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M401-M500 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Stephanie LaurensImpetuous Innocent1994AprilM401 LOL0263782492 / 0-263-78249-2Regency; London, Regency 3
Paula MarshallTouch the Fire1994AprilM402 LOL0263782506 / 0-263-78250-6Victorian and Edwardian; Venice 1896 and London 1904, Schuyler Family 2 (Kate)
Donna AndersKetti1994AprilM403 LOL0263783340 / 0-263-78334-019th Century; 1893 Honolulu, Hawaii, sequel to Mari
Nicole JordanMoonwitch1994AprilM404 LOL0263783359 / 0-263-78335-9Regency era; Antigua 1819
Elizabeth LowtherGambler's Wedding1994MayM405 LOL0263782514 / 0-263-78251-4Regency; 1813
Paula MarshallThe Moon Shines Bright1994MayM406 LOL0263782522 / 0-263-78252-220th Century; 1920s England, Schuyler Family 3 (Gis Havilland)
Elisabeth MacDonaldEstero Bay1994MayM407 LOL0263783367 / 0-263-78336-7Western; California
Caryn CameronWild Lily1994MayM408 LOL0263783375 / 0-263-78337-5American Civil War; lead up to Civil War, Washington DC
Louisa GrayBeau's Stratagem1994JuneM409 LOL0263782530 / 0-263-78253-0Regency; Bath
Sarah WestleighEscape to Destiny1994JuneM410 LOL0263782549 / 0-263-78254-9Elizabethan; Channel Islands 1571/2, woman rescues spy for Elizabeth I from the sea
Kate KingsleyRansom of the Heart1994JuneM411 LOL0263783383 / 0-263-78338-3New Orleans, and sea voyage
Patricia PotterThe Silver Link1994JuneM412 LOL0263786285 / 0-263-78628-5Western; New Mexico 1846
Sylvia AndrewSerena1994JulyM413 LOL0263786293 / 0-263-78629-3
Valentina LuellenHostage of Love1994JulyM414 LOL0263786307 / 0-263-78630-7Scotland
Barbara BrettonThe Reluctant Bride1994JulyM415 LOL0263786315 / 0-263-78631-519th Century; Delaware 1887
Louisa RawlingsWicked Stranger1994JulyM416 LOL0263786323 / 0-263-78632-3Paris 2
Marie-Louise HallSweet Treason1994AugustM417 LOL0263787230 / 0-263-78723-0Tudor; London 1558
Stephanie LaurensFair Juno1994AugustM418 LOL0263787249 / 0-263-78724-9Regency; Regency 4
Theresa MichaelsA Corner of Heaven1994AugustM419 LOL0263787257 / 0-263-78725-7American Civil War
Nora RobertsLawless1994AugustM420 LOL0263787265 / 0-263-78726-5Western; Arizona Territory, half-Apache hero, Eastern heroine
Gail MallinConqueror's Lady1994SeptemberM421 LOL0263787273 / 0-263-78727-3Norman Conquest; 1066/68
Paula MarshallReasons of the Heart1994SeptemberM422 LOL0263787281 / 0-263-78728-1Regency; 1818, guardian/ward, Linked to Lady Clairval's Marriage
Victoria PadeThe Doubletree1994SeptemberM423 LOL026378729X / 0-263-78729-XWestern; mail-order bride
Patricia PotterDragonfire1994SeptemberM424 LOL0263787303 / 0-263-78730-320th Century; China, Boxer Rebellion 1900, British herione and American hero
Sally BlakeHouse of Secrets1994OctoberM425 LOL0263788326 / 0-263-78832-6
Sylvia AndrewEleanor1994OctoberM426 LOL0263788334 / 0-263-78833-4Regency
Kristin JamesThe Gentleman1994OctoberM427 LOL0263788342 / 0-263-78834-2Western; Montana, prequel to The Hell Raiser by Dorothy Glenn
Caryn CameronBraden's Brides1994OctoberM428 LOL0263788350 / 0-263-78835-0New South Wales, Australia
Laura CassidyMaiden Court1994NovemberM429 LOL0263788571 / 0-263-78857-1Tudor; London 1541/2
Francesca ShawMiss Weston's Masquerade1994NovemberM430 LOL026378858X / 0-263-78858-XRegency; 1818, heroine disguised as a boy
Dorothy GlennThe Hell Raiser [US] / The Hellraiser [UK]1994NovemberM431 LOL0263788598 / 0-263-78859-8Western; Montana wilderness, a prequel to this novel, "The Gentleman", was written by Kristin James
Marianne WillmanRose Red, Rose White1994NovemberM432 LOL0263788601 / 0-263-78860-1Medieval; Edward IV, heroine's husband is executed, king immediately orders her to marry the landless hero
Paula MarshallThe Astrologer's Daughter1994DecemberM433 LOL026378861X / 0-263-78861-XRestoration; 1660s England
Elizabeth BaileyFriday Dreaming1994DecemberM434 LOL0263788628 / 0-263-78862-8Regency
Ruth LanganChristmas Miracle1994DecemberM435 LOL0263788636 / 0-263-78863-6Western; New Mexico 1866
Ana SeymourAngel of the Lake1994DecemberM436 LOL0263788644 / 0-263-78864-4during shipwreck hero is widowed and also rescues young woman with amnesia
Joanna MakepeaceCrown Hostage1995JanuaryM437 LOL0263141632 / 0-263-14163-2Medieval; Northampton/London, 1483
Stephanie LaurensThe Reasons for Marriage1995JanuaryM438 LOL0263789209 / 0-263-78920-9Regency; 1816, Lester Family 1
Muriel JensenTrust1995JanuaryM439 LOL0263789217 / 0-263-78921-7Western; Oregon, USA, 1900
Theresa MichaelsGifts of Love1995JanuaryM440 LOL0263789225 / 0-263-78922-5Western; Washington Territory, 1873
Laurel AmesCastaway1995FebruaryM441 LOL0263789896 / 0-263-78989-6Regency; Bristol 1818
Sylvia AndrewSerafina1995FebruaryM442 LOL026378990X / 0-263-78990-XRegency
Laura CassidyA Remembered Love1995FebruaryM443 LOL0263789926 / 0-263-78992-6English Civil War; 1643-46
Shirley ParenteauThe Naked Huntress1995FebruaryM444 LOL0263789934 / 0-263-78993-4Western; Seattle 1889
Laurie GrantThe Raven and the Swan1995MarchM445 LOL0263789942 / 0-263-78994-2Tudor; Northumberland, 1536
Kristin JamesThe Yankee1995MarchM446 LOL0263789950 / 0-263-78995-0Western; Texas, 1868
Juliet LandonThe Golden Lure1995MarchM447 LOL0263789969 / 0-263-78996-9Medieval; Airedale and York, 1350
Sarah WestleighA Lady of Independent Means1995MarchM448 LOL0263789977 / 0-263-78997-7Regency; 1815, heroine travels to Paris and to battlefield of Waterloo
Meg AlexanderThe Last Enchantment1995AprilM449 LOL0263790266 / 0-263-79026-6Regency
Pauline BentleyMarriage Rites1995AprilM450 LOL0263790274 / 0-263-79027-417th Century; 1690s
Deborah SimmonsFortune Hunter1995AprilM451 LOL0263790282 / 0-263-79028-2Regency; viscount marries for money
Erin YorkeHeaven's Gate1995AprilM452 LOL0263790290 / 0-263-79029-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1567, rebel earl wants to reclaim his Irish estate, finds it in the hands of a woman
Madris DupreeMy Lord Beaumont1995MayM453 LOL0263790304 / 0-263-79030-418th Century; 1742 South Carolina
Paula MarshallDear Lady Disdain1995MayM454 LOL0263790312 / 0-263-79031-2Regency; London/York 1818
Mary NicholsA Dangerous Undertaking1995MayM455 LOL0263790320 / 0-263-79032-0Georgian; East Anglia 1745/7
Marianne WillmanThe Cygnet1995MayM456 LOL0263790339 / 0-263-79033-9Elizabethan; England, woman might be of noble blood
Joanna MakepeaceThe Devil's Mark1995JuneM457 LOL0263790843 / 0-263-79084-3Medieval; Winchester 1238
Clarice PetersThe Absentee Earl1995JuneM458 LOL0263790851 / 0-263-79085-1Regency; 1817, hero leaves within two hours of wedding
Pat TracyThe Flaming1995JuneM459 LOL026379086X / 0-263-79086-XTexan Rancher offered inheritance to marry English spinster
Isabel WhitfieldBodie Bride1995JuneM460 LOL0263790878 / 0-263-79087-8Western; California 1879, father forces managing daughter into marriage
Carola DunnGinnie Come Lately1995JulyM461 LOL0263790886 / 0-263-79088-6Regency
Cheryl ReavisThe Prisoner1995JulyM462 LOL0263790894 / 0-263-79089-4American Civil War
Lynda TrentRachel1995JulyM463 LOL0263790908 / 0-263-79090-8Victorian; 1850s England, villagers suspicious of new reclusive resident
Sarah WestleighChevalier's Pawn1995JulyM464 LOL0263790916 / 0-263-79091-6Medieval; Wales 1406/7, heroine spent 5 years as a hostage, rescuer offered marriage for love or vengeance?
Julia ByrneMistress of her Fate1995AugustM465 LOL0263792900 / 0-263-79290-0Medieval; Stratford and Wells, 1464
Alice ThorntonAn Unsuitable Match1995AugustM466 LOL0263792919 / 0-263-79291-9Regency; Bath, second chance at love, also published under Claire Thornton
Elizabeth AugustPirate Bride1995AugustM467 LOL0263792927 / 0-263-79292-717th Century; Carolina Coast 1673
Cheryl St JohnRain Shadow1995AugustM468 LOL0263792935 / 0-263-79293-5Western; heroine works in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Lakota Sioux, Neubauer brothers 1 (Anton)
Pauline BentleyPenruthin's Wife1995SeptemberM469 LOL0263792943 / 0-263-79294-3Medieval; Somerset England, 1453
Mary NicholsTo Win the Lady1995SeptemberM470 LOL0263792951 / 0-263-79295-1Regency
Bay MatthewsRambler's Rest1995SeptemberM471 LOL026379296X / 0-263-79296-X19th Century; Louisiana 1852
Elizabeth LaneMacKenna's Promise1995SeptemberM472 LOL0263792978 / 0-263-79297-8Victorian era; Kenya 1899
Juliet LandonA Knight in Waiting1995OctoberM473 LOL0263792986 / 0-263-79298-6Medieval; North Yorkshire, 1350s
Elizabeth BaileyAdoring Isadora1995OctoberM474 LOL0263792994 / 0-263-79299-4Regency
Deborah SimmonsThe Squire's Daughter1995OctoberM475 LOL0263793001 / 0-263-79300-1Regency
Pat TracyWinter Fire1995OctoberM476 LOL026379301X / 0-263-79301-XWestern; Montana Territory 1886, hero motivated by revenge, but heroine still tempted
Laura CassidyJudith's Place1995NovemberM477 LOL0263793028 / 0-263-79302-8Tudor; Kew 1562
Paula MarshallNot Quite a Gentleman1995NovemberM478 LOL0263793036 / 0-263-79303-6Regency
Catherine ArcherRose Among Thorns1995NovemberM479 LOL0263793044 / 0-263-79304-4Norman Conquest; England 1066
Julie TetelSimon's Lady1995NovemberM480 (see also M484) LOL0263793052 / 0-263-79305-2Medieval; England 1153, Norman hero, Northumbrian heroine, forced marriage, Lady 1
Kathryn BelmontThe Fugitive Heart1995DecemberM481 LOL0263794083 / 0-263-79408-319th Century; Nantucket 1851
Stephanie LaurensA Lady of Expectations1995DecemberM482 LOL0263794091 / 0-263-79409-1Regency; Lester Family 2
Sarah WestleighFelon's Fancy1995DecemberM483 LOL0263794105 / 0-263-79410-5Regency; 1818, ex-felon Earl marries the daughter of Baron who owes him money
Laurel AmesHomeplace1995DecemberM484 (marked M480) LOL0263794075 / 0-263-79407-5Regency; 1809 England
Meg AlexanderThe Sweet Cheat1996JanuaryM485 LOL026379461X / 0-263-79461-XRegency; 1817
Gail MallinMarry in Haste1996JanuaryM486 LOL0263794628 / 0-263-79462-8Regency; c1810, London and Wales
Ruth LanganDeception1996JanuaryM487 LOL0263794636 / 0-263-79463-6
Laura CassidyThe Frozen Heart1996JanuaryM488 LOL0263794873 / 0-263-79487-3Tudor; Greenwich 1563/4
Lynda TrentBeloved Wife1996FebruaryM489 LOL0263794644 / 0-263-79464-4Western; Texas 1887, mail-order bride, widower with five daughters
Ana SeymourBrides for Sale1996FebruaryM490 LOL026379489X / 0-263-79489-XWestern; Seattle, 1864
Francesca ShawA Compromised Lady1996FebruaryM491 LOL0263794903 / 0-263-79490-3Regency; 1815/16 Belgium (Waterloo) and London
Sally CheneyThief in the Night1996FebruaryM492 LOL0263794881 / 0-263-79488-1
Laurel AmesTeller of Tales1996MarchM493 LOL0263795268 / 0-263-79526-8Regency; London 1815
Louisa GrayThe Standish Inheritance1996MarchM494 LOL0263795276 / 0-263-79527-6Regency
Paula MarshallThe Lost Princess1996MarchM495 LOL0263795284 / 0-263-79528-4Medieval; Renaissance Italy
Dallas SchulzeTemptation's Price1996MarchM496 LOL0263795292 / 0-263-79529-2Western; shotgun wedding
Susan AmarillasSilver and Steel1996AprilM497 LOL0263795306 / 0-263-79530-6
Brenda HiattDaring Deception1996AprilM498 LOL0263795314 / 0-263-79531-4Regency
Ana SeymourThe Bandit's Bride1996AprilM499 LOL0263795322 / 0-263-79532-2Western; heroine kidnapped and taken to Mexico
Sarah WestleighThe Outrageous Dowager1996AprilM500 LOL0263795330 / 0-263-79533-0Regency; London, widow tries to hold out for marriage rather than seduction
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