 978-0-263-86253-9Georgian era; 1780s France and Italy, Grand Tour 1
Helen DicksonForbidden Lord2008AprilH1091 MBHR9780263862546 / 978-0-263-86254-6Elizabethan
Carolyn DavidsonTexas Lawman2008AprilH1092 MBHR9780263862553 / 978-0-263-86255-3Western; Texas, 1901
Nicola CornickThe Last Rake in London [& The Notorious Lord]2008MayH1093 MBHR9780263862560 / 978-0-263-86256-0Edwardian; London, linked to Bluestocking Brides triology, UK release includes Cornick's "The Notorious Lord" as a free bonus, effectively making it a 2-in-1
Louise AllenThe Outrageous Lady Felsham2008MayH1094 MBHR9780263862577 / 978-0-263-86257-7Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 2
Dorothy ElburyAn Unconventional Miss2008MayH1095 MBHR9780263862584 / 978-0-263-86258-4Regency
Michelle WillinghamThe Warrior's Touch2008MayH1096 MBHR9780263862591 / 978-0-263-86259-1Medieval; Ireland 1175, healer, badly wounded warrior, MacEgan Brothers 2 (Connor)
Lisa PlumleyThe Scoundrel2008MayH1097 MBHR9780263862607 / 978-0-263-86260-7Western; 1882 Northern Arizona Territory, Crabtree Sisters 2 (Sarah), Morrow Creek 2
Margaret McPheeUntouched Mistress2008JuneH1098 MBHR9780263862614 / 978-0-263-86261-4Regency; West Coast of Scotland and London, 1815
Elizabeth BeaconA Less than Perfect Lady2008JuneH1099 MBHR9780263862621 / 978-0-263-86262-1Regency; Carnwood 1
Margaret MooreThe Duke's Desire2008JuneH1100 MBHR9780263862638 / 978-0-263-86263-8Regency
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