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M201-M300 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Dinah DeanThe Country Cousins1986JuneM201 Masq0263754235 / 0-263-75423-5
Linda AcasterHostage of the Heart1986JuneM202 Masq0263754243 / 0-263-75424-3Norman Conquest; 1066 Welsh/English border; winner of Netta Muskett Award; winner of the Joan Hessayon New Writers' Award 1986
Valentina LuellenWhere the Heart Leads1986JulyM203 Masq0263754677 / 0-263-75467-7Regency; Portugal
Barbara CooperFortune's Kiss1986JulyM204 Masq0263754685 / 0-263-75468-5
Ann HulmeThe Garden of the Azure Dragon1986AugustM205 Masq0263754782 / 0-263-75478-2
Kate BuchanBuccaneer Bride1986AugustM206 Masq0263754790 / 0-263-75479-0
Evelyn Stewart ArmstrongThe Keepsake1986SeptemberM207 Masq0263754804 / 0-263-75480-4Victorian era; Vienna 1888
Christina LaffeatyLove Undefeated1986SeptemberM208 Masq0263754812 / 0-263-75481-2Scotland
Anne HerriesRaphael1986OctoberM209 Masq0263755436 / 0-263-75543-6Elizabethan era; Medici Court in Paris
Rosina PyattThe Marquess and Miss Yorke1986OctoberM210 Masq0263755444 / 0-263-75544-4Regency; Bath and Waterloo, American heroine
Irene RobertsMoonpearl1986NovemberM211 Masq0263755649 / 0-263-75564-919th Century; Opium Wars, China and England, Englishwoman raised as Chinese
Deborah MilesSweet Mary Anne1986NovemberM212 Masq0263755657 / 0-263-75565-7Australia
Valentina LuellenLove, The Avenger1986DecemberM213 Masq0263755916 / 0-263-75591-6Georgian era; Pre-Revolutionary France
Ann HulmeInterlaken Intrigue1986DecemberM214 Masq0263755924 / 0-263-75592-420th Century; Switzerland, 1906
Dinah DeanThe Briar Rose1987JanuaryM215 Masq0263756386 / 0-263-75638-6Tudor; England, 1540
Anne HerriesThe Wild Heart1987JanuaryM216 Masq0263756394 / 0-263-75639-4
Mary NicholsIn Love and War1987FebruaryM217 Masq0263756696 / 0-263-75669-6Regency; Peninsular War, Portugal
Hazel SmithGypsy Royal1987FebruaryM218 Masq026375670X / 0-263-75670-X1832
Irene RobertsKingdom of the Sun1987MarchM219 Masq0263756807 / 0-263-75680-7Ancient Egypt; heroine is a princess
Olga DanielsBride from Faraway1987MarchM220 Masq0263756815 / 0-263-75681-5Edwardian; 1903 Scotland
Inga DunbarDragon's Isle1987AprilM221 Masq0263757188 / 0-263-75718-8
Barbara CooperPale Moon Rising1987AprilM222 Masq0263757196 / 0-263-75719-617th Century; 1666 American Indian Quebec
Valentina LuellenThe Devil's Touch1987MayM223 Masq0263757455 / 0-263-75745-5Scotland
Sheila BishopA Well-Matched Pair1987MayM224 Masq0263757463 / 0-263-75746-3pubbed by Fawcett Crest in US July 1989
Anne HerriesThe Spanish Witch1987JuneM225 Masq026375765X / 0-263-75765-XElizabethan era; Spain, Inquisition
June FrancisThe Bride Price1987JuneM226 Masq0263757668 / 0-263-75766-8Wales
Dinah DeanThe Maid of Honour1987JulyM227 Masq0263757862 / 0-263-75786-2
Janet EdmondsWolf Girl1987JulyM228 Masq0263757870 / 0-263-75787-0raised by wolves, New Mexico
Irene RobertsSea Jade1987AugustM229 Masq0263758052 / 0-263-75805-219th/20th Century; China, Boxer rebellion
Pauline BentleyShadow of Pengarron1987AugustM230 Masq0263758060 / 0-263-75806-0Medieval; England
Rosina PyattAn Unquestionable Lady1987SeptemberM231 Masq0263758109 / 0-263-75810-9Regency; marriage of convenience, published in US by Zebra
Linda AcasterA Wife for Winter Man1987SeptemberM232 Masq0263758117 / 0-263-75811-719th Century; late 1840s, Apsaroke (Native Americans), later self-published as Beneath The Shining Mountains (ebook)
Anne HerriesThe Flame and the Sword1987OctoberM233 Masq0263758818 / 0-263-75881-8Medieval; England
Barbara CooperPenny Road1987OctoberM234 Masq0263758826 / 0-263-75882-6Ireland to Canada
June FrancisBeloved Abductor1987NovemberM235 Masq0263759075 / 0-263-75907-5
Marlene SusonThe Reluctant Heiress1987NovemberM236 Masq0263759512 / 0-263-75951-2Regency; scandal forces heiress to marry fortune hunter she'd tried to escape, published by Fawcett in US
Eileen TownsendLorena1987DecemberM237 Masq0263759504 / 0-263-75950-419th Century; 1860s Georgia, English heroine uncomfortable in slave-owning South
Valentina LuellenMy Lady Melisande1987DecemberM238 Masq0263759083 / 0-263-75908-3Elizabethan
Irene RobertsSong of the Nile1988JanuaryM239 Masq0263759660 / 0-263-75966-0Ancient Egypt
Christina LaffeatyTrelawney's Woman1988JanuaryM240 Masq0263759679 / 0-263-75967-9Pirate corsairs
Anne HerriesThe Sleeping Demon1988FebruaryM241 Masq0263760111 / 0-263-76011-1
Janet EdmondsScarlet Woman1988FebruaryM242 Masq026376012X / 0-263-76012-X
Evelyn Stewart ArmstrongThe Warlock's Wench1988MarchM243 Masq0263760162 / 0-263-76016-2
Ann HulmeNo Place for a Lady1988MarchM244 Masq0263760170 / 0-263-76017-0Victorian
Kate JanneyThe Pirate's Lady1988AprilM245 Masq0263760405 / 0-263-76040-5
Pauline BentleyLure of Trevowan1988AprilM246 Masq0263760413 / 0-263-76041-3Canterbury
Alanna WilsonBird of Morning1988MayM247 Masq0263760758 / 0-263-76075-8Queensland, Australia, daughter of a transported convict, who is raised amongst Aborigines, meets son of an English lord
Anne HerriesThe Devil's Mercenary1988MayM248 Masq0263760766 / 0-263-76076-6Venice
Una PowerThe Bride Sale1988JuneM249 Masq026376107X / 0-263-76107-X
Clarice PetersThe False Betrothal1988JuneM250 Masq0263761088 / 0-263-76108-8Regency; 1816, published in US by Fawcett-Crest
Inga DunbarScarlet Lady, White Bride1988JulyM251 Masq0263761274 / 0-263-76127-4Regency; 1828 Edinburgh
Mary NicholsThe Heart of the Lion1988JulyM252 Masq0263761282 / 0-263-76128-2Victorian era; Mexico
Louisa JordanThe King's Man1988AugustM253 Masq0263761525 / 0-263-76152-5Tudor; King Henry's reign
Sheila WalshMinerva's Marquis1988AugustM254 Masq0263761533 / 0-263-76153-3Regency; Parisian honeymoon, heroine tries to seduce her new husband, published as Minerva's Marquess by Signet in the US
Yvonne PurvesThe Burning Quest1988SeptemberM255 Masq0263761797 / 0-263-76179-7India, Princess fugitive in the Jungle
June FrancisMy Lady Deceiver1988SeptemberM256 Masq0263761800 / 0-263-76180-0Medieval
Ann HulmeThe Unexpected American1988OctoberM257 Masq0263761819 / 0-263-76181-9Regency
Anne HerriesFor Love and Liberty1988OctoberM258 Masq0263761827 / 0-263-76182-7
Janet EdmondsA Civil Marriage1988NovemberM259 Masq0263762564 / 0-263-76256-4Regency
Olga DanielsThe Untamed Bride1988NovemberM260 Masq0263762572 / 0-263-76257-2Edwardian; 1903 Scotland
Petra NashLady Harriet's Harvest1988DecemberM261 Masq0263762793 / 0-263-76279-3Regency
Valentina LuellenLove and Pride / Love & Pride1988DecemberM262 Masq0263762807 / 0-263-76280-7Georgian era; Louis XV, France, Love 1
Marlene SusonThe Duke's Revenge1989JanuaryM263 Masq0263763145 / 0-263-76314-5Regency; young man falls for older spinster, his father rushes to separate them, published by Fawcett in US
Pauline BentleyCavalier's Masque1989JanuaryM264 Masq0263763153 / 0-263-76315-3English Civil War
Anne HerriesRosanna and the Rake1989FebruaryM265 Masq0263763366 / 0-263-76336-6
Ann HulmeA Scandalous Bargain1989FebruaryM266 Masq0263763374 / 0-263-76337-4Regency
Clarice PetersThea1989MarchM267 Masq0263763552 / 0-263-76355-2Regency; published in US by Fawcett-Crest
Pauline BentleySong of Wychaven1989MarchM268 Masq0263763560 / 0-263-76356-0
June FrancisFateful Encounter1989AprilM269 Masq0263763854 / 0-263-76385-4Medieval; Ireland 1395
Victoria AldridgeMelissa's Claim1989AprilM270 Masq0263763862 / 0-263-76386-219th Century; New Zealand 1860
Valentina LuellenDark Star1989MayM271 Masq0263764230 / 0-263-76423-0Medieval; Crusade, sequel to Lord of Darkness
Petra NashThe Devil's Own Luck1989MayM272 Masq0263764249 / 0-263-76424-9Victorian era; Belgium 1853
Marlene SusonLady Caro1989JuneM273 Masq0263764656 / 0-263-76465-6Regency; marriage of convenience, rake and heiress, published by Fawcett in US
Clarice PetersRoxanne1989JuneM274 Masq0263764664 / 0-263-76466-4Regency; Corinthian becomes heroine's unofficial guardian, published in US by Fawcett-Crest
Ann HulmeCaptain Harland's Marriage1989JulyM275 Masq0263764850 / 0-263-76485-0Victorian; early Victorian England
Elizabeth LowtherDay of Reckoning1989JulyM276 Masq0263764869 / 0-263-76486-9Charles I
Janet GraceA Most Unusual Lady1989AugustM277 Masq026376513X / 0-263-76513-XRegency
Petra NashA Distant Connexion1989AugustM278 Masq0263765148 / 0-263-76514-8Victorian; 1840s England
Eileen JacksonA Servant of Quality1989SeptemberM279 Masq0263765334 / 0-263-76533-4Regency; in the US published by Signet
Carol TownendShattered Vows1989SeptemberM280 Masq0263765342 / 0-263-76534-2Medieval; 1149, overlord tries to assert droit de seigneur
Una PowerIntrigue at Versailles1989OctoberM281 Masq0263765717 / 0-263-76571-7
Sheila WalshThe Nabob1989OctoberM282 Masq0263765725 / 0-263-76572-5Regency; hero wants to revenge himself on late duke via the duke's daughter, published as The Notorious Nabob by Signet in the US
Valentina LuellenThe Web of Love1989NovemberM283 Masq0263766438 / 0-263-76643-8Georgian era; Louis XV, France, Love 2
Petra NashLord Deverham's Choice1989NovemberM284 Masq0263766446 / 0-263-76644-6
Ann HulmeFalse Fortune1989DecemberM285 Masq0263766667 / 0-263-76666-7Regency
Carol TownendSapphire in the Snow1989DecemberM286 Masq0263766675 / 0-263-76667-5Norman Conquest; France & England, woman due to enter convent, man charged with treason
Sally BlakeOutback Woman1990JanuaryM287 Masq0263766969 / 0-263-76696-9Australia
Truda TaylorHazardous Marriage1990JanuaryM288 Masq0263766977 / 0-263-76697-7Georgian era; 1793 Paris
Elizabeth LowtherThe Ransomed Bride1990FebruaryM289 Masq0263767264 / 0-263-76726-4Medieval; 1405 England, France
Marlene SusonThe Notorious Marquess1990FebruaryM290 Masq0263767272 / 0-263-76727-2Regency; Paris, lady masquerading as governess, published by Fawcett in US
Pauline BentleyWoman of Conflict1990MarchM291 Masq0263767590 / 0-263-76759-017th Century; James II
Janet GraceFool's Heaven1990MarchM292 Masq0263767604 / 0-263-76760-4Regency
Janet EdmondsHighwayman Bride1990AprilM293 Masq0263767957 / 0-263-76795-7
Alison GreenwayWhite Nights1990AprilM294 Masq0263767965 / 0-263-76796-5
Una PowerBride for a Rake1990MayM295 Masq026376804X / 0-263-76804-XRegency
Yvonne PurvesThe Diamond Cobra1990MayM296 Masq0263768058 / 0-263-76805-8Georgian era; India 1760
Helen DicksonHonour Bound1990JuneM297 Masq0263768473 / 0-263-76847-3Cromwell
Gail MallinA Most Unsuitable Duchess1990JuneM298 Masq0263768481 / 0-263-76848-1Regency; Bath
Carol TownendLeaves on the Wind1990JulyM299 Masq0263768899 / 0-263-76889-9Medieval; England/Cyprus 1099 Crusade/Normans & Saxons, outlaw heroine
Eileen JacksonThe Wicked Corinthian1990JulyM300 Masq0263768880 / 0-263-76888-0Regency; in the US published by Signet
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