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H1201-H1300 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Denise LynnFalcon's Heart2010FebruaryH1201 MBHR9780263875706 / 978-0-263-87570-6Medieval; England 1143, Falcon 4
Kate BridgesKlondike Wedding2010FebruaryH1202 MBHR9780263875713 / 978-0-263-87571-3Western; Yukon, Canada, 1898, Klondike 2
Sophia JamesOne Unashamed Night2010MarchH1203 MBHR9780263875720 / 978-0-263-87572-0Regency; Wellingham 2 (Taris)
Mary NicholsThe Captain's Mysterious Lady2010MarchH1204 MBHR9780263875737 / 978-0-263-87573-7Georgian; England 1750, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 1
Lucy AshfordThe Major and the Pickpocket2010MarchH1205 MBHR9780263875744 / 978-0-263-87574-4Georgian; England 1780
Terri BrisbinThe Maid of Lorne2010MarchH1206 MBHR9780263875751 / 978-0-263-87575-1Medieval; Scotland 1308
Pam CrooksKidnapped by the Cowboy2010MarchH1207 MBHR9780263875768 / 978-0-263-87576-8Western; Texas 1897
Diane GastonGallant Officer, Forbidden Lady2010AprilH1208 MBHR9780263875775 / 978-0-263-87577-5Regency; Three Soldiers 1
Marguerite KayeThe Rake and the Heiress2010AprilH1209 MBHR9780263875782 / 978-0-263-87578-2Regency
Sarah MalloryWicked Captain, Wayward Wife2010AprilH1210 MBHR9780263875799 / 978-0-263-87579-9Regency; Wylder Brothers 1
Anne HerriesThe Pirate's Willing Captive2010AprilH1211 MBHR9780263875805 / 978-0-263-87580-5Elizabethan era; Spain 1558, Melford Dynasty 3
Carolyn DavidsonLone Star Bride2010AprilH1212 MBHR9780263875812 / 978-0-263-87581-2Western; Texas 1895
Bronwyn ScottUntamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress2010MayH1213 MBHR9780263875829 / 978-0-263-87582-9William IV; England 1835, heroine teaches horse riding, preceded by Arabian Nights with a Rake
Mary NicholsThe Viscount's Unconventional Bride2010MayH1214 MBHR9780263875836 / 978-0-263-87583-6Georgian; 1760 England, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 2
Michelle StylesCompromising Miss Milton2010MayH1215 MBHR9780263875843 / 978-0-263-87584-3Victorian; Cumberland 1837, governess is endangered after rescuing a drowning man
Anne HerriesForbidden Lady2010MayH1216 MBHR9780263875850 / 978-0-263-87585-0Medieval; England 1400s, Melford Dynasty 1
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Judith Stacy, Stacey KayneStetsons, Spring and Wedding Rings: Rocky Mountain Courtship by Hart; Courting Miss Perfect by Stacy; Courted by the Cowboy by Kayne2010MayH1217 MBHR9780263875867 / 978-0-263-87586-7Hart: Western, Montana, Brooks Brothers 2
Louise AllenPractical Widow to Passionate Mistress2010JuneH1218 MBHR9780263875874 / 978-0-263-87587-4Regency; Shelley Sisters 1
Ann LethbridgeCaptured for the Captain's Pleasure2010JuneH1219 MBHR9780263875881 / 978-0-263-87588-1Regency
Emily BascomMajor Westhaven's Unwilling Ward2010JuneH1220 MBHR9780263875898 / 978-0-263-87589-8Georgian; London 1782
Carol TownendHer Banished Lord2010JuneH1221 MBHR9780263875904 / 978-0-263-87590-4Norman Conquest; Normandy and England, 1070s, hero has ruined reputation and been banished, Wessex Weddings 5
Elizabeth LaneThe Borrowed Bride2010JuneH1222 MBHR9780263875911 / 978-0-263-87591-1Western; Colorado 1899
Amanda McCabeHigh Seas Stowaway [& Shipwrecked and Seduced]2010JuneH1223 MBHR9780263883039 / 978-0-263-88303-916th Century; Venice 1525; UK edition includes the linked novella "Shipwrecked and Seduced"
Sarah MalloryThe Earl's Runaway Bride2010JulyH1224 MBHR9780263875928 / 978-0-263-87592-8Regency
Sarah ElliottThe Wayward Debutante2010JulyH1225 MBHR9780263875935 / 978-0-263-87593-5Regency; London and Norfolk, 1818
Deborah HaleMarried: The Virgin Widow2010JulyH1226 MBHR9780263875942 / 978-0-263-87594-2Regency; 1821, Gentlemen of Fortune 1
Joanna FulfordThe Laird's Captive Wife2010JulyH1227 MBHR9780263875959 / 978-0-263-87595-9Medieval; 11th Century, Captive Wife 1
Elizabeth LaneHis Substitute Bride2010JulyH1228 MBHR9780263875966 / 978-0-263-87596-620th Century; San Francisco earthquake 1906
Brenda JoyceAn Impossible Attraction2010JulyH1229 MBHR9780263883046 / 978-0-263-88304-6Victorian; de Warenne Dynasty 10 (Duke of Clarewood)
Anne O'BrienRake Beyond Redemption2010AugustH1230 MBHR9780263875973 / 978-0-263-87597-3Regency; Surrey 1818, Hallaston 2
Bronwyn ScottA Thoroughly Compromised Lady2010AugustH1231 MBHR9780263875980 / 978-0-263-87598-0William IV; 1835 London, and British Guiana
Deborah HaleBought: The Penniless Lady2010AugustH1232 MBHR9780263875997 / 978-0-263-87599-7Regency; 1824 Sussex, and Durham, Gentlemen of Fortune 2
Blythe GiffordIn the Master's Bed2010AugustH1233 MBHR9780263876000 / 978-0-263-87600-0Medieval; 1388 England, Cambridge University
Jenna KernanOutlaw Bride2010AugustH1234 MBHR9780263876017 / 978-0-263-87601-7Western; 1850 Sacramento, California, snowbound pass, Cascade Mountains 1
Jennifer BlakeTriumph in Arms2010AugustH1235 MBHR9780263883053 / 978-0-263-88305-319th Century; 1847, Masters at Arms 6 (Christien Lenoir aka Faucon)
Mary BrendanChivalrous Rake, Scandalous Lady2010SeptemberH1237 MBHR9780263876031 / 978-0-263-87603-1Regency
Deborah HaleWanted: Mail-Order Mistress2010SeptemberH1238 MBHR9780263876048 / 978-0-263-87604-8Regency; Gentlemen of Fortune 3
Anne HerriesThe Lord's Forced Bride2010SeptemberH1239 MBHR9780263876055 / 978-0-263-87605-5Melford Dynasty 2
Stacey KayneBride of Shadow Canyon2010SeptemberH1240 MBHR9780263876062 / 978-0-263-87606-2Western; Colorado Territory, 1870
Kasey MichaelsHow to Beguile a Beauty2010SeptemberH1241 MBHR9780263883060 / 978-0-263-88306-0Regency; 1816, Daughtry Family 3 (Lydia)
Deborah SimmonsThe Dark Viscount2010OctoberH1242 MBHR9780263876079 / 978-0-263-87607-9Regency; Gothic 1
Mary NicholsLord Portman's Troublesome Wife2010OctoberH1243 MBHR9780263876086 / 978-0-263-87608-6Georgian; 1761, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 3
Miranda JarrettThe Duke's Governess Bride2010OctoberH1244 MBHR9780263876093 / 978-0-263-87609-3Georgian era; Venice 1785, Grand Tour 3
Lyn RandalConquered and Seduced2010OctoberH1245 MBHR9780263876109 / 978-0-263-87610-9Ancient Rome; Gladiatrix 2 (Severina)
Cheryl St JohnThe Lawman's Bride2010OctoberH1246 MBHR9780263876116 / 978-0-263-87611-6Western; 1887, heroine was the tool of a conman for years, Harvey Girls 2
Margaret MooreThe Notorious Knight2010OctoberH1247 MBHR9780263883077 / 978-0-263-88307-7Medieval; England 1204, King John series 2
Sylvia AndrewReawakening Miss Calverley2010NovemberH1248 MBHR9780263876123 / 978-0-263-87612-3Regency; London and southern England, amnesia
Michelle WillinghamThe Accidental Princess2010NovemberH1249 MBHR9780263876130 / 978-0-263-87613-0Victorian; 1855 London and Lohenberg (pretend European country), hero bears striking resemblance to foreign royal family, Accidental 3
Emily MayThe Unmasking of a Lady2010NovemberH1250 MBHR9780263876147 / 978-0-263-87614-7Regency
Meriel FullerCaptured by the Warrior2010NovemberH1251 MBHR9780263876154 / 978-0-263-87615-4Medieval; England, Shropshire 1453
Kate BridgesKlondike Fever2010NovemberH1252 MBHR9780263876161 / 978-0-263-87616-1Western; Canadian West, Yukon wilderness, 1898, Klondike 3
Julia JustissWicked Wager2010NovemberH1253 MBHR9780263883084 / 978-0-263-88308-4Regency
Ann LethbridgeThe Gamekeeper's Lady2010DecemberH1255 MBHR9780263876185 / 978-0-263-87618-5Regency; 1816, Mountford 1
Sarah MalloryDisgrace and Desire2010DecemberH1256 MBHR9780263876192 / 978-0-263-87619-2Regency
Michelle StylesThe Viking's Captive Princess2010DecemberH1257 MBHR9780263876208 / 978-0-263-87620-8Early Middle Ages; 796 AD, heroine with mysterious parentage, ends up concubine to warrior, Viken Jaarls 3
Anthology: Carol Finch, Elizabeth Lane, Pam CrooksCowboy Christmas: A Husband for Christmas by Finch; The Homecoming by Lane; The Cattleman's Christmas Bride by Crooks2010DecemberH1258 MBHR9780263876215 / 978-0-263-87621-5Western
Anne StuartRuthless2010DecemberH1259 MBHR9780263883091 / 978-0-263-88309-1Georgian; Paris 1768, impoverished heroine goes to orgy to drag her mother home, House of Rohan 1 (Lord Francis)
Diane GastonChivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress2011JanuaryH1260 MBHR9780263878325 / 978-0-263-87832-5Regency; 1815, Three Soldiers 2
Gail WhitikerCourting Miss Vallois2011JanuaryH1261 MBHR9780263878417 / 978-0-263-87841-7Regency; French farmer's daughter given London season, Spy 3
Isabelle GoddardReprobate Lord, Runaway Lady2011JanuaryH1262 MBHR9780263878424 / 978-0-263-87842-4Regency; 1817
Helen DicksonThe Bride Wore Scandal2011JanuaryH1263 MBHR9780263878516 / 978-0-263-87851-6Queen Anne; England 1708
Stacey KayneThe Gunslinger's Untamed Bride2011JanuaryH1264 MBHR9780263878523 / 978-0-263-87852-3Western; San Francisco and a logging camp, 1883
Margaret MooreKnave's Honor / Knave's Honour2011JanuaryH1265 MBHR9780263878615 / 978-0-263-87861-5Medieval; England 1204, King John series 3
Carole MortimerLady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage2011FebruaryH1266 MBHR9780263878622 / 978-0-263-87862-2Regency; duke rumoured to have killed his first wife, The Notorious St Claires 4 (Arabella)
Mary BrendanDangerous Lord, Seductive Miss2011FebruaryH1267 MBHR9780263878714 / 978-0-263-87871-4Regency; 1828
Amanda McCabeThe Shy Duchess2011FebruaryH1268 MBHR9780263878721 / 978-0-263-87872-1Regency
Carol TownendBound to the Barbarian2011FebruaryH1269 MBHR9780263881127 / 978-0-263-88112-7Medieval; around 1090, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, former slave switches places with Princess, at Princess's request, Palace Brides 1
Pam CrooksThe Cattleman's Unsuitable Wife2011FebruaryH1270 MBHR9780263882353 / 978-0-263-88235-3Western; Montana Territory, 1883
Anne StuartReckless2011FebruaryH1271 MBHR9780263882421 / 978-0-263-88242-1Regency; 1804, spinster spies on orgy, jaded debauched hero, House of Rohan 2 (Adrian Alistair)
Christine MerrillLady Folbroke's Delicious Deception2011MarchH1272 MBHR9780263882438 / 978-0-263-88243-8Regency; blind hero
Deb MarloweHow to Marry a Rake2011MarchH1273 MBHR9780263882445 / 978-0-263-88244-5Regency; Newmarket, Suffolk
Michelle StylesBreaking the Governess's Rules2011MarchH1274 MBHR9780263882452 / 978-0-263-88245-2Victorian; 1837, Newcastle upon Tyne, second chance at love, previously betrothed and disgraced heroine
Anne HerriesHer Dark and Dangerous Lord2011MarchH1275 MBHR9780263882506 / 978-0-263-88250-6Tudor; c1505, England and Normandy, Melford Dynasty 4
Jenna KernanSierra Bride2011MarchH1276 MBHR9780263882513 / 978-0-263-88251-3Western; Sacramento 1862, Cascade Mountains 2
Anne StuartBreathless2011MarchH1277 MBHR9780263882520 / 978-0-263-88252-0William IV or Victorian; c1830s, House of Rohan 3 (Miranda), hero manoeuvres heroine into marriage for revenge
Anne AshleyMiss in a Man's World2011AprilH1278 MBHR9780263882537 / 978-0-263-88253-7Regency; 1802
Annie BurrowsCaptain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride2011AprilH1279 MBHR9780263882582 / 978-0-263-88258-2Regency
Joanna FulfordHis Counterfeit Condesa2011AprilH1280 MBHR9780263882599 / 978-0-263-88259-9Regency; Spain 1812, Countess 1
Elizabeth BeaconRebellious Rake, Innocent Governess2011AprilH1281 MBHR9780263882605 / 978-0-263-88260-5Regency; Carnwood 2
Kate BridgesWanted in Alaska2011AprilH1282 MBHR9780263882612 / 978-0-263-88261-2Western; 1899 Alaska, Alaska 1
Michelle WillinghamTaming her Irish Warrior [& The Warrior's Forbidden Virgin]2011AprilH1283 MBHR9780263882667 / 978-0-263-88266-7Medieval; England 1180, MacEgan Brothers 4 (Ewan), UK edition includes free bonus novella "The Warrior's Forbidden Virgin" (a related story)
Ann LethbridgeMore than a Mistress2011MayH1284 MBHR9780263882674 / 978-0-263-88267-4Regency; Yorkshire 1820, Mountford 2
Lucy AshfordThe Return of Lord Conistone2011MayH1285 MBHR9780263882681 / 978-0-263-88268-1Regency; 1810
Mary NicholsSir Ashley's Mettlesome Match2011MayH1286 MBHR9780263882698 / 978-0-263-88269-8Georgian; Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 4
Terri BrisbinThe Conqueror's Lady2011MayH1287 MBHR9780263882919 / 978-0-263-88291-9Norman Conquest; Knights of Brittany 2
Lisa PlumleyMail-Order Groom2011MayH1288 MBHR9780263882933 / 978-0-263-88293-3Western; Northern Arizona Territory 1884, Morrow Creek 5
Michelle WillinghamSurrender to an Irish Warrior [& Voyage of an Irish Warrior]2011MayH1289 MBHR9780263882940 / 978-0-263-88294-0Medieval; Ireland 1180, MacEgan brothers 5 (Trahern), UK edition includes free bonus novella "Voyage of an Irish Warrior" (cousin Quin MacEgan)
Bronwyn ScottSecret Life of a Scandalous Debutante2011JuneH1290 MBHR9780263882957 / 978-0-263-88295-7
Sophia JamesOne Illicit Night2011JuneH1291 MBHR9780263882964 / 978-0-263-88296-4Regency; 1825 Paris and 1830 London, Wellingham 3 (Cristo)
Marguerite KayeThe Governess and the Sheikh2011JuneH1292 MBHR9780263882971 / 978-0-263-88297-1Regency era; Arabia, 1820, Sheikh 2, Armstrong Sisters 2
June FrancisPirate's Daughter, Rebel Wife2011JuneH1293 MBHR9780263887693 / 978-0-263-88769-3Tudor; 1504
Kate WelshQuestions of Honor / Questions of Honour2011JuneH1294 MBHR9780263887709 / 978-0-263-88770-919th Century; Pennsylvania 1875, mining town, second chance at love, secret baby, Wheatonburg 1
Blythe GiffordHis Border Bride2011JuneH1295 MBHR9780263887761 / 978-0-263-88776-1Medieval; Scotland 1356
Christine MerrillLady Drusilla's Road to Ruin2011JulyH1296 MBHR9780263887860 / 978-0-263-88786-0Regency
Deborah SimmonsGlory and the Rake2011JulyH1297 MBHR9780263887877 / 978-0-263-88787-7Regency; a minor spa-town
Michelle StylesTo Marry a Matchmaker2011JulyH1298 MBHR9780263887884 / 978-0-263-88788-4Victorian; 1848 Northumberland village, matchmaking widow and scientific-minded hero
Terri BrisbinThe Mercenary's Bride2011JulyH1299 MBHR9780263887891 / 978-0-263-88789-1Norman Conquest; 1067 north-eastern England, Knights of Brittany 3
Julia JustissFrom Waif to Gentleman's Wife2011JulyH1300 MBHR9780263887907 / 978-0-263-88790-7Regency; Midlands 1817, worker unrest, destitute governess, Baron masquerading as his own land agent, Wellingford 5
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