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Harlequin Regency Romances by Series Number
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Second Series Harlequin Regency Romances (1989-1993)
Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Eva RutlandMatched Pair1989MayHRR1 HR-2037331101X / 0-373-31101-XRegency; fake engagement
Clarice PetersThe Marquis and the Miss1989MayHRR2 HR-20373311028 / 0-373-31102-8Regency
Phyllis Taylor PiankaThe Tart Shoppe1989JuneHRR3 HR-20373311036 / 0-373-31103-6Regency
Coral HoyleMidsummer Masque1989JuneHRR4 HR-20373311044 / 0-373-31104-4Regency
Alberta SinclairCousin Nancy1989JulyHRR5 HR-20373311052 / 0-373-31105-2Regency
Margaret WesthavenFalse Impressions1989JulyHRR6 HR-20373311060 / 0-373-31106-0Regency; paid companion thinks man wants her as mistress
Dinah DeanThe Cockermouth Mail1989AugustHRR7 HR-20373311079 / 0-373-31107-9Regency; in UK pubbed as Marjorie May
Ann HulmeThe Unexpected American1989AugustHRR8 HR-20373311087 / 0-373-31108-7Regency
Dixie Lee McKeoneSweet Doro1989SeptemberHRR9 HR-20373311095 / 0-373-31109-5Regency
Jean ReeceThe Devil's Dare1989SeptemberHRR10 HR-20373311109 / 0-373-31110-9Regency
Clarice PetersVanessa1989OctoberHRR11 HR-20373311117 / 0-373-31111-7Regency
Patricia WynnSophie's Halloo1989OctoberHRR12 HR-20373311125 / 0-373-31112-5Regency; heroine's father dislikes her suitor, who's not interested in country living and fox hunting
Sydney Ann ClaryMisfit Match1989NovemberHRR13 HR-20373311133 / 0-373-31113-3Regency
Jacqueline DiamondA Lady's Point of View1989NovemberHRR14 HR-20373311141 / 0-373-31114-1Regency
Coral HoyleThe Virgin's Heart1989DecemberHRR15 HR-2037331115X / 0-373-31115-XRegency
Gwyneth MooreMen Were Deceivers Ever1989DecemberHRR16 HR-20373311168 / 0-373-31116-8Regency; 1 of Trilogy
Elizabeth MichaelsTollin's Daughter1990JanuaryHRR17 HR-20373311176 / 0-373-31117-6Regency
Lucy MuirImprudent Wager1990JanuaryHRR18 HR-20373311184 / 0-373-31118-4Regency
Blanche ChenierLucinda1990FebruaryHRR19 HR-20373311192 / 0-373-31119-2Regency
Eva RutlandThe Vicar's Daughter1990FebruaryHRR20 HR-20373311206 / 0-373-31120-6Regency
Barbara NeilLessons for a Lady1990MarchHRR21 HR-20373311214 / 0-373-31121-4Regency
Margaret WesthavenSpanish Coin1990MarchHRR22 HR-20373311222 / 0-373-31122-2Regency; half-Spanish heroine, Spanish count, compromising situation
Clarice PetersPrescott's Lady1990AprilHRR23 HR-20373311230 / 0-373-31123-0Regency
Patricia WynnLord Tom1990AprilHRR24 HR-20373311249 / 0-373-31124-9Regency; hero recruited to help return heroine from France to England
Carola DunnA Susceptible Gentleman1990MayHRR25 HR-20373311257 / 0-373-31125-7Regency
Linell AnstonLady Elizabeth1990MayHRR26 HR-20373311265 / 0-373-31126-5Regency
Gwyneth MooreThe Dirty Frog1990JuneHRR27 HR-20373311273 / 0-373-31127-3Regency; 2 of Trilogy
Eva RutlandEnterprising Lady1990JuneHRR28 HR-20373311281 / 0-373-31128-1Regency
Coral HoyleA Merry Go-Around1990JulyHRR29 HR-2037331129X / 0-373-31129-XRegency
Barbara NeilThe Celebrated Miss Neville1990JulyHRR30 HR-20373311303 / 0-373-31130-3Regency; authoress, hero is scathing critic
Emily DaltonA Country Chit1990AugustHRR31 HR-20373311311 / 0-373-31131-1Regency
Judith StaffordThe Lemon Cake1990AugustHRR32 HR-2037331132X / 0-373-31132-XRegency; lemon cake = love potion
Lucy MuirSussex Summer1990SeptemberHRR33 HR-20373311338 / 0-373-31133-8Regency; Peninsular veteran
Phyllis Taylor PiankaThe Calico Countess1990SeptemberHRR34 HR-20373311346 / 0-373-31134-6Regency
Margaret WesthavenWidow for Hire1990OctoberHRR35 HR-20373311354 / 0-373-31135-4Regency; second chance at love, widow becomes chaperon
Petra NashLady Harriet's Harvest1990OctoberHRR36 HR-20373311362 / 0-373-31136-2Regency
Blanche ChenierThe Wayward Heiress1990NovemberHRR37 HR-20373311370 / 0-373-31137-0Regency
Patricia WynnJack on the Box1990NovemberHRR38 HR-20373311389 / 0-373-31138-9Regency; heroine convinced Royal Mail coachman is a gentleman
Carola DunnA Poor Relation1990DecemberHRR39 HR-20373311397 / 0-373-31139-7Regency
Ann HulmeA Scandalous Bargain1990DecemberHRR40 HR-20373311400 / 0-373-31140-0Regency
Barbara NeilLucy's Scoundrel1991JanuaryHRR41 HR-20373311419 / 0-373-31141-9Regency; hero's bluff called on imaginary fiancée
Irene NorthanThe Marriage Brokers1991JanuaryHRR42 HR-20373311427 / 0-373-31142-7Regency
Lucy MuirHighland Rivalry1991FebruaryHRR43 HR-20373311435 / 0-373-31143-5Regency; Scottish laird in London
Emily DaltonAn Infamous Sea Bath1991FebruaryHRR44 HR-20373311443 / 0-373-31144-3Regency
Eva RutlandThe Willful Lady [US] / The Wilful Lady [UK]1991MarchHRR45 HR-20373311451 / 0-373-31145-1Regency
Winifred WittonLady Elmira's Emerald1991MarchHRR46 HR-2037331146X / 0-373-31146-XRegency; emerald necklace goes missing during a kiss
Catherine ReynoldsA Thoroughly Compromised Bride1991AprilHRR47 HR-20373311478 / 0-373-31147-8Regency; Bath
Phyllis Taylor PiankaThe Lark's Nest1991AprilHRR48 HR-20373311486 / 0-373-31148-6Regency; French upstairs maid turned singer
Ann HulmeFalse Fortune1991MayHRR49 HR-20373311494 / 0-373-31149-4Regency
Beth BryanWhat Lucinda Learned1991MayHRR50 HR-20373311508 / 0-373-31150-8Regency
Judith StaffordA Hero's Welcome1991JuneHRR51 HR-20373311516 / 0-373-31151-6Regency; strangers married for one day before hero goes off to war
Carola DunnA Lord for Miss Larkin1991JuneHRR52 HR-20373311524 / 0-373-31152-4Regency
Clarice PetersThe Heart's Wager1991JulyHRR53 HR-20373311532 / 0-373-31153-2Regency; American heroine
Winifred WittonThe Denville Diamond1991JulyHRR54 HR-20373311540 / 0-373-31154-0Regency; both hero and heroine masquerading as other people
Irene NorthanLove's Parole1991AugustHRR55 HR-20373311559 / 0-373-31155-9Regency; published in UK under Elizabeth Lowther
Jeanne CarmichaelA Touch of Blackmail1991AugustHRR56 HR-20373311567 / 0-373-31156-7Regency
Gwyneth MooreLove's Lady Lost1991SeptemberHRR57 HR-20373311575 / 0-373-31157-5Regency; 3 of Trilogy
Elizabeth MichaelsThe Fabric of Love1991SeptemberHRR58 HR-20373311583 / 0-373-31158-3Regency
Emily DaltonBeauty and the Beastie1991OctoberHRR59 HR-20373311591 / 0-373-31159-1Regency
Gail MallinA Most Unsuitable Duchess1991OctoberHRR60 HR-20373311605 / 0-373-31160-5Regency; Bath
Margaret WesthavenA Cheltenham Comedy1991NovemberHRR61 HR-20373311613 / 0-373-31161-3Regency; heroine in amateur dramatics
Judith StaffordCupid and the Vicar1991NovemberHRR62 HR-20373311621 / 0-373-31162-1Regency; heroine's vicar brother plays matchmakers
Carola DunnThe Fortune-Hunters1991DecemberHRR63 HR-2037331163X / 0-373-31163-XRegency
Beth BryanA Managing Female1991DecemberHRR64 HR-20373311648 / 0-373-31164-8Regency
Clarice PetersBelle of Portman Square1992JanuaryHRR65 HR-20373311656 / 0-373-31165-6Regency
Janeanne JordanThe Scheme of Things1992JanuaryHRR66 HR-20373311664 / 0-373-31166-4Regency
Jeanne CarmichaelQuest for Vengeance1992FebruaryHRR67 HR-20373311672 / 0-373-31167-2Regency
Emily DaltonA Heavenly Houseguest1992FebruaryHRR68 HR-20373311680 / 0-373-31168-0Regency
Alicia FarradayThe Suitable Suitor1992MarchHRR69 HR-20373311699 / 0-373-31169-9Regency
Brenda HiattGabriella1992MarchHRR70 HR-20373311702 / 0-373-31170-2Regency
Janet GraceA Most Unusual Lady1992AprilHRR71 HR-20373311710 / 0-373-31171-0Regency
Barbara NeilBella1992AprilHRR72 HR-20373311729 / 0-373-31172-9Regency; two-year separation
Carola DunnThe Road to Gretna1992MayHRR73 HR-20373311737 / 0-373-31173-7Regency
Winifred WittonThe Masked Marquis1992MayHRR74 HR-20373311745 / 0-373-31174-5Regency; masked rescuer encourages woman to marry his daytime alter ego
Jeanne CarmichaelA Moment of Madness1992JuneHRR75 HR-20373311753 / 0-373-31175-3Regency
Janeanne JordanKenton's Countess1992JuneHRR76 HR-20373311761 / 0-373-31176-1Regency
Vivian KeithWayward Angel1992JulyHRR77 HR-2037331177X / 0-373-31177-XRegency
Gail WhitikerBittersweet Revenge1992JulyHRR78 HR-20373311788 / 0-373-31178-8Regency; plain woman surprised when the "Unmarriageable Earl" proposes
Coral HoyleThe Art of the Hunt1992AugustHRR79 HR-20373311796 / 0-373-31179-6Regency
Phyllis Taylor PiankaA Coventry Courtship1992AugustHRR80 HR-2037331180X / 0-373-31180-XRegency; linked to The Thackery Jewels
Brenda HiattThe Ugly Duckling1992SeptemberHRR81 HR-20373311818 / 0-373-31181-8Regency
Clarice PetersThe Absentee Earl1992SeptemberHRR82 HR-20373311826 / 0-373-31182-6Regency; 1817, hero leaves within two hours of wedding
Elizabeth MichaelsThe Cynic1992OctoberHRR83 HR-20373311834 / 0-373-31183-4Regency
Annette SummersThe Surprising Lady Rochdale1992OctoberHRR84 HR-20373311842 / 0-373-31184-2Regency; marry for inheritance, divorce after a year
Emily DaltonLily and the Lion1992NovemberHRR85 HR-20373311850 / 0-373-31185-0Regency
Carola DunnMy Lord Winter1992NovemberHRR86 HR-20373311869 / 0-373-31186-9Regency
Barbara NeilMask of White Satin1992DecemberHRR87 HR-20373311877 / 0-373-31187-7Regency
Winifred WittonThe Spectre of Spadefield1992DecemberHRR88 HR-20373311885 / 0-373-31188-5Regency; woman followed to London by a country beau, author's name misspelled as Winnifred Witton on US cover
Eva RutlandGretna Bride1993JanuaryHRR89 HR-20373311893 / 0-373-31189-3Regency
Jeanne CarmichaelMadcap Johnny1993JanuaryHRR90 HR-20373311907 / 0-373-31190-7Regency; post-Napoleonic War France and England
Brenda HiattLord Dearborn's Destiny1993FebruaryHRR91 HR-20373311915 / 0-373-31191-5Regency
Gail WhitikerThe Blade and the Bath Miss1993FebruaryHRR92 HR-20373311923 / 0-373-31192-3Regency; hero tries to find younger man for beautiful, impoverished heroine
Petra NashMr Ravensworth's Ward1993MarchHRR93 HR-20373311931 / 0-373-31193-1Regency
Elizabeth BaileySweet Sacrifice1993MarchHRR94 HR-2037331194X / 0-373-31194-XRegency
Sylvia AndrewPerdita1993AprilHRR95 HR-20373311958 / 0-373-31195-8Regency
Paula MarshallCousin Harry1993AprilHRR96 HR-20373311966 / 0-373-31196-6Regency
Judith StaffordBecca's Independence1993MayHRR97 HR-20373311974 / 0-373-31197-4Regency
Carola DunnThea's Marquis1993MayHRR98 HR-20373311982 / 0-373-31198-2Regency
Jeanne CarmichaelA Match Made in Heaven1993JuneHRR99 HR-20373311990 / 0-373-31199-0Regency
Anthology: Janet Grace, Elizabeth Lowther, Gwyneth Moore, Gail MallinRegency Quartet: Frozen Hearts by Grace; A Singular Elopement by Lowther; Pride House by Moore; The Eccentric Miss Delaney by Mallin1993JuneHRR100 HR-20373312008 / 0-373-31200-8Regency
Elizabeth MichaelsLord Barton's Honour1993JulyHRR101 HR-20373312016 / 0-373-31201-6Regency
Brenda HiattDaring Deception1993JulyHRR102 HR-20373312024 / 0-373-31202-4Regency
Barbara NeilGentleman Rogue1993AugustHRR103 HR-20373312032 / 0-373-31203-2Regency
Winifred WittonThe Green Fox1993AugustHRR104 HR-20373312040 / 0-373-31204-0Regency; seasick hero goes to France to claim inheritance
Julie TetelThe Temporary Bride1993SeptemberHRR105 HR-20373312059 / 0-373-31205-9Regency; governess poses as wife to gambler
Gail WhitikerLetters to a Lady1993SeptemberHRR106 HR-20373312067 / 0-373-31206-7Regency; Earl finds betrothed in arms of another, Spy 1
Paula MarshallAn Improper Duenna1993OctoberHRR107 HR-20373312075 / 0-373-31207-5Regency
Carola DunnGinnie Come Lately1993OctoberHRR108 HR-20373312083 / 0-373-31208-3Regency
Catherine ReynoldsThe Highwayman1993NovemberHRR109 HR-20373312091 / 0-373-31209-1Regency
Patricia WynnMistletoe and Mischief1993NovemberHRR110 HR-20373312105 / 0-373-31210-5Regency; damsel in distress embroils herself in many adventures
Judith StaffordSarah's Angel1993DecemberHRR111 HR-20373312113 / 0-373-31211-3Regency; children matchmake father and governess
Brenda HiattA Christmas Bride1993DecemberHRR112 HR-20373312121 / 0-373-31212-1Regency
Limit to: First Series HRR1-HRR22 (1983-1988) or Second Series HRR1-HRR112 (1989-1993)
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