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MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Petra Nash
All of HeavenUK: M367 Masq1993 May026378052X / 0-263-78052-XRegency
The Brighton MasqueradeUK: M321 Masq1991 June0263772772 / 0-263-77277-2Regency
Country MouseUK: M394 LOL1994 February0263782468 / 0-263-78246-8
The Devil's Own LuckUK: M272 Masq1989 May0263764249 / 0-263-76424-9Victorian era; Belgium 1853
A Distant ConnexionUK: M278 Masq1989 August0263765148 / 0-263-76514-8Victorian; 1840s England
Heir ApparentUK: M349 Masq1992 August0263778177 / 0-263-77817-7Regency
"Heir Apparent" in Mischief & MayhemUS: Special release1995 ____0373312172 / 0-373-31217-2
Lady Harriet's HarvestUK: M261 Masq1988 December0263762793 / 0-263-76279-3Regency
US: HRR36 HR-21990 October0373311362 / 0-373-31136-2
Lord Deverham's ChoiceUK: M284 Masq1989 November0263766446 / 0-263-76644-6
Mr Ravensworth's WardUK: M333 Masq1991 December0263774945 / 0-263-77494-5Regency
US: HRR93 HR-21993 March0373311931 / 0-373-31193-1
Bonnie Navarro
Instant Prairie FamilyUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 August9781408995891 / 978-1-4089-9589-1Western; Nebraska 1881
US: Insp2012 August9780373829309 / 978-0-373-82930-9
Jacqueline Navin
The Flower and the SwordUK: H795 MBHR2002 June0263831264 / 0-263-83126-4Medieval; 1190s England
US: HH428 HH-31998 September0373290284 / 0-373-29028-4
The Maiden and the WarriorUK: H784 MBHR2002 March0263831159 / 0-263-83115-9Medieval; 1180, Henry II, follwed by The Viking's Heart
US: HH403 HH-31998 March0373290039 / 0-373-29003-9
A Rose at MidnightUK: H839 MBHR2003 May0263835081 / 0-263-83508-1Victorian; Cambridgeshire, 1847
US: HH447 HH-31999 February0373290470 / 0-373-29047-0
The Sleeping BeautyUK: H964 MBHR2005 December026384398X / 0-263-84398-XRegency
US: HH578 HH-32001 September0373291787 / 0-373-29178-7
Strathmere's BrideUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 May9781408989661 / 978-1-4089-8966-1Victorian; Northumberland 1847, duke, governess
US: HH479 HH-31999 October0373290799 / 0-373-29079-9
The Viking's HeartUS: HH515 HH-32000 June0373291159 / 0-373-29115-9Medieval; follows The Maiden and the Warrior
"Wife for Christmas" in One Christmas NightUK: H771 MBHR2001 December0263827593 / 0-263-82759-3Medieval
US: HH487 HH-31999 December037329087X / 0-373-29087-X
Barbara Neil
BellaUS: HRR72 HR-21992 April0373311729 / 0-373-31172-9Regency; two-year separation
The Celebrated Miss NevilleUS: HRR30 HR-21990 July0373311303 / 0-373-31130-3Regency; authoress, hero is scathing critic
Gentleman RogueUS: HRR103 HR-21993 August0373312032 / 0-373-31203-2Regency
Lessons for a LadyUS: HRR21 HR-21990 March0373311214 / 0-373-31121-4Regency
Lucy's ScoundrelUS: HRR41 HR-21991 January0373311419 / 0-373-31141-9Regency; hero's bluff called on imaginary fiancée
Mask of White SatinUK: H739 MBHR2001 April0263827275 / 0-263-82727-5Regency
US: HRR87 HR-21992 December0373311877 / 0-373-31187-7
Jessica Nelson
Love on the RangeUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 April9781408980286 / 978-1-4089-8028-6Western; Oregon 1918
US: Insp2012 April9780373829149 / 978-0-373-82914-9
Mary Nichols
Bachelor DukeUK: H966 MBHR2006 January0263846296 / 0-263-84629-6Regency
US: HH204 HSS2007 January9780373305131 / 978-0-373-30513-1
The Captain's Kidnapped BeautyUK: H1394 MBHR2012 November9780263892789 / 978-0-263-89278-9Georgian; 1761, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 5
US: HH344 HSS2012 November9780373306534 / 978-0-373-30653-4
The Captain's Mysterious LadyUK: H1204 MBHR2010 March9780263875737 / 978-0-263-87573-7Georgian; England 1750, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 1
US: HH302 HSS2011 February9780373306114 / 978-0-373-30611-4
"Claiming the Ashbrooke Heir" in The Secret Baby BargainUK: Special Release 2009 February978026386756 / 978-0-263-86756-5Regency; nursery maid raped and falls pregnant
The Danbury ScandalsUK: M358 Masq1992 December0263779521 / 0-263-77952-1Regency; 1814
A Dangerous UndertakingUK: M455 LOL1995 May0263790320 / 0-263-79032-0Georgian; East Anglia 1745/7
Dear DeceiverUK: H606 MBHR1998 July0263810364 / 0-263-81036-4Regency; 1816
US: HH213 HSS2007 June9780373305223 / 978-0-373-30522-3
"Dear Deceiver" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v30UK: Vol 30 2009 February9780263867220 / 978-0-263-86722-0
Dear RebelUK: M307 Masq1990 November0263770052 / 0-263-77005-2Charles I
A Desirable HusbandUK: H1053 MBHR2007 September9780263851922 / 978-0-263-85192-2Victorian; Great Exhibition 1851
US: HH251 HSS2009 January9780373305605 / 978-0-373-30560-5
Devil-May-DareUK: M390 LOL1994 January0263782441 / 0-263-78244-1Regency
"Devil-May-Dare" in The Regency Collection 4UK: Vol 4 1999 August0263817105 / 0-263-81710-5
The Earl and the HoydenUK: H1134 MBHR2009 January9780263867589 / 978-0-263-86758-9Regency
US: HH281 HSS2010 April9780373305902 / 978-0-373-30590-2
The Heart of the LionUK: M252 Masq1988 July0263761282 / 0-263-76128-2Victorian era; Mexico
The Hemingford ScandalUK: H902 MBHR2004 September026383977X / 0-263-83977-XRegency; Hemingford 1
US: HH196 HSS2006 September0373305052 / 0-373-30505-2
Honourable Doctor, Improper Arrangement / Honorable Doctor, Improper ArrangementUK: H1179 MBHR2009 October9780263868036 / 978-0-263-86803-6Regency, 1817 London
US: HH288 HSS2010 July9780373305971 / 978-0-373-30597-1
The Honourable EarlUK: H750 MBHR2001 July0263827380 / 0-263-82738-0Regency
US: HH124 HSS2003 September0373304331 / 0-373-30433-1
The Incomparable CountessUK: H770 MBHR2001 December0263827585 / 0-263-82758-5Regency
US: HH156 HSS2005 January037330465X / 0-373-30465-X
"The Incomparable Countess" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v19UK: Vol 19 2008 March9780263866506 / 978-0-263-86650-6
In Love and WarUK: M217 Masq1987 February0263756696 / 0-263-75669-6Regency; Peninsular War, Portugal
In the Commodore's HandsUK: H1460 MBHR2013 September9780263898491 / 978-0-263-89849-1Regency; 1792
US: HH364 HSS2013 September9780373306749 / 978-0-373-30674-9
Jack Chiltern's WifeUK: H670 MBHR1999 November026381839X / 0-263-81839-XRegency; France during the Revolution
"Jack Chiltern's Wife" in The Regency Brides v4UK: Vol 4 2004 October0263840824 / 0-263-84082-4
Lady Lavinia's MatchUK: H798 MBHR2002 July0263831299 / 0-263-83129-9Regency
US: HH163 HSS2005 May0373304722 / 0-373-30472-2
"Lady Lavinia's Match" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v20UK: Vol 20 2008 April9780263866513 / 978-0-263-86651-3
A Lady of ConsequenceUK: H854 MBHR2003 September0263835235 / 0-263-83523-5Regency
US: HH169 HSS2005 August0373304781 / 0-373-30478-1
The Last GambleUK: #527 MBHR1996 November0263798801 / 0-263-79880-1Regency; England to Scotland 1820
"The Last Gamble" in The Regency Collection 12UK: Vol 12 2000 April026382425X / 0-263-82425-X
Lord Portman's Troublesome WifeUK: H1243 MBHR2010 October9780263876086 / 978-0-263-87608-6Georgian; 1761, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 3
US: HH306 HSS2011 April9780373306152 / 978-0-373-30615-2
Marrying Miss HemingfordUK: H951 MBHR2005 September0263843858 / 0-263-84385-8Regency; Hemingford 2
US: HH199 HSS2006 November0373305087 / 0-373-30508-7
Mistress of MadderleaUK: H645 MBHR1999 May0263816575 / 0-263-81657-5Regency; heiress pretends not to be one
US: HH177 HSS2005 December0373304862 / 0-373-30486-2
"Mistress of Madderlea" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v11UK: Vol 11 2006 May9780263844276 / 978-0-263-84427-6
The Price of HonourUK: M372 Masq1993 July0263780570 / 0-263-78057-0Regency; Peninsular War, Portugal
Rags-to-Riches BrideUK: H1110 MBHR2008 August9780263862737 / 978-0-263-86273-7Victorian; 1837 London [but says Regency on UK cover]
US: HH270 HSS2009 October9780373305797 / 978-0-373-30579-7
The Reluctant EscortUK: H698 MBHR2000 June0263823067 / 0-263-82306-7Regency; 1816
US: HH226 HSS2007 December9780373305353 / 978-0-373-30535-3
"The Reluctant Escort" in Regency High-Society Affairs v9UK: Vol 9 2009 December978026386864 / 978-0-263-86864-7
The Ruby PendantUK: H575 MBHR1997 November0263804445 / 0-263-80444-5Regency; England and war-time France
Runaway MissUK: H1079 MBHR2008 February9780263862423 / 978-0-263-86242-3Regency
US: HH262 HSS2009 June9780373305711 / 978-0-373-30571-1
Scandal at Greystone ManorUK: H1503 MBHR2014 April9780263909524 / 978-0-263-90952-4Regency; 1817, heroine in love with sister's fiancé
US: HH378 HSS2014 April9780373306886 / 978-0-373-30688-6
Sir Ashley's Mettlesome MatchUK: H1286 MBHR2011 May9780263882698 / 978-0-263-88269-8Georgian; Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 4
US: HH308 HSS2011 May9780373306176 / 978-0-373-30617-6
Talk of the TonUK: H1006 MBHR2006 November9780263846799 / 978-0-263-84679-9Regency
US: HH236 HSS2008 May9780373305452 / 978-0-373-30545-2
To Win the LadyUK: M470 LOL1995 September0263792951 / 0-263-79295-1Regency
An Unusual BequestUK: H993 MBHR2006 August9780263851410 or 9780263846638 / 978-0-263-85141-0 or 978-0-263-84663-8Regency; 1817
US: HH218 HSS2007 August9780373305278 / 978-0-373-30527-8
The Viscount's Unconventional BrideUK: H1214 MBHR2010 May9780263875836 / 978-0-263-87583-6Georgian; 1760 England, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 2
US: HH304 HSS2011 March9780373306138 / 978-0-373-30613-8
The Westmere LegacyUK: H738 MBHR2001 April0263827267 / 0-263-82726-7Regency; fake engagement
US: HH151 HSS2004 November0373304609 / 0-373-30460-9
Winning the War Hero's HeartUK: H1328 MBHR2011 December9780263888188 / 978-0-263-88818-8Regency; 1816, veteran of Waterloo meets woman campaigning for equality
With Victoria's BlessingUK: Royal Wedding ebook Collection 2011 May9781408936542 / 978-1-4089-3654-2Victorian; 1840
US: Royal Wedding ebook Collection2011 April9781459204218 / 978-1-4592-0421-8
"With Victoria's Blessing" in Royal Weddings Through the AgesUK: Special Release 2012 March9780263897524 / 978-0-263-89752-4
Working Man, Society BrideUK: H1034 MBHR2007 May9780263851731 / 978-0-263-85173-1Victorian; England 1844
US: HH244 HSS2008 September9780373305537 / 978-0-373-30553-7
Virginia Nielsen
To Love a PirateUK: M531 MBHR1996 December0263800067 / 0-263-80006-719th Century; New Orleans 1814
US: HH161 HH-31993 February0373287615 / 0-373-28761-5
Pamela Nissen
"Her Ideal Husband" in Brides of the WestUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 April9781408980262 / 978-1-4089-8026-2Western; Colorado
US: 2012 April9780373829125 / 978-0-373-82912-5
Rocky Mountain HomecomingUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 September9781408957011 / 978-1-4089-5701-1Western
US: Insp2011 September9780373828845 / 978-0-373-82884-5
Rocky Mountain MatchUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 January9781472023193 / 978-1-4720-2319-3Western; Boulder, Colorado 1890
US: SH Insp2010 June9780373828388 / 978-0-373-82838-8
Rocky Mountain ProposalUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 January9781472023209 / 978-1-4720-2320-9Western; Boulder, Colorado 1891
US: Insp2011 May9780373828692 / 978-0-373-82869-2
Rocky Mountain RedemptionUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 March9781408938119 / 978-1-4089-3811-9Western; Colorado
US: SH Insp2011 February9780373828579 / 978-0-373-82857-9
Irene Northan
also published by Harlequin/Mills & Boon as: Elizabeth Lowther
Love's ParoleUS: HRR55 HR-21991 August0373311559 / 0-373-31155-9Regency; published in UK under Elizabeth Lowther
The Marriage BrokersUS: HRR42 HR-21991 January0373311427 / 0-373-31142-7Regency
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