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Surnames beginning: Ha Hen-Her Hey-Hy
MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Beth Henderson
RecklessUK: H740 MBHR2001 April0263827283 / 0-263-82728-3
US: HH370 HH-31997 June0373289707 / 0-373-28970-7
WickedUS: HH598 HH-32002 February0373291981 / 0-373-29198-119th Century; San Fransisco, 1880s
Stacy Henrie
Lady OutlawUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 September9781408997567 / 978-1-4089-9756-7Western; Utah Territory 1869
US: Insp2012 September9780373829347 / 978-0-373-82934-7
Elizabeth Henshall
Betrayed HeartsUK: M522 MBHR1996 October0263798755 / 0-263-79875-5Medieval; Cheshire 1080
US: HH6 HSS1998 November?0373303157 / 0-373-30315-7
"Betrayed Hearts" in Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 2: Blackmail & BetrayalUK: Vol 2 2007 August9780263858822 / 978-0-263-85882-2
The King's New ManUK: H602 MBHR1998 June0263808025 / 0-263-80802-5Medieval; North of England 1107
US: HH22 HSS1999 July0373303319 / 0-373-30331-9
Madselin's ChoiceUK: H559 MBHR1997 July0263800806 / 0-263-80080-6Medieval; Normandy after the Conquest
US: HH14 HSS1999 March?0373303238 / 0-373-30323-8
"Madselin's Choice" in Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 1: Conquest BridesUK: Vol 1 2007 July9780263858815 / 978-0-263-85881-5
Julia Herbert
Bond-WomanUK: M35 Masq1979 July0263096750 / 0-263-09675-017th Century; Virginia Colony, 1690s; originally published in Australia
US: HH33 HH-11980 January0373300336 / 0-373-30033-6
The Fortune-HunterUK: M7 Masq1977 October026372526X / 0-263-72526-XGeorgian?
US: HH5 HH-11977 December0373050054 / 0-373-05005-4
Prisoner of the HaremUK: M16 Masq1978 September0263727114 / 0-263-72711-4Georgian era; France and Algiers 1780s (1793, Naples/Algiers)
US: HH15 HH-11978 October037374515X / 0-373-74515-X
The RunawaysUK: M1 Masq1977 September0263724298 / 0-263-72429-8Georgian; 50p net; Mid 18th Century England
US: HH2 HH-11977 September037305002X / 0-373-05002-X
Anne Herries
The Abducted BrideUK: H749 MBHR2001 July0263827372 / 0-263-82737-2Regency
US: HH135 HSS2004 March0373304447 / 0-373-30444-7
The Adventurer's Wife, alphabetised under Elizabethan Season: Autumn
Bartered BrideUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 April9781408938164 / 978-1-4089-3816-4
US: HH303 HSS2011 March9780373306121 / 978-0-373-30612-1
"Bartered Bride" in Regency Mischief & MarriageUK: Vol 2 2012 March9780263897227 / 978-0-263-89722-7
Beware the ConquerorUK: M174 Masq1985 April0263750787 / 0-263-75078-7Norman Conquest; England, ca. 1066
Bought for the HaremUK: H1305 MBHR2011 August9780263887952 / 978-0-263-88795-2Elizabethan-era Ottoman Empire; two English noble women sold in a slave market, adopted son of Caliph is English former slave
US: HH285 HSS2010 June9780373305940 / 978-0-373-30594-0
"Captain Moorcroft's Christmas Bride" in Candlelit Christmas KissesUK: Special Release 2012 November9780263902372 / 978-0-263-90237-2Regency; woman becomes housekeeper for old flame
Captive of the HaremUK: H785 MBHR2002 April0263831167 / 0-263-83116-7
US: HH145 HSS2004 August0373304544 / 0-373-30454-4
"Captive of the Harem" in Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 5: Exotic EastUK: Vol 5 2007 November9780263858853 / 978-0-263-85885-3
Counterfeit EarlUK: Vol 9 2002 January0263828506 / 0-263-82850-6Regency
US: HH109 HSS2003 February0373304188 / 0-373-30418-8
"Counterfeit Earl" in The Steepwood Scandals 5UK: Vol 5 2007 March9780263854992 / 978-0-263-85499-2
A Country Miss in Hanover SquareUK: H1154 MBHR2009 May9780263867787 / 978-0-263-86778-7Regency, Season in Town 1
US: HH312 HSS2011 July9780373306213 / 978-0-373-30621-3
"A Country Miss in Hanover Square" in Debutante in the Regency BallroomUK: Vol 6 2013 September9780263906691 / 978-0-263-90669-1
Courted by the CaptainUK: H1477 MBHR2013 December9780263898668 / 978-0-263-89866-8Regency; Officers and Gentlemen 1
US: HH369 HSS2013 December9780373306794 / 978-0-373-30679-4
A Damnable RogueUK: H870 MBHR2004 January0263839451 / 0-263-83945-1Regency
"A Damnable Rogue" in Regency High-Society Affairs v10UK: Vol 10 2010 January9780263868692 / 978-0-263-86869-2
Demon's WomanUK: M190 Masq1985 December0263752739 / 0-263-75273-9Tudor
Devil's KinUK: M94 Masq1981 December0263737322 / 0-263-73732-2Georgian; pre-Revolutionary Paris and England
The Devil's MercenaryUK: M248 Masq1988 May0263760766 / 0-263-76076-6Venice
The Disappearing DuchessUK: H1338 MBHR2012 February9780263892222 / 978-0-263-89222-2Regency; new bride runs away
Drawn to Lord RavenscarUK: H1489 MBHR2014 February9780263909388 / 978-0-263-90938-8Regency; Officers and Gentlemen 3
US: HH374 HSS2014 February9780373306848 / 978-0-373-30684-8
Elizabethan Season: Autumn: The Adventurer's Wife [UK] / The Adventurer's Wife [US]UK: Autumn 2004 May0263840875 / 0-263-84087-5Elizabethan
US: HH208 HSS2007 March9780373305179 / 978-0-373-30517-9
Elizabethan Season: Summer: Lady in Waiting [UK] / Lady in Waiting [US]UK: Summer 2004 April0263840867 / 0-263-84086-7Elizabethan
US: HH202 HSS2006 December0373305117 / 0-373-30511-7
The Flame and the SwordUK: M233 Masq1987 October0263758818 / 0-263-75881-8Medieval; England
For Love and LibertyUK: M258 Masq1988 October0263761827 / 0-263-76182-7
Forbidden LadyUK: H1216 MBHR2010 May9780263875850 / 978-0-263-87585-0Medieval; England 1400s, Melford Dynasty 1
US: HH209 HSS2007 April9780373305186 / 978-0-373-30518-6
Fugitive CountessUS: HH279 HSS2010 March9780373305889 / 978-0-373-30588-9Tudor; France 1520
"Fugitive Countess" in A Wayward WomanUK: Special Release 2011 March9780263887235 / 978-0-263-88723-5
Her Dark and Dangerous LordUK: H1275 MBHR2011 March9780263882506 / 978-0-263-88250-6Tudor; c1505, England and Normandy, Melford Dynasty 4
US: HH249 HSS2008 December9780373305582 / 978-0-373-30558-2
Her Knight ProtectorUK: H946 MBHR2005 August0263843807 / 0-263-84380-7Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 3
US: HH188 HSS2006 May0373304978 / 0-373-30497-8
His Unusual GovernessUK: H1423 MBHR2013 April9780263898187 / 978-0-263-89818-7Regency; heiress working as governess
US: HH354 HSS2013 April9780373306633 / 978-0-373-30663-3
The Homeless HeiressUK: H1104 MBHR2008 July9780263862676 / 978-0-263-86267-6Regency
US: HH292 HSS2010 September9780373306015 / 978-0-373-30601-5
Hostage BrideUK: H1329 MBHR2011 December9780263888195 / 978-0-263-88819-5Medieval; 1193, widower knight back from the Crusades is attracted to female hostage
An Ideal MatchUK: H614 MBHR1998 September0263811557 / 0-263-81155-7Regency
US: HH43 HSS2000 May?0373303521 / 0-373-30352-1
"An Ideal Match" in The Regency Rakes v4UK: Rakes 2.4 2003 December0263836711 / 0-263-83671-1
An Improper CompanionUK: H1009 MBHR2006 December9780263846836 / 978-0-263-84683-6Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 1
US: HH227 HSS2008 January9780373305360 / 978-0-373-30536-0
An Innocent Debutante in Hanover SquareUK: H1175 MBHR2009 September9780263867992 / 978-0-263-86799-2Regency, Season in Town 2
US: HH314 HSS2011 August9780373306237 / 978-0-373-30623-7
"An Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square" in Debutante in the Regency BallroomUK: Vol 6 2013 September9780263906691 / 978-0-263-90669-1
A Knight of Honour / A Knight of HonorUK: H938 MBHR2005 June0263843726 / 0-263-84372-6Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 2
US: HH184 HSS2006 March0373304935 / 0-373-30493-5
Lady in Waiting, alphabetised under Elizabethan Season: Summer
Lord Ravensden's MarriageUK: Vol 1 2001 May0263828425 / 0-263-82842-5Regency, c1811
US: HH93 HSS2002 June0373304021 / 0-373-30402-1
"Lord Ravensden's Marriage" in The Steepwood Scandals 1UK: Vol 1 2006 November9780263854954 / 978-0-263-85495-4
The Lord's Forced BrideUK: H1239 MBHR2010 September9780263876055 / 978-0-263-87605-5Melford Dynasty 2
US: HH231 HSS2008 March9780373305407 / 978-0-373-30540-7
Make-Believe WifeUS: HH317 HSS2011 October9780373306268 / 978-0-373-30626-8
Marianne and the MarquisUK: H1050 MBHR2007 August9780263851892 / 978-0-263-85189-2Regency; linked to Married by Christmas
US: HH258 HSS2009 April9780373305674 / 978-0-373-30567-4
Married by ChristmasUK: H1059 MBHR2007 October9780263851984 / 978-0-263-85198-4Regency; linked to Marianne and the Marquis
US: HH261 HSS2009 June9780373305704 / 978-0-373-30570-4
Marrying Captain JackUK: H1069 MBHR2007 December9780263852080 / 978-0-263-85208-0Regency
US: HH265 HSS2009 August9780373305742 / 978-0-373-30574-2
A Matter of Honour / A Matter of HonorUK: H706 MBHR2000 August0263823148 / 0-263-82314-8
US: HH173 HSS2005 October037330482X / 0-373-30482-X
"A Matter of Honour" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v18UK: Vol 18 2008 February9780263866490 / 978-0-263-86649-0
The Mistress of Hanover SquareUK: H1194 MBHR2010 January9780263873191 / 978-0-263-87319-1Regency; Season in Town 3
US: HH316 HSS2011 September9780373306251 / 978-0-373-30625-1
The Mysterious Lord MarloweUK: H1344 MBHR2012 March9780263892284 / 978-0-263-89228-4Regency; abduction
A Perfect KnightUK: H930 MBHR2005 April0263843645 / 0-263-84364-5Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 1
US: HH180 HSS2006 January0373304897 / 0-373-30489-7
The Pirate's Willing CaptiveUK: H1211 MBHR2010 April9780263875805 / 978-0-263-87580-5Elizabethan era; Spain 1558, Melford Dynasty 3
"The Pirate's Willing Captive" in Outlaw in the Tudor CourtUK: Vol 1 2014 April9780263246186 / 978-0-263-24618-6
Promised to the CrusaderUK: H1461 MBHR2013 September9780263898507 / 978-0-263-89850-7Medieval
US: HH363 HSS2013 September9780373306732 / 978-0-373-30673-2
Protected by the MajorUK: H1483 MBHR2014 January9780263909326 / 978-0-263-90932-6Regency; Officers and Gentlemen 2
US: HH372 HSS2014 January9780373306824 / 978-0-373-30682-4
The Rake's Rebellious LadyUK: H1130 MBHR2008 December9780263862935 / 978-0-263-86293-5Regency
"The Rake's Rebellious Lady" in Date with a Regency RakeUK: Special Release 2012 December9780263902839 / 978-0-263-90283-9
Ransom BrideUK: H971 MBHR2006 February0263846350 / 0-263-84635-0Elizabethan
US: HH276 HSS2010 January9780373305858 / 978-0-373-30585-8
"Ransom Bride" in Outlaw in the Tudor CourtUK: Vol 1 2014 April9780263246186 / 978-0-263-24618-6
RaphaelUK: M209 Masq1986 October0263755436 / 0-263-75543-6Elizabethan era; Medici Court in Paris
US: HH15 HH-2____ ____0373302150 / 0-373-30215-0
The Rebel Captain's Royalist BrideUK: H1498 MBHR2014 March9780263909470 / 978-0-263-90947-0English Civil War
US: HH375 HSS2014 March9780373306855 / 978-0-373-30685-5
Rosalyn and the ScoundrelUK: H733 MBHR2001 March0263827216 / 0-263-82721-6Regency
US: HH166 HSS2005 June0373304757 / 0-373-30475-7
"Rosalyn and the Scoundrel" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v07UK: Vol 7 2006 January0263844234 / 0-263-84423-4
Rosanna and the RakeUK: M265 Masq1989 February0263763366 / 0-263-76336-6
Satan's MarkUK: H686 MBHR2000 March026382294X / 0-263-82294-XRestoration; England
US: HH118 HSS2003 June0373304277 / 0-373-30427-7
The Scandalous Lord LanchesterUK: H1350 MBHR2012 April9780263892345 / 978-0-263-89234-5Regency; young widow
Secret HeiressUS: HH297 HSS2010 December9780373306060 / 978-0-373-30606-0Regency; 1819
"Secret Heiress" in Regency Mischief & MarriageUK: Vol 2 2012 March9780263897227 / 978-0-263-89722-7
The SheikhUK: H826 MBHR2003 February0263834956 / 0-263-83495-61920s
US: HH157 HSS2005 February0373304668 / 0-373-30466-8
The Sleeping DemonUK: M241 Masq1988 February0263760111 / 0-263-76011-1
The Spanish WitchUK: M225 Masq1987 June026375765X / 0-263-75765-XElizabethan era; Spain, Inquisition
A Stranger's TouchUK: H1402 MBHR2012 December9780263892864 / 978-0-263-89286-4Stuart; early 1600s, Cornwall, government agent rescued from shipwreck, Melford Dynasty 5
US: HH346 HSS2012 December9780373306558 / 978-0-373-30655-8
The Unknown HeirUK: H1089 MBHR2008 April9780263862522 / 978-0-263-86252-2Regency
US: HH269 HSS2009 October9780373305780 / 978-0-373-30578-0
A Wealthy WidowUK: H1020 MBHR2007 February9780263851595 / 978-0-263-85159-5Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 2
US: HH235 HSS2008 May9780373305445 / 978-0-373-30544-5
"Wicked Lady" in A Very Special Mother's DayUK: Special Release 2005 ____0263845281 / 0-263-84528-1Georgian
The Wolf of AlvarUK: M122 Masq1983 February0263741915 / 0-263-74191-5Tudor; 1486 England
A Worthy GentlemanUK: H1029 MBHR2007 April9780263851687 / 978-0-263-85168-7Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 3
US: HH243 HSS2008 September9780373305520 / 978-0-373-30552-0
The Wild HeartUK: M216 Masq1987 January0263756394 / 0-263-75639-4
Surnames beginning: Ha Hen-Her Hey-Hy
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