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H701-H800 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Elizabeth BaileyAn Ardent Friendship2000JulyH701 MBHR0263823091 / 0-263-82309-1
Paula MarshallHester Waring's Marriage2000JulyH702 MBHR0263823105 / 0-263-82310-5Regency era; Australia, Dilhorne Dynasty 1 (Tom, later known as the Patriarch)
Cassandra AustinTrusting Sarah2000JulyH703 MBHR0263823113 / 0-263-82311-3Western
Margaret MooreThe Welshman's Way2000JulyH704 MBHR0263823121 / 0-263-82312-1Medieval; Warrior 4 (Dafydd ap Iolo)
Laura CassidyMadrilene's Granddaughter2000AugustH705 MBHR026382313X / 0-263-82313-XElizabethan
Anne HerriesA Matter of Honour / A Matter of Honor2000AugustH706 MBHR0263823148 / 0-263-82314-8
Ruth LanganHighland Heart2000AugustH707 MBHR0263823156 / 0-263-82315-6Highland 4
Mary McBrideDarling Jack2000AugustH708 MBHR0263823164 / 0-263-82316-419th Century; Chicago and St. Louis 1869, Pinkerton agent, alcoholic hero
Francesca ShawThe Youngest Dowager2000SeptemberH709 MBHR0263823172 / 0-263-82317-2Regency; new Earl proposes marriage to widowed countess
Paula MarshallA Strange Likeness2000SeptemberH710 MBHR0263823180 / 0-263-82318-0Victorian; England, Dilhorne Dynasty 2 (Alan)
Miranda JarrettSparhawk's Angel2000SeptemberH711 MBHR0263823199 / 0-263-82319-9Sparhawk 6 (Nickerson)
Margaret MooreThe Norman's Heart2000SeptemberH712 MBHR0263823202 / 0-263-82320-2Medieval; Warrior 5 (Sir Roger de Montmorency)
Jennifer LandsbertKnight's Move2000OctoberH713 MBHR0263823210 / 0-263-82321-0Medieval; Dorset 1194
Gail WhitikerAn Innocent Deceit2000OctoberH714 MBHR0263823229 / 0-263-82322-9Regency; heroine disguised a male horse-riding instructor
Ruth LanganThe Highlander2000OctoberH715 MBHR0263823237 / 0-263-82323-7Highland 5
DeLoras ScottGarters and Spurs2000OctoberH716 MBHR0263823245 / 0-263-82324-5Western
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Marriage Truce2000NovemberH717 MBHR0263823253 / 0-263-82325-3Regency
Paula MarshallAn Innocent Masquerade2000NovemberH718 MBHR0263823261 / 0-263-82326-1Victorian era; 1850s Australia, amnesia, Dilhorne Dynasty 3 (Thomas, aka Fred)
Merline LovelaceLady of the Upper Kingdom2000NovemberH719 MBHR026382327X / 0-263-82327-XAncient Egypt; heroine is a high priestess
Emily FrenchThe Wedding Bargain2000NovemberH720 MBHR0263823288 / 0-263-82328-818th Century; 1750s
Nicola CornickThe Blanchland Secret2000DecemberH721 MBHR0263823296 / 0-263-82329-6Regency
Gail MallinThe Reluctant Puritan2000DecemberH722 MBHR026382330X / 0-263-82330-Xrunaway becomes hero's housekeeper
Ruth LanganHighland Heaven2000DecemberH723 MBHR0263823318 / 0-263-82331-8Highland 6
Shari AntonEmily's Captain2000DecemberH724 MBHR0263823326 / 0-263-82332-6American Civil War
Georgina DevonThe Rake2001JanuaryH725 MBHR0263823334 / 0-263-82333-4
Juliet LandonThe Maiden's Abduction2001JanuaryH726 MBHR0263823342 / 0-263-82334-2
Miranda JarrettThe Secrets of Catie Hazard2001JanuaryH727 MBHR0263823350 / 0-263-82335-0Sparhawk 8 (Anthony)
Judith StacyOutlaw Love2001JanuaryH728 MBHR0263823369 / 0-263-82336-9Western; Missouri 1876 , US Marshall
Paula MarshallHis One Woman2001FebruaryH729 MBHR0263823377 / 0-263-82337-7American Civil War; Washington, Dilhorne Dynasty 4 (Jack)
Elizabeth BaileyThe Veiled Bride2001FebruaryH730 MBHR0263823385 / 0-263-82338-5Regency
DeLoras ScottTimeless2001FebruaryH731 MBHR0263823393 / 0-263-82339-3Western; wealthy former dance-hall girl, follows Springtown
Claire DelacroixMy Lady's Champion2001FebruaryH732 MBHR0263823407 / 0-263-82340-7Sayerne 1
Anne HerriesRosalyn and the Scoundrel2001MarchH733 MBHR0263827216 / 0-263-82721-6Regency
Helen DicksonCarnival of Love2001MarchH734 MBHR0263827224 / 0-263-82722-4Georgian era; Venice 1789
Laurie GrantDevil's Dare2001MarchH735 MBHR0263827232 / 0-263-82723-2Western; Texas
Deborah SimmonsTempting Kate2001MarchH736 MBHR0263827240 / 0-263-82724-0Regency; heroine kidnaps hero, Regency 3
Mary BrendanA Roguish Gentleman2001AprilH737 MBHR0263827259 / 0-263-82725-9Regency
Mary NicholsThe Westmere Legacy2001AprilH738 MBHR0263827267 / 0-263-82726-7Regency; fake engagement
Barbara NeilMask of White Satin2001AprilH739 MBHR0263827275 / 0-263-82727-5Regency
Beth HendersonReckless2001AprilH740 MBHR0263827283 / 0-263-82728-3
Paula MarshallThe Dollar Prince's Wife2001MayH741 MBHR0263827291 / 0-263-82729-1Victorian; 1890s; Dilhorne Dynasty 5a (Cobie Grant), story split across two books, followed by Prince of Secrets
Joanna MaitlandA Penniless Prospect2001MayH742 MBHR0263827305 / 0-263-82730-5Regency; herione disguised a boy
Claire DelacroixEnchanted2001MayH743 MBHR0263827313 / 0-263-82731-3Medieval; Paranormal (jinnis, curses, shapeshifting), 1100s, Sayerne 2
Emily FrenchBogus Bride2001MayH744 MBHR0263827321 / 0-263-82732-119th Century; 1840s America
Helen DicksonLord Fox's Pleasure2001JuneH745 MBHR026382733X / 0-263-82733-XRestoration
Elizabeth BaileyA Trace of Memory2001JuneH746 MBHR0263827348 / 0-263-82734-8Regency
Eva RutlandThe Willful Lady [US] / The Wilful Lady [UK]2001JuneH747 MBHR0263827356 / 0-263-82735-6Regency
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Bride2001JuneH748 MBHR0263827364 / 0-263-82736-4Medieval; Warrior 7 (Sir George de Gramercie)
Anne HerriesThe Abducted Bride2001JulyH749 MBHR0263827372 / 0-263-82737-2Regency
Mary NicholsThe Honourable Earl2001JulyH750 MBHR0263827380 / 0-263-82738-0Regency
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Catherine2001JulyH751 MBHR0263827399 / 0-263-82739-9Western; 1880s, Merry Widows 2
Deborah SimmonsThe de Burgh Bride2001JulyH752 MBHR0263827402 / 0-263-82740-2Medieval; England 1200s, marriage forced by royal decree, de Burgh 2 (Geoffrey)
Paula MarshallPrince of Secrets2001AugustH753 MBHR0263827410 / 0-263-82741-0Victorian; 1890s; Dilhorne Dynasty 5b (Cobie Grant), story split across two books, preceded by The Dollar Prince's Wife
Joanna MakepeaceThe Traitor's Daughter2001AugustH754 MBHR0263827429 / 0-263-82742-9Tudor; Henry VII
Susan Spencer PaulThe Captive Bride2001AugustH755 MBHR0263827437 / 0-263-82743-7Medieval; 1437, Bride 4 (Katharine Malthus)
Gayle WilsonLady Sarah's Son2001AugustH756 MBHR0263827445 / 0-263-82744-5Regency; second chance at love, heroine appeared to cheat during original engagement and have a love child
Georgina DevonThe Rebel2001SeptemberH757 MBHR0263827453 / 0-263-82745-3Regency
Joanna MaitlandA Poor Relation2001SeptemberH758 MBHR0263827461 / 0-263-82746-1Regency
Judith StacyThe Marriage Mishap2001SeptemberH759 MBHR026382747X / 0-263-82747-XWestern; California, man and woman unexpectedly wake up together, married
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Honor / A Warrior's Honour2001SeptemberH760 MBHR0263827488 / 0-263-82748-8Medieval; Warrior 8 (Bryce Frechette)
Anne GracieAn Honourable Thief / An Honorable Thief2001OctoberH761 MBHR0263827496 / 0-263-82749-6Regency
Juliet LandonA Most Unseemly Summer2001OctoberH762 MBHR026382750X / 0-263-82750-XElizabethan
Carolyn DavidsonThe Forever Man2001OctoberH763 MBHR0263827518 / 0-263-82751-8Western
Deborah SimmonsRobber Bride2001OctoberH764 MBHR0263827526 / 0-263-82752-6Medieval; heroine leads group of bandits, 13th century, de Burgh 3 (Simon)
Paula MarshallMajor Chancellor's Mission2001NovemberH765 MBHR0263827534 / 0-263-82753-4Regency; hero goes under-cover as a tutor, 1813, Chancellor 1
Ann Elizabeth CreeMy Lady's Prisoner2001NovemberH766 MBHR0263827542 / 0-263-82754-2Regency
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Sarah2001NovemberH767 MBHR0263827550 / 0-263-82755-0Western; 1880s, Merry Widows 3
Susan Spencer PaulThe Stolen Bride2001NovemberH768 MBHR0263827569 / 0-263-82756-9Medieval; Bride 5 (Sofia Ahlgren)
Mary BrendanWedding Night Revenge2001DecemberH769 MBHR0263827577 / 0-263-82757-7Meredith Sisters 1 (Rachel)
Mary NicholsThe Incomparable Countess2001DecemberH770 MBHR0263827585 / 0-263-82758-5Regency
Anthology: Ruth Langan, Jacqueline Navin, Lyn StoneOne Christmas Night: Highland Christmas by Langan; Wife for Christmas by Navin; Ian's Gift by Stone2001DecemberH771 MBHR0263827593 / 0-263-82759-3
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Passion2001DecemberH772 MBHR0263827607 / 0-263-82760-7Medieval; Warrior 9 (Griffydd DeLanyea)
Meg AlexanderThe Gentleman's Demand2002JanuaryH773 MBHR0263827615 / 0-263-82761-5Regency
Gail MallinAn Infamous Proposal2002JanuaryH774 MBHR0263827623 / 0-263-82762-3Regency
Ruth LanganRory2002JanuaryH775 MBHR0263827631 / 0-263-82763-1Elizabeth era; Ireland 1560, O'Neil Saga 1
Lyn StoneMy Lady's Choice2002JanuaryH776 MBHR026382764X / 0-263-82764-XMedieval; England 1339, king allows healer to chose husband, forces the marriage, Medieval 4
Paula MarshallLord Hadleigh's Rebellion2002FebruaryH777 MBHR0263827658 / 0-263-82765-8Regency; 1817, mathematicians, Chancellor 2
Elizabeth RollsMistress or Marriage?2002FebruaryH778 MBHR0263827666 / 0-263-82766-6Regency; follows The Unexpected Bride
Margaret MooreThe Welshman's Bride2002FebruaryH779 MBHR0263827674 / 0-263-82767-4Medieval; Warrior 10 (Dylan DeLanyea)
Gayle WilsonHis Secret Duchess2002FebruaryH780 MBHR0263827682 / 0-263-82768-2Regency; war-scarred duke, secret baby
Anne AshleyThe Reluctant Marchioness2002MarchH781 MBHR0263831124 / 0-263-83112-4
Elizabeth BaileyPrudence2002MarchH782 MBHR0263831132 / 0-263-83113-2Regency; Governess Trilogy 1
Ruth LanganConor2002MarchH783 MBHR0263831140 / 0-263-83114-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1563, O'Neil Saga 2
Jacqueline NavinThe Maiden and the Warrior2002MarchH784 MBHR0263831159 / 0-263-83115-9Medieval; 1180, Henry II, follwed by The Viking's Heart
Anne HerriesCaptive of the Harem2002AprilH785 MBHR0263831167 / 0-263-83116-7
Helen DicksonJewel of the Night2002AprilH786 MBHR0263831175 / 0-263-83117-5
Deborah SimmonsMy Lord de Burgh2002AprilH787 MBHR0263831183 / 0-263-83118-3Medieval; 13th century, alcoholic hero, de Burgh 5 (Stephen)
Carolyn DavidsonThe Midwife2002AprilH788 MBHR0263831191 / 0-263-83119-1Western; 1890s Minnesota
Nicola CornickThe Notorious Marriage2002MayH789 MBHR0263831205 / 0-263-83120-5Regency; Mostyn & Trevithick Feud 2
Claire ThorntonRaven's Honour / Raven's Honor2002MayH790 MBHR0263831213 / 0-263-83121-3Regency; Spain during Peninsular War, Major saves a woman's life, swears an oath to protect her
Ruth LanganBriana2002MayH791 MBHR0263831221 / 0-263-83122-1Elizabeth era; 1560s Ireland, O'Neil Saga 3
Judith StacyThe Heart of a Hero2002MayH792 MBHR026383123X / 0-263-83123-XWestern; Wyoming 1886, hero moves back home to raise sister's children
Sylvia AndrewLord Calthorpe's Promise2002JuneH793 MBHR0263831248 / 0-263-83124-8Regency
Elizabeth RollsThe Dutiful Rake2002JuneH794 MBHR0263831256 / 0-263-83125-6Regency; Rake 1
Jacqueline NavinThe Flower and the Sword2002JuneH795 MBHR0263831264 / 0-263-83126-4Medieval; 1190s England
Lyn StoneThe Wicked Truth2002JuneH796 MBHR0263831272 / 0-263-83127-2Victorian; heroine disguised as a man, investigates murder she's suspected of
Paula MarshallRinaldi's Revenge2002JulyH797 MBHR0263831280 / 0-263-83128-0Medieval; Renaissance Italy
Mary NicholsLady Lavinia's Match2002JulyH798 MBHR0263831299 / 0-263-83129-9Regency
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Kiss2002JulyH799 MBHR0263831302 / 0-263-83130-2Medieval; Warrior 12 (Trystan DeLanyea)
Susan Spencer PaulBeguiled2002JulyH800 MBHR0263831310 / 0-263-83131-0Regency; heroine is mute
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