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MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Ashley Radcliff
The Samurai's Forbidden TouchUK: Undone ebook novella 2010 November9781408905418 / 978-1-4089-0541-8Medieval; 1183, Heian Period, Northern Japan
US: Undone ebook novella2010 October9781426852954 / 978-1-4268-5295-4
"The Samurai's Forbidden Touch" in Delectably Undone!US: HH1036 HH-32011 April9780373296361 / 978-0-373-29636-1
Lyn Randal
Conquered and SeducedUK: H1245 MBHR2010 October9780263876109 / 978-0-263-87610-9Ancient Rome; Gladiatrix 2 (Severina)
The PirateUK: M&B Online Reads © 2007 / n/aMedieval; Spain 1487, pirates/gypsies
US: HH Harlequin Extra© 2007 / n/a
Tempted by InnocenceUK: H1111 MBHR2008 August9780263862744 / 978-0-263-86274-416th Century; Spain/Spanish Indies, 1517
US: HH854 HH-32007 June9780373294541 / 978-0-373-29454-1
Warrior or WifeUK: H1051 MBHR2007 August9780263851908 / 978-0-263-85190-8Ancient Rome; Gladiatrix 1 (Leda)
US: HH837 HH-32007 February9780373294374 / 978-0-373-29437-4
Gail Ranstrom
"A Christmas Secret" in The Christmas VisitUK: Special Release 2005 December026384952X / 0-263-84952-XRegency; Wednesday League 3
US: HH727 HH-32004 November0373293275 / 0-373-29327-5
The Courtesan's CourtshipUK: H994 MBHR2006 August9780263851427 or 9780263846645 / 978-0-263-85142-7 or 978-0-263-84664-5Regency; Wednesday League 6
US: HH783 HH-32006 January0373293836 / 0-373-29383-6
A Daring LiaisonUK: H1414 MBHR2013 February9780263898095 / 978-0-263-89809-5Regency; man investigates suspicious deaths, including how old flame has been twice widowed
US: HH349 HSS2013 February9780373306589 / 978-0-373-30658-9
IndiscretionsUK: H1035 MBHR2007 May9780263851748 / 978-0-263-85174-8Regency
US: HH824 HH-32006 November0373294247 / 0-373-29424-7
"A Little Christmas" in A Regency Christmas [US] / Regency Christmas Gifts [UK]UK: Special Release 2010 November9780263889413 / 978-0-263-88941-3
US: HH967 HH-32009 November9780373295678 / 978-0-373-29567-8
Lord LibertineUK: H1140 MBHR2009 February9780263867640 / 978-0-263-86764-0Regency; London 1821, Blood Wyvern Brotherhood 1
US: HH868 HH-32007 October9780373294688 / 978-0-373-29468-8
The Missing HeirUK: H982 MBHR2006 May0263846490 / 0-263-84649-0Regency; Wednesday League 5
US: HH753 HH-32005 May0373293534 / 0-373-29353-4
"Paying the Piper" in Broken Vows, Mended HeartsUS: HH803 HH-32006 June0373294034 / 0-373-29403-4
A Rake by MidnightUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 April9781408938225 / 978-1-4089-3822-5Regency; 1821, Blood Wyvern Brotherhood 3
US: HH1013 HH-32010 October9780373296132 / 978-0-373-29613-2
"A Rake by Midnight" in Regency Rakes & ReputationsUK: Vol 3 2012 April9780263897531 / 978-0-263-89753-1
The Rake's RevengeUK: H970 MBHR2006 February0263846342 / 0-263-84634-2Regency; heroine posing as murdered fortune teller, Wednesday League 4
US: HH731 HH-32004 December0373293313 / 0-373-29331-3
Saving SarahUK: H939 MBHR2005 June0263843734 / 0-263-84373-4Regency; investigative heiress in disguise, Wednesday League 2
US: HH660 HH-32003 June0373292600 / 0-373-29260-0
Unlacing LillyUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2010 July9781408931660 / 978-1-4089-3166-0Regency; London 1821, Blood Wyvern Brotherhood 2
US: HH912 HH-32008 September9780373295128 / 978-0-373-29512-8
A Wild JusticeUK: H931 MBHR2005 April0263843653 / 0-263-84365-3Regency; 1816, Wednesday League 1
US: HH617 HH-32002 July0373292171 / 0-373-29217-1
Louisa Rawlings
Autumn RoseUK: M392 LOL1994 January0263783294 / 0-263-78329-4Normandy
US: HH86 HH-31991 July0373286864 / 0-373-28686-4
Scarlet WomanUS: HH194 HH-31993 October0373287941 / 0-373-28794-1Regency era; Paris
Stranger in My ArmsUS: HH60 HH-31990 December0373286600 / 0-373-28660-0French Revolution; Paris 1
Wicked StrangerUK: M416 LOL1994 July0263786323 / 0-263-78632-3Paris 2
US: HH157 HH-31993 January0373287577 / 0-373-28757-7
Naomi Rawlings
Sanctuary for a LadyUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 April9781408980279 / 978-1-4089-8027-9Regency era; France 1794
US: Insp2012 April9780373829132 / 978-0-373-82913-2
The Soldier's SecretsUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2014 April9781472072948 / 978-1-4720-7294-8French Revolution
US: Insp2014 April9780373282609 / 978-0-373-28260-9
The Wyoming HeirUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2014 January9781472072825 / 978-1-4720-7282-519th Century; 1893 New York
US: Insp2014 January9780373829972 / 978-0-373-82997-2
Deanna Raybourn
City of JasmineUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2014 March9781472090546 / 978-1-4720-9054-620th Century; aviatrix, world travel, 1920s
US: MIRA2014 March9780778316213 / 978-0-7783-1621-3
The Dark EnquiryUS: MIRA2011 July9780778312376 / 978-0-7783-1237-6Victorian; London 1889, Mystery/Romance, Lady Julia Grey 5
Dark Road to DarjeelingUS: MIRA2010 October9780778328209 / 978-0-7783-2820-9Victorian era; 1889, India, Mystery/Romance, Lady Julia Grey 4
The Dead Travel FastUS: MIRA2010 March9780778327653 / 978-0-7783-2765-3Victorian; Edinburgh 1858
Far in the WildsUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2013 April9781472014924 / 978-1-4720-1492-420th Century; Kenya 1918, novella
US: ebook MIRA2013 April9781459249097 / 978-1-4592-4909-7
Midsummer NightUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2014 March9781472090461 / 978-1-4720-9046-1Victorian; Lady Julia Grey novella
US: ebook MIRA2013 November9781459254879 / 978-1-4592-5487-9
Silent in the GraveUK: MIRA 2008 January9780778301370 / 978-0-7783-0137-0Victorian; England, Mystery/Romance, Lady Julia Grey 1
US: MIRA2007 December9780778325246 / 978-0-7783-2524-6
Silent in the GraveUK: MIRA 2011 June9780778304456 / 978-0-7783-0445-6
US: MIRA2010 January9780778328179 / 978-0-7783-2817-9
Silent in the SanctuaryUK: MIRA 2009 January9780778302636 / 978-0-7783-0263-6Victorian; England, Mystery/Romance, Lady Julia Grey 2
US: MIRA2008 January9780778324928 / 978-0-7783-2492-8
Silent in the SanctuaryUS: MIRA2009 February9780778326038 / 978-0-7783-2603-8
Silent NightUS: ebook MIRA2012 November9781459237957 / 978-1-4592-3795-7Victorian; a Lady Julia Christmas novella
Silent on the MoorUK: MIRA 2009 July9780778303046 / 978-0-7783-0304-6Victorian; England, Mystery/Romance, Lady Julia Grey 3
US: MIRA2009 March9780778326144 / 978-0-7783-2614-4
A Spear of Summer GrassUK: MIRA ebook first/only 2013 May9781472015471 / 978-1-4720-1547-1Victorian era; India, scandalous woman sent abroad by her relatives
US: MIRA2013 May9780778314394 / 978-0-7783-1439-4
Whisper of JasmineUS: ebook MIRA2014 February9781460329764 / 978-1-4603-2976-420th Century; 1914, novella, prequel to City of Jasmine
Cheryl Reavis
The Bartered BrideUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 January9781408988145 / 978-1-4089-8814-519th Century; North Carolina 1862, pregnant woman marries quiet farmer
US: HH319 HH-31996 June0373289197 / 0-373-28919-7
The Bride FairUS: HH603 HH-32002 April0373292031 / 0-373-29203-119th Century; post-Civil War North Carolina
The Captive HeartUK: H828 MBHR2003 February0263834972 / 0-263-83497-218th Century; 1760s, half-Cherokee hero
US: HH512 HH-32000 May0373291124 / 0-373-29112-4
The Forbidden BrideUS: HH640 HH-32003 January0373292406 / 0-373-29240-619th Century; Cornishman mining gold in North Carolina, 1845
Harrigan's BrideUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 April9781408989203 / 978-1-4089-8920-3American Civil War
US: HH439 HH-31998 December037329039X / 0-373-29039-X
The PrisonerUK: M462 LOL1995 July0263790894 / 0-263-79089-4American Civil War
US: HH126 HH-31992 May0373287267 / 0-373-28726-7
The Soldier's WifeUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 August9781408995877 / 978-1-4089-9587-7American Civil War
US: Insp2012 August9780373829286 / 978-0-373-82928-6
An Unexpected WifeUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 July9781472014306 / 978-1-4720-1430-619th Century; post-Civil War North Carolina, unwed mother who gave up her child, ex-soldier turned preacher
US: Insp2013 July9780373829729 / 978-0-373-82972-9
"The Winter Heart" in Spring BridesUK: H984 MBHR2006 May0263846512 / 0-263-84651-2Western; Wyoming
US: HH755 HH-32005 June0373293550 / 0-373-29355-0
Jean Reece
The Devil's DareUS: HRR10 HR-21989 September0373311109 / 0-373-31110-9Regency
Primrose PathUS: HRR16 HR-11987 March0373310161 / 0-373-31016-1Regency
Elaine Reeve
Lady in the Lion's DenUK: M67 Masq1980 November0263732347 / 0-263-73234-7Norman Conquest; c1070
US: HH64 HH-11981 May0373300646 / 0-373-30064-6
My Daughter TheliaUK: M142 Masq1983 December0263744868 / 0-263-74486-8Ancient Rome; Nero's Rome c65 AD
Rebel by MoonlightUK: M322 Masq1991 June0263772780 / 0-263-77278-0American Revolution; 1773
Leslie Reid
The Grand StyleUS: HRR14 HR-11986 September0373310145 / 0-373-31014-5Regency; Kent and London, female artist
Catherine Reynolds
The HighwaymanUS: HRR109 HR-21993 November0373312091 / 0-373-31209-1Regency
A Thoroughly Compromised BrideUS: HRR47 HR-21991 April0373311478 / 0-373-31147-8Regency; Bath
Leia Rice
The Queen's ConsortUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2011 August9781408936191 / 978-1-4089-3619-1
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2011 July9781426878855 / 978-1-4268-7885-5
The Revolutionary MistressUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2012 February9781408978375 / 978-1-4089-7837-5Revolutionary France
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2012 January9781459220157 / 978-1-4592-2015-7
Christina Rich
The Guardian's PromiseUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2014 March9781472072917 / 978-1-4720-7291-7835 BC
US: Insp2014 March9780373282579 / 978-0-373-28257-9
Anya Richards
Glorious EnslavementUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2010 December9781408928998 / 978-1-4089-2899-8Ancient Rome
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2010 November9781426851582 / 978-1-4268-5158-2
Penny Richards
Wolf Creek HomecomingUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2014 March9781472072894 / 978-1-4720-7289-4Western; Arkansas
US: Insp2014 March9780373282555 / 978-0-373-28255-5
Wolf Creek WeddingUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 November9781472014467 / 978-1-4720-1446-7Western; Arkansas 1885
US: Insp2013 November9780373829880 / 978-0-373-82988-0
Alison Richardson
The Birthday PresentUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2010 February9781408927649 / 978-1-4089-2764-9Regency era; Germany 1799, Countess Trilogy 3
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2009 November9781426843556 / 978-1-4268-4355-6
The Countess's ClientUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2009 December9781408916759 / 978-1-4089-1675-9Regency era; Paris, Countess Trilogy 1
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2009 September9781426839849 / 978-1-4268-3984-9
An Impolite SeductionUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2010 January9781408917206 / 978-1-4089-1720-6Regency; Countess Trilogy 2
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2009 October9781426841767 / 978-1-4268-4176-7
Irene Roberts
Kingdom of the SunUK: M219 Masq1987 March0263756807 / 0-263-75680-7Ancient Egypt; heroine is a princess
MoonpearlUK: M211 Masq1986 November0263755649 / 0-263-75564-919th Century; Opium Wars, China and England, Englishwoman raised as Chinese
US: HH14 HH-21987 February0373302142 / 0-373-30214-2
Sea JadeUK: M229 Masq1987 August0263758052 / 0-263-75805-219th/20th Century; China, Boxer rebellion
Song of the NileUK: M239 Masq1988 January0263759660 / 0-263-75966-0Ancient Egypt
Nora Roberts
"In from the Cold" in Historical Christmas Stories 1990US: Special release1990 November0373832184 / 0-373-83218-4American Revolution; New England, Minuteman, MacGregor series (Ian)
"In from the Cold" in The MacGregors: Daniel IanUS: Silhouette special release1999 March0373483902 / 0-373-48390-2
"In from the Cold" in The MacGregors: Daniel IanUS: Special release2007 April9780373285457 / 978-0-373-28545-7
LawlessUK: M420 LOL1994 August0263787265 / 0-263-78726-5Western; Arizona Territory, half-Apache hero, Eastern heroine
US: HH21 HH-31989 May037328621X / 0-373-28621-X
LawlessUS: Special release2003 October0373835922 / 0-373-83592-2
"Lawless" in The Law of LoveUS: Silhouette special release2009 May9780373285785 / 978-0-373-28578-5
RebellionUS: HH4 HH-31988 August037328604X / 0-373-28604-XGeorgian; Scotland 1745, Jacobite Uprising, MacGregor series (Serena)
RebellionUS: Special release1998 October0373834039 / 0-373-83403-9
RebellionUS: Special release1999 June0373834284 / 0-373-83428-4
RebellionUS: Silhouette special release2006 December?9780373285433 / 978-0-373-28543-3
Willo Davis Roberts
To Share a DreamUS: HH231 HH-31994 August037328831X / 0-373-28831-X17th Century; Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1699, first published by Worldwide
Lauri Robinson
"Christmas With Her Cowboy" in Christmas Cowboy KissesUK: H1469 MBHR2013 October9780263898583 / 978-0-263-89858-3Western; Wyoming 1881
US: HH1155 HH-32013 October9780373297559 / 978-0-373-29755-9
The Cowboy Who Caught Her EyeUK: H1451 MBHR2013 July9780263898408 / 978-0-263-89840-8Western; Dakota Territory 1844, cowboy offers marriage to pregnant shopkeeper
US: HH1143 HH-32013 July9780373297436 / 978-0-373-29743-6
Dance with the RancherUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 September9781472008985 / 978-1-4720-0898-5Western; Colorado 1879
US: Undone ebook novella2013 August9781460317570 / 978-1-4603-1757-0
Disobeying the MarshalUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 February9781408979112 / 978-1-4089-7911-2Western; El Dorado, Kansas 1881, the marshal and woman who had a passionate encounter meet again
US: Undone ebook novella2012 January9781459220126 / 978-1-4592-2012-6
Her Midnight CowboyUK: Undone ebook novella 2010 December9781408905432 / 978-1-4089-0543-2Western; Eastern Wyoming, 1884
US: Undone ebook novella2010 November9781426852978 / 978-1-4268-5297-8
"His Christmas Wish" in All a Cowboy Wants for ChristmasUK: H1391 MBHR2012 October9780263892758 / 978-0-263-89275-8Western; Nebraska 1884
US: HH1107 HH-32012 October9780373297078 / 978-0-373-29707-8
His Wild West WifeUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 March9781472008862 / 978-1-4720-0886-2Western; Kansas 1883, man follows runaway wife from Chicago
US: Undone ebook novella2013 February9781459231184 / 978-1-4592-3118-4
Inheriting a BrideUK: H1421 MBHR2013 March9780263898163 / 978-0-263-89816-3Western; Colorado 1885, hero thinks that heroine is only pretending to be his new ward
US: HH1127 HH-32013 March9780373297276 / 978-0-373-29727-6
The Major's WifeUK: H1493 MBHR2014 February9780263909425 / 978-0-263-90942-5Western; Oklahoma Indian Territory 1878
US: HH1171 HH-32014 February9780373297719 / 978-0-373-29771-9
Never Tempt a LawmanUS: Undone ebook novella2014 May9781460332320 / 978-1-4603-3232-0Western; Western Texas 1866
Nights with the OutlawUK: Undone ebook novella 2011 June9781408936818 / 978-1-4089-3681-8Western; Nebraska 1885
US: Undone ebook novella2011 May9781459202726 / 978-1-4592-0272-6
Rescued by the RangerUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 September9781472008992 / 978-1-4720-0899-2Western; Montana 1885
US: Undone ebook novella2013 August9781460317587 / 978-1-4603-1758-7
The Sheriff's Last GambleUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 June9781408981641 / 978-1-4089-8164-1Western; Dakota Territory 1886,
US: Undone ebook novella2012 May9781459228108 / 978-1-4592-2810-8
Snowbound with the SheriffUK: Undone ebook novella 2014 January9781472055293 / 978-1-4720-5529-3Western; Montana 1886
US: Undone ebook novella2013 December9781460323618 / 978-1-4603-2361-8
The Stolen KissUS: HH Harlequin Extra© 2014 / n/aWestern; Oklahoma Indian Territory 1878
Testing the Lawman's HonorUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 March9781408979136 / 978-1-4089-7913-6Western; El Dorado, Kansas 1881, deputy and widow
US: Undone ebook novella2012 February9781459221390 / 978-1-4592-2139-0
Wedding Night with the RangerUK: Undone ebook novella 2010 March9781408923238 / 978-1-4089-2323-8Western; Kansas 1880
US: Undone ebook novella2010 February9781426848872 / 978-1-4268-4887-2
What a Cowboy WantsUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 October9781408995570 / 978-1-4089-9557-0Western; second chance when man returns to fetch orphaned siblings, Iowa 1883
US: Undone ebook novella2012 September9781459238916 / 978-1-4592-3891-6
Unclaimed BrideUK: H1397 MBHR2012 November9780263892819 / 978-0-263-89281-9Western; Wyoming Territory 1877
US: HH1112 HH-32012 November9780373297122 / 978-0-373-29712-2
Joanne Rock
The CaptiveUS: Blaze Historical2010 April9780373795383 / 978-0-373-79538-3Early Middle Ages; Saxon widow, Viking warrior
For the Highlander's PleasureUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 May9781408980873 / 978-1-4089-7954-9Medieval; Scotland 1306, warrior sought by woman's father to help protect their lands
US: Undone ebook novella2012 April9781459226739 / 978-1-4592-2673-9
The Highlander's Haunted KissUS: Undone ebook novella2014 May9781460332337 / 978-1-4603-3233-7Victorian; Scotland 1890, Secrets of the Darroch Clan
"Highland Handfast" in The BetrothalUS: HH749 HH-32005 April0373293496 / 0-373-29349-6Medieval; Scotland 1310
In the Laird's BedUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 April9781408938256 / 978-1-4089-3825-6Medieval; Scotland 1072
US: HH1026 HH-32011 January9780373296262 / 978-0-373-29626-2
A Knight Most WickedUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2010 October9781408933473 / 978-1-4089-3347-3Medieval; Bohemia 1381
US: HH890 HH-32008 March9780373294909 / 978-0-373-29490-9
The Knight's CourtshipUS: HH812 HH-32006 August0373294123 / 0-373-29412-3Medieval; France 1174
The Knight's RedemptionUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2013 July9781472040701 / 978-1-4720-4070-1Medieval; Wales 1260, herione from a family where women cursed to remain unmarried, Knight 2
US: HH720 HH-32004 September0373293208 / 0-373-29320-8
The Knight's ReturnUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2010 August9781408933138 / 978-1-4089-3313-8Medieval; England 1169, has a prequel: A Night of Wicked Delight
US: HH942 HH-32009 April9780373295425 / 978-0-373-29542-5
The Laird's LadyUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2010 June9781408933824 / 978-1-4089-3382-4Medieval; 1307, Scotland/England
US: HH769 HH-32005 September0373293690 / 0-373-29369-0
Maid Until MidnightUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 January9781472008824 / 978-1-4720-0882-4Medieval; Yorkshire 1344, man takes betrothed captive when father reneges on wedding contract
US: Undone ebook novella2012 December9781460300183 / 978-1-4603-0018-3
My Lady's FavorUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2013 March9781472040299 / 978-1-4720-4029-9Medieval; Brittany, France 1345
US: HH758 HH-32005 June0373293585 / 0-373-29358-5
A Night of Wicked DelightUK: Undone ebook novella 2009 June9781426830471 / 978-1-4268-3047-1Medieval; prequel to The Knight's Return
US: Undone ebook novella2009 March9781426830471 / 978-1-4268-3047-1
Summoned for SeductionUK: Undone ebook novella 2011 January9781408934975 / 978-1-4089-3497-5Medieval; Scottish Highlands, 1072
US: Undone ebook novella2010 December9781426882296 / 978-1-4268-8229-6
Vanquished by the VikingUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 November9781472009029 / 978-1-4720-0902-9Viking; Anglesey, Wales 995 AD
US: Undone ebook novella2013 October9781460320754 / 978-1-4603-2075-4
The Virgin's PursuitUK: Undone ebook novella 2010 July9781408923368 / 978-1-4089-2336-8Medieval; 11th century Northumbria
US: Undone ebook novella2010 June9781426852879 / 978-1-4268-5287-9
The Wedding KnightUS: HH694 HH-32004 February0373292945 / 0-373-29294-5Medieval; 1250, heroine snatched from a convent, Knight 1
"The Wedding Knight" in Dishonourable DesiresUK: Special Release 2005 August0263845672 / 0-263-84567-2
Rosemary Rogers
Bride for a NightUS: HQN2011 October9780373775972 / 978-0-373-77597-2
Bound by LoveUK: HS1017 2010 May9780263883022 / 978-0-263-88302-2Regency era; Russia 1821, in the UK, final Super Historical
US: HQN2009 August9780373773961 / 978-0-373-77396-1
A Daring PassionUK: HS1002 2009 February9780263874013 / 978-0-263-87401-3Regency or George IV (?); England and France
US: HQN2007 October9780373772476 / 978-0-373-77247-6
An Honorable Man / An Honourable ManUK: HS___ 2004? ____0263845087 / 0-263-84508-7American Civil War; lead up to Civil War, Mississippi, Cameron Campbell/Jackson Logan 1
US: MIRA2002 December1551669536 / 1-55166-953-6
Jewel of my HeartUK: HS984 2007 August9780263855388 / 978-0-263-85538-8Victorian era; 1880s England, Jamaica, and India
US: MIRA2004 December0778321010 / 0-7783-2101-0
A Reckless EncounterUK: MIRA 2004 ____1551668521 / 1-55166-852-1Regency; England
US: MIRA2001 December1551668521 / 1-55166-852-1
Return to MeUK: HS___ 2005 ____0263845141 / 0-263-84514-1American Civil War; aftermath of Civil War, Cameron Campbell/Jackson Logan 2
US: MIRA2003 December1551667487 / 1-55166-748-7
SapphireUK: HS991 2008 March9780263865622 / 978-0-263-86562-2Victorian era; 1830s Martinique, England, and US
US: MIRA2005 December077832236X / 0-7783-2236-X
Savage DesireUK: MIRA 2003 ____1551666219 / 1-55166-621-9Victorian era; 1876 England and Mexico, Morgan/Challenger 6
US: MIRA2000 December1551666219 / 1-55166-621-9
Scandalous DeceptionUK: HS1008 2009 August9780263874075 / 978-0-263-87407-5Regency era; Russia, 1820, M&B Super Historicals no longer seem to be numbered
US: HQN2008 August9780373772506 / 978-0-373-77250-6
Scoundrel's HonorUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 August9781408953471 / 978-1-4089-5347-1Russia and Egypt
US: HQN2010 November9780373774562 / 978-0-373-77456-2
Sweet Savage LoveUS: MIRA2001 August1551668319 / 1-55166-831-9American Civil War; Paris, New Orleans, and Mexico, Morgan/Challenger 1, first published in US by Avon
Surrender to LoveUS: MIRA2003 July1551667169 / 1-55166-716-9Victorian era; Ceylon and through Europe, first published in US by Avon
Wicked Loving LiesUS: MIRA2002 August1551669277 / 1-55166-927-7Regency era; France, England, US, Middle East, Morgan/Challenger 3, first published in US by Avon
Elizabeth Rolls
The Chivalrous RakeUK: H866 MBHR2003 December0263835359 / 0-263-83535-9Regency; heroine's father has dementia and is accused of theft, Rake 2
US: HH804 HH-32006 June0373294042 / 0-373-29404-2
"The Chivalrous Rake" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v18UK: Vol 18 2008 February9780263866490 / 978-0-263-86649-0
"Christmas Cinderella" in A Sprinkling of Christmas MagicUS: HH1159 HH-32013 November9780373297597 / 978-0-373-29759-7Regency
A Compromised LadyUK: H1078 MBHR2008 February9780263862416 / 978-0-263-86241-6Regency; hero is lame, Blakehurst 2
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"His Lady Mistress" in His Governess BrideUK: Special Release 2010 June9780263877083 / 978-0-263-87708-3
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US: Royal Wedding ebook Collection2011 April9781459204188 / 978-1-4592-0418-8
"A Princely Dilemma" in Royal Weddings Through the AgesUK: Special Release 2012 March9780263897524 / 978-0-263-89752-4
"The Prodigal Bride" in A Regency Invitation [UK] / A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season [US]UK: Special Release 2004 December0263845036 / 0-263-84503-6Regency; second chance, troubled marriage
US: HH775 HH-32005 November0373293755 / 0-373-29375-5
A Scandalous LiaisonUK: Undone ebook novella 2010 September9781408923511 / 978-1-4089-2351-1Regency; second chance at love, artist
US: Undone ebook novella2010 August9781426852916 / 978-1-4268-5291-6
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US: Undone ebook novella2014 January9781459255548 / 978-1-4592-5554-8
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US: HH823 HH-32006 November0373294239 / 0-373-29423-9
The Unexpected BrideUK: Special Release [box set] 2000 Christmas box set026382473X / 0-263-82473-XRegency; blind heroine, takes place of twin in arranged marriage, followed by Mistress or Marriage?, in UK published in box set with Modern Romance "The Mistress Contract" by Helen Brooks and Tender Romance "The Stand-In Bride" by Lucy Gordon
US: HH729 HH-32004 November0373293291 / 0-373-29329-1
"The Unexpected Bride" in The Regency Rakes v5UK: Rakes 2.5 2004 January026383672X / 0-263-83672-X
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"The Unruly Chaperon" in Regency High-Society Affairs v6UK: Vol 6 2009 August9780263875553 / 978-0-263-87555-3
Elaine Rome
also published by Harlequin/Mills & Boon as: Elaine Barbieri
Stark LightningUK: H535 MBHR1997 January0263800105 / 0-263-80010-5Western; Montana, late 1800s, later republished under Elaine Barbieri
US: HH85 HH-31991 July0373286856 / 0-373-28685-6
Margaret Rome
Maid of the BorderUK: M26 Masq1979 February0263728692 / 0-263-72869-2Elizabethan; England and Scotland
US: HH25 HH-11979 September0373745257 / 0-373-74525-7
Beverlee Ross
AnnabelleUK: H591 MBHR1998 March0263807088 / 0-263-80708-8Western; Northern California 1885
US: HH178 HH-31993 June037328778X / 0-373-28778-X
Patricia Frances Rowell
A Dangerous SeductionUK: H919 MBHR2005 January026384353X / 0-263-84353-XRegency; Cornwall 1816, Elements 2 (Water)
US: HH668 HH-32003 August0373292686 / 0-373-29268-6
An Impetuous AbductionUK: H1155 MBHR2009 May9780263867794 / 978-0-263-86779-4Regency; Derbyshire 1811, Elements 5 (Firelight)
US: HH900 HH-32008 June9780373295005 / 978-0-373-29500-5
A Perilous AttractionUK: H903 MBHR2004 September0263839788 / 0-263-83978-8Regency; England 1810, Elements 1 (Fire)
US: HH621 HH-32002 August037329221X / 0-373-29221-X
A Scandalous SituationUK: H998 MBHR2006 September9780263846690 / 978-0-263-84669-0Regency; England 1807, Elements 3 (Air)
US: HH716 HH-32004 August037329316X / 0-373-29316-X
A Treacherous PropositionUK: H986 MBHR2006 June0263846547 / 0-263-84654-7Regency; Elements 4 (Moonlight)
US: HH764 HH-32005 August037329364X / 0-373-29364-X
Eva Rutland
Enterprising LadyUS: HRR28 HR-21990 June0373311281 / 0-373-31128-1Regency
Gretna BrideUS: HRR89 HR-21993 January0373311893 / 0-373-31189-3Regency
Matched PairUS: HRR1 HR-21989 May037331101X / 0-373-31101-XRegency; fake engagement
The Vicar's DaughterUS: HRR20 HR-21990 February0373311206 / 0-373-31120-6Regency
The Willful Lady [US] / The Wilful Lady [UK]UK: H747 MBHR2001 June0263827356 / 0-263-82735-6Regency
US: HRR45 HR-21991 March0373311451 / 0-373-31145-1
Lorelai Ryan
A Lady's UndoingUK: Carina ebook release 2014 March9781472095206 / 978-1-4720-9520-620th Century: London 1912, suffragette heiress, novella
Nan Ryan
Because You're MineUS: Special release2005 May0373811055 / 0-373-81105-5Western; Southern California
ChieftainUK: MIRA 2005 ____0778320138 / 0-7783-2013-8Western; 1870s Oklahoma Territory, half-breed Comanche war chief
US: MIRA2004 February0778320138 / 0-7783-2013-8
The Countess MisbehavesUK: MIRA 2001 ____1551665913 / 1-55166-591-319th Century; 1856, New Orleans
US: MIRA2000 June1551665913 / 1-55166-591-3
Dearest EnemyUK: MIRA ebook first/only 2011 October9781408956069 / 978-1-4089-5606-9American Civil War
US: MIRA2006 November077832348X / 0-7783-2348-X
Duchess for a DayUK: MIRA 2005 ____077832141X / 0-7783-2141-X19th Century; Saratoga Springs, heroine impersonates experienced duchess
US: MIRA2005 February077832141X / 0-7783-2141-X
The Legend of LoveUS: Special release2005 May0373811047 / 0-373-81104-7Western; New Mexico
Naughty MariettaUK: MIRA 2004 January1551666766 / 1-55166-676-6Western; 1872, Texas, and Colorado
US: MIRA2003 April1551666766 / 1-55166-676-6
The Scandalous Miss HowardUK: MIRA 2003 ____1551668939 / 1-55166-893-919th Century; Alabama, heroine thought hero died 20 years ago
US: MIRA2002 April1551668939 / 1-55166-893-9
The Seduction of EllenUK: MIRA 2002 June1551668149 / 1-55166-814-9Western; Utah 1899
US: MIRA2001 April1551668149 / 1-55166-814-9
The SheriffUK: MIRA 2006 ____0778322726 / 0-7783-2272-6Western; California, gold mining
US: MIRA2006 February0778322726 / 0-7783-2272-6
Sun GodUS: Special release2005 May0373811039 / 0-373-81103-9Western; Texas, hero is son of a Spanish grandee and an Aztec princess
Wanting YouUK: MIRA 2000 ____1551665212 / 1-55166-521-2Western; Arizona 1885, amnesiac heiress who had been Apache captive
US: MIRA1999 August1551665212 / 1-55166-521-2
You Belong to my HeartUS: Special release2005 May0373811063 / 0-373-81106-3American Civil War; Mississippi
Renee Ryan
Charity House CourtshipUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 August9781408995860 / 978-1-4089-9586-0Western; Denver, Colorado 1879, Charity House 5
US: Insp2012 August9780373829279 / 978-0-373-82927-9
Courting the EnemyUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 September9781408957004 / 978-1-4089-5700-4WWII; Florida 1943
US: Insp2011 September9780373828838 / 978-0-373-82883-8
Dangerous AlliesUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 January9781472023049 / 978-1-4720-2304-9WW2, Nazi Germany
US: SH Insp2010 September9780373828449 / 978-0-373-82844-9
Finally a BrideUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 November9781472014450 / 978-1-4720-1445-0Western; Denver, Colorado 1894, Charity House 7
US: Insp2013 November9780373829873 / 978-0-373-82987-3
Hannah's BeauUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 February9781408937952 / 978-1-4089-3795-219th Century; Chicago 1883, Charity House 2
US: SH Insp2009 July9780373828166 / 978-0-373-82816-6
Heartland WeddingUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 January9781472023070 / 978-1-4720-2307-0Kansas Territory, After the Storm: The Founding Years
US: SH Insp2010 February9780373828296 / 978-0-373-82829-6
The Lawman Claims His BrideUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 February9781472023261 / 978-1-4720-2326-1Western; Denver, Colorado, 1888, Charity House 4
US: Insp2011 April9780373828647 / 978-0-373-82864-7
Loving BellaUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 January9781472023131 / 978-1-4720-2313-1Western; Colorado, Charity House 3
US: SH Insp2010 May9780373828364 / 978-0-373-82836-4
The Marshal Takes a BrideUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 February9781408937945 / 978-1-4089-3794-5Western; 1880s Denver, Colorado, Charity House 1
US: SH Insp2009 February9780373828067 / 978-0-373-82806-7
Mistaken BrideUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 May9781408981153 / 978-1-4089-8115-319th Century; Boston 1850, Irish Brides continuity 2
US: Insp2012 May9780373829156 / 978-0-373-82915-6
The Outlaw's RedemptionUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2013 July9781472014290 / 978-1-4720-1429-0Western; Denver, Colorado 1890, ex-con comes to claim his daughter from her aunt, Charity House 6
US: Insp2013 July9780373829712 / 978-0-373-82971-2
Taylor Ryan
Beauty and the BeastUS: HH342 HH-31996 November0373289421 / 0-373-28942-1
BirdieUS: HH312 HH-31996 April037328912X / 0-373-28912-X
The Essential WifeUS: HH368 HH-31997 June0373289685 / 0-373-28968-5marriage of convenience
Love's Wild WagerUS: HH262 HH-31995 March037328862X / 0-373-28862-X
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