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Surnames beginning: Laf-Lan Lau-Ly
MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Christina Laffeaty
Count Antonov's HeirUK: M59 Masq1980 July0263732266 / 0-263-73226-6Victorian era; mid-19th century Russia
US: HH56 HH-11981 January0373300565 / 0-373-30056-5
Diamonds in the DustUK: M157 Masq1984 August0263747840 / 0-263-74784-019th Century; Kimberley, South Africa Late 1800s
The Khan of ShapooraUK: M175 Masq1985 May0263750981 / 0-263-75098-1Victorian; Afghanistan and England 1880s
Love UndefeatedUK: M208 Masq1986 September0263754812 / 0-263-75481-2Scotland
US: HH16 HH-2____ ____0373302169 / 0-373-30216-9
Trelawney's WomanUK: M240 Masq1988 January0263759679 / 0-263-75967-9Pirate corsairs
Twenty-Sovereign BrideUK: M165 Masq1984 December0263749304 / 0-263-74930-4Victorian era; Australian Outback late 19th century
Zulu SunsetUK: M66 Masq1980 October0263732339 / 0-263-73233-9Victorian era; Zululand 1879
US: HH63 HH-11981 April0373300638 / 0-373-30063-8
Jill Marie Landis
HomecomingUK: Steeple Hill Inspirational ebook first/only Special Release 2013 January9781472089311 / 978-1-4720-8931-1Western; Texas 1873, white girl raised Comanche
Juliet Landon
The Bought BrideUK: H934 MBHR2005 May0263843688 / 0-263-84368-8Medieval; post-Norman Conquest, 1080s
US: HH766 HH-32005 August0373293666 / 0-373-29366-6
Dishonour and Desire / Dishonor and DesireUK: H1043 MBHR2007 July9780263851823 / 978-0-263-85182-3Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 2
US: HH860 HH-32007 August9780373294602 / 978-0-373-29460-2
"Dishonour and Desire" in Regency RumoursUK: Vol 3 2011 April9780263887334 / 978-0-263-88733-4
The Golden LureUK: M447 LOL1995 March0263789969 / 0-263-78996-9Medieval; Airedale and York, 1350
US: HH30 HSS1999? November?0373303394 / 0-373-30339-4
The Goldsmith's JewelUK: H633 MBHR1999 February0263814238 / 0-263-81423-8Medieval; York, 1360
US: HH52 HSS2000? September?0373303610 / 0-373-30361-0
His Duty, Her DestinyUK: H975 MBHR2006 March0263846407 / 0-263-84640-7Medieval; late Medieval London, 1473
US: HH802 HH-32006 May0373294026 / 0-373-29402-6
A Knight in WaitingUK: M473 LOL1995 October0263792986 / 0-263-79298-6Medieval; North Yorkshire, 1350s
US: HH4 HSS1998 October?0373303130 / 0-373-30313-0
"A Knight in Waiting" in Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 2: Blackmail & BetrayalUK: Vol 2 2007 August9780263858822 / 978-0-263-85882-2
The Knight, the Knave and the LadyUK: H537 MBHR1997 February0263800180 / 0-263-80018-0Medieval; North Yorkshire, 1350s
US: HH16 HSS1999 April?0373303254 / 0-373-30325-4
"The Knight, the Knave and the Lady" in Passionate KnightsUK: Special Release 2005 August0263849457 / 0-263-84945-7
The Knight's ConquestUK: H806 MBHR2002 September026383137X / 0-263-83137-XMedieval; Edward III, 1300s
US: HH673 HH-32003 September0373292732 / 0-373-29273-2
The Maiden's AbductionUK: H726 MBHR2001 January0263823342 / 0-263-82334-2
US: HH132 HSS2004 January0373304412 / 0-373-30441-2
Marrying the MistressUK: H1138 MBHR2009 February9780263867626 / 978-0-263-86762-6Regency
"Marrying the Mistress" in Mistress in the Regency BallroomUK: Vol 9 2013 December9780263906783 / 978-0-263-90678-3
Mistress MasqueradeUK: H1492 MBHR2014 February9780263909418 / 978-0-263-90941-8Regency; 1814
US: HH373 HSS2014 February9780373306831 / 978-0-373-30683-1
A Most Unseemly SummerUK: H762 MBHR2001 October026382750X / 0-263-82750-XElizabethan
US: HH120 HSS2003 July0373304293 / 0-373-30429-3
"A Most Unseemly Summer" in Libertine in the Tudor CourtUK: Vol 2 2014 May9780263246193 / 978-0-263-24619-3
One Night in ParadiseUK: H842 MBHR2003 June0263835111 / 0-263-83511-1Elizabethan
US: HH733 HH-32004 December037329333X / 0-373-29333-X
"One Night in Paradise" in Libertine in the Tudor CourtUK: Vol 2 2014 May9780263246193 / 978-0-263-24619-3
The Passionate PilgrimUK: H678 MBHR2000 January0263819205 / 0-263-81920-5Medieval; England 1359
US: HH110 HSS2003 February0373304196 / 0-373-30419-6
The Rake's Unconventional MistressUK: H1109 MBHR2008 August9780263862720 / 978-0-263-86272-0Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 3
US: HH932 HH-32009 February9780373295326 / 978-0-373-29532-6
"The Rake's Unconventional Mistress" in Mistress in the Regency BallroomUK: Vol 9 2013 December9780263906783 / 978-0-263-90678-3
Scandalous InnocentUK: Special Release 2010 May9780263887648 / 978-0-263-88764-8two time periods: 1676 and some generations later, features Ham House, Surrey, a National Trust property, and when sold by the NT, 50p of this novel's cover price went to them
US: HH1044 HH-32011 June9780373296446 / 978-0-373-29644-6
A Scandalous MistressUK: H1019 MBHR2007 February9780263851588 / 978-0-263-85158-8Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 1
US: HH836 HH-32007 February9780373294367 / 978-0-373-29436-7
"A Scandalous Mistress" in Regency RumoursUK: Vol 3 2011 April9780263887334 / 978-0-263-88733-4
Slave PrincessUK: H1306 MBHR2011 August9780263887969 / 978-0-263-88796-9Roman Britain; Bath/Aquae Sulis 208 AD, captive Celtic princess in the custody of Roman
The Warlord's MistressUK: H999 MBHR2006 September9780263846706 / 978-0-263-84670-6Roman Britain; Brigantia, Northern England, 202 AD
US: HH869 HH-32007 October9780373294695 / 978-0-373-29469-5
The Widow's BargainUK: H889 MBHR2004 June0263839648 / 0-263-83964-8Medieval; Scotland 1319
US: HH717 HH-32004 August0373293178 / 0-373-29317-8
Jennifer Landsbert
Knight's MoveUK: H713 MBHR2000 October0263823210 / 0-263-82321-0Medieval; Dorset 1194
US: HH122 HSS2003 August0373304315 / 0-373-30431-5
Elizabeth Lane
"Angels in the Snow" in Stay for ChristmasUK: H1072 MBHR2007 December9780263852110 / 978-0-263-85211-0Western; Wyoming, 1866
US: HH819 HH-32006 October0373294190 / 0-373-29419-0
Apache FireUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 April9781408989012 / 978-1-4089-8901-2Western; Arizona Territory 1876, half-breed hero
US: HH436 HH-31998 November0373290365 / 0-373-29036-5
The Ballad of Emma O'TooleUK: H1463 MBHR2013 September9780263898521 / 978-0-263-89852-1Western; Utah Territory 1886
US: HH1151 HH-32013 September9780373297511 / 978-0-373-29751-1
Birds of PassageUS: HH92 HH-31991 September0373286929 / 0-373-28692-9Virginia, and sea voyage from England
The Borrowed BrideUK: H1222 MBHR2010 June9780263875911 / 978-0-263-87591-1Western; Colorado 1899
US: HH920 HH-32008 November9780373295203 / 978-0-373-29520-3
Bride on the RunUS: HH546 HH-32001 January0373291469 / 0-373-29146-9Western; 1880s, mail-order bride to Colorado
The GuardianUK: Special Release 2006 ____0373811225 / 0-373-81122-5Western; Native American helps a pregnant white woman, Montana Mavericks
US: Special release2005 September0373811225 / 0-373-81122-5
"The Hand-Me-Down Bride" in Weddings Under a Western SkyUK: H1367 MBHR2012 June9780263892512 / 978-0-263-89251-2Western
US: HH1091 HH-32012 June9780373296910 / 978-0-373-29691-0
Her Dearest EnemyUK: H1117 MBHR2008 September9780263862805 / 978-0-263-86280-5Western; Colorado 1884
US: HH754 HH-32005 May0373293542 / 0-373-29354-2
His Substitute BrideUK: H1228 MBHR2010 July9780263875966 / 978-0-263-87596-620th Century; San Francisco earthquake 1906
US: HH939 HH-32009 April9780373295395 / 978-0-373-29539-5
"The Homecoming" in Cowboy ChristmasUK: H1258 MBHR2010 December9780263876215 / 978-0-263-87621-5Western
US: HH963 HH-32009 October9780373295630 / 978-0-373-29563-0
The Horseman's BrideUK: H1307 MBHR2011 August9780263887976 / 978-0-263-88797-6Western; Colorado 1919, hero is wanted for murder
US: HH983 HH-32010 March9780373295838 / 978-0-373-29583-8
"Jubal's Gift" in Christmas GoldUS: HH627 HH-32002 October0373292279 / 0-373-29227-9
The Lawman's VowUK: H1445 MBHR2013 June/July9780263906660 / 978-0-263-90666-0Western; California 1858, lawman looking for revenge is shipwrecked, loses memory, rescued by enemy's daughter
US: HH1079 HH-32012 March9780373296798 / 978-0-373-29679-8
LydiaUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 January9781408988114 / 978-1-4089-8811-4Western; Colorado Territory 1868
US: HH302 HH-31996 January0373289022 / 0-373-28902-2
MacKenna's PromiseUK: M472 LOL1995 September0263792978 / 0-263-79297-8Victorian era; Kenya 1899
US: HH216 HH-31994 April0373288166 / 0-373-28816-6
MoonfireUS: HH150 HH-31992 November037328750X / 0-373-28750-X
My Lord SavageUS: HH569 HH-32001 July0373291698 / 0-373-29169-8Elizabethan; 1573 England, Lenape chieftain abducted from Virginia
Navajo SunriseUS: HH608 HH-32002 May0373292082 / 0-373-29208-2Western; 1860s New Mexico
On the Wings of LoveUK: HS1015 2010 March9780263883008 / 978-0-263-88300-820th Century; 1910s Long Island, New York
US: HH881 HH-32008 January9780373294817 / 978-0-373-29481-7
Outlaw HeartsUK: M&B Online Reads © ____ / n/aWestern; Colorado 1870
US: HH Harlequin Extra© ____ / n/a
Shawnee BrideUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 May9781408989678 / 978-1-4089-8967-818th Century; Valley of the Ohio 1747, hero is white but raised as Shawnee
US: HH492 HH-32000 January0373290926 / 0-373-29092-6
The StrangerUK: H1187 MBHR2009 November9780263868111 / 978-0-263-86811-1Western; New Mexico Territory 1881
US: HH856 HH-32007 July9780373294565 / 978-0-373-29456-5
The Widowed BrideUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 April9781408938201 / 978-1-4089-3820-1Western; 1920 Colorado
US: HH1031 HH-32011 March9780373296316 / 978-0-373-29631-6
Wind RiverUS: HH28 HH-31989 August0373286287 / 0-373-28628-7Western; Wyoming Territory
Wyoming WidowUS: HH657 HH-32003 May0373292570 / 0-373-29257-0Western; Wyoming, Tolliver 1
Wyoming WildcatUS: HH676 HH-32003 October0373292767 / 0-373-29276-7Western; Wyoming, Tolliver 2
Wyoming WildfireUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2013 August9781472041067 / 978-1-4720-4106-7Western; Wyoming
US: HH792 HH-32006 March0373293925 / 0-373-29392-5
Wyoming WomanUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2013 August9781472041074 / 978-1-4720-4107-4Western; Wyoming, Tolliver 3
US: HH728 HH-32004 November0373293283 / 0-373-29328-3
Frances Lang
Stranger at the GateUK: M12 Masq1978 June0263727106 / 0-263-72710-617th Century; France, originally published 1975 by Robert Hale in UK
US: HH12 HH-11978 June0373745125 / 0-373-74512-5
Ruth Langan
AngelUK: M503 LOL1996 May0263795489 / 0-263-79548-9Western; Montana
US: HH245 HH-31994 November037328845X / 0-373-28845-X
Badlands HeartUK: H932 MBHR2005 April0263843661 / 0-263-84366-1Western; Badlands 3
US: HH636 HH-32002 December0373292368 / 0-373-29236-8
Badlands LawUK: H904 MBHR2004 September0263839796 / 0-263-83979-6Western; the Dakotas, Badlands 1
US: HH620 HH-32002 August0373292201 / 0-373-29220-1
Badlands LegendUK: H916 MBHR2004 December0263839915 / 0-263-83991-5Western; Badlands 2
US: HH628 HH-32002 October0373292287 / 0-373-29228-7
The BetrayalUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2013 June9781472040527 / 978-1-4720-4052-7Mystical Highlands 2
US: HH666 HH-32003 July037329266X / 0-373-29266-X
BlackthorneUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 April9781408989265 / 978-1-4089-8926-5Restoration; England 1662
US: HH435 HH-31998 November0373290357 / 0-373-29035-7
BrianaUK: H791 MBHR2002 May0263831221 / 0-263-83122-1Elizabeth era; 1560s Ireland, O'Neil Saga 3
US: HH480 HH-31999 October0373290802 / 0-373-29080-2
"Christmas at Bitter Creek" in Historical Christmas Stories 1990US: Special release1990 November0373832184 / 0-373-83218-4Western
"Christmas at Bitter Creek" in Safe Haven for ChristmasUK: H817 MBHR2002 December0263831485 / 0-263-83148-5
Christmas MiracleUK: M435 LOL1994 December0263788636 / 0-263-78863-6Western; New Mexico 1866
US: HH147 HH-31992 November037328747X / 0-373-28747-X
ConorUK: H783 MBHR2002 March0263831140 / 0-263-83114-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1563, O'Neil Saga 2
US: HH468 HH-31999 July0373290683 / 0-373-29068-3
The Courtship of Izzy McCreeUK: H860 MBHR2003 October0263835294 / 0-263-83529-4Western; mail-order bride
US: HH425 HH-31998 August037329025X / 0-373-29025-X
DeceptionUK: M487 LOL1996 January0263794636 / 0-263-79463-6
US: HH196 HH-31993 November0373287968 / 0-373-28796-8
DiamondUK: H586 MBHR1998 February0263805077 / 0-263-80507-7Western; Jewels of Texas 1
US: HH305 HH-31996 February0373289057 / 0-373-28905-7
Dulcie's GiftUK: H608 MBHR1998 July0263810380 / 0-263-81038-0South Carolina
US: HH324 HH-31996 July0373289243 / 0-373-28924-3
Highland BarbarianUK: H683 MBHR2000 February0263819493 / 0-263-81949-3Tudor; Scotland 1561, Highland 1
US: HH41 HH-31990 March0373286414 / 0-373-28641-4
"Highland Christmas" in One Christmas NightUK: H771 MBHR2001 December0263827593 / 0-263-82759-3
US: HH487 HH-31999 December037329087X / 0-373-29087-X
The HighlanderUK: H715 MBHR2000 October0263823237 / 0-263-82323-7Highland 5
US: HH228 HH-31994 July037328828X / 0-373-28828-X
Highland FireUK: H699 MBHR2000 June0263823075 / 0-263-82307-5Highland 3
US: HH91 HH-31991 September0373286910 / 0-373-28691-0
Highland HeartUK: H707 MBHR2000 August0263823156 / 0-263-82315-6Highland 4
US: HH111 HH-31992 February0373287119 / 0-373-28711-9
Highland HeatherUK: H692 MBHR2000 April0263823008 / 0-263-82300-8Tudor; Scotland 1562, Highland 2
US: HH65 HH-31991 February0373286651 / 0-373-28665-1
Highland HeavenUK: H723 MBHR2000 December0263823318 / 0-263-82331-8Highland 6
US: HH269 HH-31995 May0373288697 / 0-373-28869-7
Highland SwordUS: HH654 HH-32003 April0373292546 / 0-373-29254-6Mystical Highlands 1
JadeUK: H627 MBHR1998 December026381260X / 0-263-81260-XWestern; Jewels of Texas 3
US: HH352 HH-31997 February0373289529 / 0-373-28952-9
The Knight and the SeerUS: HH678 HH-32003 October0373292783 / 0-373-29278-3Mystical Highlands 3
MalachiteUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 March9781408988978 / 978-1-4089-8897-8Western; 1871, Jewels of Texas 5
US: HH407 HH-31998 April0373290071 / 0-373-29007-1
"Maverick Hearts" in Outlaw BridesUS: Special release1996 June0373833156 / 0-373-83315-6
Mistress of the SeasUS: HH10 HH-31988 November0373286104 / 0-373-28610-4Elizabethan; female pirate
PearlUK: H616 MBHR1998 September0263811573 / 0-263-81157-3Western; Texas 1870, Jewels of Texas 2
US: HH329 HH-31996 August0373289294 / 0-373-28929-4
RoryUK: H775 MBHR2002 January0263827631 / 0-263-82763-1Elizabeth era; Ireland 1560, O'Neil Saga 1
US: HH457 HH-31999 April0373290578 / 0-373-29057-8
RubyUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 March9781408988763 / 978-1-4089-8876-3Western; 1870, Jewels of Texas 4
US: HH384 HH-31997 October0373289847 / 0-373-28984-7
The Sea NymphUS: HH545 HH-32001 January0373291450 / 0-373-29145-017th Century; Sirens of the Sea 2
The Sea SpriteUS: HH565 HH-32001 June0373291655 / 0-373-29165-517th Century; England 1665, Sirens of the Sea 3
The Sea WitchUS: HH523 HH-32000 August037329123X / 0-373-29123-X17th Century; Sirens of the Sea 1
Texas HealerUK: H655 MBHR1999 July0263817237 / 0-263-81723-7Western; Texas 2, white doctor in Comanche camp
US: HH131 HH-31992 July0373287313 / 0-373-28731-3
Texas HeartUK: H647 MBHR1999 May0263816591 / 0-263-81659-1Western; 1870, Texas 1
US: HH31 HH-31989 October0373286317 / 0-373-28631-7
Texas HeroUK: H663 MBHR1999 September0263817970 / 0-263-81797-0Western; Texas 3
US: HH180 HH-31993 July0373287801 / 0-373-28780-1
"This Side of Heaven" in Wild West BridesUS: Special release2002 June0373835086 / 0-373-83508-6Western; Montana
Surnames beginning: Laf-Lan Lau-Ly
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