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Harlequin Historical Romances Beyond The Main Series
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General Special Release Harlequin Historical Romances released in the USA
Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
DeLoras ScottBittersweet1988?____WL 39 Western Lovers special release0373301871 / 0-373-30187-1Western; outlaw heroine, half-Cheyenne hero (reprint)
Anthology: Kristin James, Lucy Elliot, Heather Graham PozzessereHistorical Christmas Stories: Tumbleweed Christmas by James; A Cinderella Christmas by Elliot; Home for Christmas by Pozzessere1989November Special release0373832117 / 0-373-83211-7UK and US releases share same ISBN despite branding differences and 9 year gap
Anthology: Nora Roberts, Patricia Potter, Ruth LanganHistorical Christmas Stories 1990: In from the Cold by Roberts; Miracle of the Night by Potter; Christmas at Bitter Creek by Langan1990November Special release0373832184 / 0-373-83218-4Roberts: a MacGregor story; Potter: American Civil War; Langan: Western
Dixie Lee McKeoneThe Winter Picnic1991September Special release037315156X / 0-373-15156-XRegency (reprint)
Anthology: Lynda Trent, Caryn Cameron, DeLoras ScottHistorical Christmas Stories 1991: Christmas Yet to Come by Trent; A Season of Joy by Cameron; Fortune's Gift by Scott1991November Special release0373832257 / 0-373-83225-7Trent: Victorian; Cameron: American War of Independence
Anthology: Maura Seger, Erin Yorke, Bronwyn WilliamsHistorical Christmas Stories 1992 [US] / A Christmas Past [UK]: Miss Montrachet Requests by Seger; Christmas Bounty by Yorke; A Promise Kept by Williams1992November Special release0373832451 / 0-373-83245-1Seger: Victorian era, New York; UK/US versions share US ISBN
Anthology: Heather Graham Pozzessere, Patricia Potter, Joan JohnstonUntamed Maverick Hearts: Lonesome Rider by Pozzessere; Against the Wind by Potter; One Simple Wish by Johnston1993July Special release037383259 / 0-373-83259-1
Anthology: Kathleen Eagle, Sandra Kitt, Ruth Jean DaleFriends, Families, Lovers: The Sharing Spoon by Eagle; Love is Thanks Enough by Kitt; The More the Merrier by Dale1993October Special release0373832605 / 0-373-83260-5
Anthology: Curtiss Ann Matlock, Marianne Willman, Victoria Pade1993 Keepsake Christmas Stories: Once Upon a Christmas by Matlock; A Fairytale Season by Willman; Tidings of Joy by Pade1993November Special release0373832613 / 0-373-83261-3Matlock: Western; Willman: sea voyage; Pade: Western
2-in-1: Gail Whitiker, Stephanie LaurensRegency Romps: A Promise to Return by Whitiker; Four in Hand by Laurens1994April Special release037331213X / 0-373-31213-X
2-in-1: Brenda Hiatt, Paula MarshallRegency Diamonds: Azalea by Hiatt; The Cyprian's Sister by Marshall1994September Special release0373312148 / 0-373-31214-8
Georgina DevonUntamed Heart1994October Special release0373312156 / 0-373-31215-6Regency; Untamed Heart 1
Anthology: Elaine Barbieri, Kathleen Eagle, Margaret Moore, Patricia Gardner EvansMistletoe Marriages: Rendezvous by Barbieri; The Wolf and the Lamb by Eagle; Christmas in the Valley by Moore; Keeping Christmas by Evans1994November Special release0373833091 / 0-373-83309-1
3-in-1: Phyllis Taylor PiankaThe Thackery Jewels: Amethyst; Emerald; Topaz1994____ Special release0373312164 / 0-373-31216-4three full length novels, intertwined, about three sisters
2-in-1: Janet Edmonds, Petra NashMischief & Mayhem: A Nabob's Daughter by Edmonds; Heir Apparent by Nash1995____ Special release0373312172 / 0-373-31217-2
2-in-1: Paula Marshall, Sylvia AndrewReluctant Bridegrooms: My Lady Love by Marshall; A Darling Amazon by Andrew1995May Special release0373312180 / 0-373-31218-0
Anthology: Heather Graham Pozzessere, Theresa Michaels, Merline LovelaceRenegades: Seize the Wind by Pozzessere; Apache Fire by Michaels; The Rogue Knight by Lovelace1995August Special release0373833105 / 0-373-83310-5
Anthology: Anita Mills, Patricia Potter, Miranda JarrettChristmas Rogues: The Christmas Story by Mills; The Homecoming by Potter; Bayberry and Mistletoe by Jarrett1995October Special release0373832974 / 0-373-83297-4Mills: Western; Kansas. Potter: American Civil War. Jarrett: pre-American Revolution colonies
Anthology: Kathleen Eagle, Bronwyn WilliamsDream Catchers: Medicine Woman by Eagle; White Witch by Williams 1995December Special release0373201192 / 0-373-20119-2
2-in-1: Jasmine CresswellRakes and Rascals: The Abducted Heiress; The Blackwood Bride1995____ Special release0373312199 / 0-373-31219-9
2-in-1: Sylvia Andrew, Gail MallinDalliance and Deception: Serena by Andrew; Debt of Honor by Mallin1995____ Special release0373312202 / 0-373-31220-2
Anthology: Elaine Coffman, Ruth Langan, Mary McBrideOutlaw Brides: The Bride of Blackness Castle by Coffman; Maverick Hearts by Langan; The Ballad of Josie Dove by McBride1996June Special release0373833156 / 0-373-83315-6
2-in-1: Stephanie LaurensA Convenient Marriage: The Reasons for Marriage; A Lady of Expectations1996July Special release0373833210 / 0-373-83321-0Regency; Lester Family 1 & 2
Elizabeth LowellReckless Love1996November Special release0373833288 / 0-373-83328-8Western; 1887 Utah Territory, MacKenzie-Blackthorn 1 (reprint)
Georgina DevonScandals1996December Special release0373833229 / 0-373-83322-9Regency; Untamed Heart 2
2-in-1: Kristin James, Dorothy GlennThe Gentleman by James; The Hell Raiser by Glenn1997September? Special release0373201400 / 0-373-20140-0
Anthology: Patricia Potter, Ruth LanganRansomed Brides: Samara by Potter; Highland Barbarian by Langan1998May Special release0373201508 / 0-373-20150-8
Anthology: Linda Howard, Linda Lael Miller, Heather Graham PozzessereSummer Sensations: Overload by Howard; The Leopard's Woman by Miller; Lonesome Rider by Pozzessere1998June Silhouette special release0373483635 / 0-373-48363-5only Pozzessere's is historical
Curtiss Ann MatlockThe Forever Rose1998____MaW 20 Men at Work special release0373810326 / 0-373-81032-6Western; Quaker heroine (reprint)
Elaine BarbieriStark Lightning1998____MaW 26 Men at Work special release0373810385 / 0-373-81038-5Western; Montana, late 1800s, previously published under Elaine Rome
Patricia Gardner EvansSilver Noose1998AugustMaW 35 Men at Work special release0373810474 / 0-373-81047-4(reprint)
Bronwyn WilliamsStormwalker1998OctoberMaW 50 Men at Work special release0373810628 / 0-373-81062-8Western; half-American Indian hero helps woman who was raped and left pregnant by American Indian who killed her parents (reprint)
Nora RobertsRebellion1998October Special release0373834039 / 0-373-83403-9Georgian; Scotland 1745, Jacobite Uprising, MacGregor series (Serena) reprint
Candace CampSatan's Angel1998October Special release0373834047 / 0-373-83404-7(reprint) also published under Kristin James
Anthology: Mary Balogh, Merline Lovelace, Suzanne BarclayThe Gifts of Christmas: A Handful of Gold by Balogh; A Drop of Frankincense by Lovelace; A Touch of Myrrh by Barclay1998November Special release0373833725 / 0-373-83372-5Balogh: Regency; Lovelace: Elizabethan; Barclay: Medieval
Patricia PotterThe Abduction1999March Special release0373834063 / 0-373-83406-3Tudor; Scottish Border, 1550 (reprint)
2-in-1: Nora RobertsThe MacGregors: Daniel Ian: For Now, Forever; In from the Cold1999March Silhouette special release0373483902 / 0-373-48390-2In from the Cold: historical ("For Now, Forever" is contemporary)
Paula MarshallAn Improper Duenna1999June Special release0373312326 / 0-373-31232-6Regency (reprint)
Nora RobertsRebellion1999June Special release0373834284 / 0-373-83428-4Georgian; Scotland 1745, Jacobite Uprising, MacGregor series (Serena) reprint
Bronwyn WilliamsThe Mariner's Bride1999____FAM 25 Family special release0373821735 / 0-373-82173-5marriage of convenience, wife to care for his elderly stepmother while he's at sea (reprint)
Theresa MichaelsA Corner of Heaven1999____FAM 36 Family special release0373821840 / 0-373-82184-0American Civil War (reprint)
Pat TracyThe Flaming1999SeptemberFAM 43 Family special release0373821913 / 0-373-82191-3Texan Rancher offered inheritance to marry English spinster (reprint)
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Heart1999OctoberFAM 50 Family special release0373821980 / 0-373-82198-0Medieval; 1201, Wales, Warrior 1 (Emryss Delanyea)(reprint)
2-in-1: Patricia PotterThe Soldier and the Rebel: Between the Thunder; Miracle of the Heart1999October Silhouette special release0373834152 / 0-373-83415-2
Judith StaffordBecca's Independence1999____ Special release0373312210 / 0-373-31221-0Regency
Jeanne CarmichaelA Match Made in Heaven1999____ Special release0373312229 / 0-373-31222-9Regency
Carola DunnThea's Marquis1999____ Special release0373312237 / 0-373-31223-7Regency
Anthology: Janet Grace, Elizabeth Lowther, Gwyneth Moore, Gail MallinRegency Quartet: Frozen Hearts by Grace; A Singular Elopement by Lowther; Pride House by Moore; The Eccentric Miss Delaney by Mallin1999____ Special release0373312245 / 0-373-31224-5Regency
Brenda HiattDaring Deception1999____ Special release0373312253 / 0-373-31225-3Regency
Winifred WittonThe Green Fox1999____ Special release0373312261 / 0-373-31226-1Regency
Anthology: Jo Beverley, Margaret Moore, Deborah SimmonsThe Brides of Christmas: The Wise Virgin by Beverley; The Vagabond Knight by Moore; The Unexpected Guest by Simmons1999____ Special release0373834179 / 0-373-83417-9Simmons: de Burgh 4 (Fawke, Earl of Campion)
Anthology: Christine Rimmer, Jennifer Greene, Cheryl St JohnMontana Mavericks: Big Sky Brides: Suzanna by Rimmer; Diana by Greene; Isabelle by St John2000March Special release0373483813 / 0-373-48381-3only St John's is historical
2-in-1: Patricia PotterChase the Wind: Chase the Thunder; Against the Wind2000April Special release0373217056 / 0-373-21705-6
Victoria PadeThe Doubletree2000MayAAO 16 Kansas American Heroes Against All Odds0373822146 / 0-373-82214-6Western; mail-order bride (reprint)
Bay MatthewsRambler's Rest2000MayAAO 18 Louisiana American Heroes Against All Odds0373822162 / 0-373-82216-219th Century; Louisiana 1852
Anthology: Mary Jo Putney, Merline Lovelace, Gayle WilsonBride by Arrangement: The Wedding of the Century by Putney; Mismatched Hearts by Lovelace; My Darling Echo by Wilson2000August Special release0373834373 / 0-373-83437-3Putney: Victorian; England 1885
Lindsay McKennaBrave Heart2000SeptemberAAO 41 South Dakota American Heroes Against All Odds0373822391 / 0-373-82239-1Western; South Dakota, Irish heroine, Lakota hero (reprint)
3-in-1: Stephanie LaurensRogues' Reform: The Reasons for Marriage; A Lady of Expectations; An Unwilling Conquest2000?____ Special release037383458 / 0-373-83458-6Regency; Lester Family 1, 2 & 3
Anthology: Merline Lovelace, Deborah Simmons, Julia JustissThe Officer's Bride: The Major's Bride by Lovelace; The Companion by Simmons; An Honest Bargain by Justiss2001April Special release0373834659 / 0-373-83465-9Lovelace: Victorian; Simmons: Regency; Justiss: Regency; UK released by Harlequin
2-in-1: Stephanie LaurensA Season for Scandal: Tangled Reins; Fair Juno, both by Laurens2001April Special release0373834799 / 0-373-83479-9
Anthology: Heather Graham, Gayle WilsonLonesome Rider by Graham / The Heart's Desire by Wilson2001May Special release0373834551 / 0-373-83455-1
3-in-1: Heather GrahamSummer Fires: Apache Summer; Dark Stranger; Rides a Hero2001May Special release0373834780 / 0-373-83478-0
Anthology: Kasey Michaels, Gayle WilsonA Timeless Love: Timely Matrimony by Michaels; Raven's Vow by Wilson2001July Special release037321720X / 0-373-21720-XWilson: Regency; American merchant marries duke's daughter, marriage in name only, only Wilson's is historical
Anthology: Elizabeth Lowell, Heather Graham, Miranda JarrettReckless Hearts: Reckless Love by Lowell; Dark Stranger by Graham; Columbine by Jarrett2001August Special release0373834845 / 0-373-83484-5
Anthology: Susan Mallery, Bronwyn Williams, Carolyn DavidsonMontana Mavericks: Big Sky Grooms [US] / Montana Legends [UK]: Spirit of the Wolf by Mallery; As Good as Gold by Williams; The Gamble by Davidson2001August Special release0373834918 / 0-373-83491-8Western; Montana 1886, interlinked novellas about brothers Caleb and Will Kincaid, and cousin James, Montana Mavericks
Mary McBrideThe Sugarman2001____BaB 24 Mississippi Babies and Bachelors USA special release0373822723 / 0-373-82272-319th Century; Mississippi 1870 (reprint)
Cheryl St JohnLand of Dreams2001____BaB 27 Nebraska Babies and Bachelors USA special release0373822758 / 0-373-82275-8Western; Nebraska 1875, farmer's daughter, ex-military hero with orphaned niece (reprint)
Ana SeymourGabriel's Lady2001____BaB 41 South Dakota Babies and Bachelors USA special release0373822898 / 0-373-82289-8Western; Dakota Territory 1876, Prescott 2 (reprint)
Theresa MichaelsGifts of Love2001____BaB 47 Washington Babies and Bachelors USA special release0373822952 / 0-373-82295-2Western; Washington Territory, 1873 (reprint)
Stephanie LaurensA Comfortable Wife2002January Special release0373834985 / 0-373-83498-5Regency; Regency 5 / Lester Family 4 (reprint)
Anthology: Cathy Maxwell, Ruth Langan, Carolyn DavidsonWild West Brides: Flanna and the Lawman by Maxwell; This Side of Heaven by Langan; Second Chance Bride by Davidson2002June Special release0373835086 / 0-373-83508-6Western
Stephanie LaurensFour in Hand2002July Special release0373835396 / 0-373-83539-6Regency; Regency 2 (reprint)
Anthology: Elaine Coffman, Deborah HaleThe Bride of Blackness Castle by Coffman / A Gentlemen of Substance by Hale2002October Free gift special release0373835213 / 0-373-83521-3
Heather GrahamRides a Hero2002November Special release0373835132 / 0-373-83513-2Western; Missouri post-Civil War, previously published under Heather Graham Pozzessere
Anthology: Kasey Michaels, Carolyn DavidsonHeir to the Throne: Her Royal Pain in the Highness by Michaels; A King Without a Country by Davidson2002December Special release0373835205 / 0-373-83520-5only Davidson's is historical
Anthology: Heather Graham, Julia JustissForbidden Stranger: Forbidden Fire by Graham; Seductive Stranger by Justiss2003June Special release0373835655 / 0-373-83565-5
Anthology: Kasey Michaels, Gayle Wilson, Lyn StoneThe Wedding Chase: In His Lordship's Bed by Michaels; Prisoner of the Tower by Wilson; Word of a Gentleman by Stone2003June Special release0373835752 / 0-373-83575-2Regency
Anthology: Jasmine Cresswell, Amanda Stevens, Debra Lee BrownColorado Confidential: Private Eyes by Cresswell; Kiss and Tell by Stevens; Centennial Bride by Brown2003October Special release0373835647 / 0-373-83564-7Western; Colorado, only Brown's is historical
Nora RobertsLawless2003October Special release0373835922 / 0-373-83592-2Western; Arizona Territory, half-Apache hero, Eastern heroine (reprint)
Anthology: Ana Leigh, Carolyn Davidson, Kate BridgesFrontier Christmas: Lily by Leigh; A Time for Angels by Davidson; The Long Journey Home by Bridges2003November Special release0373835477 / 0-373-83547-7Western
Julia JustissWicked Wager2003November Special release0373835914 / 0-373-83591-4Regency
Anthology: Diana Palmer, Judith Stacy, Mary BurtonA Hero's Kiss: The Founding Father by Palmer; Wild West Wager by Stacy; Snow Maiden by Burton2003December Special release0373835620 / 0-373-83562-0Western
Mary McBrideStorming Paradise2003____GTLS 6 Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Time special release0373652208 / 0-373-65220-8Western; half-breed hero (reprint)
Liz IrelandMillie and the Fugitive2003____GTLS 28 Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Time special release0373652429 / 0-373-65242-9Western; Texas (reprint)
Laurie GrantLawman2003____GTLS 37 Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Time special release0373652518 / 0-373-65251-8Western; Texas (reprint)
Kristin JamesSatan's Angel2003____GTLS 40 Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Time special release0373652542 / 0-373-65254-2also published under Candace Camp
Curtiss Ann MatlockWhite Gold2003____MMC 27 Marry Me, Cowboy special release0373653360 / 0-373-65336-0Western; half-breed hero (reprint)
Barbara BrettonThe Reluctant Bride2003____DTL 8 Delaware Dangerous to Love special release0373823061 / 0-373-82306-119th Century; Delaware 1887 (reprint)
Mary McBrideThe Gunslinger2003____DTL 16 Kansas Dangerous to Love special release0373823142 / 0-373-82314-2Western; Kansas, 1879 (reprint)
Cheryl St JohnBadlands Bride2003____DTL 34 North Dakota Dangerous to Love special release0373823320 / 0-373-82332-0Western; North Dakota, female reporter, hero raised with the Sioux (reprint)
Emily FrenchCapture2003____DTL 49 Wisconsin Dangerous to Love special release0373823479 / 0-373-82347-917th Century; 1640 St. Lawrence River (reprint)
Helen KirkmanForbidden2004March Special release0373836295 / 0-373-83629-5Viking; England, 716 AD, Northern Princes 1
Anthology: Mary Jo Putney, Kristin James, Julie TetelPromised Brides: The Wedding of the Century by Putney; Jesse's Wife by James; The Handfast by Tetel2004June Special release0373832966 / 0-373-83296-6Putney: Victorian; England 1885; James: Western; shy rancher's daughter
Nan RyanSun God2005May Special release0373811039 / 0-373-81103-9Western; Texas, hero is son of a Spanish grandee and an Aztec princess
Nan RyanThe Legend of Love2005May Special release0373811047 / 0-373-81104-7Western; New Mexico
Nan RyanBecause You're Mine2005May Special release0373811055 / 0-373-81105-5Western; Southern California
Nan RyanYou Belong to my Heart2005May Special release0373811063 / 0-373-81106-3American Civil War; Mississippi
Deborah BedfordBlessing2005August Steeple Hill special release0373785461 / 0-373-78546-1Colorado (reprint)
Carolyn DavidsonBig-Sky Rancher2005September Special release0373811195 / 0-373-81119-5Western; 1868, Montana Mavericks
Mary BurtonThe Tracker2005September Special release0373811209 / 0-373-81120-9Western; Montana 1883, bounty hunter and woman who grew up in a brothel, Montana Mavericks
Cheryl St JohnThe Bounty Hunter2005September Special release0373811217 / 0-373-81121-7Western; Montana Mavericks
Elizabeth LaneThe Guardian2005September Special release0373811225 / 0-373-81122-5Western; Native American helps a pregnant white woman, Montana Mavericks
Nora RobertsRebellion2006December? Silhouette special release9780373285433 / 978-0-373-28543-3Georgian; Scotland 1745, Jacobite Uprising, MacGregor series (Serena) reprint
Kate BridgesThe Doctor's Homecoming2006____CTH 25 Close to Home special release9780373361304 / 978-0-373-36130-4Western; Montana Territory 1882 (reprint)
Cheryl St JohnSweet Annie2006____CTH 36 Close to Home special release9780373361410 / 978-0-373-36141-0Western; Colorado 1888, heroine limps, uses a wheelchair, parents block marriage, Copper Creek Brides 1 (reprint)
Carolyn DavidsonGerrity's Bride2006____CTH 43 Close to Home special release9780373361489 / 978-0-373-36148-9Western; Arizona (reprint)
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Heart2006____CTH 50 Close to Home special release9780373361557 / 978-0-373-36155-7Medieval; 1201, Wales, Warrior 1 (Emryss Delanyea)(reprint)
2-in-1: Nora RobertsThe MacGregors: Daniel Ian: For Now, Forever; In from the Cold2007April Special release9780373285457 / 978-0-373-28545-7In from the Cold: historical ("For Now, Forever" is contemporary)
Anthology: Lucy Monroe, Louise Allen, Kim LawrenceHot Desert Nights: Mistress to a Sheikh by Monroe; Desert Rake by Allen; Blackmailed by the Sheikh by Lawrence2007May Special release9780373837212 / 978-0-373-83721-2Allen: Regency-era Constantinople, widow travelling abroad (only Allen's is historical)
Anthology: Penny Jordan, Helen Brooks, Carol WoodWinter Waifs [UK] / It Happened at Christmas [US]: Bride at Bellfield Mill by Jordan; A Family for Hawthorn Farm by Brooks; Tilly of Tap House by Wood2007October Special release9780373837175 / 978-0-373-83717-5
Barbara BrettonThe Reluctant Bride2008JuneSH 9 Safe Haven special release9780373361649 / 978-0-373-36164-919th Century; Delaware 1887 (reprint)
Cheryl St JohnBadlands Bride2008AugustSH 34 Safe Haven special release9780373361892 / 978-0-373-36189-2Western; North Dakota, female reporter, hero raised with the Sioux (reprint)
Anthology: Lauraine Snelling, Jillian HartYuletide Treasure: The Finest Gift by Snelling; A Blessed Season by Hart2008November Steeple Hill special release9780373786312 / 978-0-373-78631-2
2-in-1: Nora RobertsThe Law of Love: The Law is a Lady; Lawless2009May Silhouette special release9780373285785 / 978-0-373-28578-5(The Law is a Lady is a contemporary)
Cheryl St JohnThe Gunslinger's Bride2009OctoberRTBSC 37 Return to Big Sky Country9780373310593 / 978-0-373-31059-3Western; Montana Mavericks, second chance at love (reprint)
Anthology: Nicola Cornick, Catherine George, Louise AllenTogether by Christmas: The Unmasking of Lady Loveless by Cornick; Christmas Reunion by George; A Mistletoe Masquerade by Allen2009October Special release9780373837359 / 978-0-373-83735-9Cornick: previously an Undone ebook novella
Elizabeth LowellReckless Love2009November Special release9780373389858 / 978-0-373-38985-8Western; 1887 Utah Territory, MacKenzie-Blackthorn 1 (reprint)
Cheryl St JohnThe Gunslinger's Bride2011January Return to Big Sky Country9780373362301 / 978-0-373-36230-1Western; Montana Mavericks, second chance at love (reprint)
Delilah MarvelleForever Mine2011December ebook HQN9781426834110 / 978-1-4268-3411-0Regency; London 1802, Rumor series prequel
Deanna RaybournSilent Night2012November ebook MIRA9781459237957 / 978-1-4592-3795-7Victorian; a Lady Julia Christmas novella
Kerri MountainThe Parson's Christmas Gift2013January special release Insp9780373787500 / 978-0-373-78750-0Western; Montana Territory 1870, Christmas (reprint)
Laurie KingeryHill Country Christmas2013February special release Insp9780373787548 / 978-0-373-78754-8Western; Texas, post Civil War, Christmas (reprint)
Deanna RaybournFar in the Wilds2013April ebook MIRA9781459249097 / 978-1-4592-4909-720th Century; Kenya 1918
Anthology: Brenda Joyce, Terri Brisbin, Michelle WillinghamHighlanders: The Warrior and the Rose by Joyce; The Forbidden Highlander by Brisbin; Rescued by the Highland Warrior by Willingham2013June ebook HQN9781459243255 / 978-1-4592-4325-5Medieval; Scotland
Lacy WilliamsCourted by a Cowboy2013July ebook Insp9781459243408 / 978-1-4592-4340-8Western; Wyoming 1895, Wyoming Legacy series (novella)
Deanna RaybournMidsummer Night2013November ebook MIRA9781459254879 / 978-1-4592-5487-9Victorian; Lady Julia Grey novella
Anthology: Lauraine Snelling, Jillian HartYuletide Treasure: The Finest Gift by Snelling; A Blessed Season by Hart2013December Insp special release9780373787999 / 978-0-373-78799-9reprint
Candace CampThe Bridal Quest2014January Special release9780373605828 / 978-0-373-60582-8Regency; Matchmakers 2 (reprint)
Kat MartinReese's Bride2014January Special release9780373605835 / 978-0-373-60583-5Victorian; England 1855, Bride trilogy 2 (reprint)
Anthology: Stephanie Laurens, Kasey Michaels, Delilah MarvelleRules of Engagement: The Reasons for Marriage by Laurens; The Wedding Party by Michaels; Unlaced by Marvelle2014January Special release9780373605842 / 978-0-373-60584-2Regency; Laurens: Lester Family (reprint)
Candace CampThe Wedding Challenge2014February Special release9780373605927 / 978-0-373-60592-7Regency; Matchmakers 3 (reprint)
Kat MartinRule's Bride2014February Special release9780373605934 / 978-0-373-60593-4Victorian; Boston/England 1860, Bride trilogy 3 (reprint)
Lyn CoteHer Captain's Heart2014February Special release9780373788040 / 978-0-373-78804-019th Century; Virginia post-Civil War, Gabriel Sisters 1 (reprint)
Deanna RaybournWhisper of Jasmine2014February ebook MIRA9781460329764 / 978-1-4603-2976-420th Century; 1914, novella, prequel to City of Jasmine
Candace CampThe Courtship Dance2014March Special release9780373606016 / 978-0-373-60601-6Regency; Matchmakers 4 (reprint)
2-in-1: Stephanie LaurensA Season for Scandal: Tangled Reins; Fair Juno, both by Laurens2014March Special release9780373606191 / 978-0-373-60619-1reprint
Jeannie LinThe Jade Temptress2014March ebook HQN9781460327081 / 978-1-4603-2708-1Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, Pingkang Li Mysteries 2
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