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Mills & Boon Historicals and Harlequin Historicals sorted by author and title
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MB HH Title No. & Series Date Paperback ISBN Setting/notes
Dee Yates
The Railwayman's DaughterUK: Special Release 2007 March9780263856965 / 978-0-263-85696-5Saga; England 1875, heroine leaves her home town in disgrace to try to find work in York
A Yorkshire LassUK: Special Release 2008 January9780263865974 / 978-0-263-86597-4Saga; 1880s England, heroine works as a maid in York
Pauline York
The Torpid DukeUS: HRR12 HR-11986 September0373310129 / 0-373-31012-9Regency; woman invited to visit to dazzle three confirmed bachelors
Erin Yorke
An American BeautyUS: HH58 HH-31990 November0373286589 / 0-373-28658-9heroine tries to shake off law student hired to tutor her
Bound by LoveUS: HH176 HH-31993 June0373287763 / 0-373-28776-3Maryland, shipping-heir turned indentured labourer, pregnant widow
"Christmas Bounty" in Historical Christmas Stories 1992 [US] / A Christmas Past [UK]UK: Special Release 2003 ____0373832451 / 0-373-83245-1second chance at love between neighbours
US: Special release1992 November0373832451 / 0-373-83245-1
Counterfeit LairdUS: HH202 HH-31993 December0373288026 / 0-373-28802-6Victorian; hero becomes laird of impoverished clan
Dangerous DeceptionsUS: HH152 HH-31992 December0373287526 / 0-373-28752-6Victorian; female spy looking for assassin targeting Queen Victoria
Desert RogueUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 January9781408987933 / 978-1-4089-8793-319th Century; Cairo 1881, English heroine rescued in Khartoum by American adventurer
US: HH285 HH-31995 September0373288859 / 0-373-28885-9
DevlinUK: ebook first/only Special Release 2012 March9781408988916 / 978-1-4089-8891-6Elizabethan era; Ireland 1593, English heroine inadvertanly gets Irish hero captured
US: HH402 HH-31998 February0373290020 / 0-373-29002-0
Forever DefiantUS: HH94 HH-31991 September0373286945 / 0-373-28694-5heroine marries man her late missionary father had disapproved of
Heaven's GateUK: M452 LOL1995 April0263790290 / 0-263-79029-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1567, rebel earl wants to reclaim his Irish estate, finds it in the hands of a woman
US: HH124 HH-31992 May0373287240 / 0-373-28724-0
The Honor PriceUS: HH239 HH-31994 October0373288395 / 0-373-28839-5Elizabethan era; Ireland 1580s, Irish heroine, hero arrives with Spanish Armada
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