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H801-H900 Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Georgina DevonThe Rogue's Seduction2002AugustH801 MBHR0263831329 / 0-263-83132-9Regency
Joanna MaitlandMarrying the Major2002AugustH802 MBHR0263831337 / 0-263-83133-7Regency; hero scarred from Peninsular War, Stratton 1
Mary McBrideQuicksilver's Catch2002AugustH803 MBHR0263831345 / 0-263-83134-5Western
Gayle WilsonHonor's Bride / Honour's Bride2002AugustH804 MBHR0263831353 / 0-263-83135-3Regency; Portugal 1811, honourable soldier is drawn to another man's wife, one who follows the drum but is abused
Meg AlexanderThe Rebellious Débutante [UK] / The Rebellious Debutante [US]2002SeptemberH805 MBHR0263831361 / 0-263-83136-1Regency; Wentworth 4 (Perdita)
Juliet LandonThe Knight's Conquest2002SeptemberH806 MBHR026383137X / 0-263-83137-XMedieval; Edward III, 1300s
Deborah HaleA Gentleman of Substance2002SeptemberH807 MBHR0263831388 / 0-263-83138-8Regency
Cheryl St JohnSweet Annie2002SeptemberH808 MBHR0263831396 / 0-263-83139-6Western; Colorado 1888, heroine limps, uses a wheelchair, parents block marriage, Copper Creek Brides 1
Paula MarshallJack Compton's Luck2002OctoberH809 MBHR026383140X / 0-263-83140-X20th Century; 1920s
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Duke's Mistress2002OctoberH810 MBHR0263831418 / 0-263-83141-8Regency
Julia JustissThe Wedding Gamble2002OctoberH811 MBHR0263831426 / 0-263-83142-6Regency; Wellingford 1
Carolyn DavidsonThe Bachelor Tax2002OctoberH812 MBHR0263831434 / 0-263-83143-4Western; Texas, Tanner 1 (Gabe)
Nicola CornickThe Earl's Prize2002NovemberH813 MBHR0263831442 / 0-263-83144-2Regency; Tallants 1
Elizabeth BaileyNell2002NovemberH814 MBHR0263831450 / 0-263-83145-0Regency; Governess Trilogy 2
Susan Spencer PaulThe Prisoner Bride2002NovemberH815 MBHR0263831469 / 0-263-83146-9Medieval; 1400s, Bride 6 (Glenys Seymour)
Carolyn DavidsonTanner Stakes His Claim2002NovemberH816 MBHR0263831477 / 0-263-83147-7Western; Texas, 1897, Tanner 2 (Wes)
Anthology: Paula Marshall, Deborah Simmons, Ruth LanganSafe Haven for Christmas: Christmas Rose by Marshall; The Unexpected Guest by Simmons; Christmas at Bitter Creek by Langan2002DecemberH817 MBHR0263831485 / 0-263-83148-5Simmons: Medieval, de Burgh 4 (Fawke, Earl of Campion)
Claire ThorntonGifford's Lady2002DecemberH818 MBHR0263831493 / 0-263-83149-3Regency; Bath, tortured, scarred hero, impoverished heroine with a stutter
Deborah HaleThe Wedding Wager2002DecemberH819 MBHR0263831507 / 0-263-83150-7Regency; England 1811
Jillian HartLast Chance Bride2002DecemberH820 MBHR0263831515 / 0-263-83151-5Western; Montana Territory 1866, mail-order bride
Anne AshleyTavern Wench2003JanuaryH821 MBHR0263834905 / 0-263-83490-5Regency
Francesca ShawThe Rebellious Bride2003JanuaryH822 MBHR0263834913 / 0-263-83491-3Regency; heroine says she cannot be ruined, as already lost reputation
Margaret MooreThe Rogue's Return2003JanuaryH823 MBHR0263834921 / 0-263-83492-1Victorian; Unsuitable Men 3 (Lord Elliot Fitzwalter)
Judith StacyThe Dreammaker2003JanuaryH824 MBHR026383493X / 0-263-83493-XWestern; Nevada 1884, strangers become 50/50 owners of a general store
Sylvia AndrewLord Trenchard's Choice2003FebruaryH825 MBHR0263834948 / 0-263-83494-8Regency
Anne HerriesThe Sheikh2003FebruaryH826 MBHR0263834956 / 0-263-83495-61920s
Lyn StoneThe Knight's Bride2003FebruaryH827 MBHR0263834964 / 0-263-83496-4Medieval; Scotland 1314, man's dying wish is for knight to marry his pregnant widow, Medieval 1
Cheryl ReavisThe Captive Heart2003FebruaryH828 MBHR0263834972 / 0-263-83497-218th Century; 1760s, half-Cherokee hero
Nicola CornickThe Chaperon Bride2003MarchH829 MBHR0263834980 / 0-263-83498-0Regency; Tallants 2
Deborah MilesThe Decadent Countess2003MarchH830 MBHR0263834999 / 0-263-83499-9Regency
Deborah HaleMy Lord Protector2003MarchH831 MBHR0263835006 / 0-263-83500-6Georgian; 1742 England
Cheryl St JohnJoe's Wife2003MarchH832 MBHR0263835014 / 0-263-83501-4Western; Colorado 1865, Joe's widow proposes marriage of convenience to keep her ranch
Paula MarshallAn Unconventional Heiress2003AprilH833 MBHR0263835022 / 0-263-83502-2Regency era; Australia, Dilhorne Dynasty prequel (Dr Alan Kerr)
Elizabeth BaileyKitty2003AprilH834 MBHR0263835030 / 0-263-83503-0Regency; Governess Trilogy 3
Deborah SimmonsMy Lady de Burgh2003AprilH835 MBHR0263835049 / 0-263-83504-9Medieval; 13th century, murder in a nunnery, de Burgh 6 (Robin)
Mary BurtonA Bride for McCain2003AprilH836 MBHR0263835057 / 0-263-83505-7Western; 1870s
Julia ByrneThe Viking's Captive2003MayH837 MBHR0263835065 / 0-263-83506-5Early Middle Ages; 900s
Elizabeth RollsThe Unruly Chaperon2003MayH838 MBHR0263835073 / 0-263-83507-3Regency; widowed chaperon with second chance at love
Jacqueline NavinA Rose at Midnight2003MayH839 MBHR0263835081 / 0-263-83508-1Victorian; Cambridgeshire, 1847
Carolyn DavidsonThe Wedding Promise2003MayH840 MBHR026383509X / 0-263-83509-XWestern; 1860s, McPherson 1
Meg AlexanderThe Matchmaker's Marriage2003JuneH841 MBHR0263835103 / 0-263-83510-3Regency; Wentworth 5 (Amy)
Juliet LandonOne Night in Paradise2003JuneH842 MBHR0263835111 / 0-263-83511-1Elizabethan
Deborah SimmonsThe Last Rogue2003JuneH843 MBHR026383512X / 0-263-83512-XRegency; compromising situation, plain heroine, Regency 4
Carolyn DavidsonMaggie's Beau2003JuneH844 MBHR0263835138 / 0-263-83513-8Western; 1870s, linked to MacPherson family
Nicola CornickWayward Widow2003JulyH845 MBHR0263835146 / 0-263-83514-6Regency; Tallants 3
Gayle WilsonMy Lady's Dare2003JulyH846 MBHR0263835154 / 0-263-83515-4Regency; hero wins a Frenchman's mistress in a game of cards, Sinclair Brides 1
Lyn StoneBride of Trouville2003JulyH847 MBHR0263835162 / 0-263-83516-2Medieval; France 1318, heroine worries new husband will disinherit her son from first marriage, Medieval 2
Deborah HaleCarpetbagger's Wife2003JulyH848 MBHR0263835170 / 0-263-83517-0post-American Civil War; 1860s Virginia
Anne AshleyBeloved Virago2003AugustH849 MBHR0263835189 / 0-263-83518-9Regency
Joanna MaitlandRake's Reward2003AugustH850 MBHR0263835197 / 0-263-83519-7Regency; Stratton 2
Bronwyn WilliamsThe Mail-Order Brides2003AugustH851 MBHR0263835200 / 0-263-83520-019th Century; North Carolina 1899, unsuitable woman answers advert for mail-order bride
Jillian HartCooper's Wife2003AugustH852 MBHR0263835219 / 0-263-83521-9Western; Montana Territoty, 1864, mail-order bride
Helen DicksonThe Pirate's Daughter2003SeptemberH853 MBHR0263835227 / 0-263-83522-7Caribbean
Mary NicholsA Lady of Consequence2003SeptemberH854 MBHR0263835235 / 0-263-83523-5Regency
Gayle WilsonAnne's Perfect Husband2003SeptemberH855 MBHR0263835243 / 0-263-83524-3Regency; shrapnelled hero made guardian to his enemy's daughter, Sinclair Brides 2
Judith StacyThe Widow's Little Secret2003SeptemberH856 MBHR0263835251 / 0-263-83525-1Western; 1880s Nevada, widow becomes pregnant
Sylvia AndrewColonel Ancroft's Love2003OctoberH857 MBHR026383526X / 0-263-83526-XRegency
Louise AllenOne Night with a Rake2003OctoberH858 MBHR0263835278 / 0-263-83527-8Regency
Deborah HaleThe Elusive Bride2003OctoberH859 MBHR0263835286 / 0-263-83528-6Medieval; Normans
Ruth LanganThe Courtship of Izzy McCree2003OctoberH860 MBHR0263835294 / 0-263-83529-4Western; mail-order bride
Nicola CornickThe Penniless Bride2003NovemberH861 MBHR0263835308 / 0-263-83530-8Regency
Elizabeth BaileyThe Count's Charade2003NovemberH862 MBHR0263835316 / 0-263-83531-6Regency
Gayle WilsonHer Dearest Sin2003NovemberH863 MBHR0263835324 / 0-263-83532-4Regency; Spain 1813, hero rescues Spanish woman from abusive guardian/fiancé, Sinclair Brides 3
Cheryl St JohnThe Doctor's Wife2003NovemberH864 MBHR0263835332 / 0-263-83533-2Western; 1880s Kansas, marriage of convenience, respectable hero, heroine with secrets, Harvey Girls 1
Georgina DevonThe Lord and the Mystery Lady2003DecemberH865 MBHR0263835340 / 0-263-83534-0Regency
Elizabeth RollsThe Chivalrous Rake2003DecemberH866 MBHR0263835359 / 0-263-83535-9Regency; heroine's father has dementia and is accused of theft, Rake 2
Lyn StoneMarrying Mischief2003DecemberH867 MBHR0263835367 / 0-263-83536-7Victorian; 1864, Earl compromises and marries woman whose reputation he ruined 7 years previously
Jillian HartMalcolm's Honor / Malcolm's Honour2003DecemberH868 MBHR0263835375 / 0-263-83537-5Medieval; England
Mary BrendanThe Unknown Wife2004JanuaryH869 MBHR0263839443 / 0-263-83944-3Regency; Meredith Sisters 2 (Isabel)
Anne HerriesA Damnable Rogue2004JanuaryH870 MBHR0263839451 / 0-263-83945-1Regency
Margaret MooreThe Overlord's Bride2004JanuaryH871 MBHR026383946X / 0-263-83946-XMedieval; England 1200s, Warrior 13 (Raymond D'Estienne)
Judith StacyMarried by Midnight2004JanuaryH872 MBHR0263839478 / 0-263-83947-8Western; 1896, new bride finds husband wagered he could marry within 30 days
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Viscount's Bride2004FebruaryH873 MBHR0263839486 / 0-263-83948-6
Joanna MakepeaceHer Guardian Knight2004FebruaryH874 MBHR0263839494 / 0-263-83949-4Medieval; Wars of the Roses
Gayle WilsonThe Heart's Wager2004FebruaryH875 MBHR0263839508 / 0-263-83950-8Regency; France, intrigue, hero under-cover, heroine on the run, Heart 2
Bronwyn WilliamsBeckett's Birthright2004FebruaryH876 MBHR0263839516 / 0-263-83951-619th Century; North Carolina cattle farm, foreman and boss's daughter
Louise AllenThe Earl's Intended Wife2004MarchH877 MBHR0263839524 / 0-263-83952-4Regency
Dorothy ElburyA Hasty Betrothal2004MarchH878 MBHR0263839532 / 0-263-83953-2Regency
Deborah HaleBorder Bride2004MarchH879 MBHR0263839540 / 0-263-83954-0Medieval; 1140s Wales
Carolyn DavidsonA Marriage by Chance2004MarchH880 MBHR0263839559 / 0-263-83955-9Western; Wyoming 1894
Catherine MarchMy Lady English2004AprilH881 MBHR0263839567 / 0-263-83956-7Norman Conquest
Gail WhitikerA Most Unsuitable Bride2004AprilH882 MBHR0263839575 / 0-263-83957-5Regency; London, why does woman ride in Hyde Park so heavily veiled?
Julia JustissThe Proper Wife2004AprilH883 MBHR0263839583 / 0-263-83958-3Regency; Wellingford 2
Kate BridgesThe Doctor's Homecoming2004AprilH884 MBHR0263839591 / 0-263-83959-1Western; Montana Territory 1882
Sylvia AndrewA Very Unusual Governess2004MayH885 MBHR0263839605 / 0-263-83960-5Regency
Victoria AldridgeA Convenient Gentleman2004MayH886 MBHR0263839613 / 0-263-83961-319th Century; New Zealand, Morgan 2
Gayle WilsonThe Gambler's Heart2004MayH887 MBHR0263839621 / 0-263-83962-1Regency; beauty and the beast, hero is a gambler with scarring from a fire, Heart 3
Mary BurtonThe Colorado Bride2004MayH888 MBHR026383963X / 0-263-83963-XWestern; Colorado
Juliet LandonThe Widow's Bargain2004JuneH889 MBHR0263839648 / 0-263-83964-8Medieval; Scotland 1319
Anne O'BrienThe Runaway Heiress2004JuneH890 MBHR0263839656 / 0-263-83965-6Regency
Julia JustissMy Lady's Trust2004JuneH891 MBHR0263839664 / 0-263-83966-4Regency; England 1812, My Lady's 1
Jillian HartMontana Man2004JuneH892 MBHR0263839672 / 0-263-83967-2Western; Montana Territory, 1884
Diane GastonThe Mysterious Miss M2004JulyH893 MBHR0263839680 / 0-263-83968-0Regency
Louise AllenThe Society Catch2004JulyH894 MBHR0263839699 / 0-263-83969-9Regency
Cheryl St JohnSaint or Sinner2004JulyH895 MBHR0263839702 / 0-263-83970-2Western; reformed rake
Bronwyn WilliamsBlackstone's Bride2004JulyH896 MBHR0263839710 / 0-263-83971-0captive widow, half-breed drifter
Nicola CornickThe Notorious Lord2004AugustH897 MBHR0263839729 / 0-263-83972-9Bluestocking Brides 1
Sophia JamesFallen Angel2004AugustH898 MBHR0263839737 / 0-263-83973-7Victorian; England 1861
Helen KirkmanA Moment's Madness2004AugustH899 MBHR0263839745 / 0-263-83974-5Viking; England, 917 AD
Lyn StoneThe Scot2004AugustH900 MBHR0263839753 / 0-263-83975-3Victorian; arranged marriage of Englishwoman to Highland Scot
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