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M301-M400 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Sally BlakeLady of Spain1990AugustM301 Masq0263769127 / 0-263-76912-7Victorian; 1851, Great Exhibition
Polly ForresterKnight's Pawn1990AugustM302 Masq0263769135 / 0-263-76913-5Medieval; 1100
Marion CarrMadeiran Legacy1990SeptemberM303 Masq026377001X / 0-263-77001-XRegency; Cornwall 1815
Joanna MakepeaceThe Spanish Prize1990SeptemberM304 Masq0263770028 / 0-263-77002-8Elizabethan; pirate
Victoria AldridgeDeep Waters1990OctoberM305 Masq0263770036 / 0-263-77003-6Regency era; New Zealand/China, sea voyage
Polly ForresterJewel Under Siege1990OctoberM306 Masq0263770044 / 0-263-77004-4Medieval; Constantinople 1097
Mary NicholsDear Rebel1990NovemberM307 Masq0263770052 / 0-263-77005-2Charles I
Yvonne PurvesNoble Buccaneer1990NovemberM308 Masq0263770060 / 0-263-77006-0heroine coerced to move to Malaysia to marry, prospective groom dies and wills her to a Dutchman
Marion CarrProud Alliance1990DecemberM309 Masq026377080X / 0-263-77080-XEdwardian; England 1909
Sheila BishopA Marriage Made on Earth1990DecemberM310 Masq0263770818 / 0-263-77081-8
Janet GraceIsabella1991JanuaryM311 Masq0263771369 / 0-263-77136-9Regency
Deborah MilesA Passing Fancy1991JanuaryM312 Masq0263771377 / 0-263-77137-7Victorian era; 1858 Australia, gold
Janet EdmondsFlight from the Harem1991FebruaryM313 Masq0263771490 / 0-263-77149-0Charles II; 17th Century Tangier, Morocco
Elizabeth LowtherLove's Parole1991FebruaryM314 Masq0263771504 / 0-263-77150-4Regency; 1816 England; published in US under Irene Northan
Sally BlakeFar Distant Shores1991MarchM315 Masq0263771989 / 0-263-77198-9Cornwall and Russia
Polly ForresterWinter of the Wolf1991MarchM316 Masq0263771997 / 0-263-77199-7Medieval; Empress Matilda
Marion CarrOutrageous Fortune1991AprilM317 Masq0263772241 / 0-263-77224-1
June FrancisLove's Intrigue1991AprilM318 Masq026377225X / 0-263-77225-X
Sheila WalshA Woman of Little Importance1991MayM319 Masq0263772551 / 0-263-77255-1Regency; woman asks duke for support for orphaned nephew and niece, published as The Arrogant Lord Alistair by Signet in the US
Laura CassidyThe Black Pearl1991MayM320 Masq026377256X / 0-263-77256-X
Petra NashThe Brighton Masquerade1991JuneM321 Masq0263772772 / 0-263-77277-2Regency
Elaine ReeveRebel by Moonlight1991JuneM322 Masq0263772780 / 0-263-77278-0American Revolution; 1773
Gail MallinThe Devil's Bargain1991JulyM323 Masq0263773205 / 0-263-77320-5Restoration; England, Charles II
Sarah WestleighThe Inherited Bride1991JulyM324 Masq0263773213 / 0-263-77321-3Medieval; Devon 1347, marriage of convenience, d'Evreux Family 1 (Richard)
Janet EdmondsThe Denmead Inheritance1991AugustM325 Masq0263773752 / 0-263-77375-2Regency
Joanna MakepeaceBattlefield of Hearts1991AugustM326 Masq0263773760 / 0-263-77376-0Medieval; 1471 England
Elizabeth BaileySweet Sacrifice1991SeptemberM327 Masq0263773892 / 0-263-77389-2Regency
Deborah MilesJealous Hearts1991SeptemberM328 Masq0263773906 / 0-263-77390-6Victorian era; Australia 1838
Sylvia AndrewPerdita1991OctoberM329 Masq0263774228 / 0-263-77422-8Regency
Sarah WestleighSet Free My Heart1991OctoberM330 Masq0263774236 / 0-263-77423-6Medieval; 1347, widow, voyage with handsome knight, d'Evreux Family 2 (Thomas/Tamkin)
Sheila WalshThe Pink Parasol1991NovemberM331 Masq0263774570 / 0-263-77457-0Regency; woman marries because of father's gamblind debts, published by Signet in the US, also published as Lady Cecily's Dilemma by Sophie Leyton
Olga DanielsThe Arrogant Cavalier1991NovemberM332 Masq0263774589 / 0-263-77458-9
Petra NashMr Ravensworth's Ward1991DecemberM333 Masq0263774945 / 0-263-77494-5Regency
Truda TaylorHearts of the Vendée1991DecemberM334 Masq0263774953 / 0-263-77495-3Georgian era; 1793 Paris
Polly ForresterLady Rascal1992JanuaryM335 Masq0263775313 / 0-263-77531-3Georgian; 1789 England
Sarah WestleighLoyal Hearts1992JanuaryM336 Masq0263775305 / 0-263-77530-5Medieval; 1347, childhood betrothal, d'Evreux Family 3 (Giles)
Louisa GrayThe Mansini Secret1992FebruaryM337 Masq0263775844 / 0-263-77584-4Italy
Paula MarshallCousin Harry1992FebruaryM338 Masq0263775836 / 0-263-77583-6Regency
Elizabeth BaileyJust Deserts1992MarchM339 Masq0263775968 / 0-263-77596-8Regency
Christine FranklinA Certain Magic1992MarchM340 Masq0263775976 / 0-263-77597-6Edwardian; Britain
Valentina LuellenTo Please a Lady1992AprilM341 Masq0263776395 / 0-263-77639-5
Janet GraceShared Dreams1992AprilM342 Masq0263776409 / 0-263-77640-9Regency
Marion CarrHester1992MayM343 Masq026377662X / 0-263-77662-X
Paula MarshallAn Improper Duenna1992MayM344 Masq0263776638 / 0-263-77663-8Regency
Julia ByrneGentle Conqueror1992JuneM345 Masq0263777499 / 0-263-77749-9Norman Conquest
Jasmine CresswellThe Devil's Envoy1992JuneM346 Masq0263777502 / 0-263-77750-2Regency; Sussex 1826, published in US by Berkeley under Jasmine Craig
Alice ThorntonTen Guineas on Love1992JulyM347 Masq0263777820 / 0-263-77782-0Georgian; debt-ridden heroine wagers she can find a husband in a month, also published under Claire Thornton
Hazel SmithThe Golden Phoenix1992JulyM348 Masq0263777839 / 0-263-77783-920th Century; San Francisco earthquake 1906
Petra NashHeir Apparent1992AugustM349 Masq0263778177 / 0-263-77817-7Regency
Yvonne PurvesScandal in the Sun1992AugustM350 Masq0263778185 / 0-263-77818-5
Sally BlakeA Royal Summer1992SeptemberM351 Masq0263778479 / 0-263-77847-9Victorian; early Victorian England
Stephanie LaurensTangled Reins1992SeptemberM352 Masq0263778487 / 0-263-77848-7Regency; Regency 1
Sheila BishopFair Game1992OctoberM353 Masq0263778886 / 0-263-77888-6Regency
Helen DicksonMaster of Tamasee1992OctoberM354 Masq0263778894 / 0-263-77889-4Regency
Marie-Louise HallThe Captain's Angel1992NovemberM355 Masq0263779211 / 0-263-77921-1Regency era; Napoleonic era Russia
Paula MarshallThe Falcon and the Dove1992NovemberM356 Masq026377922X / 0-263-77922-XMedieval; Tuscany, 1430
Elizabeth BaileyAn Angel's Touch1992DecemberM357 Masq0263779513 / 0-263-77951-3Regency
Mary NicholsThe Danbury Scandals1992DecemberM358 Masq0263779521 / 0-263-77952-1Regency; 1814
Pauline BentleyRebel Harvest1993JanuaryM359 Masq0263779890 / 0-263-77989-0Jacobite Uprisings
Elizabeth LowtherBreath of Scandal1993JanuaryM360 Masq0263779904 / 0-263-77990-420th Century; 1904, Austria
Sylvia AndrewA Darling Amazon1993FebruaryM361 Masq0263780465 / 0-263-78046-5
Paula MarshallWild Justice1993FebruaryM362 Masq0263780473 / 0-263-78047-319th Century; 1889 Washington, female senator's aide, Wild Justice 1
Paula MarshallAn American Princess1993MarchM363 Masq0263780481 / 0-263-78048-1Edwardian; London 1903, Wild Justice 2
Marlene SusonThe Errant Earl1993MarchM364 Masq026378049X / 0-263-78049-XRegency; soldier husband away fighting for first 6 years of marriage, published by Fawcett in US
Stephanie LaurensFour in Hand1993AprilM365 Masq0263780503 / 0-263-78050-3Regency; Regency 2
Francesca ShawMaster of Winterbourne1993AprilM366 Masq0263780511 / 0-263-78051-1English Civil War
Petra NashAll of Heaven1993MayM367 Masq026378052X / 0-263-78052-XRegency
Sarah WestleighHeritage of Love1993MayM368 Masq0263780538 / 0-263-78053-8Victorian; heroine wants to learn about her natural father, meets American businessman
Pauline BentleySilk and Sword1993JuneM369 Masq0263780546 / 0-263-78054-6Medieval; 1485 England
Paula MarshallAn Unexpected Passion1993JuneM370 Masq0263780554 / 0-263-78055-4Regency; "Being an account of the courtship and marriage of Lord Granville and Lady Harriet (Haryo) Cavendish, daughter to 5th Duke of Devonshire" i.e. based on a true story
Jasmine CresswellEmpire of the Heart1993JulyM371 Masq0263780562 / 0-263-78056-2Afghanistan and England; published in US by Charter under Jasmine Craig
Mary NicholsThe Price of Honour1993JulyM372 Masq0263780570 / 0-263-78057-0Regency; Peninsular War, Portugal
Marion CarrWhispering Shadows1993AugustM373 Masq0263780589 / 0-263-78058-9Edwardian; 1907, England, Italy; republished as A Timeless Union by Freda Lightfoot by Severn House 2001
Sarah WestleighA Most Exceptional Quest1993AugustM374 Masq0263780597 / 0-263-78059-7Regency; hero loses memory in Peninsular War
Joanna MakepeaceReluctant Rebel1993SeptemberM375 Masq0263780600 / 0-263-78060-0
Paula MarshallMy Lady Love1993SeptemberM376 Masq0263780619 / 0-263-78061-9Regency; amnesia
Elizabeth BaileyHidden Flame1993OctoberM377 Masq0263782379 / 0-263-78237-9
Valentina LuellenOne Love1993OctoberM378 LOL0263782387 / 0-263-78238-7American Civil War
Catherine BlairDevil Wind1993OctoberM379 LOL0263783227 / 0-263-78322-7Regency; French Revolution
Linda ShawOdessa Gold1993OctoberM380 LOL0263783235 / 0-263-78323-520th Century; 1900; Wyoming; St Louis, Missouri; Manhattan, and Saratoga Springs, New York
Julia ByrneMy Enemy, My Love1993NovemberM381 LOL0263782395 / 0-263-78239-5
Janet EdmondsA Nabob's Daughter1993NovemberM382 LOL0263782409 / 0-263-78240-9Regency
Lindsay McKennaSun Woman1993NovemberM383 LOL0263783243 / 0-263-78324-3Western; Apache heroine
Lucy ElliotContraband Desire1993NovemberM384 LOL0263783251 / 0-263-78325-1American Civil War
Christine FranklinHeart of a Rose1993DecemberM385 LOL0263782417 / 0-263-78241-7Edwardian; Devon 1906
Paula MarshallThe Cyprian's Sister1993DecemberM386 LOL0263782425 / 0-263-78242-5Regency
Jan McKeeSweet Justice1993DecemberM387 LOL026378326X / 0-263-78326-XWestern
Doreen Owens MalekTorchlight1993DecemberM388 LOL0263783278 / 0-263-78327-8
Gail MallinDebt of Honour / Debt of Honor1994JanuaryM389 LOL0263782433 / 0-263-78243-3Georgian; Cumbria 1793
Mary NicholsDevil-May-Dare1994JanuaryM390 LOL0263782441 / 0-263-78244-1Regency
Pamela LittonStardust and Whirlwinds1994JanuaryM391 LOL0263783286 / 0-263-78328-6Western
Louisa RawlingsAutumn Rose1994JanuaryM392 LOL0263783294 / 0-263-78329-4Normandy
Joanna MakepeaceCorinna's Cause1994FebruaryM393 LOL026378245X / 0-263-78245-XStuart; England, 1685
Petra NashCountry Mouse1994FebruaryM394 LOL0263782468 / 0-263-78246-8
Lucy ElliotPrivate Paradise1994FebruaryM395 LOL0263783308 / 0-263-78330-819th Century; New York, 1883
Patricia PotterThe Abduction1994FebruaryM396 LOL0263783316 / 0-263-78331-6Tudor; Scottish Border, 1550
Elizabeth BaileySeventh Heaven1994MarchM397 LOL0263782476 / 0-263-78247-6Georgian; 1780s
Paula MarshallThe Captain's Lady1994MarchM398 LOL0263782484 / 0-263-78248-4Victorian; 1891 New York and London; Schuyler Family 1 (Gerard)
Donna AndersMari1994MarchM399 LOL0263783324 / 0-263-78332-419th Century; Hawaii, followed by Ketti
Marjorie BurrowsThe Loving Swords1994MarchM400 LOL0263783332 / 0-263-78333-2
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