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MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Kathleen Eagle
Heaven and EarthUK: #530 MBHR1996 December0263800059 / 0-263-80005-9Western; Oregon, 1846
US: HH50 HH-31990 July0373286503 / 0-373-28650-3
Medicine WomanUK: H643 MBHR1999 April0263815277 / 0-263-81527-719th Century; Paha Sapa, the land of the Lakota, 1819
US: HH30 HH-31989 September0373286309 / 0-373-28630-9
"Medicine Woman" in Dream CatchersUS: Special release1995 December0373201192 / 0-373-20119-2
Private TreatyUS: HH2 HH-31988 July0373286023 / 0-373-28602-3
"The Sharing Spoon" in Friends, Families, LoversUS: Special release1993 October0373832605 / 0-373-83260-5Western; Lakota Sioux hero and Society heroine
"The Wolf and the Lamb" in Mistletoe MarriagesUS: Special release1994 November0373833091 / 0-373-83309-1Western; mail-order bride arrives to no groom, half-breed hero
Margaret Eastvale
Change of HeartUK: M75 Masq1981 March0263734365 / 0-263-73436-5
US: HH72 HH-11981 September0373300727 / 0-373-30072-7
Ann Edgeworth
Bride for the WestUK: M196 Masq1986 March0263753689 / 0-263-75368-9Western; Late 1800s Montana (after the founding of Reservations)
The Devil's AngelUK: M62 Masq1980 August0263732290 / 0-263-73229-0
US: HH59 HH-11981 February037330059X / 0-373-30059-X
The Golden BrideUK: M99 Masq1982 March0263738043 / 0-263-73804-3Victorian era; England, Jamaica
Lady of FlameUK: M170 Masq1985 February026374972X / 0-263-74972-XVictorian; England and West Indies
The Last Miss LyntonUK: M126 Masq1983 April0263742431 / 0-263-74243-1Edwardian; England
Man from MontanaUK: M118 Masq1982 December026374101X / 0-263-74101-XWestern; Montana 1880s
Runaway MaidUK: M41 Masq1979 October0263730840 / 0-263-73084-0Georgian; England, George III
US: HH39 HH-11980 April0373300395 / 0-373-30039-5
Janet Edmonds
A Civil MarriageUK: M259 Masq1988 November0263762564 / 0-263-76256-4Regency
Count Sergei's PrideUK: M200 Masq1986 May0263754006 / 0-263-75400-618th Century; Russia 1707
US: HH4 HH-21986 September0373302045 / 0-373-30204-5
The Denmead InheritanceUK: M325 Masq1991 August0263773752 / 0-263-77375-2Regency
Flight from the HaremUK: M313 Masq1991 February0263771490 / 0-263-77149-0Charles II; 17th Century Tangier, Morocco
The Happenstance WitchUK: M186 Masq1985 October0263752186 / 0-263-75218-6Cromwell; England, witches
Highwayman BrideUK: M293 Masq1990 April0263767957 / 0-263-76795-7
A Nabob's DaughterUK: M382 LOL1993 November0263782409 / 0-263-78240-9Regency
US: HH47 HSS2000? July?0373303564 / 0-373-30356-4
"A Nabob's Daughter" in Mischief & MayhemUS: Special release1995 ____0373312172 / 0-373-31217-2
The Polish WolfUK: M172 Masq1985 March0263750485 / 0-263-75048-517th Century; Vienna 1660s
Scarlet WomanUK: M242 Masq1988 February026376012X / 0-263-76012-X
Wolf GirlUK: M228 Masq1987 July0263757870 / 0-263-75787-0raised by wolves, New Mexico
Cassie Edwards
A Gentle PassionUS: HH17 HH-31989 March0373286171 / 0-373-28617-1
Passion in the WindUS: HH5 HH-31988 September0373286058 / 0-373-28605-8Australia
Passion's EmbraceUK: H659 MBHR1999 August0263817679 / 0-263-81767-9Seattle
US: HH42 HH-31990 March0373286422 / 0-373-28642-2
Dorothy Elbury
A Hasty BetrothalUK: H878 MBHR2004 March0263839532 / 0-263-83953-2Regency
US: HH176 HSS2005 November0373304854 / 0-373-30485-4
"A Hasty Betrothal" in Regency High-Society Affairs v1UK: Vol 1 2009 March9780263875461 / 978-0-263-87546-1
The Major and the Country MissUK: H1145 MBHR2009 March9780263867695 / 978-0-263-86769-5Regency
US: HH252 HSS2009 January9780373305612 / 978-0-373-30561-2
A Marriageable MissUK: H1199 MBHR2010 February9780263875683 / 978-0-263-87568-3Regency
US: HH273 HSS2009 December9780373305827 / 978-0-373-30582-7
The Officer and the LadyUK: H969 MBHR2006 February0263846334 / 0-263-84633-4Regency
US: HH195 HSS2006 September0373305044 / 0-373-30504-4
The Rake's Final ConquestUS: HH310 HSS2011 June9780373306190 / 978-0-373-30619-0Regency
"The Rake's Final Conquest" in Regency Rakes & ReputationsUK: Vol 3 2012 April9780263897531 / 978-0-263-89753-1
An Unconventional MissUK: H1095 MBHR2008 May9780263862584 / 978-0-263-86258-4Regency
US: HH237 HSS2008 June9780373305469 / 978-0-373-30546-9
The Viscount's SecretUK: H941 MBHR2005 July0263843750 / 0-263-84375-0Regency
US: HH183 HSS2006 March0373304927 / 0-373-30492-7
Lucy Elliot
"A Cinderella Christmas" in Historical Christmas StoriesUK: Silhouette Special Release 1998 ____0373832117 / 0-373-83211-7New England; UK and US releases share same ISBN despite branding differences and 9 year gap
US: Special release1989 November0373832117 / 0-373-83211-7
The ClaimUS: HH129 HH-31992 June0373287291 / 0-373-28729-1
The ConquestUS: HH146 HH-31992 October0373287461 / 0-373-28746-1Quebec, Canada
Contraband DesireUK: M384 LOL1993 November0263783251 / 0-263-78325-1American Civil War
US: HH64 HH-31991 February0373286643 / 0-373-28664-3
Frontiers of the HeartUS: HH24 HH-31989 June0373286244 / 0-373-28624-4Western; California, sea voyage
Passionate AllianceUS: HH95 HH-31991 October0373286953 / 0-373-28695-3American Revolution
Private ParadiseUK: M395 LOL1994 February0263783308 / 0-263-78330-819th Century; New York, 1883
US: HH79 HH-31991 June0373286791 / 0-373-28679-1
Shared PassionsUS: HH8 HH-31988 October0373286082 / 0-373-28608-2
Summer's PromiseUS: HH44 HH-31990 April0373286449 / 0-373-28644-9
Sarah Elliott
The Earl and the GovernessUK: H1185 MBHR2009 November9780263868098 / 978-0-263-86809-8Regency, 1822
US: HH977 HH-32010 January9780373295777 / 978-0-373-29577-7
The Rake's ProposalUK: H1040 MBHR2007 June9780263851793 / 978-0-263-85179-3Regency
US: HH820 HH-32006 October0373294204 / 0-373-29420-4
Reforming the RakeUK: H990 MBHR2006 July9780263846591 / 978-0-263-84659-1Regency
US: HH774 HH-32005 October0373293747 / 0-373-29374-7
The Wayward DebutanteUK: H1225 MBHR2010 July9780263875935 / 978-0-263-87593-5Regency; London and Norfolk, 1818
US: HH884 HH-32008 February9780373294848 / 978-0-373-29484-8
Jean Evans
Devil's FireUK: M137 Masq1983 October0263744205 / 0-263-74420-5Victorian era; India, 1890s
King's PuritanUK: M98 Masq1982 February0263737861 / 0-263-73786-1Cromwell; England 1651
Yukon BrideUK: M109 Masq1982 August0263739627 / 0-263-73962-7Western; Yukon, Canada, 1897
Patricia Gardner Evans
"Keeping Christmas" in Mistletoe MarriagesUS: Special release1994 November0373833091 / 0-373-83309-1Western; New Mexico, Swedish immigrant heroine needs to marry to adopt orphans
Silver NooseUS: HH14 HH-31989 January0373286147 / 0-373-28614-7
Silver NooseUS: MaW 35 Men at Work special release1998 August0373810474 / 0-373-81047-4
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