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Surnames beginning: Wa-Wig Wil-Wy
MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Saskia Walker
The HarlotUK: Spice historical ebook 2011 July9781408937044 / 978-1-4089-3704-4Georgian era; Scotland 1715, linked to Their Private Arrangement, Taskill Witches 1
US: SPICE Historical2011 June9780373605569 / 978-0-373-60556-9
The HarlotUK: Spice historical 2013 February9780263905816 / 978-0-263-90581-6
US: HQN2013 February9780373777365 / 978-0-373-77736-5
The JezebelUK: Spice historical ebook 2013 May9781472015426 / 978-1-4720-1542-6Georgian era; 1715, woman barters for passage on boat to Scotland, Taskill Witches 3 (reprint)
US: HQN2013 April9780373777440 / 978-0-373-77744-0
The LibertineUK: Spice historical ebook 2013 May9781472015396 / 978-1-4720-1539-6Georgian era; St Andrews, Scotland 1715, woman hasn't conceived with her husband but needs a child, Taskill Witches 2 (reprint)
US: HQN2013 March9780373777396 / 978-0-373-77739-6
Their Private ArrangementUK: Spice Briefs historical ebook novella 2011 July9781408936177 / 978-1-4089-3617-7Georgian era; Scotland 1715, linked to The Harlot
US: SPICE Briefs Historical ebook novella2011 June9781426872310 / 978-1-4268-7231-0
Yield to MeUS: Blaze historical Harlequin Extra© 2010 / n/aStuart; Scotland 1705
Pamela Wallace
PromisesUS: HH16 HH-31989 February0373286163 / 0-373-28616-3hero plucks heroine from the sea
Sheila Walsh
Cousins of a KindUK: M181 Masq1985 August0263751082 / 0-263-75108-2Regency; man seeks to reclaim necklace, published as The Diamond Waterfall by Signet in the US
A Highly Respectable MarriageUK: Special Release 1985 ____0263749371 / 0-263-74937-1Regency; Romantic Novelists' Association 1984 Romantic Novel of the Year, published by Signet in the US
Improper AcquaintancesUK: M194 Masq1986 February0263753263 / 0-263-75326-3Regency; rakish officer, published as The Incorrigible Rake by Signet in the US
Minerva's MarquisUK: M254 Masq1988 August0263761533 / 0-263-76153-3Regency; Parisian honeymoon, heroine tries to seduce her new husband, published as Minerva's Marquess by Signet in the US
The NabobUK: M282 Masq1989 October0263765725 / 0-263-76572-5Regency; hero wants to revenge himself on late duke via the duke's daughter, published as The Notorious Nabob by Signet in the US
The Pink ParasolUK: M331 Masq1991 November0263774570 / 0-263-77457-0Regency; woman marries because of father's gamblind debts, published by Signet in the US, also published as Lady Cecily's Dilemma by Sophie Leyton
A Woman of Little ImportanceUK: M319 Masq1991 May0263772551 / 0-263-77255-1Regency; woman asks duke for support for orphaned nephew and niece, published as The Arrogant Lord Alistair by Signet in the US
Kate Welsh
"The Bride Wore Britches" in Weddings Under a Western SkyUK: H1367 MBHR2012 June9780263892512 / 978-0-263-89251-2Western
US: HH1091 HH-32012 June9780373296910 / 978-0-373-29691-0
His Californian CountessUK: H1355 MBHR2012 April9780263892390 / 978-0-263-89239-019th Century; 1876 New York / San Francisco, British aristocrat hunting for woman finds her decoy, Wheatonburg 2
US: HH988 HH-32010 April9780373295883 / 978-0-373-29588-3
Questions of Honor / Questions of HonourUK: H1294 MBHR2011 June9780263887709 / 978-0-263-88770-919th Century; Pennsylvania 1875, mining town, second chance at love, secret baby, Wheatonburg 1
US: HH937 HH-32009 March9780373295371 / 978-0-373-29537-1
A Texan's Honor / A Texan's HonourUK: H1361 MBHR2012 May9780263892451 / 978-0-263-89245-1Western; Texas 1878, marriage with a stranger to escape a brute
US: HH1087 HH-32012 May9780373296873 / 978-0-373-29687-3
The Texas Ranger's Heiress WifeUK: H1481 MBHR2013 December9780263898705 / 978-0-263-89870-5Western
US: HH1163 HH-32013 December9780373297634 / 978-0-373-29763-4
Jennifer West
Passion's LegacyUS: HH82 HH-31991 June0373286821 / 0-373-28682-1rural England, London, and India, heroine suddenly in high society
Margaret Westhaven
A Cheltenham ComedyUS: HRR61 HR-21991 November0373311613 / 0-373-31161-3Regency; heroine in amateur dramatics
False ImpressionsUS: HRR6 HR-21989 July0373311060 / 0-373-31106-0Regency; paid companion thinks man wants her as mistress
Miss Dalrymple's VirtueUS: HRR21 HR-11988 April0373310218 / 0-373-31021-8Regency; penniless authoress barters body for patronage
Spanish CoinUS: HRR22 HR-21990 March0373311222 / 0-373-31122-2Regency; half-Spanish heroine, Spanish count, compromising situation
Widow for HireUS: HRR35 HR-21990 October0373311354 / 0-373-31135-4Regency; second chance at love, widow becomes chaperon
Sarah Westleigh
Chevalier's PawnUK: M464 LOL1995 July0263790916 / 0-263-79091-6Medieval; Wales 1406/7, heroine spent 5 years as a hostage, rescuer offered marriage for love or vengeance?
US: HH34 HSS2000? January?0373303432 / 0-373-30343-2
Escape to DestinyUK: M410 LOL1994 June0263782549 / 0-263-78254-9Elizabethan; Channel Islands 1571/2, woman rescues spy for Elizabeth I from the sea
US: HH60 HSS2001? January?0373303696 / 0-373-30369-6
Felon's FancyUK: M483 LOL1995 December0263794105 / 0-263-79410-5Regency; 1818, ex-felon Earl marries the daughter of Baron who owes him money
US: HH53 HSS2000? October?0373303629 / 0-373-30362-9
Heritage of LoveUK: M368 Masq1993 May0263780538 / 0-263-78053-8Victorian; heroine wants to learn about her natural father, meets American businessman
US: HH69 HSS2001 June0373303785 / 0-373-30378-5
A Highly Irregular FootmanUK: H538 MBHR1997 February0263800199 / 0-263-80019-9Regency; Kent/London 1803, housekeeper falls for man masquerading as footman
The Impossible EarlUK: H588 MBHR1998 February0263805050 / 0-263-80505-0Regency; governess inherits property leased to Earl who refuses to leave
US: HH83 HSS2002? January?0373303920 / 0-373-30392-0
The Inherited BrideUK: M324 Masq1991 July0263773213 / 0-263-77321-3Medieval; Devon 1347, marriage of convenience, d'Evreux Family 1 (Richard)
US: HH10 HSS1999? January?037330319X / 0-373-30319-X
Jousting With ShadowsUK: H568 MBHR1997 September0263802140 / 0-263-80214-0Medieval; England, marriage between strangers, widower knight and woman freed from convent life
US: HH48 HSS2000? July?0373303572 / 0-373-30357-2
A Lady of Independent MeansUK: M448 LOL1995 March0263789977 / 0-263-78997-7Regency; 1815, heroine travels to Paris and to battlefield of Waterloo
US: HH87 HSS2002? March?0373303963 / 0-373-30396-3
"A Lady of Independent Means" in The Regency Collection 11UK: Vol 11 2000 March0263824241 / 0-263-82424-1
Loyal HeartsUK: M336 Masq1992 January0263775305 / 0-263-77530-5Medieval; 1347, childhood betrothal, d'Evreux Family 3 (Giles)
US: HH26 HSS1999? September?0373303351 / 0-373-30335-1
"Loyal Hearts" in Medieval Lords and Ladies Collection 3: War of the RosesUK: Vol 3 2007 September9780263858839 / 978-0-263-85883-9
A Most Exceptional QuestUK: M374 Masq1993 August0263780597 / 0-263-78059-7Regency; hero loses memory in Peninsular War
US: HH39 HSS2000 March?0373303483 / 0-373-30348-3
"A Most Exceptional Quest" in The Regency Collection 1UK: Vol 1 1999 May0263817075 / 0-263-81707-5
A Most Exceptional QuestUS: Readers Choice2000 October0373511140 / 0-373-51114-0
The Outrageous DowagerUK: M500 LOL1996 April0263795330 / 0-263-79533-0Regency; London, widow tries to hold out for marriage rather than seduction
US: HH73 HSS2001? August?0373303823 / 0-373-30382-3
"The Outrageous Dowager" in The Regency Collection 4UK: Vol 4 1999 August0263817105 / 0-263-81710-5
SeafireUK: M520 MBHR1996 September0263797619 / 0-263-79761-9Regency; 1814/15, young woman travelling to Barbados is captured at sea by American
Set Free My HeartUK: M330 Masq1991 October0263774236 / 0-263-77423-6Medieval; 1347, widow, voyage with handsome knight, d'Evreux Family 2 (Thomas/Tamkin)
US: HH18 HSS1999 May?0373303270 / 0-373-30327-0
Elizabeth White
Crescent City CourtshipUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 January9781408937754 / 978-1-4089-3775-419th Century; New Orleans, woman given chance to leave slums to study medicine
US: SH Insp2009 June9780373828142 / 978-0-373-82814-2
Redeeming GabrielUK: back catalogue Love Inspired Historical ebook 2011 January9781408937747 / 978-1-4089-3774-7American Civil War; Mobile, Alabama, spy hero, abolitionist heroine betrothed to someone else
US: SH Insp2008 November9780373828005 / 978-0-373-82800-5
Isabel Whitfield
Bodie BrideUK: M460 LOL1995 June0263790878 / 0-263-79087-8Western; California 1879, father forces managing daughter into marriage
US: HH140 HH-31992 September0373287402 / 0-373-28740-2
Silver FuryUS: HH105 HH-31991 December0373287054 / 0-373-28705-4Western; heroine spies on suspected silver thief, son of tycoon making own way in world
Gail Whitiker
Bittersweet RevengeUS: HRR78 HR-21992 July0373311788 / 0-373-31178-8Regency; plain woman surprised when the "Unmarriageable Earl" proposes
Blackwood's LadyUK: H646 MBHR1999 May0263816583 / 0-263-81658-3Regency; Marquis picks wife on strictly non-romantic grounds
US: HH170 HSS2005 August037330479X / 0-373-30479-X
"Blackwood's Lady" in The Regency Rakes v6UK: Rakes 2.6 2004 February0263836738 / 0-263-83673-8
The Blade and the Bath MissUS: HRR92 HR-21993 February0373311923 / 0-373-31192-3Regency; hero tries to find younger man for beautiful, impoverished heroine
Brushed by ScandalUK: H1303 MBHR2011 August9780263887938 / 978-0-263-88793-8Regency; London, Spy 4
Courting Miss ValloisUK: H1261 MBHR2011 January9780263878417 / 978-0-263-87841-7Regency; French farmer's daughter given London season, Spy 3
US: HH319 HSS2011 November978037330628 / 978-0-373-30628-2
The Guardian's DilemmaUK: Vol 11 2002 March0263828522 / 0-263-82852-2Regency; guardian thinks ward's schoolteacher is not respectable, Steepwood 11
US: HH113 HSS2003 April0373304226 / 0-373-30422-6
"The Guardian's Dilemma" in The Steepwood Scandals 6UK: Vol 6 2007 April9780263855005 / 978-0-263-85500-5
Improper Miss DarlingUK: H1340 MBHR2012 February9780263892246 / 978-0-263-89224-6Regency
An Innocent DeceitUK: H714 MBHR2000 October0263823229 / 0-263-82322-9Regency; heroine disguised a male horse-riding instructor
US: HH136 HSS2004 March0373304455 / 0-373-30445-5
Letters to a LadyUK: H545 MBHR1997 April0263804755 / 0-263-80475-5Regency; Earl finds betrothed in arms of another, Spy 1
US: HRR106 HR-21993 September0373312067 / 0-373-31206-7
A Most Improper ProposalUK: Vol 5 2001 September0263828468 / 0-263-82846-8Regency; heroine belatedly takes rake up on indecent proposition, Steepwood 5
US: HH101 HSS2002 October0373304102 / 0-373-30410-2
"A Most Improper Proposal" in The Steepwood Scandals 3UK: Vol 3 2007 January9780263854978 / 978-0-263-85497-8
A Most Unsuitable BrideUK: H882 MBHR2004 April0263839575 / 0-263-83957-5Regency; London, why does woman ride in Hyde Park so heavily veiled?
US: HH186 HSS2006 April0373304951 / 0-373-30495-1
No Occupation for a LadyUK: H1389 MBHR2012 October9780263892734 / 978-0-263-89273-4Regency; lady writes plays under pseudonym, Bretton 1
US: HH342 HSS2012 October9780373306510 / 978-0-373-30651-0
No Role for a GentlemanUK: H1450 MBHR2013 July9780263898392 / 978-0-263-89839-2Regency; to protect his sister's reputation, hero pretends he's the playwrite, Bretton 2
US: HH359 HSS2013 July9780373306695 / 978-0-373-30669-5
An Offer to LoveUK: H666 MBHR1999 October026381811X / 0-263-81811-XRegency; Cornwall, rich widow retreats to remote estate to avoid fortune hunters
US: HH91 HSS2002 May0373304005 / 0-373-30400-5
"A Promise to Return" in Regency RompsUS: Special release1994 April037331213X / 0-373-31213-XRegency; second chance for love threatened by hero's amnesia, Spy 2
A Promise to ReturnUK: H977 MBHR2006 April0263846431 / 0-263-84643-1
"A Scandalous Courtship" in Winter WeddingsUK: Special Release 2002 November0263836614 / 0-263-83661-4Regency; estranged "sister" turns out to be no blood relation, and beautiful
A Scandalous CourtshipUS: HH155 HSS2005 January0373304641 / 0-373-30464-1
Susan Wiggs
At the King's CommandUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 February9781408954393 / 978-1-4089-5439-3Tudor; England 1538, Henry VIII maliciously orders embittered widower to marry a vagabond thief, Tudor Rose 1, published as Circle in the Water by HarperCollins
US: MIRA2009 August9780778327387 / 978-0-7783-2738-7
At the Queen's SummonsUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 February9781408954331 / 978-1-4089-5433-1Elizabethan; London and Ireland, orphaned street performer asks Irish chieftain for protection, Tudor Rose 3, published as Dancing on Air by HarperCollins
US: MIRA2009 October9780778326885 / 978-0-7783-2688-5
The Charm SchoolUK: MIRA 2000 January?1551664917 / 1-55166-491-719th Century; 1851 Boston, sea captain and ugly duckling, Calhoun Chronicles 1 (Ryan)
US: MIRA1999 May1551664917 / 1-55166-491-7
The Charm SchoolUK: MIRA 2005 March0778300498 / 0-7783-0049-8
US: MIRA2001 March1551668556 / 1-55166-855-6
The Charm SchoolUS: MIRA2008 May9780778325048 / 978-0-7783-2504-8
The DrifterUK: MIRA 1999 ____1551664593 / 1-55166-459-3Western; 1894 Texas and Whidbey Island, Washington State, female doctor forced to treat drifter's wife
US: MIRA1998 June1551664593 / 1-55166-459-3
The DrifterUS: MIRA2003 March1551666898 / 1-55166-689-8
The DrifterUS: MIRA2013 October9780778315735 / 978-0-7783-1573-5
Enchanted AfternoonUK: MIRA 2003 ____1551669382 / 1-55166-938-219th Century; 1890s New York, abused wife, annulment, refuge, Calhoun Chronicles 4
US: MIRA2002 September1551669382 / 1-55166-938-2
The FirebrandUK: MIRA 2002 ____1551668017 / 1-55166-801-719th Century; 1871/1876 Chicago, woman rescues an orphaned baby, five years later finds child's father still lives, Great Chicago Fire Trilogy 3
US: MIRA2001 April1551668017 / 1-55166-801-7
The FirebrandUS: MIRA2003 August1551667584 / 1-55166-758-4
The FirebrandUS: MIRA2010 September9780778327721 / 978-0-7783-2772-1
Halfway to HeavenUK: MIRA 2002 ____1551668378 / 1-55166-837-819th Century; Washington DC, amateur astronomer gets help with social graces from young senator, Calhoun Chronicles 3 (Jamie)
US: MIRA2001 October1551668378 / 1-55166-837-8
The Horsemaster's DaughterUK: MIRA 2000 August1551665344 / 1-55166-534-419th Century; Virginia 1854, widower brings crazed stallion to horsemaster, but horsemaster has died, Calhoun Chronicles 2 (Hunter)
US: MIRA1999 November1551665344 / 1-55166-534-4
The Horsemaster's DaughterUS: MIRA2003 August155166755X / 1-55166-755-X
The Horsemaster's DaughterUS: MIRA2008 June9780778325109 / 978-0-7783-2510-9
The Horsemaster's DaughterUS: MIRA2010 February9780778329572 / 978-0-7783-2957-2
The HostageUK: MIRA 2001 ____1551665921 / 1-55166-592-119th Century; 1871 Chicago and Isle Royale, heiress is held for ransom on an island for revenge against her father, Great Chicago Fire Trilogy 1
US: MIRA2000 April155166592 / 1-55166-592-1
The HostageUS: MIRA2003 August1551667568 / 1-55166-756-8
The HostageUS: MIRA2010 July9780778327844 / 978-0-7783-2784-4
The LightkeeperUK: MIRA 2003 ____1551668807 / 1-55166-880-7Western; Washington Territory 1876, reclusive lighthouse keeper finds penniless pregnant woman washed ashore
US: MIRA1997 October1551663015 / 1-55166-301-5
The LightkeeperUS: MIRA2002 March1551668807 / 1-55166-880-7
The LightkeeperUS: MIRA2013 September9780778315728 / 978-0-7783-1572-8
The Maiden's HandUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2011 February9781408954386 / 978-1-4089-5438-6Tudor; rake saved from execution by secret Protestant group, Tudor Rose 2, published as Vows Made in Wine by HarperCollins
US: MIRA2009 September9780778327394 / 978-0-7783-2739-4
The MistressUK: MIRA 2001 ____1551666103 / 1-55166-610-319th Century; 1871 Chicago, masquerading strangers impulsively marry during fire, Great Chicago Fire Trilogy 2
US: MIRA2000 October1551666103 / 1-55166-610-3
The MistressUS: MIRA2003 August1551667576 / 1-55166-757-6
The MistressUS: MIRA2010 August9780778327905 / 978-0-7783-2790-5
A Summer AffairUK: MIRA 2004 ____155166710X / 1-55166-710-X19th century; 1880s San Francisco, widower doctor, wounded lady adventurer, Calhoun Chronicles 5 (Blue)
US: MIRA2003 August155166710X / 1-55166-710-X
A Summer AffairUS: MIRA2010 April9780778329589 / 978-0-7783-2958-9
Surnames beginning: Wa-Wig Wil-Wy
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