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Surnames beginning: Ha Hen-Her Hey-Hy
MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Georgette Heyer
April LadyUS: HQN2005 January0373810881 / 0-373-81088-1Regency
April LadyUS: HQN2009 July9780373774135 / 978-0-373-77413-5
ArabellaUS: HQN2003 May0373835558 / 0-373-83555-8Regency
Bath TangleUS: HQN2004 June0373836112 / 0-373-83611-2Regency
Bath TangleUS: HQN2009 April9780373773879 / 978-0-373-77387-9
BeauvalletUS: HQN2004 March037383604X / 0-373-83604-XTudor era; England and Spain
The Black MothUS: HQN2003 June0373835582 / 0-373-83558-2Georgian
The Black MothUS: HQN2008 June9780373773398 / 978-0-373-77339-8
A Civil ContractUS: HQN2005 January037381089X / 0-373-81089-XRegency
A Civil ContractUS: HQN2009 August9780373773978 / 978-0-373-77397-8
The Convenient MarriageUS: HQN2000 April0373834454 / 0-373-83445-4Georgian
The CorinthianUS: HQN2000 July0373834489 / 0-373-83448-9Regency
Cousin KateUS: HQN2000 May0373834462 / 0-373-83446-2Regency
Devil's CubUS: HQN2003 August0373835639 / 0-373-83563-9Georgian; 1780, sequel to These Old Shades
Devil's CubUS: HQN2008 August9780373773411 / 978-0-373-77341-1
FredericaUS: HQN2000 February0373834438 / 0-373-83443-8Regency
The FoundlingUS: HQN2003 April0373835493 / 0-373-83549-3Regency
The Grand SophyUS: HQN2003 March0373835485 / 0-373-83548-5Regency
The MasqueradersUS: HQN2004 April0373836066 / 0-373-83606-6Georgian; following Jacobite Uprising
The NonesuchUS: HQN2000 March0373834446 / 0-373-83444-6Regency
Powder and PatchUS: HQN2004 February0373836023 / 0-373-83602-3Georgian
The Quiet GentlemanUS: Harlequin Signature Select2006 January0373836848 / 0-373-83684-8Regency
The Quiet GentlemanUS: HQN2009 October9780373774173 / 978-0-373-77417-3
Sprig MuslinUS: HQN2004 July0373836244 / 0-373-83624-4Regency
Sprig MuslinUS: HQN2009 May9780373773862 / 978-0-373-77386-2
SylvesterUS: HQN2004 May0373836082 / 0-373-83608-2Regency
SylvesterUS: HQN2009 March9780373773855 / 978-0-373-77385-5
The Talisman RingUS: HQN2000 June0373834470 / 0-373-83447-0Georgian; 1793
These Old ShadesUS: HQN2003 July0373835590 / 0-373-83559-0Georgian; c1756, followed by Devil's Cub
These Old ShadesUS: HQN2008 July9780373773404 / 978-0-373-77340-4
The Toll-GateUS: HQN2005 January0373810873 / 0-373-81087-3Regency
The Toll-GateUS: HQN2009 June9780373774128 / 978-0-373-77412-8
The Unknown AjaxUS: HQN2005 January0373810903 / 0-373-81090-3Regency
The Unknown AjaxUS: HQN2009 September9780373774166 / 978-0-373-77416-6
VenetiaUS: HQN2006 November0373771665 / 0-373-77166-5Regency
VenetiaUS: HQN2009 November9780373774180 / 978-0-373-77418-0
Brenda Hiatt
"Azalea" in Regency DiamondsUS: Special release1994 September0373312148 / 0-373-31214-8Regency
A Christmas BrideUS: HRR112 HR-21993 December0373312121 / 0-373-31212-1Regency
Daring DeceptionUK: M498 LOL1996 April0263795314 / 0-263-79531-4Regency
US: HRR102 HR-21993 July0373312024 / 0-373-31202-4
Daring DeceptionUS: Special release1999 ____0373312253 / 0-373-31225-3
GabriellaUK: H554 MBHR1997 June0263801942 / 0-263-80194-2Regency
US: HRR70 HR-21992 March0373311702 / 0-373-31170-2
Lord Dearborn's DestinyUS: HRR91 HR-21993 February0373311915 / 0-373-31191-5Regency
The Ugly DucklingUS: HRR81 HR-21992 September0373311818 / 0-373-31181-8Regency
Margot Holland
Black MarquisUK: M93 Masq1981 December0263737314 / 0-263-73731-4Norman Conquest; England 1066
US: HH90 HH-11982 June0373300905 / 0-373-30090-5
Lady of StarlightUK: M73 Masq1981 February026373434X / 0-263-73434-XNorman Conquest; England
US: HH70 HH-11981 August0373300700 / 0-373-30070-0
Joyce Holms
The Magnificent Miss FrazerUK: M189 Masq1985 December0263752720 / 0-263-75272-0
Miss MacIntosh's RebelUK: M180 Masq1985 July0263751066 / 0-263-75106-6Georgian; Scotland 1740s
Margaret Hope
Hostage Most RoyalUK: M31 Masq1979 May0263728803 / 0-263-72880-3Edwardian era; Middle Europe, ca. 1900
US: HH30 HH-11979 December0373745303 / 0-373-74530-3
Perilous VoyageUK: M135 Masq1983 September0263743829 / 0-263-74382-9Edwardian; England to Canada Voyage 1906
The Queen's CaptainUK: M20 Masq1978 November0263728161 / 0-263-72816-1Elizabethan; England
US: HH16 HH-11979 May0373745168 / 0-373-74516-8
The Shadow QueenUK: M45 Masq1979 December0263096734 / 0-263-09673-4Stuart; look-a-like of Mary Queen of Scots
US: HH42 HH-11980 June0373300425 / 0-373-30042-5
Una Horne
Child of SorrowUK: Special Release 2007 May9780263858693 / 978-0-263-85869-3Saga
Coral Hoyle
The Art of the HuntUS: HRR79 HR-21992 August0373311796 / 0-373-31179-6Regency
A Merry Go-AroundUS: HRR29 HR-21990 July037331129X / 0-373-31129-XRegency
Midsummer MasqueUS: HRR4 HR-21989 June0373311044 / 0-373-31104-4Regency
The Virgin's HeartUS: HRR15 HR-21989 December037331115X / 0-373-31115-XRegency
Rose Hughes
The Dangerous GoddessUK: M103 Masq1982 May0263738620 / 0-263-73862-0Victorian era; India, 1897
Ann Hulme
Captain Harland's MarriageUK: M275 Masq1989 July0263764850 / 0-263-76485-0Victorian; early Victorian England
Daughter of SpainUK: M155 Masq1984 July026374728X / 0-263-74728-XRegency era; Spain 1813, Wellington's Peninsular Campaign
The Emperor's DragoonUK: M136 Masq1983 September0263743837 / 0-263-74383-7Regency era; Vienna 1805, French occupation
False FortuneUK: M285 Masq1989 December0263766667 / 0-263-76666-7Regency
US: HRR49 HR-21991 May0373311494 / 0-373-31149-4
The GamesterUK: M112 Masq1982 September0263740137 / 0-263-74013-7Georgian; England c1776
The Garden of the Azure DragonUK: M205 Masq1986 August0263754782 / 0-263-75478-2
US: HH10 HH-21986 December037330210X / 0-373-30210-X
The Hungarian AdventuressUK: M192 Masq1986 January026375295X / 0-263-75295-XVienna
Interlaken IntrigueUK: M214 Masq1986 December0263755924 / 0-263-75592-420th Century; Switzerland, 1906
US: HH17 HH-2____ ____0373302177 / 0-373-30217-7
No Place for a LadyUK: M244 Masq1988 March0263760170 / 0-263-76017-0Victorian
A Poor RelationUK: M28 Masq1979 March0263728714 / 0-263-72871-4
US: HH26 HH-11979 October0373745265 / 0-373-74526-5
A Scandalous BargainUK: M266 Masq1989 February0263763374 / 0-263-76337-4Regency
US: HRR40 HR-21990 December0373311400 / 0-373-31140-0
Summer HeiressUK: M86 Masq1981 August026373577X / 0-263-73577-XRegency
US: HH83 HH-11982 February0373300832 / 0-373-30083-2
The Unexpected AmericanUK: M257 Masq1988 October0263761819 / 0-263-76181-9Regency
US: HRR8 HR-21989 August0373311087 / 0-373-31108-7
A Woman of the RegimentUK: M179 Masq1985 July0263751058 / 0-263-75105-8Regency era; France, Alps, Italy-French troops 1799
Angela Hunt
BrothersUK: Steeple Hill Inspirational ebook first/only Special Release 2013 January9781472089267 / 978-1-4720-8926-7Ancient Egypt; Biblical era, Legacies of the Ancient River 2
DreamersUK: Steeple Hill Inspirational ebook first/only Special Release 2013 January9781472089281 / 978-1-4720-8928-1Ancient Egypt; Biblical era, Legacies of the Ancient River 1
JourneyUK: Steeple Hill Inspirational ebook first/only Special Release 2013 January9781472089328 / 978-1-4720-8932-8Ancient Egypt; Biblical era, Legacies of the Ancient River 3
Sara Hylton
An Arranged MarriageUK: Special Release 2006 April9780263849790 / 978-0-263-84979-0Saga; Edwardian; England and India
The Last WaltzUK: Special Release 2006 November9780263851045 / 978-0-263-85104-5Saga; early 20th Century; England, Vienna, St Petersburg, etc, etc
Surnames beginning: Ha Hen-Her Hey-Hy
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