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Surnames beginning: Mac-Mar Mas-Me Mi-Mu
MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Elliot Mabeuse
The PriestessUS: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2008 May9781426816017 / 978-1-4268-1601-7Ancient Egypt
Elisabeth MacDonald
Estero BayUK: M407 LOL1994 May0263783367 / 0-263-78336-7Western; California
US: HH90 HH-31991 August0373286902 / 0-373-28690-2
Julianne MacLean
Adam's PromiseUS: HH653 HH-32003 April0373292538 / 0-373-29253-8Western; 1770s Nova Scotia
The Marshal and Mrs O'MalleyUS: HH564 HH-32001 June0373291647 / 0-373-29164-7Western; 1890s Kansas
Prairie BrideUS: HH526 HH-32000 August0373291264 / 0-373-29126-4Western; Kansas, mail-order bride
Anne Madden
Cromwell's CaptainUK: M63 Masq1980 September0263732304 / 0-263-73230-4English Civil War
US: HH60 HH-11981 March0373300603 / 0-373-30060-3
Stolen InheritanceUK: M54 Masq1980 April0263732215 / 0-263-73221-5Restoration; England
US: HH51 HH-11980 October0373300514 / 0-373-30051-4
Margo Maguire
Bride of the IsleUS: HH609 HH-32002 May0373292090 / 0-373-29209-0Medieval; c1300, half-breed heroine (Scots/English)
The Bride of WindermereUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 May9781408989630 / 978-1-4089-8963-0Medieval; Henry V, 1421, Bride 1
US: HH453 HH-31999 March0373290535 / 0-373-29053-5
Celtic BrideUS: HH572 HH-32001 August0373291728 / 0-373-29172-8Medieval; Henry V, early 1400s, Bride 3
Dryden's BrideUS: HH529 HH-32000 September0373291299 / 0-373-29129-9Medieval; Henry V, early 1400s, scarred hero has lost an eye to torture, Bride 2
His Lady FairUK: H936 MBHR2005 May026384370X / 0-263-84370-XMedieval; England 1429
US: HH596 HH-32002 February0373291965 / 0-373-29196-5
Norwyck's LadyUS: HH637 HH-32002 December0373292376 / 0-373-29237-6Medieval
Not Quite a LadyUS: HH702 HH-32004 April037329302X / 0-373-29302-XVictorian; 1880s, Temple 2
Saxon LadyUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2013 June9781472040435 / 978-1-4720-4043-5Norman Conquest
US: HH798 HH-32006 April0373293984 / 0-373-29398-4
Scoundrel's DaughterUS: HH656 HH-32003 May0373292562 / 0-373-29256-2Victorian; Temple 1
The Virtuous KnightUS: HH681 HH-32003 November0373292813 / 0-373-29281-3Medieval; Temple prequel
Joanna Maitland
Bride of the SolwayUK: H1049 MBHR2007 August9780263851885 / 978-0-263-85188-5Regency
US: HH291 HSS2010 September9780373306008 / 978-0-373-30600-8
Delight and DesireUK: Undone ebook novella 2010 October9781408906613 / 978-1-4089-0661-3Regency, Scotland 1800
US: Undone ebook novella2010 September9781426852930 / 978-1-4268-5293-0
"The Earl's Mistletoe Bride" in Regency Mistletoe and MarriagesUK: Special Release 2010 November9780263888300 / 978-0-263-88830-0
The Earl's Mistletoe BrideUS: HH1018 HH-32010 November9780373296187 / 978-0-373-29618-7
His Cavalry LadyUK: H1114 MBHR2008 September9780263862775 / 978-0-263-86277-5Regency; London/St Petersburg, 1814, heroine serving as an officer in Russian cavalry regiment, Aikenhead Honours 1
US: HH936 HH-32009 March9780373295364 / 978-0-373-29536-4
His Forbidden LiaisonUK: H1174 MBHR2009 September9780263867985 / 978-0-263-86798-5Regency; France, Aikenhead Honours 3
US: HH944 HH-32009 May9780373295449 / 978-0-373-29544-9
His Reluctant MistressUK: H1158 MBHR2009 June9780263867824 / 978-0-263-86782-4Regency; Vienna, Aikenhead Honours 2
US: HH940 HH-32009 April9780373295401 / 978-0-373-29540-1
His Silken SeductionUK: Undone ebook novella 2009 October9781408914588 / 978-1-4089-1458-8Regency era; Napoleonic France, Aikenhead Honours
US: Undone ebook novella2009 July9781426836503 / 978-1-4268-3650-3
Marrying the MajorUK: H802 MBHR2002 August0263831337 / 0-263-83133-7Regency; hero scarred from Peninsular War, Stratton 1
US: HH689 HH-32004 January0373292899 / 0-373-29289-9
"Marrying the Major" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v14UK: Vol 14 2006 August9780263851069 / 978-0-263-85106-9
My Lady AngelUK: H910 MBHR2004 November0263839850 / 0-263-83985-0Regency
US: HH737 HH-32005 January0373293372 / 0-373-29337-2
A Penniless ProspectUK: H742 MBHR2001 May0263827305 / 0-263-82730-5Regency; herione disguised a boy
US: HH127 HSS2003 November0373304366 / 0-373-30436-6
"A Penniless Prospect" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v13UK: Vol 13 2006 July9780263851052 / 978-0-263-85105-2
A Poor RelationUK: H758 MBHR2001 September0263827461 / 0-263-82746-1Regency
US: HH709 HH-32004 June0373293097 / 0-373-29309-7
"A Poor Relation" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v05UK: Vol 5 2005 November0263845745 / 0-263-84574-5
Rake's RewardUK: H850 MBHR2003 August0263835197 / 0-263-83519-7Regency; Stratton 2
US: HH697 HH-32004 March037329297X / 0-373-29297-X
"Rake's Reward" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v28UK: Vol 28 2008 December9780263867060 / 978-0-263-86706-0
"An Uncommon Abigail" in A Regency Invitation [UK] / A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season [US]UK: Special Release 2004 December0263845036 / 0-263-84503-6
US: HH775 HH-32005 November0373293755 / 0-373-29375-5
Joanna Makepeace
The Baron's BrideUK: H582 MBHR1998 January0263805026 / 0-263-80502-6Norman Conquest
US: HH84 HSS2002? January?0373303939 / 0-373-30393-9
Battlefield of HeartsUK: M326 Masq1991 August0263773760 / 0-263-77376-0Medieval; 1471 England
US: HH64 HSS2001? March?0373303734 / 0-373-30373-4
Corinna's CauseUK: M393 LOL1994 February026378245X / 0-263-78245-XStuart; England, 1685
US: HH86 HSS2002? February?0373303955 / 0-373-30395-5
Crown HostageUK: M437 LOL1995 January0263141632 / 0-263-14163-2Medieval; Northampton/London, 1483
US: HH72 HSS2001? July?0373303815 / 0-373-30381-5
The Devil's MarkUK: M457 LOL1995 June0263790843 / 0-263-79084-3Medieval; Winchester 1238
US: HH44 HSS2000 May?037330353X / 0-373-30353-X
Dragon's CourtUK: H622 MBHR1998 November0263812375 / 0-263-81237-5Tudor; Henry VII, 1499 London
US: HH94 HSS2002 June037330403X / 0-373-30403-X
Her Guardian KnightUK: H874 MBHR2004 February0263839494 / 0-263-83949-4Medieval; Wars of the Roses
US: HH161 HSS2005 April0373304706 / 0-373-30470-6
King's PawnUK: M515 MBHR1996 August0263797562 / 0-263-79756-2Medieval; Richard III, last years before Tudor era, England 1484/5
US: HH92 HSS2002 May0373304013 / 0-373-30401-3
"King's Pawn" in Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 4: Christmas KnightsUK: Vol 4 2007 October9780263858846 / 978-0-263-85884-6
Reluctant RebelUK: M375 Masq1993 September0263780600 / 0-263-78060-0
US: HH68 HSS2001 May0373303777 / 0-373-30377-7
The Spanish PrizeUK: M304 Masq1990 September0263770028 / 0-263-77002-8Elizabethan; pirate
US: HH194 HSS2006 August0373305036 / 0-373-30503-6
Stolen HeiressUK: H534 MBHR1997 January0263800091 / 0-263-80009-1Medieval; London/Bruges 1461
US: HH98 HSS2002 August0373304072 / 0-373-30407-2
The Traitor's DaughterUK: H754 MBHR2001 August0263827429 / 0-263-82742-9Tudor; Henry VII
US: HH116 HSS2003 May0373304250 / 0-373-30425-0
"The Traitor's Daughter" in Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 3: War of the RosesUK: Vol 3 2007 September9780263858839 / 978-0-263-85883-9
Doreen Owens Malek
TorchlightUK: M388 LOL1993 December0263783278 / 0-263-78327-8
US: HH83 HH-31991 July037328683X / 0-373-28683-X
Susan Mallery
Justin's BrideUS: HH270 HH-31995 May0373288700 / 0-373-28870-0Western
"Lucas's Convenient Bride" in Shotgun GroomsUS: HH575 HH-32001 September0373291752 / 0-373-29175-2Western
"Spirit of the Wolf" in Montana Mavericks: Big Sky Grooms [US] / Montana Legends [UK]UK: Special Release 2005 November0263849449 / 0-263-84944-9Western; Montana 1886, widower, half-Cheyenne heroine, second chance at love, Montana Mavericks, Kincaid Family (Caleb)
US: Special release2001 August0373834918 / 0-373-83491-8
Wild West WifeUS: HH419 HH-31998 July0373290195 / 0-373-29019-5Western; 1879, Montana Mavericks
Gail Mallin
Conqueror's LadyUK: M421 LOL1994 September0263787273 / 0-263-78727-3Norman Conquest; 1066/68
US: HH42 HSS2000 April?0373303513 / 0-373-30351-3
Debt of Honour / Debt of HonorUK: M389 LOL1994 January0263782433 / 0-263-78243-3Georgian; Cumbria 1793
US: HH77 HSS2001? October?0373303866 / 0-373-30386-6
"Debt of Honor" in Dalliance and DeceptionUS: Special release1995 ____0373312202 / 0-373-31220-2
The Devil's BargainUK: M323 Masq1991 July0263773205 / 0-263-77320-5Restoration; England, Charles II
"The Eccentric Miss Delaney" in Regency QuartetUK: Special Release 1992 April0263777200 / 0-263-77720-0Regency
US: HRR100 HR-21993 June0373312008 / 0-373-31200-8
"The Eccentric Miss Delaney" in Regency QuartetUS: Special release1999 ____0373312245 / 0-373-31224-5
The Elusive HeiressUK: H694 MBHR2000 May0263823024 / 0-263-82302-4Regency
An Infamous ProposalUK: H774 MBHR2002 January0263827623 / 0-263-82762-3Regency
Marry in HasteUK: M486 LOL1996 January0263794628 / 0-263-79462-8Regency; c1810, London and Wales
US: HH81 HSS2001? December?0373303904 / 0-373-30390-4
A Most Unsuitable DuchessUK: M298 Masq1990 June0263768481 / 0-263-76848-1Regency; Bath
US: HRR60 HR-21991 October0373311605 / 0-373-31160-5
A Rebellious LadyUK: H593 MBHR1998 April0263807738 / 0-263-80773-8Regency; Peninsular War
The Reluctant PuritanUK: H722 MBHR2000 December026382330X / 0-263-82330-Xrunaway becomes hero's housekeeper
Sarah Mallory
At the Highwayman's PleasureUK: H1495 MBHR2014 March9780263909449 / 978-0-263-90944-9Regency; 1807
US: HH1178 HH-32014 March9780373297788 / 978-0-373-29778-8
Behind the Rake's Wicked WagerUK: H1408 MBHR2013 January9780263898033 / 978-0-263-89803-3Regency; Bath, heroine hosts card parties, Coale Brothers 2 (Jasper, the Viscount)
US: HH348 HSS2013 January9780373306572 / 978-0-373-30657-2
Beneath the Major's ScarsUK: H1400 MBHR2012 December9780263892840 / 978-0-263-89284-0Regency; Exmoor, reclusive scarred hero, Coale Brothers 1 (Dominic)
US: HH345 HSS2012 December9780373306541 / 978-0-373-30654-1
Bought for RevengeUK: H1454 MBHR2013 August9780263898439 / 978-0-263-89843-9Regency; Waterloo veteran seeks revenge on man through his daughter
US: HH362 HSS2013 August9780373306725 / 978-0-373-30672-5
The Dangerous Lord DarringtonUK: H1333 MBHR2012 January9780263892178 / 978-0-263-89217-8Regency; Yorkshire, widow needs help of rakish earl, Wylder Brothers 2
US: HH315 HSS2011 September9780373306244 / 978-0-373-30624-4
Disgrace and DesireUK: H1256 MBHR2010 December9780263876192 / 978-0-263-87619-2Regency
The Earl's Runaway BrideUK: H1224 MBHR2010 July9780263875928 / 978-0-263-87592-8Regency
US: HH284 HSS2010 May9780373305933 / 978-0-373-30593-3
The Illegitimate MontagueUK: Vol 5 2012 December9780263901894 / 978-0-263-90189-4
US: Vol 5 Castonbury Park ebook2012 December9781426876752 / 978-1-4268-7675-2
Lady Beneath the VeilUK: H1490 MBHR2014 February9780263909395 / 978-0-263-90939-5Regency
US: HH1174 HH-32014 February9780373297740 / 978-0-373-29774-0
More than a GovernessUS: HH233 HSS2008 April9780373305421 / 978-0-373-30542-1Regency; a major and a governess
"More than a Governess" in On Mothering SundayUK: Special Release 2009 March9780263868975 / 978-0-263-86897-5
"Snowbound with the Notorious Rake" in One Snowy Regency ChristmasUK: Special Release 2011 November9780263890556 / 978-0-263-89055-6
Snowbound with the Notorious RakeUS: HH321 HSS2011 December9780373306305 / 978-0-373-30630-5
The Tantalizing Miss CoaleUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 January9781472008831 / 978-1-4720-0883-1Regency; woman meets old flame while eloping with another man, Coale Brothers
US: Undone ebook novella2012 December9781460300190 / 978-1-4603-0019-0
To Catch a Husband...UK: H1310 MBHR2011 September9780263888003 / 978-0-263-88800-3Georgian; London and Yorkshire, young woman must marry for money, hero is rich industrialist
US: HH307 HSS2011 May9780373306169 / 978-0-373-30616-9
The Wicked BaronUK: H1180 MBHR2009 October9780263868043 / 978-0-263-86804-3Regency
US: HH257 HSS2009 April9780373305667 / 978-0-373-30566-7
Wicked Captain, Wayward WifeUK: H1210 MBHR2010 April9780263875799 / 978-0-263-87579-9Regency; Wylder Brothers 1
US: HH293 HSS2010 October9780373306022 / 978-0-373-30602-2
Jackie Manning
Silver HeartsUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 May9781408989456 / 978-1-4089-8945-6Western; 1860s Nevada
US: HH454 HH-31999 March0373290543 / 0-373-29054-3
Taming the DukeUK: H1442 MBHR2013 June/July9780263906639 / 978-0-263-90663-9Regency; England 1821, female horse whisperer
US: HH562 HH-32001 May0373291620 / 0-373-29162-0
A Wish for NicholasUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 March9781408988947 / 978-1-4089-8894-7Restoration; England
US: HH398 HH-31998 January0373289987 / 0-373-28998-7
Catherine March
The Brigadier's DaughterUK: H1178 MBHR2009 October9780263868029 / 978-0-263-86802-9Victorian; 1870s London and Russia
US: HH320 HSS2011 November9780373306299 / 978-0-373-30629-9
The King's ChampionUK: H1041 MBHR2007 June9780263851809 / 978-0-263-85180-9Medieval; England 1295
US: HH906 HH-32008 July9780373295067 / 978-0-373-29506-7
The Knight's VowUK: H918 MBHR2005 January0263843521 / 0-263-84352-1Medieval; Britain 1277
US: HH234 HSS2008 April9780373305438 / 978-0-373-30543-8
My Lady EnglishUK: H881 MBHR2004 April0263839567 / 0-263-83956-7Norman Conquest
US: HH822 HH-32006 October0373294220 / 0-373-29422-0
Tatiana March
The Drifter's BrideUS: Undone ebook novella2014 April9781460329733 / 978-1-4603-2973-3Western; Arizona Territory 1881
Submit to the WarriorUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 March9781472008879 / 978-1-4720-0887-9Stuart; Scotland 1541, King commands courtier to kill a cruel laird and wed his widow, Hot Scottish Knights 2
US: Undone ebook novella2013 February9781459231177 / 978-1-4592-3117-7
Surrender to the KnightUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 October9781472009005 / 978-1-4720-0900-5Stuart; Scotland 1541, Hot Scottish Knights 3
US: Undone ebook novella2013 September9781460319253 / 978-1-4603-1925-3
The Virgin's DebtUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 February9781472008848 / 978-1-4720-0884-8Stuart; Scotland 1504, man saves woman from trial for witchcraft and takes her as his mistress, Hot Scottish Knights 1
US: Undone ebook novella2013 January9781460304129 / 978-1-4603-0412-9
Noelle Marchand
The Runaway BrideUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 July9781408995136 / 978-1-4089-9513-6Western; Texas 1887
US: Insp2012 July9780373829255 / 978-0-373-82925-5
A Texas-Made MatchUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 March9781472011275 / 978-1-4720-1127-5Western; Texas 1888
US: Insp2013 March9780373829576 / 978-0-373-82957-6
Unlawfully Wedded BrideUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 October9781408957073 / 978-1-4089-5707-3Western; Texas 1877
US: Insp2011 October9780373828906 / 978-0-373-82890-6
Deb Marlowe
"Annalise and the Scandalous Rake" in The Diamonds of Welbourne Manor [US] / Regency Summer Scandals [UK]UK: Special Release 2009 June9780263875423 / 978-0-263-87542-3Regency
US: HH943 HH-32009 May9780373295432 / 978-0-373-29543-2
Her Cinderella SeasonUK: H1120 MBHR2008 October9780263862836 / 978-0-263-86283-6Regency
US: HH965 HH-32009 October9780373295654 / 978-0-373-29565-4
"Her Cinderella Season" in Cinderella in the Regency BallroomUK: Vol 4 2013 July9780263906189 / 978-0-263-90618-9
How to Marry a RakeUK: H1273 MBHR2011 March9780263882445 / 978-0-263-88244-5Regency; Newmarket, Suffolk
US: HH1040 HH-32011 May9780373296408 / 978-0-373-29640-8
An Improper AristocratUK: H1084 MBHR2008 March9780263862478 / 978-0-263-86247-8Regency; England 1821, Egyptology
US: HH924 HH-32008 December9780373295241 / 978-0-373-29524-1
"An Improper Aristocrat" in Regency RebelsUK: Vol 8 2011 September9780263887389 / 978-0-263-88738-9
The Journey to Welbourne ManorUK: M&B Online Reads © 2009 / n/aRegency
US: HH Harlequin Extra© 2009 / n/a
Scandalous Lord, Rebellious MissUK: H1063 MBHR2007 November9780263852028 / 978-0-263-85202-8Regency
US: HH885 HH-32008 February9780373294855 / 978-0-373-29485-5
"Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss" in Regency RebelsUK: Vol 8 2011 September9780263887389 / 978-0-263-88738-9
Tall, Dark and DisreputableUK: H1193 MBHR2010 January9780263873184 / 978-0-263-87318-4Regency; 1821
US: HH1086 HH-32012 April9780373296866 / 978-0-373-29686-6
"Tall, Dark and Disreputable" in Cinderella in the Regency BallroomUK: Vol 4 2013 July9780263906189 / 978-0-263-90618-9
Unbuttoning Miss HardwickUK: H1364 MBHR2012 June9780263892482 / 978-0-263-89248-2Regency; spinster assistant to a Marquess
US: HH1093 HH-32012 June9780373296934 / 978-0-373-29693-4
Paula Marshall
An Affair of HonourUK: M532 MBHR1996 December0263800075 / 0-263-80007-520th Century; 1920s London, Schuyler Family 4 (Ralph)
An American PrincessUK: M363 Masq1993 March0263780481 / 0-263-78048-1Edwardian; London 1903, Wild Justice 2
The Astrologer's DaughterUK: M433 LOL1994 December026378861X / 0-263-78861-XRestoration; 1660s England
US: HH172 HSS2005 September0373304811 / 0-373-30481-1
The Beckoning DreamUK: H578 MBHR1997 December0263804984 / 0-263-80498-4Restoration; England and Holland
US: HH106 HSS2002 December0373304153 / 0-373-30415-3
"The Beckoning Dream" in Queens of Romance: Rogues and RakesUK: Special Release 2008 June9780263866773 / 978-0-263-86677-3
A Biddable Girl?UK: M504 LOL1996 May0263795497 / 0-263-79549-7Regency; marriage of convenience to claim inheritance
"A Biddable Girl?" in The Regency Collection 9UK: Vol 9 2000 January0263823539 / 0-263-82353-9
The Black Sheep's Bride, alphabetised under Elizabethan Season
The Captain's LadyUK: M398 LOL1994 March0263782484 / 0-263-78248-4Victorian; 1891 New York and London; Schuyler Family 1 (Gerard)
"Christmas Rose" in Safe Haven for ChristmasUK: H817 MBHR2002 December0263831485 / 0-263-83148-5Regency; Yorkshire
Cousin HarryUK: M338 Masq1992 February0263775836 / 0-263-77583-6Regency
US: HRR96 HR-21993 April0373311966 / 0-373-31196-6
The Cyprian's SisterUK: M386 LOL1993 December0263782425 / 0-263-78242-5Regency
"The Cyprian's Sister" in Regency DiamondsUS: Special release1994 September0373312148 / 0-373-31214-8
"The Cyprian's Sister" in The Regency Collection 7UK: Vol 7 1999 November0263823512 / 0-263-82351-2
The Daring DuchessUK: H909 MBHR2004 November0263839842 / 0-263-83984-2Regency; London 1819
US: HH215 HSS2007 July9780373305247 / 978-0-373-30524-7
Dear Lady DisdainUK: M454 LOL1995 May0263790312 / 0-263-79031-2Regency; London/York 1818
US: Readers Choice____ 2000 or October-19980373511159 / 0-373-51115-9
"Dear Lady Disdain" in The Regency Collection 3UK: Vol 3 1999 July0263817091 / 0-263-81709-1
The Deserted BrideUK: H594 MBHR1998 April0263807746 / 0-263-80774-6Elizabethan; long separation from child bride
US: HH50 HSS2000? August?0373303599 / 0-373-30359-9
"The Deserted Bride" in The Elizabethan CollectionUK: Special Release 2003? ____0263836746 / 0-263-83674-6
The Devil and DrusillaUK: H634 MBHR1999 February0263814246 / 0-263-81424-6Regency
US: HH241 HSS2008 August9780373305506 / 978-0-373-30550-6
"The Devil and Drusilla" in The Regency Rakes v2UK: Rakes 1.2 2002 November0263836630 / 0-263-83663-0
The Dollar Prince's WifeUK: H741 MBHR2001 May0263827291 / 0-263-82729-1Victorian; 1890s; Dilhorne Dynasty 5a (Cobie Grant), story split across two books, followed by Prince of Secrets
US: HH185 HSS2006 April0373304943 / 0-373-30494-3
Elizabethan Season: Spring: Maid of Honour [UK] / Maid of HonorUK: Spring 2004 March0263840859 / 0-263-84085-9Elizabethan
US: HH198 HSS2006 October0373305079 / 0-373-30507-9
Elizabethan Season: Winter: The Black Sheep's Bride [UK] / The Black Sheep's Bride [US]UK: Winter 2004 June0263840883 / 0-263-84088-3Elizabethan; c1601
US: HH212 HSS2007 May9780373305216 / 978-0-373-30521-6
Emma and the EarlUK: M519 MBHR1996 September0263797600 / 0-263-79760-0Regency; ugly duckling tale
"Emma and the Earl" in The Regency Rakes v3UK: Rakes 2.3 2003 November0263836703 / 0-263-83670-3
The Falcon and the DoveUK: M356 Masq1992 November026377922X / 0-263-77922-XMedieval; Tuscany, 1430
US: HH100 HSS2002 September0373304099 / 0-373-30409-9
Hester Waring's MarriageUK: H702 MBHR2000 July0263823105 / 0-263-82310-5Regency era; Australia, Dilhorne Dynasty 1 (Tom, later known as the Patriarch)
US: HH147 HSS2004 September0373304560 / 0-373-30456-0
His One WomanUK: H729 MBHR2001 February0263823377 / 0-263-82337-7American Civil War; Washington, Dilhorne Dynasty 4 (Jack)
US: HH181 HSS2006 February0373304900 / 0-373-30490-0
An Improper DuennaUK: M344 Masq1992 May0263776638 / 0-263-77663-8Regency
US: HRR107 HR-21993 October0373312075 / 0-373-31207-5
"An Improper Duenna" in The Regency Collection 1UK: Vol 1 1999 May0263817075 / 0-263-81707-5
An Improper DuennaUS: Special release1999 June0373312326 / 0-373-31232-6
An Innocent MasqueradeUK: H718 MBHR2000 November0263823261 / 0-263-82326-1Victorian era; 1850s Australia, amnesia, Dilhorne Dynasty 3 (Thomas, aka Fred)
US: HH158 HSS2005 February0373304676 / 0-373-30467-6
Jack Compton's LuckUK: H809 MBHR2002 October026383140X / 0-263-83140-X20th Century; 1920s
US: HH260 HSS2009 May9780373305698 / 978-0-373-30569-8
Lady Clairval's MarriageUK: H546 MBHR1997 April0263800814 / 0-263-80081-4Regency; sequel to Reasons of the Heart
"Lady Clairval's Marriage" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v03UK: Vol 3 2005 September0263845729 / 0-263-84572-9
Lord Hadleigh's RebellionUK: H777 MBHR2002 February0263827658 / 0-263-82765-8Regency; 1817, mathematicians, Chancellor 2
US: HH228 HSS2008 January9780373305377 / 978-0-373-30537-7
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Maid of Honour / Maid of Honor, alphabetised under Elizabethan Season
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My Lady LoveUK: M376 Masq1993 September0263780619 / 0-263-78061-9Regency; amnesia
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An Unexpected PassionUK: M370 Masq1993 June0263780554 / 0-263-78055-4Regency; "Being an account of the courtship and marriage of Lord Granville and Lady Harriet (Haryo) Cavendish, daughter to 5th Duke of Devonshire" i.e. based on a true story
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Wild JusticeUK: M362 Masq1993 February0263780473 / 0-263-78047-319th Century; 1889 Washington, female senator's aide, Wild Justice 1
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"The Youngest Miss Ashe" in The Regency Brides v1UK: Vol 1 2004 July0263840794 / 0-263-84079-4
Caroline Martin
Captain BlackUK: M60 Masq1980 July0263732274 / 0-263-73227-4Cromwell; previously dutiful Puritan heroine rebels
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Man with a FalconUK: M84 Masq1981 July0263736296 / 0-263-73629-6English Civil War
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Kat Martin
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Rule's BrideUS: Special release2014 February9780373605934 / 978-0-373-60593-4
Isolde Martyn
Mistress to the CrownUK: Special Release 2013 May9780263910124 / 978-0-263-91012-4Medieval; Edward IV
Delilah Marvelle
Forever a LadyUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 September9781408997857 / 978-1-4089-9785-719th Century; New York City 1822, Rumor 2
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US: HQN2011 March9780373775545 / 978-0-373-77554-5
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"Unlaced" in Rules of EngagementUK: Special Release 2012 September9780263902402 / 978-0-263-90240-2Regency
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"Unlaced" in Rules of EngagementUS: Special release2014 January9780373605842 / 978-0-373-60584-2
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