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H1101-H1200 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Michelle StylesViking Warrior, Unwilling Wife2008JuneH1101 MBHR9780263862645 / 978-0-263-86264-5Early Middle Ages; 794 AD, Central Norway, second chance for divorced couple, Viken Jaarls 2
Cheryl St JohnPrairie Wife2008JuneH1102 MBHR9780263862652 / 978-0-263-86265-2Western; Nebraska 1867, troubled marriage following death of child
Mary BrendanThe Virtuous Courtesan2008JulyH1103 MBHR9780263862669 / 978-0-263-86266-9Regency
Anne HerriesThe Homeless Heiress2008JulyH1104 MBHR9780263862676 / 978-0-263-86267-6Regency
Lyn StoneThe Wilder Wedding2008JulyH1105 MBHR9780263862683 / 978-0-263-86268-3Victorian; 1880s Paris/London, heroine believes she is dying, wants to live life to the full
June FrancisRebel Lady, Convenient Wife2008JulyH1106 MBHR9780263862690 / 978-0-263-86269-0Medieval; England 1475
Judith StacyJared's Runaway Woman2008JulyH1107 MBHR9780263862706 / 978-0-263-86270-6Western; Colorado 1887, woman hiding her son from his uncle
Christine MerrillMiss Winthorpe's Elopement2008AugustH1108 MBHR9780263862713 / 978-0-263-86271-3Regency; heiress cit marries stranger over the anvil to free herself from her brother
Juliet LandonThe Rake's Unconventional Mistress2008AugustH1109 MBHR9780263862720 / 978-0-263-86272-0Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 3
Mary NicholsRags-to-Riches Bride2008AugustH1110 MBHR9780263862737 / 978-0-263-86273-7Victorian; 1837 London [but says Regency on UK cover]
Lyn RandalTempted by Innocence2008AugustH1111 MBHR9780263862744 / 978-0-263-86274-416th Century; Spain/Spanish Indies, 1517
Jillian HartRocky Mountain Man2008AugustH1112 MBHR9780263862751 / 978-0-263-86275-1Western; Rocky Mountains, 1884
Louise AllenThe Shocking Lord Standon2008SeptemberH1113 MBHR9780263862768 / 978-0-263-86276-8Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 3
Joanna MaitlandHis Cavalry Lady2008SeptemberH1114 MBHR9780263862775 / 978-0-263-86277-5Regency; London/St Petersburg, 1814, heroine serving as an officer in Russian cavalry regiment, Aikenhead Honours 1
Michelle StylesAn Impulsive Debutante2008SeptemberH1115 MBHR9780263862782 / 978-0-263-86278-2Victorian; 1847 Northumberland [but says Regency on UK cover], elopement to Gretna Green
Carol TownendAn Honorable Rogue / An Honourable Rogue2008SeptemberH1116 MBHR9780263862799 / 978-0-263-86279-9Norman Conquest; travelling musician to escort woman to England, Wessex Weddings 2
Elizabeth LaneHer Dearest Enemy2008SeptemberH1117 MBHR9780263862805 / 978-0-263-86280-5Western; Colorado 1884
Diane GastonScandalising the Ton / Scandalizing the Ton2008OctoberH1118 MBHR9780263862812 / 978-0-263-86281-2Regency
Bronwyn ScottNotorious Rake, Innocent Lady2008OctoberH1119 MBHR9780263862829 / 978-0-263-86282-9Regency; London 1829
Deb MarloweHer Cinderella Season2008OctoberH1120 MBHR9780263862836 / 978-0-263-86283-6Regency
Meriel FullerThe Warrior's Princess Bride2008OctoberH1121 MBHR9780263862843 / 978-0-263-86284-3Medieval; Scottish Borders, 1157
Debra CowanWhirlwind Baby2008OctoberH1122 MBHR9780263862850 / 978-0-263-86285-0Western; West Texas, 1885, Whirlwind 4
Helen DicksonScandalous Secret, Defiant Bride2008NovemberH1123 MBHR9780263862867 / 978-0-263-86286-7Victorian; England/Tuscany, 1895
Michelle StylesA Question of Impropriety2008NovemberH1124 MBHR9780263862874 / 978-0-263-86287-4Regency; Northumberland 1813, rake meets heroine sent home from London season
Miranda JarrettSeduction of an English Beauty2008NovemberH1125 MBHR9780263862881 / 978-0-263-86288-1Georgian era; Rome, Italy, 1784, Grand Tour 2
Anne O'BrienConquering Knight, Captive Lady2008NovemberH1126 MBHR9780263862898 / 978-0-263-86289-8Medieval; Henry II, 1158
Lynna BanningHigh Country Hero2008NovemberH1127 MBHR9780263862904 / 978-0-263-86290-4Western; Oregon 1884
Sylvia AndrewMiss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter2008DecemberH1128 MBHR9780263862911 / 978-0-263-86291-1Regency; Berkshire, May 1820
Annie BurrowsCaptain Fawley's Innocent Bride2008DecemberH1129 MBHR9780263862928 / 978-0-263-86292-8Regency
Anne HerriesThe Rake's Rebellious Lady2008DecemberH1130 MBHR9780263862935 / 978-0-263-86293-5Regency
Michelle WillinghamHer Warrior King2008DecemberH1131 MBHR9780263862942 / 978-0-263-86294-2Medieval; Norman Conquest of Ireland 1170, Irish king marries Norman bride to save his tribe, MacEgan Brothers 3 (Patrick)
Anthology: Cheryl St John, Jenna Kernan, Pam CrooksA Western Winter Wonderland: Christmas Day Family by St John; Fallen Angel by Kernan; One Magic Eve by Crooks2008DecemberH1132 MBHR9780263862959 / 978-0-263-86295-9Western; Kernan: Colorado, 1887
Margaret McPheeThe Captain's Forbidden Miss2009JanuaryH1133 MBHR9780263867558 / 978-0-263-86755-8Regency; Portugal 1810, Peninsular War
Mary NicholsThe Earl and the Hoyden2009JanuaryH1134 MBHR9780263867589 / 978-0-263-86758-9Regency
Helen DicksonFrom Governess to Society Bride2009JanuaryH1135 MBHR9780263867596 / 978-0-263-86759-6Regency
Georgina DevonHer Rebel Lord2009JanuaryH1136 MBHR9780263867602 / 978-0-263-86760-2Georgian; 1746, Scottish Borders
Stacey KayneMaverick Wild2009JanuaryH1137 MBHR9780263867619 / 978-0-263-86761-9Western; Wyoming Territory, 1883, Wild 2
Juliet LandonMarrying the Mistress2009FebruaryH1138 MBHR9780263867626 / 978-0-263-86762-6Regency
Amanda McCabeTo Deceive a Duke2009FebruaryH1139 MBHR9780263867633 / 978-0-263-86763-3Regency; Sicily, Chase Muses 2
Gail RanstromLord Libertine2009FebruaryH1140 MBHR9780263867640 / 978-0-263-86764-0Regency; London 1821, Blood Wyvern Brotherhood 1
Sophia JamesKnight of Grace [UK] / The Border Lord [US]2009FebruaryH1141 MBHR9780263867657 / 978-0-263-86765-7Medieval; 1360, Scottish Borders
Kate BridgesKlondike Doctor2009FebruaryH1142 MBHR9780263867664 / 978-0-263-86766-4Western; 1898, British Columbia to Klondike [Yukon gold rush], Klondike 1
Mary BrendanThe Rake's Defiant Mistress2009MarchH1143 MBHR9780263867671 / 978-0-263-86767-1Regency
Bronwyn ScottThe Viscount Claims His Bride2009MarchH1144 MBHR9780263867688 / 978-0-263-86768-8Regency; 1829, ex-spy Viscount
Dorothy ElburyThe Major and the Country Miss2009MarchH1145 MBHR9780263867695 / 978-0-263-86769-5Regency
Blythe GiffordInnocence Unveiled2009MarchH1146 MBHR9780263867701 / 978-0-263-86770-1Medieval; Flanders, 1337
Pam CrooksUntamed Cowboy2009MarchH1147 MBHR9780263867718 / 978-0-263-86771-8Western; Denver, 1885
Louise AllenThe Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst2009AprilH1148 MBHR9780263867725 / 978-0-263-86772-5Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 4
Carole MortimerThe Duke's Cinderella Bride2009AprilH1149 MBHR9780263867732 / 978-0-263-86773-2Regency; duke compromises girl, makes her his ward, Notorious St Claires 1 (Hawk)
Michelle StylesImpoverished Miss, Convenient Wife2009AprilH1150 MBHR9780263867749 / 978-0-263-86774-9Regency; Northumberland, England, reclusive, scarred hero
Carol TownendHis Captive Lady2009AprilH1151 MBHR9780263867756 / 978-0-263-86775-6Norman Conquest; 1067, half-Norman hero undercover as a Saxon rebel, Saxon heroine, Wessex Weddings 3
Carolyn DavidsonOklahoma Sweetheart2009AprilH1152 MBHR9780263867763 / 978-0-263-86776-3Western; 1893, Oklahoma
Elizabeth RollsLord Braybrook's Penniless Bride2009MayH1153 MBHR9780263867770 / 978-0-263-86777-0Regency; Blakehurst 3
Anne HerriesA Country Miss in Hanover Square2009MayH1154 MBHR9780263867787 / 978-0-263-86778-7Regency, Season in Town 1
Patricia Frances RowellAn Impetuous Abduction2009MayH1155 MBHR9780263867794 / 978-0-263-86779-4Regency; Derbyshire 1811, Elements 5 (Firelight)
Anne O'BrienChosen for the Marriage Bed2009MayH1156 MBHR9780263867800 / 978-0-263-86780-0Medieval; The Welsh Marches, 1460
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Kate Bridges, Charlene SandsWestern Weddings: Rocky Mountain Bride by Hart; Shotgun Vows by Bridges; Springville Wife by Sands2009MayH1157 MBHR9780263867817 / 978-0-263-86781-7Hart: Western, Montana, Brooks Brothers 1
Joanna MaitlandHis Reluctant Mistress2009JuneH1158 MBHR9780263867824 / 978-0-263-86782-4Regency; Vienna, Aikenhead Honours 2
Bronwyn ScottThe Earl's Forbidden Ward2009JuneH1159 MBHR9780263867831 / 978-0-263-86783-1William IV; London 1832, guardian/ward
Ann LethbridgeThe Rake's Inherited Courtesan2009JuneH1160 MBHR9780263867848 / 978-0-263-86784-8Regency; 1816
Terri BrisbinTaming the Highlander2009JuneH1161 MBHR9780263867855 / 978-0-263-86785-5Medieval; Scotland 1355, Medieval-MacLerie 1 (Connor, the laird)
Kathryn AlbrightThe Rebel and the Lady2009JuneH1162 MBHR9780263867862 / 978-0-263-86786-2Western; Southern Texas Territory, 1836, followed by Texas Wedding for their Baby's Sake
Claire ThorntonRunaway Lady2009JulyH1164 MBHR9780263867886 / 978-0-263-86788-6Restoration; 1667, Cornwall and London, hired bodyguard suspects heroine of being a Dutch spy
Marguerite KayeThe Wicked Lord Rasenby2009JulyH1165 MBHR9780263867893 / 978-0-263-86789-3Georgian; 1798, marked as Regency
Terri BrisbinSurrender to the Highlander2009JulyH1166 MBHR9780263867909 / 978-0-263-86790-9Medieval; Scotland 1356, Medieval-MacLerie 2
Lisa PlumleyThe Rascal2009JulyH1167 MBHR9780263867916 / 978-0-263-86791-6Western; Northern Arizona Terriroty, 1883, Crabtree Sisters 3 (Grace), Morrow Creek 3
Carole MortimerThe Rake's Wicked Proposal2009AugustH1168 MBHR9780263867923 / 978-0-263-86792-3Regency; The Notorious St Claires 2 (Lucian), M&B Historicals no longer appear to be numbered
Christine MerrillDangerous Lord, Innocent Governess2009AugustH1169 MBHR9780263867930 / 978-0-263-86793-0Regency; lady masquerading as a governess
Anne AshleyThe Transformation of Miss Ashworth2009AugustH1170 MBHR9780263867947 / 978-0-263-86794-7Regency; 1814
Helen DicksonMistress Below Deck2009AugustH1171 MBHR9780263867954 / 978-0-263-86795-4Georgian; 1721 Cornwall and Algeria
Cheryl St JohnHis Secondhand Wife2009AugustH1172 MBHR9780263867961 / 978-0-263-86796-1Western; Colorado 1890, badly scarred hero, brother's pregnant widow, Copper Creek Brides 2
Louise AllenThe Piratical Miss Ravenhurst2009SeptemberH1173 MBHR9780263867978 / 978-0-263-86797-8Regency; 1817 Jamaica and England, Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 6
Joanna MaitlandHis Forbidden Liaison2009SeptemberH1174 MBHR9780263867985 / 978-0-263-86798-5Regency; France, Aikenhead Honours 3
Anne HerriesAn Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square2009SeptemberH1175 MBHR9780263867992 / 978-0-263-86799-2Regency, Season in Town 2
Terri BrisbinPossessed by the Highlander2009SeptemberH1176 MBHR9780263868005 / 978-0-263-86800-5Medieval; Scotland 1300s, Medieval-MacLerie 3 (Duncan)
Jenna KernanHigh Plains Bride2009SeptemberH1177 MBHR9780263868012 / 978-0-263-86801-2Western; 1864, American West, including Sioux, High Plains 1
Catherine MarchThe Brigadier's Daughter2009OctoberH1178 MBHR9780263868029 / 978-0-263-86802-9Victorian; 1870s London and Russia
Mary NicholsHonourable Doctor, Improper Arrangement / Honorable Doctor, Improper Arrangement2009OctoberH1179 MBHR9780263868036 / 978-0-263-86803-6Regency, 1817 London
Sarah MalloryThe Wicked Baron2009OctoberH1180 MBHR9780263868043 / 978-0-263-86804-3Regency
June FrancisHis Runaway Maiden2009OctoberH1181 MBHR9780263868050 / 978-0-263-86805-0Tudor; England 1502
Jillian HartRocky Mountain Widow2009OctoberH1182 MBHR9780263868067 / 978-0-263-86806-7Western; Montana Territory 1884
Annie BurrowsDevilish Lord, Mysterious Miss2009NovemberH1183 MBHR9780263868074 / 978-0-263-86807-4Regency
Amanda McCabeTo Kiss a Count2009NovemberH1184 MBHR9780263868081 / 978-0-263-86808-1Regency; Bath, The Chase Muses 3
Sarah ElliottThe Earl and the Governess2009NovemberH1185 MBHR9780263868098 / 978-0-263-86809-8Regency, 1822
Michelle WillinghamHer Warrior Slave2009NovemberH1186 MBHR9780263868104 / 978-0-263-86810-4Medieval; Ireland 1102, woman asks slave to help her find her son, MacEgan Brothers prequel, linked to The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave
Elizabeth LaneThe Stranger2009NovemberH1187 MBHR9780263868111 / 978-0-263-86811-1Western; New Mexico Territory 1881
Anne O'BrienCompromised Miss2009DecemberH1188 MBHR9780263868128 / 978-0-263-86812-8Regency; 1813, Sussex, France and London, Hallaston 1 (Lucius)
Joanna FulfordThe Wayward Governess2009DecemberH1189 MBHR9780263868135 / 978-0-263-86813-5Regency; Yorkshire
Emily MayThe Earl's Dilemma2009DecemberH1190 MBHR9780263868142 / 978-0-263-86814-2Regency
Carol TownendRunaway Lady, Conquering Lord2009DecemberH1191 MBHR9780263868159 / 978-0-263-86815-9Norman Conquest; 1070 Winchester, unwed mother barters body for protection, Wessex Weddings 4
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Victoria Bylin, Cheryl St JohnThe Magic of Christmas: A Christmas Child by Davidson; The Christmas Dove by Bylin; A Baby Blue Christmas by St John2009DecemberH1192 MBHR9780263868166 / 978-0-263-86816-6
Deb MarloweTall, Dark and Disreputable2010JanuaryH1193 MBHR9780263873184 / 978-0-263-87318-4Regency; 1821
Anne HerriesThe Mistress of Hanover Square2010JanuaryH1194 MBHR9780263873191 / 978-0-263-87319-1Regency; Season in Town 3
Michelle WillinghamThe Accidental Countess2010JanuaryH1195 MBHR9780263875645 / 978-0-263-87564-5Victorian; England 1850, soon after marriage of convenience, husband loses his memory, Accidental 2
Denise LynnFalcon's Love2010JanuaryH1196 MBHR9780263875652 / 978-0-263-87565-2Medieval; England 1142, Falcon 3
Stacey KayneMountain Wild2010JanuaryH1197 MBHR9780263875669 / 978-0-263-87566-9Western; Wyoming Territory, 1889, Wild 3
Carole MortimerThe Rogue's Disgraced Lady2010FebruaryH1198 MBHR9780263875676 / 978-0-263-87567-6Regency; Notorious St Claires 3 (Sebastian)
Dorothy ElburyA Marriageable Miss2010FebruaryH1199 MBHR9780263875683 / 978-0-263-87568-3Regency
Ann LethbridgeWicked Rake, Defiant Mistress2010FebruaryH1200 MBHR9780263875690 / 978-0-263-87569-0Regency; 1811
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