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Surnames beginning: Sa-Se Sh-So St-Su
MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Sherri Shackelford
The Marshal's Ready-Made FamilyUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2014 February9781472072856 / 978-1-4720-7285-6Western; Kansas 1881
US: Insp2014 February9780373282517 / 978-0-373-28251-7
Winning the Widow's HeartUK: Love Inspired Historical ebook 2012 June9781408994962 / 978-1-4089-9496-2Western; Kansas 1870s
US: Insp2012 June9780373829224 / 978-0-373-82922-4
Francesca Shaw
The Admiral's DaughterUK: H650 MBHR1999 June0263817024 / 0-263-81702-4Regency; heroine turns down offer of marriage after comproming situtation
US: Readers Choice2001 November0373511698 / 0-373-51169-8
"The Admiral's Daughter" in The Regency Rakes v2UK: Rakes 2.2 2003 October026383669X / 0-263-83669-X
A Compromised LadyUK: M491 LOL1996 February0263794903 / 0-263-79490-3Regency; 1815/16 Belgium (Waterloo) and London
US: HH17 HSS1999 May?0373303262 / 0-373-30326-2
"A Compromised Lady" in The Regency Collection 7UK: Vol 7 1999 November0263823512 / 0-263-82351-2
Master of WinterbourneUK: M366 Masq1993 April0263780511 / 0-263-78051-1English Civil War
US: HH8 HSS1998? December?0373303173 / 0-373-30317-3
Miss Weston's MasqueradeUK: M430 LOL1994 November026378858X / 0-263-78858-XRegency; 1818, heroine disguised as a boy
US: HH75 HSS2001? September?037330384X / 0-373-30384-X
"Miss Weston's Masquerade" in The Regency Collection 10UK: Vol 10 2000 February0263824233 / 0-263-82423-3
The Rebellious BrideUK: H822 MBHR2003 January0263834913 / 0-263-83491-3Regency; heroine says she cannot be ruined, as already lost reputation
US: HH149 HSS2004 October0373304587 / 0-373-30458-7
"The Rebellious Bride" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v21UK: Vol 21 2008 May9780263866520 / 978-0-263-86652-0
A Scandalous LadyUK: Special Release 2001? ____0263831728 / 0-263-83172-8Regency; respectable lady is also an actress, UK original release part of a bookset
US: HH242 HSS2008 August9780373305513 / 978-0-373-30551-3
"A Scandalous Lady" in The Regency Lords and Ladies v04UK: Vol 4 2005 October0263845737 / 0-263-84573-7
The Unconventional Miss DaneUK: H576 MBHR1997 November0263804364 / 0-263-80436-4Regency
US: HH55 HSS2000? November?0373303645 / 0-373-30364-5
"The Unconventional Miss Dane" in The Regency Rakes v3UK: Rakes 1.3 2002 December0263836649 / 0-263-83664-9
The Youngest DowagerUK: H709 MBHR2000 September0263823172 / 0-263-82317-2Regency; new Earl proposes marriage to widowed countess
US: HH131 HSS2004 January0373304404 / 0-373-30440-4
"The Youngest Dowager" in The Regency Brides v2UK: Vol 2 2004 August0263840808 / 0-263-84080-8
Linda Shaw
Odessa GoldUK: M380 LOL1993 October0263783235 / 0-263-78323-520th Century; 1900; Wyoming; St Louis, Missouri; Manhattan, and Saratoga Springs, New York
US: HH80 HH-31991 June0373286805 / 0-373-28680-5
June Lund Shiplett
Boston RenegadeUK: H540 MBHR1997 February0263800210 / 0-263-80021-019th Century; Boston 1872
US: HH139 HH-31992 September0373287399 / 0-373-28739-9
Sweet VengeanceUS: HH110 HH-31992 January0373287100 / 0-373-28710-0Western
Lynne Silver
Behind the Duke's DoorUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2011 February9781408924723 / 978-1-4089-2472-3
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2011 January9781426857294 / 978-1-4268-5729-4
His Desirable DebutanteUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2011 December9781408936313 / 978-1-4089-3631-3Regency?
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2011 November9781426885495 / 978-1-4268-8549-5
Deborah Simmons
"The Companion" in The Officer's BrideUK: Special Release 2002 ____0373834659 / 0-373-83465-9Regency; new Earl with survivor guilt, UK released by Harlequin
US: Special release2001 April0373834659 / 0-373-83465-9
The Dark ViscountUK: H1242 MBHR2010 October9780263876079 / 978-0-263-87607-9Regency; Gothic 1
US: HH918 HH-32008 October9780373295180 / 978-0-373-29518-0
The de Burgh BrideUK: H752 MBHR2001 July0263827402 / 0-263-82740-2Medieval; England 1200s, marriage forced by royal decree, de Burgh 2 (Geoffrey)
US: HH399 HH-31998 February0373289995 / 0-373-28999-5
The Devil EarlUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 February9781408988220 / 978-1-4089-8822-0Regency; Cornwall 1818, gothic, Regency 2
US: HH317 HH-31996 May0373289170 / 0-373-28917-0
The Devil's LadyUS: HH241 HH-31994 October0373288417 / 0-373-28841-7Medieval; England 1200s, de Laci 1 (Aisley)
Fortune HunterUK: M451 LOL1995 April0263790282 / 0-263-79028-2Regency; viscount marries for money
US: HH132 HH-31992 July0373287321 / 0-373-28732-1
The Gentleman's QuestUS: HH980 HH-32010 February9780373295807 / 978-0-373-29580-7Regency; Gothic 2
"The Gentleman's Quest" in Regency Courtship & CandlelightUK: Vol 4 2012 May9780263897722 / 978-0-263-89772-2
The Gentleman ThiefUK: H1441 MBHR2013 June/July9780263906622 / 978-0-263-90662-2Regency; emeralds go missing in Regency Bath, RITA Award finalist
US: HH495 HH-32000 January0373290950 / 0-373-29095-0
Glory and the RakeUK: H1297 MBHR2011 July9780263887877 / 978-0-263-88787-7Regency; a minor spa-town
US: HH323 HSS2012 January9780373306329 / 978-0-373-30632-9
The Last de BurghUK: H1413 MBHR2013 February9780263898088 / 978-0-263-89808-8Medieval; girl disguised as boy gets help from knight, de Burgh 8 (Nicholas)
US: HH350 HSS2013 February9780373306596 / 978-0-373-30659-6
The Last RogueUK: H843 MBHR2003 June026383512X / 0-263-83512-XRegency; compromising situation, plain heroine, Regency 4
US: HH427 HH-31998 September0373290276 / 0-373-29027-6
Maiden BrideUK: H619 MBHR1998 October0263812340 / 0-263-81234-0Medieval; England 1280, de Laci 2 (Nicholas)
US: HH332 HH-31996 September0373289324 / 0-373-28932-4
My Lady de BurghUK: H835 MBHR2003 April0263835049 / 0-263-83504-9Medieval; 13th century, murder in a nunnery, de Burgh 6 (Robin)
US: HH584 HH-32001 November0373291841 / 0-373-29184-1
My Lord de BurghUK: H787 MBHR2002 April0263831183 / 0-263-83118-3Medieval; 13th century, alcoholic hero, de Burgh 5 (Stephen)
US: HH533 HH-32000 October0373291337 / 0-373-29133-7
"The Notorious Duke" in The Love MatchUS: HH599 HH-32002 March037329199X / 0-373-29199-XRegency, rake wagers he can seduce a bluestocking
"The Notorious Duke" in An Ideal MatchUK: Special Release 2003? ____0263836800 / 0-263-83680-0
Reynold de Burgh: The Dark KnightUK: H1348 MBHR2012 March9780263892321 / 978-0-263-89232-1Medieval; 13th century, hero feels inferior to brothers, lame leg, de Burgh 7 (Reynold)
US: HH958 HH-32009 August9780373295586 / 978-0-373-29558-6
Robber BrideUK: H764 MBHR2001 October0263827526 / 0-263-82752-6Medieval; heroine leads group of bandits, 13th century, de Burgh 3 (Simon)
US: HH455 HH-31999 April0373290551 / 0-373-29055-1
Silent HeartUS: HH185 HH-31993 August0373287852 / 0-373-28785-2French Revolution; Paris, mute hero
The Squire's DaughterUK: M475 LOL1995 October0263793001 / 0-263-79300-1Regency
US: HH208 HH-31994 February0373288085 / 0-373-28808-5
Taming the WolfUK: H672 MBHR1999 November0263818411 / 0-263-81841-1Medieval; England 1270, eldest son, amnesiac heroine, de Burgh 1 (Dunstan)
US: HH284 HH-31995 September0373288840 / 0-373-28884-0
Tempting KateUK: H736 MBHR2001 March0263827240 / 0-263-82724-0Regency; heroine kidnaps hero, Regency 3
US: HH371 HH-31997 July0373289715 / 0-373-28971-5
"The Unexpected Guest" in The Brides of ChristmasUS: Special release1999 ____0373834179 / 0-373-83417-9Medieval; 13th century, widow snowbound at Christmas, de Burgh 4 (Fawke, Earl of Campion)
"The Unexpected Guest" in Safe Haven for ChristmasUK: H817 MBHR2002 December0263831485 / 0-263-83148-5
"The Unexpected Guest" in The Brides of ChristmasUS: HQN2005 ____0373771487 / 0-373-77148-7
The Vicar's DaughterUS: HH258 HH-31995 February0373288581 / 0-373-28858-1Regency; Regency 1
"A Wish for Noel" in The Knights of ChristmasUS: HH387 HH-31997 November0373289871 / 0-373-28987-1Medieval; guardian/ward
Alberta Sinclair
Cousin NancyUS: HRR5 HR-21989 July0373311052 / 0-373-31105-2Regency
A Hint of ScandalUS: HRR15 HR-11987 March0373310153 / 0-373-31015-3Regency
Linda Skye
A Dance with IndecencyUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 July9781472008947 / 978-1-4720-0894-720th Century; 1920s New York City, man doesn't recognise young wealthy widow as a former lover
US: Undone ebook novella2013 June9781460314296 / 978-1-4603-1429-6
The Debutante's RuseUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 May9781408979525 / 978-1-4089-7952-5Hong Kong, governorís daughter as debutante/thief
US: Undone ebook novella2012 April9781459226722 / 978-1-4592-2672-2
The Pirate's Reckless TouchUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 December9781472008138 / 978-1-4720-0813-8Regency; Christmas, woman needs pirate for treasure hunt
US: Undone ebook novella2012 November9781459248007 / 978-1-4592-4800-7
"The Pirate's Reckless Touch" in A Scandalous Regency ChristmasUK: Special Releases 2013 November9780263910438 / 978-0-263-91043-8
A Pleasurable ShameUK: Undone ebook novella 2012 August9781408995532 / 978-1-4089-9553-2Medieval; France 1067, droit du seigneur
US: Undone ebook novella2012 July9781459234260 / 978-1-4592-3426-0
Russian Winter NightsUK: Undone ebook novella 2014 January9781472055309 / 978-1-4720-5530-9Catherine the Great; Russia 1733
US: Undone ebook novella2013 December9781460323625 / 978-1-4603-2362-5
Unveiled for the Persian KingUK: Undone ebook novella 2013 April9781472008893 / 978-1-4720-0889-3a princess is given in tribute to the Persian King for his harem
US: Undone ebook novella2013 March9781460307410 / 978-1-4603-0741-0
Hazel Smith
Cast of HawksUK: M185 Masq1985 October0263752178 / 0-263-75217-8Victorian era; Hawaii 1870
The Golden PhoenixUK: M348 Masq1992 July0263777839 / 0-263-77783-920th Century; San Francisco earthquake 1906
Gypsy RoyalUK: M218 Masq1987 February026375670X / 0-263-75670-X1832
Master of MoonriseUK: M162 Masq1984 October0263748820 / 0-263-74882-020th Century; New Orleans c1900
Lauraine Snelling
"The Finest Gift" in Yuletide TreasureUS: Steeple Hill special release2008 November9780373786312 / 978-0-373-78631-220th Century; 1910
"The Finest Gift" in Yuletide TreasureUS: Insp special release2013 December9780373787999 / 978-0-373-78799-9
Tracie Sommers
Tonight my LoveUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2009 September9781408914496 / 978-1-4089-1449-6paranormal?
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2009 March9781426833236 / 978-1-4268-3323-6
Surnames beginning: Sa-Se Sh-So St-Su
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