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Mills & Boon Historical Romances by Series Number
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Cover Author Title Year Month No. & Series Paperback ISBN Setting/Notes
Julia HerbertThe Runaways1977SeptemberM1 Masq0263724298 / 0-263-72429-8Georgian; 50p net; Mid 18th Century England
Jane WilbyEleanor and the Marquis1977SeptemberM2 Masq0263724158 / 0-263-72415-8Regency; London, Marquis asked to help bring poor relation into fashion
Marguerite BellA Rose for Danger1977SeptemberM3 Masq0263724247 / 0-263-72424-7Georgian; Mid 18th Century England
Judith PolleyThe Secret of Val Verde1977SeptemberM4 Masq0263724301 / 0-263-72430-1Western; Mexico 1866, published in the US by Dell as Passion's Prisoner, and as Val Verde
Elizabeth de GuisePuritan Wife1977OctoberM5 Masq0263724565 / 0-263-72456-5Restoration; England 1660
Judith PolleyThe King's Shadow1977OctoberM6 Masq0263724921 / 0-263-72492-1English Civil War; c1645, published in US by Dell as The Serpent and the Dove
Julia HerbertThe Fortune-Hunter1977OctoberM7 Masq026372526X / 0-263-72526-XGeorgian?
Valentina LuellenFrancesca1977OctoberM8 Masq0263725448 / 0-263-72544-8Medieval; Florence, Italy; Borgias, 1501; originally published as Children of the Devil (UK, 1970, Robert Hale)
Sylvia SarkSophie and the Prince1978JuneM9 Masq0263726177 / 0-263-72617-7Victorian; Russia and England 1860s
Marguerite BellThe Devil's Daughter1978JuneM10 Masq0263726185 / 0-263-72618-5Regency; England
Valentina LuellenMadelon1978JuneM11 Masq0263726444 / 0-263-72644-4Medieval; 11th Century Spain; originally published in UK by Robert Hale, 1970
Frances LangStranger at the Gate1978JuneM12 Masq0263727106 / 0-263-72710-617th Century; France, originally published 1975 by Robert Hale in UK
Judith StewartThe Laird's French Bride1978AugustM13 Masq0263727149 / 0-263-72714-9French Revolution; France & Scotland
Julia MurrayThe Notorious Lady May1978AugustM14 Masq0263727122 / 0-263-72712-2Regency; England, London Season
Lisa MontagueLady of Darkness1978SeptemberM15 Masq0263726525 / 0-263-72652-5Regency; highwayman
Julia HerbertPrisoner of the Harem1978SeptemberM16 Masq0263727114 / 0-263-72711-4Georgian era; France and Algiers 1780s (1793, Naples/Algiers)
Valentina LuellenGambler's Prize1978OctoberM17 Masq0263728471 / 0-263-72847-119th Century; New Orleans. UK originally published by Wright & Brown 1969 as Slightly Scarlet
Polly MeyrickThe Damask Rose1978OctoberM18 Masq0263728579 / 0-263-72857-9Regency
Patricia OrmsbyJoanna, or The Young Irish Ladies1978NovemberM19 Masq0263727165 / 0-263-72716-5Regency; originally published by Peter Davis Ltd 1977
Margaret HopeThe Queen's Captain1978NovemberM20 Masq0263728161 / 0-263-72816-1Elizabethan; England
Belinda GreyThe Passionate Puritan1978DecemberM21 Masq0263727181 / 0-263-72718-1Restoration; England
Pamela BennettsDear Lover England1978DecemberM22 Masq026372719X / 0-263-72719-XElizabethan; England
Jane WilbyMan of Consequence1979JanuaryM23 Masq0263727157 / 0-263-72715-7Georgian era; Martinique 1754, new guardian seems as cruel as previous one
Shirley GreyThe Crescent Moon1979JanuaryM24 Masq0263727173 / 0-263-72717-3Medieval; France 1540s
Dinah DeanFlight from the Eagle1979FebruaryM25 Masq026372868 / 0-263-72868-4Regency era; Russia 1812 - Russian retreat from Napoleon's invasion published 1974 by William Heinemman as The Road to Kaluga (hardcover)
Margaret RomeMaid of the Border1979FebruaryM26 Masq0263728692 / 0-263-72869-2Elizabethan; England and Scotland
Gina VeroneseThe Serpent's Tooth1979MarchM27 Masq0263728706 / 0-263-72870-6Renaissance; Borgias Rome c1500
Ann HulmeA Poor Relation1979MarchM28 Masq0263728714 / 0-263-72871-4
Patricia OrmsbySet to Partners1979AprilM29 Masq0263728722 / 0-263-72872-2Regency; England
Valentina LuellenA Pride of MacDonalds1979AprilM30 Masq0263728730 / 0-263-72873-017th Century; Scotland 1692, MacDonalds and Campbells, Glencoe massacre; UK originally published by Wright & Brown 1968
Margaret HopeHostage Most Royal1979MayM31 Masq0263728803 / 0-263-72880-3Edwardian era; Middle Europe, ca. 1900
Belinda GreyLoom of Love1979MayM32 Masq0263728757 / 0-263-72875-7Regency; Yorkshire, ca. 1811
Mary KistlerThe Jarrah Tree1979JuneM33 Masq0263728765 / 0-263-72876-5Victorian era; Australia, 1840s, is a gothic novel, not a romance
Julia MurrayWed for a Wager1979JuneM34 Masq0263728773 / 0-263-72877-3Regency; England
Julia HerbertBond-Woman1979JulyM35 Masq0263096750 / 0-263-09675-017th Century; Virginia Colony, 1690s; originally published in Australia
Valentina LuellenThe Countess1979JulyM36 Masq0263728854 / 0-263-72885-4Georgian era; Russia 1761, set against struggle between Peter and Catherine; UK originally published by Wright & Brown 1967
Belinda GreySweet Wind of Morning1979AugustM37 Masq026372882X / 0-263-72882-XElizabethan; England
Patricia OrmsbyHeir Presumptive1979AugustM38 Masq0263728846 / 0-263-72884-6Regency; England
Lisa MontagueThe Emperor's Jewel1979SeptemberM39 Masq0263728838 / 0-263-72883-8Regency era; Napoleonic France
Kate BuchanBlack Fox1979SeptemberM40 Masq0263730832 / 0-263-73083-2Medieval; 15th century Scotland
Ann EdgeworthRunaway Maid1979OctoberM41 Masq0263730840 / 0-263-73084-0Georgian; England, George III
Lee StaffordFountains of Paradise1979OctoberM42 Masq0263730867 / 0-263-73086-7Victorian era?; 19th century India, heroine is sole survivor of a shipwreck
Jasmine CresswellThe Abducted Heiress1979NovemberM43 Masq0263730859 / 0-263-73085-9
Meriol TrevorThe Marked Man1979NovemberM44 Masq0263727130 / 0-263-72713-0Georgian era; French Occupied Luxembourg 1789, young woman helps rebel leader
Margaret HopeThe Shadow Queen1979DecemberM45 Masq0263096734 / 0-263-09673-4Stuart; look-a-like of Mary Queen of Scots
Julia MurrayRosamund1979DecemberM46 Masq0263730883 / 0-263-73088-3Regency; England
Belinda GreyMoon of Laughing Flame1980JanuaryM47 Masq0263732118 / 0-263-73211-8English girl marrying into the Navajo
Dinah DeanThe Ice King1980JanuaryM48 Masq0263732126 / 0-263-73212-6Regency era; 1819/1820 Russia (Moscow Season)
Gina VeroneseMarietta1980FebruaryM49 Masq0263732169 / 0-263-73216-9Renaissance; Florence, heroine disguised as boy-actor
Jan ConstantThe Rebel and the Redcoat1980FebruaryM50 Masq0263732177 / 0-263-73217-7
Emma GayleCousin Caroline1980MarchM51 Masq0263732185 / 0-263-73218-5Victorian; York
Lois MasonAbigail's Quest1980MarchM52 Masq0263732193 / 0-263-73219-3Victorian era; New Zealand, 1862
Judy TurnerFollow the Drum1980AprilM53 Masq0263732207 / 0-263-73220-7Regency; 1815 Waterloo, herione dodges marriage to man three times her age
Anne MaddenStolen Inheritance1980AprilM54 Masq0263732215 / 0-263-73221-5Restoration; England
Patricia OrmsbyThe Elusive Marriage1980MayM55 Masq0263732223 / 0-263-73222-3Regency; England
Valentina LuellenMaria Elena1980MayM56 Masq0263732231 / 0-263-73223-1Elizabethan; Spanish heroine, British sea captain hero. UK originally published by Wright & Brown, 1968
Kate BuchanSatan's Mountain1980JuneM57 Masq026373224X / 0-263-73224-X
Helen MayDuel of Love1980JuneM58 Masq0263732258 / 0-263-73225-8Regency
Christina LaffeatyCount Antonov's Heir1980JulyM59 Masq0263732266 / 0-263-73226-6Victorian era; mid-19th century Russia
Caroline MartinCaptain Black1980JulyM60 Masq0263732274 / 0-263-73227-4Cromwell; previously dutiful Puritan heroine rebels
Belinda GreyMeeting at Scutari1980AugustM61 Masq0263732282 / 0-263-73228-2Victorian; Crimean War
Ann EdgeworthThe Devil's Angel1980AugustM62 Masq0263732290 / 0-263-73229-0
Anne MaddenCromwell's Captain1980SeptemberM63 Masq0263732304 / 0-263-73230-4English Civil War
Gina VeroneseHouse of Satan1980SeptemberM64 Masq0263732312 / 0-263-73231-2Georgian era; Vienna 1785, herione sees past façade of Count Satan
Jasmine CresswellTarrisbroke Hall1980OctoberM65 Masq0263732320 / 0-263-73232-0Regency
Christina LaffeatyZulu Sunset1980OctoberM66 Masq0263732339 / 0-263-73233-9Victorian era; Zululand 1879
Elaine ReeveLady in the Lion's Den1980NovemberM67 Masq0263732347 / 0-263-73234-7Norman Conquest; c1070
Christine JamesUnwilling Betrothal1980NovemberM68 Masq0263732355 / 0-263-73235-5Georgian era; Pre-Revolutionary France
Julia MurrayA Perfect Match1980DecemberM69 Masq0263732363 / 0-263-73236-3Regency
Emma GayleFrenchman's Harvest1980DecemberM70 Masq0263732371 / 0-263-73237-1
Patricia OrmsbyLysander's Lady1981JanuaryM71 Masq0263734323 / 0-263-73432-3Regency; England
Valentina LuellenCastle of the Mist1981JanuaryM72 Masq0263734331 / 0-263-73433-1Scotland; UK originally published by Hale 1972
Margot HollandLady of Starlight1981FebruaryM73 Masq026373434X / 0-263-73434-XNorman Conquest; England
Sara OrwigCamilla1981FebruaryM74 Masq0263734358 / 0-263-73435-8
Margaret EastvaleChange of Heart1981MarchM75 Masq0263734365 / 0-263-73436-5
Margaret PembertonLion of Languedoc1981MarchM76 Masq0263734374 / 0-263-73437-4hero rescues heroine from being burnt as a witch
Polly MeyrickThe Reluctant Match1981AprilM77 Masq0263734382 / 0-263-73438-2Regency
Belinda GreyGlen of Frost1981AprilM78 Masq0263734390 / 0-263-73439-0Stuart; Scotland
Kate BuchanThe Flame Stone1981MayM79 Masq0263734404 / 0-263-73440-4Victorian era; France following Franco-Prussian War (1870-71)
Judy TurnerA Gift for Pamela1981MayM80 Masq0263734412 / 0-263-73441-2French noblewoman on slave block
Belinda GreyDaughter of Isis1981JuneM81 Masq0263734420 / 0-263-73442-0Victorian era; Egypt
Isobel StewartStranger in the Glen1981JuneM82 Masq0263734439 / 0-263-73443-9Stuart; English girl in the Scottish Highlands
Dinah DeanThe Eagle's Fate1981JulyM83 Masq0263736318 / 0-263-73631-8Regency era; Russia 1812 - Russian retreat from Moscow
Caroline MartinMan with a Falcon1981JulyM84 Masq0263736296 / 0-263-73629-6English Civil War
Robyn StuartBuccaneer's Lady1981AugustM85 Masq0263735761 / 0-263-73576-1Restoration; England, woman stows away on ship of buccaneer she's hired
Ann HulmeSummer Heiress1981AugustM86 Masq026373577X / 0-263-73577-XRegency
Valentina LuellenMoonshadow1981SeptemberM87 Masq0263736644 / 0-263-73664-419th Century; Georgia, 1850s
Helen MayChance of Love1981SeptemberM88 Masq0263736652 / 0-263-73665-2
Jan ConstantMacKenzie's Woman1981OctoberM89 Masq0263736679 / 0-263-73667-9Geogian; 20 yrs after Culloden
Judy TurnerSherida1981OctoberM90 Masq0263736687 / 0-263-73668-7Regency; pretty girl suddenly becomes heiress, guardian/ward
Jasmine CresswellThe Blackwood Bride1981NovemberM91 Masq0263736970 / 0-263-73697-0Regency
Lisa MontagueFortune's Folly1981NovemberM92 Masq0263736989 / 0-263-73698-9Victorian; 1851, Great Exhibition
Margot HollandBlack Marquis1981DecemberM93 Masq0263737314 / 0-263-73731-4Norman Conquest; England 1066
Anne HerriesDevil's Kin1981DecemberM94 Masq0263737322 / 0-263-73732-2Georgian; pre-Revolutionary Paris and England
Helen MaySea Raven's Bride1982JanuaryM95 Masq0263737551 / 0-263-73755-117th Century; New Providence in Caribbean 1670
Judy TurnerTriple Tangle1982JanuaryM96 Masq026373756X / 0-263-73756-XRegency; runaway heiress disguised as a boy, snowbound
Marjorie MayThat Sweet Enemy1982FebruaryM97 Masq0263737853 / 0-263-73785-3Regency era; Switzerland, Napoleonic era
Jean EvansKing's Puritan1982FebruaryM98 Masq0263737861 / 0-263-73786-1Cromwell; England 1651
Ann EdgeworthThe Golden Bride1982MarchM99 Masq0263738043 / 0-263-73804-3Victorian era; England, Jamaica
Valentina LuellenThe Prince of Deception1982MarchM100 Masq0263738051 / 0-263-73805-1Georgian era; Russia, 1761
Caroline MartinThe King's Favourite1982AprilM101 Masq0263738213 / 0-263-73821-3Jacobean; England 1605, Gunpowder Plot
Margaret PembertonPioneer Girl1982AprilM102 Masq0263738221 / 0-263-73822-1Western; Mormon Trek, US Cavalry, 1846
Rose HughesThe Dangerous Goddess1982MayM103 Masq0263738620 / 0-263-73862-0Victorian era; India, 1897
Julia MurrayMaster of Herringham1982MayM104 Masq0263738612 / 0-263-73861-2Regency; England, 1813
Belinda GreyProxy Wedding1982JuneM105 Masq0263738752 / 0-263-73875-2Medieval; England ca. 1450
Patricia OrmsbyThe Bridal Path1982JuneM106 Masq0263738760 / 0-263-73876-0Regency; England
Caroline MartinThe Chieftain1982JulyM107 Masq0263739066 / 0-263-73906-6Georgian; Scotland 1740s
Rosina PyattTo Catch an Earl1982JulyM108 Masq0263739074 / 0-263-73907-4Regency; England 1815, heiress "buys" herself an Earl in marriage
Jean EvansYukon Bride1982AugustM109 Masq0263739627 / 0-263-73962-7Western; Yukon, Canada, 1897
Marjorie MayThe Cockermouth Mail1982AugustM110 Masq0263739635 / 0-263-73963-5Regency; England 1815, published in the US under Dinah Dean
Valentina LuellenThe Silver Salamander1982SeptemberM111 Masq0263740005 / 0-263-74000-5Tudor era; France 1572 Huguenot Massacre
Ann HulmeThe Gamester1982SeptemberM112 Masq0263740137 / 0-263-74013-7Georgian; England c1776
Margaret PembertonAfrican Enchantment1982OctoberM113 Masq0263740366 / 0-263-74036-6Victorian era; the Nile, Egypt
Jasmine CresswellCaroline1982OctoberM114 Masq0263740374 / 0-263-74037-4Georgian; published as Lord Carrisford's Mistress in the US by Coventry
Alex AndrewsBlack Saxon1982NovemberM115 Masq0263740749 / 0-263-74074-9Medieval; England ca. 1150
Eileen JacksonDance for a Lady1982NovemberM116 Masq0263740757 / 0-263-74075-7Regency; in the US published by Coventry
Alanna WilsonRunaway Heiress1982DecemberM117 Masq0263741001 / 0-263-74100-1Regency; Mainwaring 1
Ann EdgeworthMan from Montana1982DecemberM118 Masq026374101X / 0-263-74101-XWestern; Montana 1880s
Lee StaffordHoneymoon in Ceylon1983JanuaryM119 Masq0263741133 / 0-263-74113-3Victorian era; Ceylon 1877, arranged marriage, tea plantation
Elizabeth HartMarriage of Strangers1983JanuaryM120 Masq0263741125 / 0-263-74112-5Regency era; France ca. 1800
Robyn StuartWild Rivers Run1983FebruaryM121 Masq0263741907 / 0-263-74190-7Western; Westward Trek USA 1865
Anne HerriesThe Wolf of Alvar1983FebruaryM122 Masq0263741915 / 0-263-74191-5Tudor; 1486 England
Jasmine CresswellThe Danewood Legacy1983MarchM123 Masq0263742040 / 0-263-74204-0Victorian; England, published in US by Coventry
Margaret PembertonFlight to Verechenko1983MarchM124 Masq0263742059 / 0-263-74205-9WWI; England and Russia 1914
Alex AndrewsLady of the Moon1983AprilM125 Masq0263742423 / 0-263-74242-3Medieval; 1192 Holy Land - Third Crusade
Ann EdgeworthThe Last Miss Lynton1983AprilM126 Masq0263742431 / 0-263-74243-1Edwardian; England
Patricia OrmsbyQuadrille1983MayM127 Masq0263742733 / 0-263-74273-3Regency; England
Isobel StewartThe Way of the Wagons1983MayM128 Masq0263742741 / 0-263-74274-1Victorian era; Boer Trek, South Africa 1837
Betty BeatyThe Missionary's Daughter1983JuneM129 Masq0263743020 / 0-263-74302-0Victorian era; Ceylon 1898
Valentina LuellenWild Wind in the Heather1983JuneM130 Masq0263743039 / 0-263-74303-9Victorian; Scotland 1740s
Jasmine CresswellThe Reluctant Viscountess1983JulyM131 Masq0263743454 / 0-263-74345-4Regency; published in US by Coventry
Deborah MilesMy Lady Imposter1983JulyM132 Masq0263743462 / 0-263-74346-2Medieval; England c1160
Alanna WilsonThe Mainwaring Twins1983AugustM133 Masq026374373X / 0-263-74373-XVictorian; 1850s England, beautiful identical twins do the London Season, Mainwaring 2 (Lucy and Tess)
Margaret PembertonDevil's Palace1983AugustM134 Masq0263743748 / 0-263-74374-8Victorian era; Monte Carlo 1880
Margaret HopePerilous Voyage1983SeptemberM135 Masq0263743829 / 0-263-74382-9Edwardian; England to Canada Voyage 1906
Ann HulmeThe Emperor's Dragoon1983SeptemberM136 Masq0263743837 / 0-263-74383-7Regency era; Vienna 1805, French occupation
Jean EvansDevil's Fire1983OctoberM137 Masq0263744205 / 0-263-74420-5Victorian era; India, 1890s
Dinah DeanWheel of Fortune1983OctoberM138 Masq0263744213 / 0-263-74421-3Regency era; Russia, early 19th century
Julia MurrayThe Adventuress1983NovemberM139 Masq0263744582 / 0-263-74458-2Regency
Robyn StuartFrom the Flames1983NovemberM140 Masq0263744590 / 0-263-74459-020th Century; San Francisco earthquake 1906
Sara OrwigSavannah Wedding1983DecemberM141 Masq026374485X / 0-263-74485-X19th Century; Savannah, Georgia 1802
Elaine ReeveMy Daughter Thelia1983DecemberM142 Masq0263744868 / 0-263-74486-8Ancient Rome; Nero's Rome c65 AD
Valentina LuellenThe Valley of Tears1984JanuaryM143 Masq0263745201 / 0-263-74520-1Western; California 1840s
Caroline MartinSpy for Cromwell1984JanuaryM144 Masq026374521X / 0-263-74521-XEnglish Civil War; England, 1640s
Lynne BrooksMistress of Koh-i-Noor1984FebruaryM145 Masq0263745570 / 0-263-74557-0Victorian era; India 1883
Jessica SayersFirst Love, Last Love1984FebruaryM146 Masq0263745589 / 0-263-74558-9Victorian; England
Dinah DeanTatya's Story1984MarchM147 Masq0263745902 / 0-263-74590-2Regency era; Russia, early 19th century
Jan ConstantMaster of Craigraven1984MarchM148 Masq0263745910 / 0-263-74591-0Georgian; Scotland 1745
Jasmine CresswellThe Princess1984AprilM149 Masq0263746186 / 0-263-74618-6Victorian era; Europe 1848 Revolutions
Deborah MilesLizzie, My Love1984AprilM150 Masq0263746194 / 0-263-74619-419th Century; New Zealand, 1834
Valentina LuellenThe Moonflower1984MayM151 Masq0263746674 / 0-263-74667-419th Century; Hawaii early 1800s
Alanna WilsonDestiny at Balaclava1984MayM152 Masq0263746682 / 0-263-74668-2Victorian; England and Crimea 1855, English nurse in Crimean War, Mainwaring 3 (Tess?)
Olga DanielsLord of Leet Castle1984JuneM153 Masq0263747042 / 0-263-74704-2Medieval; England 1460s
Barbara CooperThe Choosing1984JuneM154 Masq0263747050 / 0-263-74705-017th Century; Quebec 1666
Ann HulmeDaughter of Spain1984JulyM155 Masq026374728X / 0-263-74728-XRegency era; Spain 1813, Wellington's Peninsular Campaign
Kate BuchanRebecca's Lady1984JulyM156 Masq0263747298 / 0-263-74729-8Victorian; Wales 1840s
Christina LaffeatyDiamonds in the Dust1984AugustM157 Masq0263747840 / 0-263-74784-019th Century; Kimberley, South Africa Late 1800s
Jasmine CresswellLord Rutherford's Affair1984AugustM158 Masq0263747859 / 0-263-74785-9Victorian; England
Valentina LuellenElusive Flame of Love1984SeptemberM159 Masq0263748278 / 0-263-74827-8Georgian era; West Indies 1740s
Lynne BrooksMaster of Shalimar1984SeptemberM160 Masq0263748286 / 0-263-74828-6Victorian; India and Kashmir, Late Victorian Era
Belinda GreySaraband for Sara1984OctoberM161 Masq0263748812 / 0-263-74881-2Regency era; Peninsular Campaign in Spain 1808
Hazel SmithMaster of Moonrise1984OctoberM162 Masq0263748820 / 0-263-74882-020th Century; New Orleans c1900
Lee StaffordIsland of Fire1984NovemberM163 Masq0263749142 / 0-263-74914-2Victorian era; 1870s Holland and Java
Rosina PyattSilk for a Lady1984NovemberM164 Masq0263749150 / 0-263-74915-0Western; Mexico and New Mexico c1870
Christina LaffeatyTwenty-Sovereign Bride1984DecemberM165 Masq0263749304 / 0-263-74930-4Victorian era; Australian Outback late 19th century
Jasmine CresswellTraitor's Heir1984DecemberM166 Masq0263749312 / 0-263-74931-2Regency; England 1817
Valentina LuellenMistress of Tanglewood1985JanuaryM167 Masq0263749983 / 0-263-74998-319th Century; South Carolina c1865
Jessica SayersThe Marquis of Devincourt1985JanuaryM168 Masq0263749991 / 0-263-74999-1Georgian; England 1763
Elizabeth HartA Wedding in Venice1985FebruaryM169 Masq0263750019 / 0-263-75001-9Medieval; Venice 1479
Ann EdgeworthLady of Flame1985FebruaryM170 Masq026374972X / 0-263-74972-XVictorian; England and West Indies
Alanna WilsonRachel and the Viscount1985MarchM171 Masq0263750477 / 0-263-75047-7Victorian; mid 1850s England, woman returns from Crimea but is suddenly destitute, Mainwaring 4 (Justin)
Janet EdmondsThe Polish Wolf1985MarchM172 Masq0263750485 / 0-263-75048-517th Century; Vienna 1660s
Dinah DeanThe River of Time1985AprilM173 Masq0263750779 / 0-263-75077-9Regency era; Russia, ca. 1820
Anne HerriesBeware the Conqueror1985AprilM174 Masq0263750787 / 0-263-75078-7Norman Conquest; England, ca. 1066
Christina LaffeatyThe Khan of Shapoora1985MayM175 Masq0263750981 / 0-263-75098-1Victorian; Afghanistan and England 1880s
Mary BowringThe Phoenix Flame1985MayM176 Masq026375099X / 0-263-75099-XTudor; England 1581
Valentina LuellenBlack Ravenswood1985JuneM177 Masq0263751007 / 0-263-75100-7Restoration; England
Lynne BrooksSpaniard's Haven1985JuneM178 Masq0263751015 / 0-263-75101-519th Century; South Pacific, early 19th century, whaling
Ann HulmeA Woman of the Regiment1985JulyM179 Masq0263751058 / 0-263-75105-8Regency era; France, Alps, Italy-French troops 1799
Joyce HolmsMiss MacIntosh's Rebel1985JulyM180 Masq0263751066 / 0-263-75106-6Georgian; Scotland 1740s
Sheila WalshCousins of a Kind1985AugustM181 Masq0263751082 / 0-263-75108-2Regency; man seeks to reclaim necklace, published as The Diamond Waterfall by Signet in the US
Angela MorelCamellias for Caroline1985AugustM182 Masq0263751074 / 0-263-75107-4Victorian era; 1868 India
Dinah DeanThe Country Gentleman1985SeptemberM183 Masq0263751848 / 0-263-75184-8Regency
Inga DunbarThe Rose of Redayre1985SeptemberM184 Masq026375183X / 0-263-75183-XSolway, Scotland/England
Hazel SmithCast of Hawks1985OctoberM185 Masq0263752178 / 0-263-75217-8Victorian era; Hawaii 1870
Janet EdmondsThe Happenstance Witch1985OctoberM186 Masq0263752186 / 0-263-75218-6Cromwell; England, witches
Valentina LuellenThe Devil of Talland1985NovemberM187 Masq0263752429 / 0-263-75242-9Cornwall, married a man who appeared to have just hours to live
Lee StaffordThe Condor and the Rose1985NovemberM188 Masq0263752437 / 0-263-75243-7
Joyce HolmsThe Magnificent Miss Frazer1985DecemberM189 Masq0263752720 / 0-263-75272-0
Anne HerriesDemon's Woman1985DecemberM190 Masq0263752739 / 0-263-75273-9Tudor
Olga DanielsThe Gretna Bride1986JanuaryM191 Masq0263752941 / 0-263-75294-1
Ann HulmeThe Hungarian Adventuress1986JanuaryM192 Masq026375295X / 0-263-75295-XVienna
Evelyn Stewart ArmstrongMadam Satan1986FebruaryM193 Masq0263753255 / 0-263-75325-5
Sheila WalshImproper Acquaintances1986FebruaryM194 Masq0263753263 / 0-263-75326-3Regency; rakish officer, published as The Incorrigible Rake by Signet in the US
Sheila BishopTrue Lovers' Knot1986MarchM195 Masq0263753670 / 0-263-75367-0
Ann EdgeworthBride for the West1986MarchM196 Masq0263753689 / 0-263-75368-9Western; Late 1800s Montana (after the founding of Reservations)
Valentina LuellenThe Passionate Pirate1986AprilM197 Masq0263753727 / 0-263-75372-7Charles II
Inga DunbarRose Royale1986AprilM198 Masq0263753735 / 0-263-75373-5Edinburgh
Jasmine CresswellThe Moreton Scandal1986MayM199 Masq0263753999 / 0-263-75399-9Regency
Janet EdmondsCount Sergei's Pride1986MayM200 Masq0263754006 / 0-263-75400-618th Century; Russia 1707
Dinah DeanThe Country Cousins1986JuneM201 Masq0263754235 / 0-263-75423-5
Linda AcasterHostage of the Heart1986JuneM202 Masq0263754243 / 0-263-75424-3Norman Conquest; 1066 Welsh/English border; winner of Netta Muskett Award; winner of the Joan Hessayon New Writers' Award 1986
Valentina LuellenWhere the Heart Leads1986JulyM203 Masq0263754677 / 0-263-75467-7Regency; Portugal
Barbara CooperFortune's Kiss1986JulyM204 Masq0263754685 / 0-263-75468-5
Ann HulmeThe Garden of the Azure Dragon1986AugustM205 Masq0263754782 / 0-263-75478-2
Kate BuchanBuccaneer Bride1986AugustM206 Masq0263754790 / 0-263-75479-0
Evelyn Stewart ArmstrongThe Keepsake1986SeptemberM207 Masq0263754804 / 0-263-75480-4Victorian era; Vienna 1888
Christina LaffeatyLove Undefeated1986SeptemberM208 Masq0263754812 / 0-263-75481-2Scotland
Anne HerriesRaphael1986OctoberM209 Masq0263755436 / 0-263-75543-6Elizabethan era; Medici Court in Paris
Rosina PyattThe Marquess and Miss Yorke1986OctoberM210 Masq0263755444 / 0-263-75544-4Regency; Bath and Waterloo, American heroine
Irene RobertsMoonpearl1986NovemberM211 Masq0263755649 / 0-263-75564-919th Century; Opium Wars, China and England, Englishwoman raised as Chinese
Deborah MilesSweet Mary Anne1986NovemberM212 Masq0263755657 / 0-263-75565-7Australia
Valentina LuellenLove, The Avenger1986DecemberM213 Masq0263755916 / 0-263-75591-6Georgian era; Pre-Revolutionary France
Ann HulmeInterlaken Intrigue1986DecemberM214 Masq0263755924 / 0-263-75592-420th Century; Switzerland, 1906
Dinah DeanThe Briar Rose1987JanuaryM215 Masq0263756386 / 0-263-75638-6Tudor; England, 1540
Anne HerriesThe Wild Heart1987JanuaryM216 Masq0263756394 / 0-263-75639-4
Mary NicholsIn Love and War1987FebruaryM217 Masq0263756696 / 0-263-75669-6Regency; Peninsular War, Portugal
Hazel SmithGypsy Royal1987FebruaryM218 Masq026375670X / 0-263-75670-X1832
Irene RobertsKingdom of the Sun1987MarchM219 Masq0263756807 / 0-263-75680-7Ancient Egypt; heroine is a princess
Olga DanielsBride from Faraway1987MarchM220 Masq0263756815 / 0-263-75681-5Edwardian; 1903 Scotland
Inga DunbarDragon's Isle1987AprilM221 Masq0263757188 / 0-263-75718-8
Barbara CooperPale Moon Rising1987AprilM222 Masq0263757196 / 0-263-75719-617th Century; 1666 American Indian Quebec
Valentina LuellenThe Devil's Touch1987MayM223 Masq0263757455 / 0-263-75745-5Scotland
Sheila BishopA Well-Matched Pair1987MayM224 Masq0263757463 / 0-263-75746-3pubbed by Fawcett Crest in US July 1989
Anne HerriesThe Spanish Witch1987JuneM225 Masq026375765X / 0-263-75765-XElizabethan era; Spain, Inquisition
June FrancisThe Bride Price1987JuneM226 Masq0263757668 / 0-263-75766-8Wales
Dinah DeanThe Maid of Honour1987JulyM227 Masq0263757862 / 0-263-75786-2
Janet EdmondsWolf Girl1987JulyM228 Masq0263757870 / 0-263-75787-0raised by wolves, New Mexico
Irene RobertsSea Jade1987AugustM229 Masq0263758052 / 0-263-75805-219th/20th Century; China, Boxer rebellion
Pauline BentleyShadow of Pengarron1987AugustM230 Masq0263758060 / 0-263-75806-0Medieval; England
Rosina PyattAn Unquestionable Lady1987SeptemberM231 Masq0263758109 / 0-263-75810-9Regency; marriage of convenience, published in US by Zebra
Linda AcasterA Wife for Winter Man1987SeptemberM232 Masq0263758117 / 0-263-75811-719th Century; late 1840s, Apsaroke (Native Americans), later self-published as Beneath The Shining Mountains (ebook)
Anne HerriesThe Flame and the Sword1987OctoberM233 Masq0263758818 / 0-263-75881-8Medieval; England
Barbara CooperPenny Road1987OctoberM234 Masq0263758826 / 0-263-75882-6Ireland to Canada
June FrancisBeloved Abductor1987NovemberM235 Masq0263759075 / 0-263-75907-5
Marlene SusonThe Reluctant Heiress1987NovemberM236 Masq0263759512 / 0-263-75951-2Regency; scandal forces heiress to marry fortune hunter she'd tried to escape, published by Fawcett in US
Eileen TownsendLorena1987DecemberM237 Masq0263759504 / 0-263-75950-419th Century; 1860s Georgia, English heroine uncomfortable in slave-owning South
Valentina LuellenMy Lady Melisande1987DecemberM238 Masq0263759083 / 0-263-75908-3Elizabethan
Irene RobertsSong of the Nile1988JanuaryM239 Masq0263759660 / 0-263-75966-0Ancient Egypt
Christina LaffeatyTrelawney's Woman1988JanuaryM240 Masq0263759679 / 0-263-75967-9Pirate corsairs
Anne HerriesThe Sleeping Demon1988FebruaryM241 Masq0263760111 / 0-263-76011-1
Janet EdmondsScarlet Woman1988FebruaryM242 Masq026376012X / 0-263-76012-X
Evelyn Stewart ArmstrongThe Warlock's Wench1988MarchM243 Masq0263760162 / 0-263-76016-2
Ann HulmeNo Place for a Lady1988MarchM244 Masq0263760170 / 0-263-76017-0Victorian
Kate JanneyThe Pirate's Lady1988AprilM245 Masq0263760405 / 0-263-76040-5
Pauline BentleyLure of Trevowan1988AprilM246 Masq0263760413 / 0-263-76041-3Canterbury
Alanna WilsonBird of Morning1988MayM247 Masq0263760758 / 0-263-76075-8Queensland, Australia, daughter of a transported convict, who is raised amongst Aborigines, meets son of an English lord
Anne HerriesThe Devil's Mercenary1988MayM248 Masq0263760766 / 0-263-76076-6Venice
Una PowerThe Bride Sale1988JuneM249 Masq026376107X / 0-263-76107-X
Clarice PetersThe False Betrothal1988JuneM250 Masq0263761088 / 0-263-76108-8Regency; 1816, published in US by Fawcett-Crest
Inga DunbarScarlet Lady, White Bride1988JulyM251 Masq0263761274 / 0-263-76127-4Regency; 1828 Edinburgh
Mary NicholsThe Heart of the Lion1988JulyM252 Masq0263761282 / 0-263-76128-2Victorian era; Mexico
Louisa JordanThe King's Man1988AugustM253 Masq0263761525 / 0-263-76152-5Tudor; King Henry's reign
Sheila WalshMinerva's Marquis1988AugustM254 Masq0263761533 / 0-263-76153-3Regency; Parisian honeymoon, heroine tries to seduce her new husband, published as Minerva's Marquess by Signet in the US
Yvonne PurvesThe Burning Quest1988SeptemberM255 Masq0263761797 / 0-263-76179-7India, Princess fugitive in the Jungle
June FrancisMy Lady Deceiver1988SeptemberM256 Masq0263761800 / 0-263-76180-0Medieval
Ann HulmeThe Unexpected American1988OctoberM257 Masq0263761819 / 0-263-76181-9Regency
Anne HerriesFor Love and Liberty1988OctoberM258 Masq0263761827 / 0-263-76182-7
Janet EdmondsA Civil Marriage1988NovemberM259 Masq0263762564 / 0-263-76256-4Regency
Olga DanielsThe Untamed Bride1988NovemberM260 Masq0263762572 / 0-263-76257-2Edwardian; 1903 Scotland
Petra NashLady Harriet's Harvest1988DecemberM261 Masq0263762793 / 0-263-76279-3Regency
Valentina LuellenLove and Pride / Love & Pride1988DecemberM262 Masq0263762807 / 0-263-76280-7Georgian era; Louis XV, France, Love 1
Marlene SusonThe Duke's Revenge1989JanuaryM263 Masq0263763145 / 0-263-76314-5Regency; young man falls for older spinster, his father rushes to separate them, published by Fawcett in US
Pauline BentleyCavalier's Masque1989JanuaryM264 Masq0263763153 / 0-263-76315-3English Civil War
Anne HerriesRosanna and the Rake1989FebruaryM265 Masq0263763366 / 0-263-76336-6
Ann HulmeA Scandalous Bargain1989FebruaryM266 Masq0263763374 / 0-263-76337-4Regency
Clarice PetersThea1989MarchM267 Masq0263763552 / 0-263-76355-2Regency; published in US by Fawcett-Crest
Pauline BentleySong of Wychaven1989MarchM268 Masq0263763560 / 0-263-76356-0
June FrancisFateful Encounter1989AprilM269 Masq0263763854 / 0-263-76385-4Medieval; Ireland 1395
Victoria AldridgeMelissa's Claim1989AprilM270 Masq0263763862 / 0-263-76386-219th Century; New Zealand 1860
Valentina LuellenDark Star1989MayM271 Masq0263764230 / 0-263-76423-0Medieval; Crusade, sequel to Lord of Darkness
Petra NashThe Devil's Own Luck1989MayM272 Masq0263764249 / 0-263-76424-9Victorian era; Belgium 1853
Marlene SusonLady Caro1989JuneM273 Masq0263764656 / 0-263-76465-6Regency; marriage of convenience, rake and heiress, published by Fawcett in US
Clarice PetersRoxanne1989JuneM274 Masq0263764664 / 0-263-76466-4Regency; Corinthian becomes heroine's unofficial guardian, published in US by Fawcett-Crest
Ann HulmeCaptain Harland's Marriage1989JulyM275 Masq0263764850 / 0-263-76485-0Victorian; early Victorian England
Elizabeth LowtherDay of Reckoning1989JulyM276 Masq0263764869 / 0-263-76486-9Charles I
Janet GraceA Most Unusual Lady1989AugustM277 Masq026376513X / 0-263-76513-XRegency
Petra NashA Distant Connexion1989AugustM278 Masq0263765148 / 0-263-76514-8Victorian; 1840s England
Eileen JacksonA Servant of Quality1989SeptemberM279 Masq0263765334 / 0-263-76533-4Regency; in the US published by Signet
Carol TownendShattered Vows1989SeptemberM280 Masq0263765342 / 0-263-76534-2Medieval; 1149, overlord tries to assert droit de seigneur
Una PowerIntrigue at Versailles1989OctoberM281 Masq0263765717 / 0-263-76571-7
Sheila WalshThe Nabob1989OctoberM282 Masq0263765725 / 0-263-76572-5Regency; hero wants to revenge himself on late duke via the duke's daughter, published as The Notorious Nabob by Signet in the US
Valentina LuellenThe Web of Love1989NovemberM283 Masq0263766438 / 0-263-76643-8Georgian era; Louis XV, France, Love 2
Petra NashLord Deverham's Choice1989NovemberM284 Masq0263766446 / 0-263-76644-6
Ann HulmeFalse Fortune1989DecemberM285 Masq0263766667 / 0-263-76666-7Regency
Carol TownendSapphire in the Snow1989DecemberM286 Masq0263766675 / 0-263-76667-5Norman Conquest; France & England, woman due to enter convent, man charged with treason
Sally BlakeOutback Woman1990JanuaryM287 Masq0263766969 / 0-263-76696-9Australia
Truda TaylorHazardous Marriage1990JanuaryM288 Masq0263766977 / 0-263-76697-7Georgian era; 1793 Paris
Elizabeth LowtherThe Ransomed Bride1990FebruaryM289 Masq0263767264 / 0-263-76726-4Medieval; 1405 England, France
Marlene SusonThe Notorious Marquess1990FebruaryM290 Masq0263767272 / 0-263-76727-2Regency; Paris, lady masquerading as governess, published by Fawcett in US
Pauline BentleyWoman of Conflict1990MarchM291 Masq0263767590 / 0-263-76759-017th Century; James II
Janet GraceFool's Heaven1990MarchM292 Masq0263767604 / 0-263-76760-4Regency
Janet EdmondsHighwayman Bride1990AprilM293 Masq0263767957 / 0-263-76795-7
Alison GreenwayWhite Nights1990AprilM294 Masq0263767965 / 0-263-76796-5
Una PowerBride for a Rake1990MayM295 Masq026376804X / 0-263-76804-XRegency
Yvonne PurvesThe Diamond Cobra1990MayM296 Masq0263768058 / 0-263-76805-8Georgian era; India 1760
Helen DicksonHonour Bound1990JuneM297 Masq0263768473 / 0-263-76847-3Cromwell
Gail MallinA Most Unsuitable Duchess1990JuneM298 Masq0263768481 / 0-263-76848-1Regency; Bath
Carol TownendLeaves on the Wind1990JulyM299 Masq0263768899 / 0-263-76889-9Medieval; England/Cyprus 1099 Crusade/Normans & Saxons, outlaw heroine
Eileen JacksonThe Wicked Corinthian1990JulyM300 Masq0263768880 / 0-263-76888-0Regency; in the US published by Signet
Sally BlakeLady of Spain1990AugustM301 Masq0263769127 / 0-263-76912-7Victorian; 1851, Great Exhibition
Polly ForresterKnight's Pawn1990AugustM302 Masq0263769135 / 0-263-76913-5Medieval; 1100
Marion CarrMadeiran Legacy1990SeptemberM303 Masq026377001X / 0-263-77001-XRegency; Cornwall 1815
Joanna MakepeaceThe Spanish Prize1990SeptemberM304 Masq0263770028 / 0-263-77002-8Elizabethan; pirate
Victoria AldridgeDeep Waters1990OctoberM305 Masq0263770036 / 0-263-77003-6Regency era; New Zealand/China, sea voyage
Polly ForresterJewel Under Siege1990OctoberM306 Masq0263770044 / 0-263-77004-4Medieval; Constantinople 1097
Mary NicholsDear Rebel1990NovemberM307 Masq0263770052 / 0-263-77005-2Charles I
Yvonne PurvesNoble Buccaneer1990NovemberM308 Masq0263770060 / 0-263-77006-0heroine coerced to move to Malaysia to marry, prospective groom dies and wills her to a Dutchman
Marion CarrProud Alliance1990DecemberM309 Masq026377080X / 0-263-77080-XEdwardian; England 1909
Sheila BishopA Marriage Made on Earth1990DecemberM310 Masq0263770818 / 0-263-77081-8
Janet GraceIsabella1991JanuaryM311 Masq0263771369 / 0-263-77136-9Regency
Deborah MilesA Passing Fancy1991JanuaryM312 Masq0263771377 / 0-263-77137-7Victorian era; 1858 Australia, gold
Janet EdmondsFlight from the Harem1991FebruaryM313 Masq0263771490 / 0-263-77149-0Charles II; 17th Century Tangier, Morocco
Elizabeth LowtherLove's Parole1991FebruaryM314 Masq0263771504 / 0-263-77150-4Regency; 1816 England; published in US under Irene Northan
Sally BlakeFar Distant Shores1991MarchM315 Masq0263771989 / 0-263-77198-9Cornwall and Russia
Polly ForresterWinter of the Wolf1991MarchM316 Masq0263771997 / 0-263-77199-7Medieval; Empress Matilda
Marion CarrOutrageous Fortune1991AprilM317 Masq0263772241 / 0-263-77224-1
June FrancisLove's Intrigue1991AprilM318 Masq026377225X / 0-263-77225-X
Sheila WalshA Woman of Little Importance1991MayM319 Masq0263772551 / 0-263-77255-1Regency; woman asks duke for support for orphaned nephew and niece, published as The Arrogant Lord Alistair by Signet in the US
Laura CassidyThe Black Pearl1991MayM320 Masq026377256X / 0-263-77256-X
Petra NashThe Brighton Masquerade1991JuneM321 Masq0263772772 / 0-263-77277-2Regency
Elaine ReeveRebel by Moonlight1991JuneM322 Masq0263772780 / 0-263-77278-0American Revolution; 1773
Gail MallinThe Devil's Bargain1991JulyM323 Masq0263773205 / 0-263-77320-5Restoration; England, Charles II
Sarah WestleighThe Inherited Bride1991JulyM324 Masq0263773213 / 0-263-77321-3Medieval; Devon 1347, marriage of convenience, d'Evreux Family 1 (Richard)
Janet EdmondsThe Denmead Inheritance1991AugustM325 Masq0263773752 / 0-263-77375-2Regency
Joanna MakepeaceBattlefield of Hearts1991AugustM326 Masq0263773760 / 0-263-77376-0Medieval; 1471 England
Elizabeth BaileySweet Sacrifice1991SeptemberM327 Masq0263773892 / 0-263-77389-2Regency
Deborah MilesJealous Hearts1991SeptemberM328 Masq0263773906 / 0-263-77390-6Victorian era; Australia 1838
Sylvia AndrewPerdita1991OctoberM329 Masq0263774228 / 0-263-77422-8Regency
Sarah WestleighSet Free My Heart1991OctoberM330 Masq0263774236 / 0-263-77423-6Medieval; 1347, widow, voyage with handsome knight, d'Evreux Family 2 (Thomas/Tamkin)
Sheila WalshThe Pink Parasol1991NovemberM331 Masq0263774570 / 0-263-77457-0Regency; woman marries because of father's gamblind debts, published by Signet in the US, also published as Lady Cecily's Dilemma by Sophie Leyton
Olga DanielsThe Arrogant Cavalier1991NovemberM332 Masq0263774589 / 0-263-77458-9
Petra NashMr Ravensworth's Ward1991DecemberM333 Masq0263774945 / 0-263-77494-5Regency
Truda TaylorHearts of the Vendée1991DecemberM334 Masq0263774953 / 0-263-77495-3Georgian era; 1793 Paris
Polly ForresterLady Rascal1992JanuaryM335 Masq0263775313 / 0-263-77531-3Georgian; 1789 England
Sarah WestleighLoyal Hearts1992JanuaryM336 Masq0263775305 / 0-263-77530-5Medieval; 1347, childhood betrothal, d'Evreux Family 3 (Giles)
Louisa GrayThe Mansini Secret1992FebruaryM337 Masq0263775844 / 0-263-77584-4Italy
Paula MarshallCousin Harry1992FebruaryM338 Masq0263775836 / 0-263-77583-6Regency
Elizabeth BaileyJust Deserts1992MarchM339 Masq0263775968 / 0-263-77596-8Regency
Christine FranklinA Certain Magic1992MarchM340 Masq0263775976 / 0-263-77597-6Edwardian; Britain
Valentina LuellenTo Please a Lady1992AprilM341 Masq0263776395 / 0-263-77639-5
Janet GraceShared Dreams1992AprilM342 Masq0263776409 / 0-263-77640-9Regency
Marion CarrHester1992MayM343 Masq026377662X / 0-263-77662-X
Paula MarshallAn Improper Duenna1992MayM344 Masq0263776638 / 0-263-77663-8Regency
Julia ByrneGentle Conqueror1992JuneM345 Masq0263777499 / 0-263-77749-9Norman Conquest
Jasmine CresswellThe Devil's Envoy1992JuneM346 Masq0263777502 / 0-263-77750-2Regency; Sussex 1826, published in US by Berkeley under Jasmine Craig
Alice ThorntonTen Guineas on Love1992JulyM347 Masq0263777820 / 0-263-77782-0Georgian; debt-ridden heroine wagers she can find a husband in a month, also published under Claire Thornton
Hazel SmithThe Golden Phoenix1992JulyM348 Masq0263777839 / 0-263-77783-920th Century; San Francisco earthquake 1906
Petra NashHeir Apparent1992AugustM349 Masq0263778177 / 0-263-77817-7Regency
Yvonne PurvesScandal in the Sun1992AugustM350 Masq0263778185 / 0-263-77818-5
Sally BlakeA Royal Summer1992SeptemberM351 Masq0263778479 / 0-263-77847-9Victorian; early Victorian England
Stephanie LaurensTangled Reins1992SeptemberM352 Masq0263778487 / 0-263-77848-7Regency; Regency 1
Sheila BishopFair Game1992OctoberM353 Masq0263778886 / 0-263-77888-6Regency
Helen DicksonMaster of Tamasee1992OctoberM354 Masq0263778894 / 0-263-77889-4Regency
Marie-Louise HallThe Captain's Angel1992NovemberM355 Masq0263779211 / 0-263-77921-1Regency era; Napoleonic era Russia
Paula MarshallThe Falcon and the Dove1992NovemberM356 Masq026377922X / 0-263-77922-XMedieval; Tuscany, 1430
Elizabeth BaileyAn Angel's Touch1992DecemberM357 Masq0263779513 / 0-263-77951-3Regency
Mary NicholsThe Danbury Scandals1992DecemberM358 Masq0263779521 / 0-263-77952-1Regency; 1814
Pauline BentleyRebel Harvest1993JanuaryM359 Masq0263779890 / 0-263-77989-0Jacobite Uprisings
Elizabeth LowtherBreath of Scandal1993JanuaryM360 Masq0263779904 / 0-263-77990-420th Century; 1904, Austria
Sylvia AndrewA Darling Amazon1993FebruaryM361 Masq0263780465 / 0-263-78046-5
Paula MarshallWild Justice1993FebruaryM362 Masq0263780473 / 0-263-78047-319th Century; 1889 Washington, female senator's aide, Wild Justice 1
Paula MarshallAn American Princess1993MarchM363 Masq0263780481 / 0-263-78048-1Edwardian; London 1903, Wild Justice 2
Marlene SusonThe Errant Earl1993MarchM364 Masq026378049X / 0-263-78049-XRegency; soldier husband away fighting for first 6 years of marriage, published by Fawcett in US
Stephanie LaurensFour in Hand1993AprilM365 Masq0263780503 / 0-263-78050-3Regency; Regency 2
Francesca ShawMaster of Winterbourne1993AprilM366 Masq0263780511 / 0-263-78051-1English Civil War
Petra NashAll of Heaven1993MayM367 Masq026378052X / 0-263-78052-XRegency
Sarah WestleighHeritage of Love1993MayM368 Masq0263780538 / 0-263-78053-8Victorian; heroine wants to learn about her natural father, meets American businessman
Pauline BentleySilk and Sword1993JuneM369 Masq0263780546 / 0-263-78054-6Medieval; 1485 England
Paula MarshallAn Unexpected Passion1993JuneM370 Masq0263780554 / 0-263-78055-4Regency; "Being an account of the courtship and marriage of Lord Granville and Lady Harriet (Haryo) Cavendish, daughter to 5th Duke of Devonshire" i.e. based on a true story
Jasmine CresswellEmpire of the Heart1993JulyM371 Masq0263780562 / 0-263-78056-2Afghanistan and England; published in US by Charter under Jasmine Craig
Mary NicholsThe Price of Honour1993JulyM372 Masq0263780570 / 0-263-78057-0Regency; Peninsular War, Portugal
Marion CarrWhispering Shadows1993AugustM373 Masq0263780589 / 0-263-78058-9Edwardian; 1907, England, Italy; republished as A Timeless Union by Freda Lightfoot by Severn House 2001
Sarah WestleighA Most Exceptional Quest1993AugustM374 Masq0263780597 / 0-263-78059-7Regency; hero loses memory in Peninsular War
Joanna MakepeaceReluctant Rebel1993SeptemberM375 Masq0263780600 / 0-263-78060-0
Paula MarshallMy Lady Love1993SeptemberM376 Masq0263780619 / 0-263-78061-9Regency; amnesia
Elizabeth BaileyHidden Flame1993OctoberM377 Masq0263782379 / 0-263-78237-9
Valentina LuellenOne Love1993OctoberM378 LOL0263782387 / 0-263-78238-7American Civil War
Catherine BlairDevil Wind1993OctoberM379 LOL0263783227 / 0-263-78322-7Regency; French Revolution
Linda ShawOdessa Gold1993OctoberM380 LOL0263783235 / 0-263-78323-520th Century; 1900; Wyoming; St Louis, Missouri; Manhattan, and Saratoga Springs, New York
Julia ByrneMy Enemy, My Love1993NovemberM381 LOL0263782395 / 0-263-78239-5
Janet EdmondsA Nabob's Daughter1993NovemberM382 LOL0263782409 / 0-263-78240-9Regency
Lindsay McKennaSun Woman1993NovemberM383 LOL0263783243 / 0-263-78324-3Western; Apache heroine
Lucy ElliotContraband Desire1993NovemberM384 LOL0263783251 / 0-263-78325-1American Civil War
Christine FranklinHeart of a Rose1993DecemberM385 LOL0263782417 / 0-263-78241-7Edwardian; Devon 1906
Paula MarshallThe Cyprian's Sister1993DecemberM386 LOL0263782425 / 0-263-78242-5Regency
Jan McKeeSweet Justice1993DecemberM387 LOL026378326X / 0-263-78326-XWestern
Doreen Owens MalekTorchlight1993DecemberM388 LOL0263783278 / 0-263-78327-8
Gail MallinDebt of Honour / Debt of Honor1994JanuaryM389 LOL0263782433 / 0-263-78243-3Georgian; Cumbria 1793
Mary NicholsDevil-May-Dare1994JanuaryM390 LOL0263782441 / 0-263-78244-1Regency
Pamela LittonStardust and Whirlwinds1994JanuaryM391 LOL0263783286 / 0-263-78328-6Western
Louisa RawlingsAutumn Rose1994JanuaryM392 LOL0263783294 / 0-263-78329-4Normandy
Joanna MakepeaceCorinna's Cause1994FebruaryM393 LOL026378245X / 0-263-78245-XStuart; England, 1685
Petra NashCountry Mouse1994FebruaryM394 LOL0263782468 / 0-263-78246-8
Lucy ElliotPrivate Paradise1994FebruaryM395 LOL0263783308 / 0-263-78330-819th Century; New York, 1883
Patricia PotterThe Abduction1994FebruaryM396 LOL0263783316 / 0-263-78331-6Tudor; Scottish Border, 1550
Elizabeth BaileySeventh Heaven1994MarchM397 LOL0263782476 / 0-263-78247-6Georgian; 1780s
Paula MarshallThe Captain's Lady1994MarchM398 LOL0263782484 / 0-263-78248-4Victorian; 1891 New York and London; Schuyler Family 1 (Gerard)
Donna AndersMari1994MarchM399 LOL0263783324 / 0-263-78332-419th Century; Hawaii, followed by Ketti
Marjorie BurrowsThe Loving Swords1994MarchM400 LOL0263783332 / 0-263-78333-2
Stephanie LaurensImpetuous Innocent1994AprilM401 LOL0263782492 / 0-263-78249-2Regency; London, Regency 3
Paula MarshallTouch the Fire1994AprilM402 LOL0263782506 / 0-263-78250-6Victorian and Edwardian; Venice 1896 and London 1904, Schuyler Family 2 (Kate)
Donna AndersKetti1994AprilM403 LOL0263783340 / 0-263-78334-019th Century; 1893 Honolulu, Hawaii, sequel to Mari
Nicole JordanMoonwitch1994AprilM404 LOL0263783359 / 0-263-78335-9Regency era; Antigua 1819
Elizabeth LowtherGambler's Wedding1994MayM405 LOL0263782514 / 0-263-78251-4Regency; 1813
Paula MarshallThe Moon Shines Bright1994MayM406 LOL0263782522 / 0-263-78252-220th Century; 1920s England, Schuyler Family 3 (Gis Havilland)
Elisabeth MacDonaldEstero Bay1994MayM407 LOL0263783367 / 0-263-78336-7Western; California
Caryn CameronWild Lily1994MayM408 LOL0263783375 / 0-263-78337-5American Civil War; lead up to Civil War, Washington DC
Louisa GrayBeau's Stratagem1994JuneM409 LOL0263782530 / 0-263-78253-0Regency; Bath
Sarah WestleighEscape to Destiny1994JuneM410 LOL0263782549 / 0-263-78254-9Elizabethan; Channel Islands 1571/2, woman rescues spy for Elizabeth I from the sea
Kate KingsleyRansom of the Heart1994JuneM411 LOL0263783383 / 0-263-78338-3New Orleans, and sea voyage
Patricia PotterThe Silver Link1994JuneM412 LOL0263786285 / 0-263-78628-5Western; New Mexico 1846
Sylvia AndrewSerena1994JulyM413 LOL0263786293 / 0-263-78629-3
Valentina LuellenHostage of Love1994JulyM414 LOL0263786307 / 0-263-78630-7Scotland
Barbara BrettonThe Reluctant Bride1994JulyM415 LOL0263786315 / 0-263-78631-519th Century; Delaware 1887
Louisa RawlingsWicked Stranger1994JulyM416 LOL0263786323 / 0-263-78632-3Paris 2
Marie-Louise HallSweet Treason1994AugustM417 LOL0263787230 / 0-263-78723-0Tudor; London 1558
Stephanie LaurensFair Juno1994AugustM418 LOL0263787249 / 0-263-78724-9Regency; Regency 4
Theresa MichaelsA Corner of Heaven1994AugustM419 LOL0263787257 / 0-263-78725-7American Civil War
Nora RobertsLawless1994AugustM420 LOL0263787265 / 0-263-78726-5Western; Arizona Territory, half-Apache hero, Eastern heroine
Gail MallinConqueror's Lady1994SeptemberM421 LOL0263787273 / 0-263-78727-3Norman Conquest; 1066/68
Paula MarshallReasons of the Heart1994SeptemberM422 LOL0263787281 / 0-263-78728-1Regency; 1818, guardian/ward, Linked to Lady Clairval's Marriage
Victoria PadeThe Doubletree1994SeptemberM423 LOL026378729X / 0-263-78729-XWestern; mail-order bride
Patricia PotterDragonfire1994SeptemberM424 LOL0263787303 / 0-263-78730-320th Century; China, Boxer Rebellion 1900, British herione and American hero
Sally BlakeHouse of Secrets1994OctoberM425 LOL0263788326 / 0-263-78832-6
Sylvia AndrewEleanor1994OctoberM426 LOL0263788334 / 0-263-78833-4Regency
Kristin JamesThe Gentleman1994OctoberM427 LOL0263788342 / 0-263-78834-2Western; Montana, prequel to The Hell Raiser by Dorothy Glenn
Caryn CameronBraden's Brides1994OctoberM428 LOL0263788350 / 0-263-78835-0New South Wales, Australia
Laura CassidyMaiden Court1994NovemberM429 LOL0263788571 / 0-263-78857-1Tudor; London 1541/2
Francesca ShawMiss Weston's Masquerade1994NovemberM430 LOL026378858X / 0-263-78858-XRegency; 1818, heroine disguised as a boy
Dorothy GlennThe Hell Raiser [US] / The Hellraiser [UK]1994NovemberM431 LOL0263788598 / 0-263-78859-8Western; Montana wilderness, a prequel to this novel, "The Gentleman", was written by Kristin James
Marianne WillmanRose Red, Rose White1994NovemberM432 LOL0263788601 / 0-263-78860-1Medieval; Edward IV, heroine's husband is executed, king immediately orders her to marry the landless hero
Paula MarshallThe Astrologer's Daughter1994DecemberM433 LOL026378861X / 0-263-78861-XRestoration; 1660s England
Elizabeth BaileyFriday Dreaming1994DecemberM434 LOL0263788628 / 0-263-78862-8Regency
Ruth LanganChristmas Miracle1994DecemberM435 LOL0263788636 / 0-263-78863-6Western; New Mexico 1866
Ana SeymourAngel of the Lake1994DecemberM436 LOL0263788644 / 0-263-78864-4during shipwreck hero is widowed and also rescues young woman with amnesia
Joanna MakepeaceCrown Hostage1995JanuaryM437 LOL0263141632 / 0-263-14163-2Medieval; Northampton/London, 1483
Stephanie LaurensThe Reasons for Marriage1995JanuaryM438 LOL0263789209 / 0-263-78920-9Regency; 1816, Lester Family 1
Muriel JensenTrust1995JanuaryM439 LOL0263789217 / 0-263-78921-7Western; Oregon, USA, 1900
Theresa MichaelsGifts of Love1995JanuaryM440 LOL0263789225 / 0-263-78922-5Western; Washington Territory, 1873
Laurel AmesCastaway1995FebruaryM441 LOL0263789896 / 0-263-78989-6Regency; Bristol 1818
Sylvia AndrewSerafina1995FebruaryM442 LOL026378990X / 0-263-78990-XRegency
Laura CassidyA Remembered Love1995FebruaryM443 LOL0263789926 / 0-263-78992-6English Civil War; 1643-46
Shirley ParenteauThe Naked Huntress1995FebruaryM444 LOL0263789934 / 0-263-78993-4Western; Seattle 1889
Laurie GrantThe Raven and the Swan1995MarchM445 LOL0263789942 / 0-263-78994-2Tudor; Northumberland, 1536
Kristin JamesThe Yankee1995MarchM446 LOL0263789950 / 0-263-78995-0Western; Texas, 1868
Juliet LandonThe Golden Lure1995MarchM447 LOL0263789969 / 0-263-78996-9Medieval; Airedale and York, 1350
Sarah WestleighA Lady of Independent Means1995MarchM448 LOL0263789977 / 0-263-78997-7Regency; 1815, heroine travels to Paris and to battlefield of Waterloo
Meg AlexanderThe Last Enchantment1995AprilM449 LOL0263790266 / 0-263-79026-6Regency
Pauline BentleyMarriage Rites1995AprilM450 LOL0263790274 / 0-263-79027-417th Century; 1690s
Deborah SimmonsFortune Hunter1995AprilM451 LOL0263790282 / 0-263-79028-2Regency; viscount marries for money
Erin YorkeHeaven's Gate1995AprilM452 LOL0263790290 / 0-263-79029-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1567, rebel earl wants to reclaim his Irish estate, finds it in the hands of a woman
Madris DupreeMy Lord Beaumont1995MayM453 LOL0263790304 / 0-263-79030-418th Century; 1742 South Carolina
Paula MarshallDear Lady Disdain1995MayM454 LOL0263790312 / 0-263-79031-2Regency; London/York 1818
Mary NicholsA Dangerous Undertaking1995MayM455 LOL0263790320 / 0-263-79032-0Georgian; East Anglia 1745/7
Marianne WillmanThe Cygnet1995MayM456 LOL0263790339 / 0-263-79033-9Elizabethan; England, woman might be of noble blood
Joanna MakepeaceThe Devil's Mark1995JuneM457 LOL0263790843 / 0-263-79084-3Medieval; Winchester 1238
Clarice PetersThe Absentee Earl1995JuneM458 LOL0263790851 / 0-263-79085-1Regency; 1817, hero leaves within two hours of wedding
Pat TracyThe Flaming1995JuneM459 LOL026379086X / 0-263-79086-XTexan Rancher offered inheritance to marry English spinster
Isabel WhitfieldBodie Bride1995JuneM460 LOL0263790878 / 0-263-79087-8Western; California 1879, father forces managing daughter into marriage
Carola DunnGinnie Come Lately1995JulyM461 LOL0263790886 / 0-263-79088-6Regency
Cheryl ReavisThe Prisoner1995JulyM462 LOL0263790894 / 0-263-79089-4American Civil War
Lynda TrentRachel1995JulyM463 LOL0263790908 / 0-263-79090-8Victorian; 1850s England, villagers suspicious of new reclusive resident
Sarah WestleighChevalier's Pawn1995JulyM464 LOL0263790916 / 0-263-79091-6Medieval; Wales 1406/7, heroine spent 5 years as a hostage, rescuer offered marriage for love or vengeance?
Julia ByrneMistress of her Fate1995AugustM465 LOL0263792900 / 0-263-79290-0Medieval; Stratford and Wells, 1464
Alice ThorntonAn Unsuitable Match1995AugustM466 LOL0263792919 / 0-263-79291-9Regency; Bath, second chance at love, also published under Claire Thornton
Elizabeth AugustPirate Bride1995AugustM467 LOL0263792927 / 0-263-79292-717th Century; Carolina Coast 1673
Cheryl St JohnRain Shadow1995AugustM468 LOL0263792935 / 0-263-79293-5Western; heroine works in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Lakota Sioux, Neubauer brothers 1 (Anton)
Pauline BentleyPenruthin's Wife1995SeptemberM469 LOL0263792943 / 0-263-79294-3Medieval; Somerset England, 1453
Mary NicholsTo Win the Lady1995SeptemberM470 LOL0263792951 / 0-263-79295-1Regency
Bay MatthewsRambler's Rest1995SeptemberM471 LOL026379296X / 0-263-79296-X19th Century; Louisiana 1852
Elizabeth LaneMacKenna's Promise1995SeptemberM472 LOL0263792978 / 0-263-79297-8Victorian era; Kenya 1899
Juliet LandonA Knight in Waiting1995OctoberM473 LOL0263792986 / 0-263-79298-6Medieval; North Yorkshire, 1350s
Elizabeth BaileyAdoring Isadora1995OctoberM474 LOL0263792994 / 0-263-79299-4Regency
Deborah SimmonsThe Squire's Daughter1995OctoberM475 LOL0263793001 / 0-263-79300-1Regency
Pat TracyWinter Fire1995OctoberM476 LOL026379301X / 0-263-79301-XWestern; Montana Territory 1886, hero motivated by revenge, but heroine still tempted
Laura CassidyJudith's Place1995NovemberM477 LOL0263793028 / 0-263-79302-8Tudor; Kew 1562
Paula MarshallNot Quite a Gentleman1995NovemberM478 LOL0263793036 / 0-263-79303-6Regency
Catherine ArcherRose Among Thorns1995NovemberM479 LOL0263793044 / 0-263-79304-4Norman Conquest; England 1066
Julie TetelSimon's Lady1995NovemberM480 (see also M484) LOL0263793052 / 0-263-79305-2Medieval; England 1153, Norman hero, Northumbrian heroine, forced marriage, Lady 1
Kathryn BelmontThe Fugitive Heart1995DecemberM481 LOL0263794083 / 0-263-79408-319th Century; Nantucket 1851
Stephanie LaurensA Lady of Expectations1995DecemberM482 LOL0263794091 / 0-263-79409-1Regency; Lester Family 2
Sarah WestleighFelon's Fancy1995DecemberM483 LOL0263794105 / 0-263-79410-5Regency; 1818, ex-felon Earl marries the daughter of Baron who owes him money
Laurel AmesHomeplace1995DecemberM484 (marked M480) LOL0263794075 / 0-263-79407-5Regency; 1809 England
Meg AlexanderThe Sweet Cheat1996JanuaryM485 LOL026379461X / 0-263-79461-XRegency; 1817
Gail MallinMarry in Haste1996JanuaryM486 LOL0263794628 / 0-263-79462-8Regency; c1810, London and Wales
Ruth LanganDeception1996JanuaryM487 LOL0263794636 / 0-263-79463-6
Laura CassidyThe Frozen Heart1996JanuaryM488 LOL0263794873 / 0-263-79487-3Tudor; Greenwich 1563/4
Lynda TrentBeloved Wife1996FebruaryM489 LOL0263794644 / 0-263-79464-4Western; Texas 1887, mail-order bride, widower with five daughters
Ana SeymourBrides for Sale1996FebruaryM490 LOL026379489X / 0-263-79489-XWestern; Seattle, 1864
Francesca ShawA Compromised Lady1996FebruaryM491 LOL0263794903 / 0-263-79490-3Regency; 1815/16 Belgium (Waterloo) and London
Sally CheneyThief in the Night1996FebruaryM492 LOL0263794881 / 0-263-79488-1
Laurel AmesTeller of Tales1996MarchM493 LOL0263795268 / 0-263-79526-8Regency; London 1815
Louisa GrayThe Standish Inheritance1996MarchM494 LOL0263795276 / 0-263-79527-6Regency
Paula MarshallThe Lost Princess1996MarchM495 LOL0263795284 / 0-263-79528-4Medieval; Renaissance Italy
Dallas SchulzeTemptation's Price1996MarchM496 LOL0263795292 / 0-263-79529-2Western; shotgun wedding
Susan AmarillasSilver and Steel1996AprilM497 LOL0263795306 / 0-263-79530-6
Brenda HiattDaring Deception1996AprilM498 LOL0263795314 / 0-263-79531-4Regency
Ana SeymourThe Bandit's Bride1996AprilM499 LOL0263795322 / 0-263-79532-2Western; heroine kidnapped and taken to Mexico
Sarah WestleighThe Outrageous Dowager1996AprilM500 LOL0263795330 / 0-263-79533-0Regency; London, widow tries to hold out for marriage rather than seduction
Meg AlexanderFarewell the Heart1996MayM501 LOL0263795462 / 0-263-79546-2Regency; 1815
Laurie GrantLord Liar1996MayM502 LOL0263795470 / 0-263-79547-0Medieval; Sherborne 1088
Ruth LanganAngel1996MayM503 LOL0263795489 / 0-263-79548-9Western; Montana
Paula MarshallA Biddable Girl?1996MayM504 LOL0263795497 / 0-263-79549-7Regency; marriage of convenience to claim inheritance
Elizabeth BaileyA Fragile Mask1996JuneM505 0263795985 / 0-263-79598-5
Helen DicksonKatherine1996JuneM506 LOL0263795993 / 0-263-79599-3English Civil War; London 1641
Miranda JarrettProvidence1996JuneM507 LOL0263796000 / 0-263-79600-0sea voyage
Muriel JensenA Bride for Adam1996JuneM508 LOL0263796019 / 0-263-79601-9Western; California 1886, mail-order bride in search of her kidnapped children
Stephanie LaurensAn Unwilling Conquest1996JulyM509 MBHR0263797503 / 0-263-79750-3Regency; Lester Family 3
Barbara LeighFor Love Alone1996JulyM510 MBHR0263797511 / 0-263-79751-1Tudor; Pembroke England, 1508
Heather Graham PozzessereApache Summer1996JulyM511 MBHR026379752X / 0-263-79752-XWestern; Western Texas 1870, later published under Heather Graham
Truda TaylorThe Comte and the Courtesan1996JulyM512 0263797538 / 0-263-79753-8Paris and Brittany, heroine widely believed to be man's mistress
Nina BeaumontTapestry of Fate1996AugustM513 MBHR0263797546 / 0-263-79754-6Von Berg 3
Julia ByrneRavensdene's Bride1996AugustM514 MBHR0263797554 / 0-263-79755-4Regency; England
Joanna MakepeaceKing's Pawn1996AugustM515 MBHR0263797562 / 0-263-79756-2Medieval; Richard III, last years before Tudor era, England 1484/5
Mary McBrideThe Sugarman1996AugustM516 MBHR0263797570 / 0-263-79757-019th Century; Mississippi 1870
Ann LynnBeautiful Dreamer1996SeptemberM517 MBHR0263797589 / 0-263-79758-9Western; Texas
Margaret MooreThe Saxon1996SeptemberM518 MBHR0263797597 / 0-263-79759-7Early Middle Ages; Viking 2 (Adelar)
Paula MarshallEmma and the Earl1996SeptemberM519 MBHR0263797600 / 0-263-79760-0Regency; ugly duckling tale
Sarah WestleighSeafire1996SeptemberM520 MBHR0263797619 / 0-263-79761-9Regency; 1814/15, young woman travelling to Barbados is captured at sea by American
Linda CastleFearless Hearts1996OctoberM521 MBHR0263798747 / 0-263-79874-7Western; New Mexico Territory 1884
Elizabeth HenshallBetrayed Hearts1996OctoberM522 MBHR0263798755 / 0-263-79875-5Medieval; Cheshire 1080
Cheryl St JohnLand of Dreams1996OctoberM523 MBHR0263798763 / 0-263-79876-3Western; Nebraska 1875, farmer's daughter, ex-military hero with orphaned niece
Alice ThorntonThe Wolf's Promise1996OctoberM524 MBHR0263798771 / 0-263-79877-1Regency; Sussex Coast 1809, shipowner hired to smuggle heroine's brother out of France, also published under Claire Thornton
Helen DicksonThe Rainborough Inheritance1996November#525 MBHR026379878X / 0-263-79878-X18th Century; York 1709/10
Mary McBrideThe Gunslinger1996November#526 MBHR0263798798 / 0-263-79879-8Western; Kansas, 1879
Mary NicholsThe Last Gamble1996November#527 MBHR0263798801 / 0-263-79880-1Regency; England to Scotland 1820
Marianne WillmanThomasina1996NovemberM528 MBHR026379881X / 0-263-79881-XWestern; Mexico 1846, doctor in Mexican village and new assistant
Meg AlexanderHis Lordship's Dilemma1996December#529 MBHR0263800040 / 0-263-80004-0Regency
Kathleen EagleHeaven and Earth1996December#530 MBHR0263800059 / 0-263-80005-9Western; Oregon, 1846
Virginia NielsenTo Love a Pirate1996DecemberM531 MBHR0263800067 / 0-263-80006-719th Century; New Orleans 1814
Paula MarshallAn Affair of Honour1996DecemberM532 MBHR0263800075 / 0-263-80007-520th Century; 1920s London, Schuyler Family 4 (Ralph)
Marie-Louise HallMajor's Muslin1997January#533 MBHR0263800083 / 0-263-80008-3Regency; 1810
Joanna MakepeaceStolen Heiress1997JanuaryH534 MBHR0263800091 / 0-263-80009-1Medieval; London/Bruges 1461
Elaine RomeStark Lightning1997JanuaryH535 MBHR0263800105 / 0-263-80010-5Western; Montana, late 1800s, later republished under Elaine Barbieri
Maura SegerLight on the Mountain1997JanuaryH536 MBHR0263800113 / 0-263-80011-3Victorian; Wales 1857
Juliet LandonThe Knight, the Knave and the Lady1997FebruaryH537 MBHR0263800180 / 0-263-80018-0Medieval; North Yorkshire, 1350s
Sarah WestleighA Highly Irregular Footman1997FebruaryH538 MBHR0263800199 / 0-263-80019-9Regency; Kent/London 1803, housekeeper falls for man masquerading as footman
Theresa MichaelsOnce a Maverick1997FebruaryH539 MBHR0263800202 / 0-263-80020-2Western; Texas 1877, Kincaid 1 (Tyrel)
June Lund ShiplettBoston Renegade1997FebruaryH540 MBHR0263800210 / 0-263-80021-019th Century; Boston 1872
Helen DicksonLady Deceiver1997MarchH541 MBHR0263800555 / 0-263-80055-5
Stephanie LaurensA Comfortable Wife1997MarchH542 MBHR0263800563 / 0-263-80056-3Regency; Regency 5 / Lester Family 4
Nina BeaumontTapestry of Dreams1997MarchH543 MBHR0263800571 / 0-263-80057-1Victorian era; Italy/Russia 1852, Von Berg 4
Pamela LittonDance with the Devil1997MarchH544 MBHR026380058X / 0-263-80058-XWestern; New Mexico 1870
Gail WhitikerLetters to a Lady1997AprilH545 MBHR0263804755 / 0-263-80475-5Regency; Earl finds betrothed in arms of another, Spy 1
Paula MarshallLady Clairval's Marriage1997AprilH546 MBHR0263800814 / 0-263-80081-4Regency; sequel to Reasons of the Heart
Jo Ann AlgermissenGolden Bird1997AprilH547 MBHR0263800822 / 0-263-80082-219th Century; Louisiana
Laurel AmesPlaying to Win1997AprilH548 MBHR0263800830 / 0-263-80083-0Regency; London 1815
Meg AlexanderMiranda's Masquerade1997MayH549 MBHR026380125X / 0-263-80125-XRegency
Polly ForresterChanging Fortunes1997MayH550 MBHR0263801268 / 0-263-80126-8Regency
Theresa MichaelsOnce an Outlaw1997MayH551 MBHR0263801276 / 0-263-80127-6Western; Kincaid 2 (Logan)
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Heart1997MayH552 MBHR0263801284 / 0-263-80128-4Medieval; 1201, Wales, Warrior 1 (Emryss Delanyea)
Anne AshleyThe Earl of Rayne's Ward1997JuneH553 MBHR0263801926 / 0-263-80192-6Regency
Brenda HiattGabriella1997JuneH554 MBHR0263801942 / 0-263-80194-2Regency
Mary McBrideFly Away Home1997JuneH555 MBHR0263801950 / 0-263-80195-0Western; New Mexico Territory, half-breed Apache hero
Lindsay McKennaLord of Shadowhawk1997JuneH556 MBHR0263801969 / 0-263-80196-9Georgian; Wales and Ireland, 1790s
Anne AshleyLady Linford's Return1997JulyH557 MBHR0263801977 / 0-263-80197-7Regency
Madeline HarperDangerous Charade1997JulyH558 MBHR0263801985 / 0-263-80198-5Victorian; Great Plains/London 1874
Elizabeth HenshallMadselin's Choice1997JulyH559 MBHR0263800806 / 0-263-80080-6Medieval; Normandy after the Conquest
Jackie MerrittWyoming Territory1997JulyH560 MBHR0263802000 / 0-263-80200-0Western; raising sheep in cattle country
Nina BeaumontPromises to Keep1997AugustH561 MBHR0263802159 / 0-263-80215-9Victorian era; Austria 1847, Von Berg 2
Barbara FaithGamblin' Man1997AugustH562 MBHR0263802167 / 0-263-80216-7Western; 1895
Marie-Louise HallRake's Reform1997AugustH563 MBHR0263802132 / 0-263-80213-2Regency
Paula MarshallThe Youngest Miss Ashe1997AugustH564 MBHR0263801993 / 0-263-80199-3Regency
Sylvia AndrewFrancesca1997SeptemberH565 MBHR0263803805 / 0-263-80380-5Regency
Emily FrenchCapture1997SeptemberH566 MBHR0263803821 / 0-263-80382-117th Century; 1640 St. Lawrence River
Theresa MichaelsOnce a Lawman1997SeptemberH567 MBHR026380383X / 0-263-80383-XWestern; Texas 1877, Kincaid 3 (Conner)
Sarah WestleighJousting With Shadows1997SeptemberH568 MBHR0263802140 / 0-263-80214-0Medieval; England, marriage between strangers, widower knight and woman freed from convent life
Laurel AmesBesieged1997OctoberH569 MBHR0263804372 / 0-263-80437-2Regency; London 1815
Julia ByrneScandal and Miss Smith1997OctoberH570 MBHR0263803813 / 0-263-80381-3Regency
Ruth Jean DaleLegend!1997OctoberH571 MBHR0263804380 / 0-263-80438-0Western; Texas 1876, Taggerts of Texas 4 (the others are contemporaries)
Helen DicksonAn Illustrious Lord1997OctoberH572 MBHR0263804356 / 0-263-80435-6
Lindsay McKennaBrave Heart1997NovemberH573 MBHR0263804453 / 0-263-80445-3Western; Dakota, Irish heroine, Lakota hero (reprint)
Margaret MooreChina Blossom1997NovemberH574 MBHR0263804461 / 0-263-80446-1Victorian; London 1851
Mary NicholsThe Ruby Pendant1997NovemberH575 MBHR0263804445 / 0-263-80444-5Regency; England and war-time France
Francesca ShawThe Unconventional Miss Dane1997NovemberH576 MBHR0263804364 / 0-263-80436-4Regency
Anne AshleyThe Neglectful Guardian1997DecemberH577 MBHR0263804976 / 0-263-80497-6
Paula MarshallThe Beckoning Dream1997DecemberH578 MBHR0263804984 / 0-263-80498-4Restoration; England and Holland
Barbara LeighWeb of Loving Lies1997DecemberH579 MBHR0263804992 / 0-263-80499-2Western; Nebraska
Pat TracySaddle the Wind1997DecemberH580 MBHR026380500X / 0-263-80500-XWestern; confirmed bachelor, spinster caring for orphans
Sally BlakeMarrying for Love1998JanuaryH581 MBHR0263805018 / 0-263-80501-8Regency; Ireland
Joanna MakepeaceThe Baron's Bride1998JanuaryH582 MBHR0263805026 / 0-263-80502-6Norman Conquest
Margaret MooreVows1998JanuaryH583 MBHR0263805034 / 0-263-80503-419th Century; Massachusetts 1855
Ana SeymourFrontier Bride1998JanuaryH584 MBHR0263805042 / 0-263-80504-218th Century; Philadelphia 1762, herioine is indentured
Carola DunnA Lord for Miss Larkin1998FebruaryH585 MBHR0263804437 / 0-263-80443-7Regency
Ruth LanganDiamond1998FebruaryH586 MBHR0263805077 / 0-263-80507-7Western; Jewels of Texas 1
Mary McBrideRiverbend1998FebruaryH587 MBHR0263805069 / 0-263-80506-9American Civil War
Sarah WestleighThe Impossible Earl1998FebruaryH588 MBHR0263805050 / 0-263-80505-0Regency; governess inherits property leased to Earl who refuses to leave
Meg AlexanderThe Love Child1998MarchH589 MBHR0263807061 / 0-263-80706-1Regency; Wentworth 1 (Sebastian)
Helen DicksonAn Unpredictable Bride1998MarchH590 MBHR026380707X / 0-263-80707-XEnglish Civil War
Beverlee RossAnnabelle1998MarchH591 MBHR0263807088 / 0-263-80708-8Western; Northern California 1885
Ana SeymourGabriel's Lady1998MarchH592 MBHR0263807096 / 0-263-80709-6Western; Dakota Territory 1876, Prescott 2
Gail MallinA Rebellious Lady1998AprilH593 MBHR0263807738 / 0-263-80773-8Regency; Peninsular War
Paula MarshallThe Deserted Bride1998AprilH594 MBHR0263807746 / 0-263-80774-6Elizabethan; long separation from child bride
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Quest1998AprilH595 MBHR0263807754 / 0-263-80775-4Medieval; Warrior 2 (Urien Fitzroy)
Ana SeymourLucky Bride1998AprilH596 MBHR0263807762 / 0-263-80776-2Western; Wyoming 1876, Prescott 1
Anne AshleyMiss Harcourt's Dilemma1998MayH597 MBHR026380786X / 0-263-80786-XRegency
Nicola CornickTrue Colours1998MayH598 MBHR0263807878 / 0-263-80787-8Regency; Somerset 1
Susan Spencer Paul/Susan PaulThe Heiress Bride1998MayH599 MBHR0263807886 / 0-263-80788-6Medieval; Bride 2 (Rosaleen Sarant)
Lynna BanningWestern Rose1998MayH600 MBHR0263807894 / 0-263-80789-4Western; Oregon, 1880s
Meg AlexanderThe Merry Gentleman1998JuneH601 MBHR0263808017 / 0-263-80801-7Regency; Wentworth 2 (Perry)
Elizabeth HenshallThe King's New Man1998JuneH602 MBHR0263808025 / 0-263-80802-5Medieval; North of England 1107
Lynda TrentThe Fire Within1998JuneH603 MBHR0263808033 / 0-263-80803-3American Civil War; 1865, heroine saves the life of a Union captain
Margaret MooreThe Baron's Quest1998JuneH604 MBHR0263807967 / 0-263-80796-7Medieval; Warrior 6 (Etienne DeGuerre)
Paula MarshallRebecca's Rogue1998JulyH605 MBHR0263810356 / 0-263-81035-6Regency
Mary NicholsDear Deceiver1998JulyH606 MBHR0263810364 / 0-263-81036-4Regency; 1816
Mary McBrideForever and a Day1998JulyH607 MBHR0263810372 / 0-263-81037-2Western; New Mexico Territory 1884
Ruth LanganDulcie's Gift1998JulyH608 MBHR0263810380 / 0-263-81038-0South Carolina
Nicola CornickThe Virtuous Cyprian1998AugustH609 MBHR0263810755 / 0-263-81075-5Regency; England 1812, Suffolk 1
Polly ForresterDouble Dilemma1998AugustH610 MBHR0263810763 / 0-263-81076-3Edwardian
Linda CastleAbbie's Child1998AugustH611 MBHR0263810771 / 0-263-81077-1Western; 1880s Colorado
Susan JohnsonGolden Paradise1998AugustH612 MBHR026381078X / 0-263-81078-X19th Century; 1870s
Helen DicksonThe Property of a Gentleman1998SeptemberH613 MBHR0263811549 / 0-263-81154-9Regency
Anne HerriesAn Ideal Match1998SeptemberH614 MBHR0263811557 / 0-263-81155-7Regency
Miranda JarrettThe Sparhawk Bride1998SeptemberH615 MBHR0263811565 / 0-263-81156-518th Century; Martinique 1754, Sparhawk 5 (Jerusa)
Ruth LanganPearl1998SeptemberH616 MBHR0263811573 / 0-263-81157-3Western; Texas 1870, Jewels of Texas 2
Meg AlexanderThe Passionate Friends1998OctoberH617 MBHR0263812324 / 0-263-81232-4Wentworth 3 (Dan, from The Love Child?)
Paula MarshallThe Wayward Heart1998OctoberH618 MBHR0263812332 / 0-263-81233-220th Century; 1920s, Schuyler Family 5 (Nicholas Allen)
Deborah SimmonsMaiden Bride1998OctoberH619 MBHR0263812340 / 0-263-81234-0Medieval; England 1280, de Laci 2 (Nicholas)
Miranda JarrettGift of the Heart1998OctoberH620 MBHR0263812359 / 0-263-81235-9Western; Sparhawk 7 (Rachel Sparhawk Lindsey)
Ann Elizabeth CreeA Bargain with Fate1998NovemberH621 MBHR0263812367 / 0-263-81236-7Regency
Joanna MakepeaceDragon's Court1998NovemberH622 MBHR0263812375 / 0-263-81237-5Tudor; Henry VII, 1499 London
Nina BeaumontSurrender the Heart1998NovemberH623 MBHR0263812383 / 0-263-81238-3Victorian era; Paris 1855
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Way1998NovemberH624 MBHR0263812391 / 0-263-81239-1Medieval; Warrior 3 (Hu Morgan)
Sylvia AndrewRosabelle1998DecemberH625 MBHR0263812588 / 0-263-81258-8Regency; 1818 Britain, Regency Christmas Belles 1; identical twin sisters
Sylvia AndrewAnnabelle1998DecemberH626 MBHR0263812596 / 0-263-81259-6Regency; 1818 Britain, Regency Christmas Belles 2; identical twin sisters
Ruth LanganJade1998DecemberH627 MBHR026381260X / 0-263-81260-XWestern; Jewels of Texas 3
Barbara LeighFor Love of Rory1998DecemberH628 MBHR0263812618 / 0-263-81261-8Medieval; Sheffield
Victoria AldridgeBen Morgan's Mistake1999JanuaryH629 MBHR0263812855 / 0-263-81285-519th Century; New Zealand; Morgan 1
Mary BrendanMr Trelawney's Proposal1999JanuaryH630 MBHR0263812863 / 0-263-81286-3Regency
Margaret MooreThe Wastrel1999JanuaryH631 MBHR0263812871 / 0-263-81287-1Victorian; Unsuitable Men 1 (Paris Mulholland)
Sharon SchulzeHeart of the Dragon1999JanuaryH632 MBHR026381288X / 0-263-81288-XMedieval; Northern Wales, 1215, l'Eau Clair Chronicles 1
Juliet LandonThe Goldsmith's Jewel1999FebruaryH633 MBHR0263814238 / 0-263-81423-8Medieval; York, 1360
Paula MarshallThe Devil and Drusilla1999FebruaryH634 MBHR0263814246 / 0-263-81424-6Regency
Susan Spencer PaulThe Bride Thief1999FebruaryH635 MBHR0263814254 / 0-263-81425-4Medieval; England, May 1426, Bride 3 (Isabelle Gaillard)
Miranda JarrettColumbine1999FebruaryH636 MBHR0263814262 / 0-263-81426-2New England; Massachusetts, Sparhawk 1 (Kit)
Anne AshleyLady Knightley's Secret1999MarchH637 MBHR0263815102 / 0-263-81510-2Regency
Sally BlakeA Gentleman's Masquerade1999MarchH638 MBHR0263815110 / 0-263-81511-0Edwardian; 1912, British setting, American heroine
Margaret MooreThe Dark Duke1999MarchH639 MBHR0263815129 / 0-263-81512-9Victorian; England 1863, Unsuitable Men 2 (Adrian Fitzwalter)
Ana SeymourMoonrise1999MarchH640 MBHR0263815137 / 0-263-81513-7Restoration; Charles II
Nicola CornickThe Larkswood Legacy1999AprilH641 MBHR0263815250 / 0-263-81525-0Regency; Somerset 2
Anne GracieGallant Waif1999AprilH642 MBHR0263815269 / 0-263-81526-9Regency
Kathleen EagleMedicine Woman1999AprilH643 MBHR0263815277 / 0-263-81527-719th Century; Paha Sapa, the land of the Lakota, 1819
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Mary [US] / Mary [UK]1999AprilH644 MBHR0263815285 / 0-263-81528-5Western; New Mexico Territory, 1881, Merry Widows 1
Mary NicholsMistress of Madderlea1999MayH645 MBHR0263816575 / 0-263-81657-5Regency; heiress pretends not to be one
Gail WhitikerBlackwood's Lady1999MayH646 MBHR0263816583 / 0-263-81658-3Regency; Marquis picks wife on strictly non-romantic grounds
Ruth LanganTexas Heart1999MayH647 MBHR0263816591 / 0-263-81659-1Western; 1870, Texas 1
Bronwyn WilliamsThe Mariner's Bride1999MayH648 MBHR0263816605 / 0-263-81660-5marriage of convenience, wife to care for his elderly stepmother while he's at sea
Paula MarshallThe Wolfe's Mate1999JuneH649 MBHR0263817016 / 0-263-81701-6Regency; linked to Miss Jesmond's Heir
Francesca ShawThe Admiral's Daughter1999JuneH650 MBHR0263817024 / 0-263-81702-4Regency; heroine turns down offer of marriage after comproming situtation
DeLoras ScottFire and Ice1999JuneH651 MBHR0263817032 / 0-263-81703-2Western; marriage of convenience
Maura SegerThe Lady and the Laird1999JuneH652 MBHR0263817040 / 0-263-81704-0Scotland
Helen DicksonAn Innocent Proposal1999JulyH653 MBHR0263817210 / 0-263-81721-0
Paula MarshallMiss Jesmond's Heir1999JulyH654 MBHR0263817229 / 0-263-81722-9Regency; linked to The Wolfe's Mate
Ruth LanganTexas Healer1999JulyH655 MBHR0263817237 / 0-263-81723-7Western; Texas 2, white doctor in Comanche camp
Sally CheneyTapestry1999JulyH656 MBHR0263817245 / 0-263-81724-519th Century; Manchester, England 1831
Georgina DevonUntamed Heart1999AugustH657 MBHR0263817652 / 0-263-81765-2Regency; Untamed Heart 1
Anne AshleyLady Jane's Physician1999AugustH658 MBHR0263817660 / 0-263-81766-0Regency; England 1819
Cassie EdwardsPassion's Embrace1999AugustH659 MBHR0263817679 / 0-263-81767-9Seattle
Miranda JarrettSteal the Stars1999AugustH660 MBHR0263817687 / 0-263-81768-718th Century; Rhode Island 1772
Georgina DevonScandals1999SeptemberH661 MBHR0263817954 / 0-263-81795-4Regency; Untamed Heart 2
Nicola CornickLady Polly1999SeptemberH662 MBHR0263817962 / 0-263-81796-2Regency; Suffolk 2
Ruth LanganTexas Hero1999SeptemberH663 MBHR0263817970 / 0-263-81797-0Western; Texas 3
Margaret MooreThe Viking1999SeptemberH664 MBHR0263817989 / 0-263-81798-9Early Middle Ages; Viking 1 (Einar Svendson)
Georgina DevonBetrayal1999OctoberH665 MBHR0263818101 / 0-263-81810-1Regency; Untamed Heart 3
Gail WhitikerAn Offer to Love1999OctoberH666 MBHR026381811X / 0-263-81811-XRegency; Cornwall, rich widow retreats to remote estate to avoid fortune hunters
DeLoras ScottThe Miss and the Maverick1999OctoberH667 MBHR0263818128 / 0-263-81812-8Western; St Louis and The Rockies 1859
Merline LovelaceSiren's Call1999OctoberH668 MBHR0263818136 / 0-263-81813-6Ancient Greece; Destiny's Women 3
Elizabeth BaileyMisfit Maid1999NovemberH669 MBHR0263818381 / 0-263-81838-1Regency
Mary NicholsJack Chiltern's Wife1999NovemberH670 MBHR026381839X / 0-263-81839-XRegency; France during the Revolution
Ann PopeGold Fever1999NovemberH671 MBHR0263818403 / 0-263-81840-3Western; California 1849
Deborah SimmonsTaming the Wolf1999NovemberH672 MBHR0263818411 / 0-263-81841-1Medieval; England 1270, eldest son, amnesiac heroine, de Burgh 1 (Dunstan)
Anne AshleyThe Master of Moor House1999DecemberH673 MBHR0263818942 / 0-263-81894-2Regency; 1800
Paula MarshallThe Quiet Man1999DecemberH674 MBHR0263818950 / 0-263-81895-0Victorian; 1899, Schuyler Family 6 (Allen Marriott)
Catherine ArcherVelvet Touch1999DecemberH675 MBHR0263818969 / 0-263-81896-9Medieval; Velvet 2
Cassandra AustinWait for the Sunrise1999DecemberH676 MBHR0263818977 / 0-263-81897-7Western; Kansas 1870s
Julia ByrneAn Independent Lady2000JanuaryH677 MBHR0263819191 / 0-263-81919-1Regency
Juliet LandonThe Passionate Pilgrim2000JanuaryH678 MBHR0263819205 / 0-263-81920-5Medieval; England 1359
Miranda JarrettMariah's Prize2000JanuaryH679 MBHR0263819213 / 0-263-81921-318th Century; Rhode Island 1774, Sparhawk 3 (Gabriel)
Maura SegerThe Taming of Amelia2000JanuaryH680 MBHR0263819221 / 0-263-81922-117th Century; New England 1650, Belle Haven 1
Mary BrendanA Kind and Decent Man2000FebruaryH681 MBHR0263819477 / 0-263-81947-7Regency
Olga DanielsA Royal Engagement2000FebruaryH682 MBHR0263819485 / 0-263-81948-5Tudor; England 1539
Ruth LanganHighland Barbarian2000FebruaryH683 MBHR0263819493 / 0-263-81949-3Tudor; Scotland 1561, Highland 1
Maura SegerThe Seduction of Deanna2000FebruaryH684 MBHR0263819507 / 0-263-81950-7American Revolution; Belle Haven 2
Mary BrendanThe Silver Squire2000MarchH685 MBHR0263822931 / 0-263-82293-1Regency
Anne HerriesSatan's Mark2000MarchH686 MBHR026382294X / 0-263-82294-XRestoration; England
DeLoras ScottRogue's Honor / Rogue's Honour2000MarchH687 MBHR0263822958 / 0-263-82295-8Western; female saloon owner in Oklahoma land rush
Maura SegerThe Tempting of Julia2000MarchH688 MBHR0263822966 / 0-263-82296-619th Century; Connecticut 1895, Belle Haven 3
Ann Elizabeth CreeLord Rotham's Wager2000AprilH689 MBHR0263822974 / 0-263-82297-4Regency
Anne GracieTallie's Knight2000AprilH690 MBHR0263822982 / 0-263-82298-2Regency
Sandra ChastainSunshine and Satin2000AprilH691 MBHR0263822990 / 0-263-82299-018th Century; 1793 New Orleans, Cader Sisters 2
Ruth LanganHighland Heather2000AprilH692 MBHR0263823008 / 0-263-82300-8Tudor; Scotland 1562, Highland 2
Nicola CornickMiss Verey's Proposal2000MayH693 MBHR0263823016 / 0-263-82301-6Regency; Suffolk 3
Gail MallinThe Elusive Heiress2000MayH694 MBHR0263823024 / 0-263-82302-4Regency
Mary McBrideThe Fourth of Forever2000MayH695 MBHR0263823032 / 0-263-82303-2Western; Kansas, 1862
Miranda JarrettSparhawk's Lady2000MayH696 MBHR0263823040 / 0-263-82304-0Georgian era; 1780s, Sparhawk 10 (Jeremiah)
Helen DicksonConspiracy of Hearts2000JuneH697 MBHR0263823059 / 0-263-82305-917th Century; 1605, the paranoia of King James I & IV
Mary NicholsThe Reluctant Escort2000JuneH698 MBHR0263823067 / 0-263-82306-7Regency; 1816
Ruth LanganHighland Fire2000JuneH699 MBHR0263823075 / 0-263-82307-5Highland 3
DeLoras ScottSpringtown2000JuneH700 MBHR0263823083 / 0-263-82308-3Western; 1850s ghost town, followed by Timeless
Elizabeth BaileyAn Ardent Friendship2000JulyH701 MBHR0263823091 / 0-263-82309-1
Paula MarshallHester Waring's Marriage2000JulyH702 MBHR0263823105 / 0-263-82310-5Regency era; Australia, Dilhorne Dynasty 1 (Tom, later known as the Patriarch)
Cassandra AustinTrusting Sarah2000JulyH703 MBHR0263823113 / 0-263-82311-3Western
Margaret MooreThe Welshman's Way2000JulyH704 MBHR0263823121 / 0-263-82312-1Medieval; Warrior 4 (Dafydd ap Iolo)
Laura CassidyMadrilene's Granddaughter2000AugustH705 MBHR026382313X / 0-263-82313-XElizabethan
Anne HerriesA Matter of Honour / A Matter of Honor2000AugustH706 MBHR0263823148 / 0-263-82314-8
Ruth LanganHighland Heart2000AugustH707 MBHR0263823156 / 0-263-82315-6Highland 4
Mary McBrideDarling Jack2000AugustH708 MBHR0263823164 / 0-263-82316-419th Century; Chicago and St. Louis 1869, Pinkerton agent, alcoholic hero
Francesca ShawThe Youngest Dowager2000SeptemberH709 MBHR0263823172 / 0-263-82317-2Regency; new Earl proposes marriage to widowed countess
Paula MarshallA Strange Likeness2000SeptemberH710 MBHR0263823180 / 0-263-82318-0Victorian; England, Dilhorne Dynasty 2 (Alan)
Miranda JarrettSparhawk's Angel2000SeptemberH711 MBHR0263823199 / 0-263-82319-9Sparhawk 6 (Nickerson)
Margaret MooreThe Norman's Heart2000SeptemberH712 MBHR0263823202 / 0-263-82320-2Medieval; Warrior 5 (Sir Roger de Montmorency)
Jennifer LandsbertKnight's Move2000OctoberH713 MBHR0263823210 / 0-263-82321-0Medieval; Dorset 1194
Gail WhitikerAn Innocent Deceit2000OctoberH714 MBHR0263823229 / 0-263-82322-9Regency; heroine disguised a male horse-riding instructor
Ruth LanganThe Highlander2000OctoberH715 MBHR0263823237 / 0-263-82323-7Highland 5
DeLoras ScottGarters and Spurs2000OctoberH716 MBHR0263823245 / 0-263-82324-5Western
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Marriage Truce2000NovemberH717 MBHR0263823253 / 0-263-82325-3Regency
Paula MarshallAn Innocent Masquerade2000NovemberH718 MBHR0263823261 / 0-263-82326-1Victorian era; 1850s Australia, amnesia, Dilhorne Dynasty 3 (Thomas, aka Fred)
Merline LovelaceLady of the Upper Kingdom2000NovemberH719 MBHR026382327X / 0-263-82327-XAncient Egypt; heroine is a high priestess
Emily FrenchThe Wedding Bargain2000NovemberH720 MBHR0263823288 / 0-263-82328-818th Century; 1750s
Nicola CornickThe Blanchland Secret2000DecemberH721 MBHR0263823296 / 0-263-82329-6Regency
Gail MallinThe Reluctant Puritan2000DecemberH722 MBHR026382330X / 0-263-82330-Xrunaway becomes hero's housekeeper
Ruth LanganHighland Heaven2000DecemberH723 MBHR0263823318 / 0-263-82331-8Highland 6
Shari AntonEmily's Captain2000DecemberH724 MBHR0263823326 / 0-263-82332-6American Civil War
Georgina DevonThe Rake2001JanuaryH725 MBHR0263823334 / 0-263-82333-4
Juliet LandonThe Maiden's Abduction2001JanuaryH726 MBHR0263823342 / 0-263-82334-2
Miranda JarrettThe Secrets of Catie Hazard2001JanuaryH727 MBHR0263823350 / 0-263-82335-0Sparhawk 8 (Anthony)
Judith StacyOutlaw Love2001JanuaryH728 MBHR0263823369 / 0-263-82336-9Western; Missouri 1876 , US Marshall
Paula MarshallHis One Woman2001FebruaryH729 MBHR0263823377 / 0-263-82337-7American Civil War; Washington, Dilhorne Dynasty 4 (Jack)
Elizabeth BaileyThe Veiled Bride2001FebruaryH730 MBHR0263823385 / 0-263-82338-5Regency
DeLoras ScottTimeless2001FebruaryH731 MBHR0263823393 / 0-263-82339-3Western; wealthy former dance-hall girl, follows Springtown
Claire DelacroixMy Lady's Champion2001FebruaryH732 MBHR0263823407 / 0-263-82340-7Sayerne 1
Anne HerriesRosalyn and the Scoundrel2001MarchH733 MBHR0263827216 / 0-263-82721-6Regency
Helen DicksonCarnival of Love2001MarchH734 MBHR0263827224 / 0-263-82722-4Georgian era; Venice 1789
Laurie GrantDevil's Dare2001MarchH735 MBHR0263827232 / 0-263-82723-2Western; Texas
Deborah SimmonsTempting Kate2001MarchH736 MBHR0263827240 / 0-263-82724-0Regency; heroine kidnaps hero, Regency 3
Mary BrendanA Roguish Gentleman2001AprilH737 MBHR0263827259 / 0-263-82725-9Regency
Mary NicholsThe Westmere Legacy2001AprilH738 MBHR0263827267 / 0-263-82726-7Regency; fake engagement
Barbara NeilMask of White Satin2001AprilH739 MBHR0263827275 / 0-263-82727-5Regency
Beth HendersonReckless2001AprilH740 MBHR0263827283 / 0-263-82728-3
Paula MarshallThe Dollar Prince's Wife2001MayH741 MBHR0263827291 / 0-263-82729-1Victorian; 1890s; Dilhorne Dynasty 5a (Cobie Grant), story split across two books, followed by Prince of Secrets
Joanna MaitlandA Penniless Prospect2001MayH742 MBHR0263827305 / 0-263-82730-5Regency; herione disguised a boy
Claire DelacroixEnchanted2001MayH743 MBHR0263827313 / 0-263-82731-3Medieval; Paranormal (jinnis, curses, shapeshifting), 1100s, Sayerne 2
Emily FrenchBogus Bride2001MayH744 MBHR0263827321 / 0-263-82732-119th Century; 1840s America
Helen DicksonLord Fox's Pleasure2001JuneH745 MBHR026382733X / 0-263-82733-XRestoration
Elizabeth BaileyA Trace of Memory2001JuneH746 MBHR0263827348 / 0-263-82734-8Regency
Eva RutlandThe Willful Lady [US] / The Wilful Lady [UK]2001JuneH747 MBHR0263827356 / 0-263-82735-6Regency
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Bride2001JuneH748 MBHR0263827364 / 0-263-82736-4Medieval; Warrior 7 (Sir George de Gramercie)
Anne HerriesThe Abducted Bride2001JulyH749 MBHR0263827372 / 0-263-82737-2Regency
Mary NicholsThe Honourable Earl2001JulyH750 MBHR0263827380 / 0-263-82738-0Regency
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Catherine2001JulyH751 MBHR0263827399 / 0-263-82739-9Western; 1880s, Merry Widows 2
Deborah SimmonsThe de Burgh Bride2001JulyH752 MBHR0263827402 / 0-263-82740-2Medieval; England 1200s, marriage forced by royal decree, de Burgh 2 (Geoffrey)
Paula MarshallPrince of Secrets2001AugustH753 MBHR0263827410 / 0-263-82741-0Victorian; 1890s; Dilhorne Dynasty 5b (Cobie Grant), story split across two books, preceded by The Dollar Prince's Wife
Joanna MakepeaceThe Traitor's Daughter2001AugustH754 MBHR0263827429 / 0-263-82742-9Tudor; Henry VII
Susan Spencer PaulThe Captive Bride2001AugustH755 MBHR0263827437 / 0-263-82743-7Medieval; 1437, Bride 4 (Katharine Malthus)
Gayle WilsonLady Sarah's Son2001AugustH756 MBHR0263827445 / 0-263-82744-5Regency; second chance at love, heroine appeared to cheat during original engagement and have a love child
Georgina DevonThe Rebel2001SeptemberH757 MBHR0263827453 / 0-263-82745-3Regency
Joanna MaitlandA Poor Relation2001SeptemberH758 MBHR0263827461 / 0-263-82746-1Regency
Judith StacyThe Marriage Mishap2001SeptemberH759 MBHR026382747X / 0-263-82747-XWestern; California, man and woman unexpectedly wake up together, married
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Honor / A Warrior's Honour2001SeptemberH760 MBHR0263827488 / 0-263-82748-8Medieval; Warrior 8 (Bryce Frechette)
Anne GracieAn Honourable Thief / An Honorable Thief2001OctoberH761 MBHR0263827496 / 0-263-82749-6Regency
Juliet LandonA Most Unseemly Summer2001OctoberH762 MBHR026382750X / 0-263-82750-XElizabethan
Carolyn DavidsonThe Forever Man2001OctoberH763 MBHR0263827518 / 0-263-82751-8Western
Deborah SimmonsRobber Bride2001OctoberH764 MBHR0263827526 / 0-263-82752-6Medieval; heroine leads group of bandits, 13th century, de Burgh 3 (Simon)
Paula MarshallMajor Chancellor's Mission2001NovemberH765 MBHR0263827534 / 0-263-82753-4Regency; hero goes under-cover as a tutor, 1813, Chancellor 1
Ann Elizabeth CreeMy Lady's Prisoner2001NovemberH766 MBHR0263827542 / 0-263-82754-2Regency
Theresa MichaelsThe Merry Widows: Sarah2001NovemberH767 MBHR0263827550 / 0-263-82755-0Western; 1880s, Merry Widows 3
Susan Spencer PaulThe Stolen Bride2001NovemberH768 MBHR0263827569 / 0-263-82756-9Medieval; Bride 5 (Sofia Ahlgren)
Mary BrendanWedding Night Revenge2001DecemberH769 MBHR0263827577 / 0-263-82757-7Meredith Sisters 1 (Rachel)
Mary NicholsThe Incomparable Countess2001DecemberH770 MBHR0263827585 / 0-263-82758-5Regency
Anthology: Ruth Langan, Jacqueline Navin, Lyn StoneOne Christmas Night: Highland Christmas by Langan; Wife for Christmas by Navin; Ian's Gift by Stone2001DecemberH771 MBHR0263827593 / 0-263-82759-3
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Passion2001DecemberH772 MBHR0263827607 / 0-263-82760-7Medieval; Warrior 9 (Griffydd DeLanyea)
Meg AlexanderThe Gentleman's Demand2002JanuaryH773 MBHR0263827615 / 0-263-82761-5Regency
Gail MallinAn Infamous Proposal2002JanuaryH774 MBHR0263827623 / 0-263-82762-3Regency
Ruth LanganRory2002JanuaryH775 MBHR0263827631 / 0-263-82763-1Elizabeth era; Ireland 1560, O'Neil Saga 1
Lyn StoneMy Lady's Choice2002JanuaryH776 MBHR026382764X / 0-263-82764-XMedieval; England 1339, king allows healer to chose husband, forces the marriage, Medieval 4
Paula MarshallLord Hadleigh's Rebellion2002FebruaryH777 MBHR0263827658 / 0-263-82765-8Regency; 1817, mathematicians, Chancellor 2
Elizabeth RollsMistress or Marriage?2002FebruaryH778 MBHR0263827666 / 0-263-82766-6Regency; follows The Unexpected Bride
Margaret MooreThe Welshman's Bride2002FebruaryH779 MBHR0263827674 / 0-263-82767-4Medieval; Warrior 10 (Dylan DeLanyea)
Gayle WilsonHis Secret Duchess2002FebruaryH780 MBHR0263827682 / 0-263-82768-2Regency; war-scarred duke, secret baby
Anne AshleyThe Reluctant Marchioness2002MarchH781 MBHR0263831124 / 0-263-83112-4
Elizabeth BaileyPrudence2002MarchH782 MBHR0263831132 / 0-263-83113-2Regency; Governess Trilogy 1
Ruth LanganConor2002MarchH783 MBHR0263831140 / 0-263-83114-0Elizabethan era; Ireland 1563, O'Neil Saga 2
Jacqueline NavinThe Maiden and the Warrior2002MarchH784 MBHR0263831159 / 0-263-83115-9Medieval; 1180, Henry II, follwed by The Viking's Heart
Anne HerriesCaptive of the Harem2002AprilH785 MBHR0263831167 / 0-263-83116-7
Helen DicksonJewel of the Night2002AprilH786 MBHR0263831175 / 0-263-83117-5
Deborah SimmonsMy Lord de Burgh2002AprilH787 MBHR0263831183 / 0-263-83118-3Medieval; 13th century, alcoholic hero, de Burgh 5 (Stephen)
Carolyn DavidsonThe Midwife2002AprilH788 MBHR0263831191 / 0-263-83119-1Western; 1890s Minnesota
Nicola CornickThe Notorious Marriage2002MayH789 MBHR0263831205 / 0-263-83120-5Regency; Mostyn & Trevithick Feud 2
Claire ThorntonRaven's Honour / Raven's Honor2002MayH790 MBHR0263831213 / 0-263-83121-3Regency; Spain during Peninsular War, Major saves a woman's life, swears an oath to protect her
Ruth LanganBriana2002MayH791 MBHR0263831221 / 0-263-83122-1Elizabeth era; 1560s Ireland, O'Neil Saga 3
Judith StacyThe Heart of a Hero2002MayH792 MBHR026383123X / 0-263-83123-XWestern; Wyoming 1886, hero moves back home to raise sister's children
Sylvia AndrewLord Calthorpe's Promise2002JuneH793 MBHR0263831248 / 0-263-83124-8Regency
Elizabeth RollsThe Dutiful Rake2002JuneH794 MBHR0263831256 / 0-263-83125-6Regency; Rake 1
Jacqueline NavinThe Flower and the Sword2002JuneH795 MBHR0263831264 / 0-263-83126-4Medieval; 1190s England
Lyn StoneThe Wicked Truth2002JuneH796 MBHR0263831272 / 0-263-83127-2Victorian; heroine disguised as a man, investigates murder she's suspected of
Paula MarshallRinaldi's Revenge2002JulyH797 MBHR0263831280 / 0-263-83128-0Medieval; Renaissance Italy
Mary NicholsLady Lavinia's Match2002JulyH798 MBHR0263831299 / 0-263-83129-9Regency
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Kiss2002JulyH799 MBHR0263831302 / 0-263-83130-2Medieval; Warrior 12 (Trystan DeLanyea)
Susan Spencer PaulBeguiled2002JulyH800 MBHR0263831310 / 0-263-83131-0Regency; heroine is mute
Georgina DevonThe Rogue's Seduction2002AugustH801 MBHR0263831329 / 0-263-83132-9Regency
Joanna MaitlandMarrying the Major2002AugustH802 MBHR0263831337 / 0-263-83133-7Regency; hero scarred from Peninsular War, Stratton 1
Mary McBrideQuicksilver's Catch2002AugustH803 MBHR0263831345 / 0-263-83134-5Western
Gayle WilsonHonor's Bride / Honour's Bride2002AugustH804 MBHR0263831353 / 0-263-83135-3Regency; Portugal 1811, honourable soldier is drawn to another man's wife, one who follows the drum but is abused
Meg AlexanderThe Rebellious Débutante [UK] / The Rebellious Debutante [US]2002SeptemberH805 MBHR0263831361 / 0-263-83136-1Regency; Wentworth 4 (Perdita)
Juliet LandonThe Knight's Conquest2002SeptemberH806 MBHR026383137X / 0-263-83137-XMedieval; Edward III, 1300s
Deborah HaleA Gentleman of Substance2002SeptemberH807 MBHR0263831388 / 0-263-83138-8Regency
Cheryl St JohnSweet Annie2002SeptemberH808 MBHR0263831396 / 0-263-83139-6Western; Colorado 1888, heroine limps, uses a wheelchair, parents block marriage, Copper Creek Brides 1
Paula MarshallJack Compton's Luck2002OctoberH809 MBHR026383140X / 0-263-83140-X20th Century; 1920s
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Duke's Mistress2002OctoberH810 MBHR0263831418 / 0-263-83141-8Regency
Julia JustissThe Wedding Gamble2002OctoberH811 MBHR0263831426 / 0-263-83142-6Regency; Wellingford 1
Carolyn DavidsonThe Bachelor Tax2002OctoberH812 MBHR0263831434 / 0-263-83143-4Western; Texas, Tanner 1 (Gabe)
Nicola CornickThe Earl's Prize2002NovemberH813 MBHR0263831442 / 0-263-83144-2Regency; Tallants 1
Elizabeth BaileyNell2002NovemberH814 MBHR0263831450 / 0-263-83145-0Regency; Governess Trilogy 2
Susan Spencer PaulThe Prisoner Bride2002NovemberH815 MBHR0263831469 / 0-263-83146-9Medieval; 1400s, Bride 6 (Glenys Seymour)
Carolyn DavidsonTanner Stakes His Claim2002NovemberH816 MBHR0263831477 / 0-263-83147-7Western; Texas, 1897, Tanner 2 (Wes)
Anthology: Paula Marshall, Deborah Simmons, Ruth LanganSafe Haven for Christmas: Christmas Rose by Marshall; The Unexpected Guest by Simmons; Christmas at Bitter Creek by Langan2002DecemberH817 MBHR0263831485 / 0-263-83148-5Simmons: Medieval, de Burgh 4 (Fawke, Earl of Campion)
Claire ThorntonGifford's Lady2002DecemberH818 MBHR0263831493 / 0-263-83149-3Regency; Bath, tortured, scarred hero, impoverished heroine with a stutter
Deborah HaleThe Wedding Wager2002DecemberH819 MBHR0263831507 / 0-263-83150-7Regency; England 1811
Jillian HartLast Chance Bride2002DecemberH820 MBHR0263831515 / 0-263-83151-5Western; Montana Territory 1866, mail-order bride
Anne AshleyTavern Wench2003JanuaryH821 MBHR0263834905 / 0-263-83490-5Regency
Francesca ShawThe Rebellious Bride2003JanuaryH822 MBHR0263834913 / 0-263-83491-3Regency; heroine says she cannot be ruined, as already lost reputation
Margaret MooreThe Rogue's Return2003JanuaryH823 MBHR0263834921 / 0-263-83492-1Victorian; Unsuitable Men 3 (Lord Elliot Fitzwalter)
Judith StacyThe Dreammaker2003JanuaryH824 MBHR026383493X / 0-263-83493-XWestern; Nevada 1884, strangers become 50/50 owners of a general store
Sylvia AndrewLord Trenchard's Choice2003FebruaryH825 MBHR0263834948 / 0-263-83494-8Regency
Anne HerriesThe Sheikh2003FebruaryH826 MBHR0263834956 / 0-263-83495-61920s
Lyn StoneThe Knight's Bride2003FebruaryH827 MBHR0263834964 / 0-263-83496-4Medieval; Scotland 1314, man's dying wish is for knight to marry his pregnant widow, Medieval 1
Cheryl ReavisThe Captive Heart2003FebruaryH828 MBHR0263834972 / 0-263-83497-218th Century; 1760s, half-Cherokee hero
Nicola CornickThe Chaperon Bride2003MarchH829 MBHR0263834980 / 0-263-83498-0Regency; Tallants 2
Deborah MilesThe Decadent Countess2003MarchH830 MBHR0263834999 / 0-263-83499-9Regency
Deborah HaleMy Lord Protector2003MarchH831 MBHR0263835006 / 0-263-83500-6Georgian; 1742 England
Cheryl St JohnJoe's Wife2003MarchH832 MBHR0263835014 / 0-263-83501-4Western; Colorado 1865, Joe's widow proposes marriage of convenience to keep her ranch
Paula MarshallAn Unconventional Heiress2003AprilH833 MBHR0263835022 / 0-263-83502-2Regency era; Australia, Dilhorne Dynasty prequel (Dr Alan Kerr)
Elizabeth BaileyKitty2003AprilH834 MBHR0263835030 / 0-263-83503-0Regency; Governess Trilogy 3
Deborah SimmonsMy Lady de Burgh2003AprilH835 MBHR0263835049 / 0-263-83504-9Medieval; 13th century, murder in a nunnery, de Burgh 6 (Robin)
Mary BurtonA Bride for McCain2003AprilH836 MBHR0263835057 / 0-263-83505-7Western; 1870s
Julia ByrneThe Viking's Captive2003MayH837 MBHR0263835065 / 0-263-83506-5Early Middle Ages; 900s
Elizabeth RollsThe Unruly Chaperon2003MayH838 MBHR0263835073 / 0-263-83507-3Regency; widowed chaperon with second chance at love
Jacqueline NavinA Rose at Midnight2003MayH839 MBHR0263835081 / 0-263-83508-1Victorian; Cambridgeshire, 1847
Carolyn DavidsonThe Wedding Promise2003MayH840 MBHR026383509X / 0-263-83509-XWestern; 1860s, McPherson 1
Meg AlexanderThe Matchmaker's Marriage2003JuneH841 MBHR0263835103 / 0-263-83510-3Regency; Wentworth 5 (Amy)
Juliet LandonOne Night in Paradise2003JuneH842 MBHR0263835111 / 0-263-83511-1Elizabethan
Deborah SimmonsThe Last Rogue2003JuneH843 MBHR026383512X / 0-263-83512-XRegency; compromising situation, plain heroine, Regency 4
Carolyn DavidsonMaggie's Beau2003JuneH844 MBHR0263835138 / 0-263-83513-8Western; 1870s, linked to MacPherson family
Nicola CornickWayward Widow2003JulyH845 MBHR0263835146 / 0-263-83514-6Regency; Tallants 3
Gayle WilsonMy Lady's Dare2003JulyH846 MBHR0263835154 / 0-263-83515-4Regency; hero wins a Frenchman's mistress in a game of cards, Sinclair Brides 1
Lyn StoneBride of Trouville2003JulyH847 MBHR0263835162 / 0-263-83516-2Medieval; France 1318, heroine worries new husband will disinherit her son from first marriage, Medieval 2
Deborah HaleCarpetbagger's Wife2003JulyH848 MBHR0263835170 / 0-263-83517-0post-American Civil War; 1860s Virginia
Anne AshleyBeloved Virago2003AugustH849 MBHR0263835189 / 0-263-83518-9Regency
Joanna MaitlandRake's Reward2003AugustH850 MBHR0263835197 / 0-263-83519-7Regency; Stratton 2
Bronwyn WilliamsThe Mail-Order Brides2003AugustH851 MBHR0263835200 / 0-263-83520-019th Century; North Carolina 1899, unsuitable woman answers advert for mail-order bride
Jillian HartCooper's Wife2003AugustH852 MBHR0263835219 / 0-263-83521-9Western; Montana Territoty, 1864, mail-order bride
Helen DicksonThe Pirate's Daughter2003SeptemberH853 MBHR0263835227 / 0-263-83522-7Caribbean
Mary NicholsA Lady of Consequence2003SeptemberH854 MBHR0263835235 / 0-263-83523-5Regency
Gayle WilsonAnne's Perfect Husband2003SeptemberH855 MBHR0263835243 / 0-263-83524-3Regency; shrapnelled hero made guardian to his enemy's daughter, Sinclair Brides 2
Judith StacyThe Widow's Little Secret2003SeptemberH856 MBHR0263835251 / 0-263-83525-1Western; 1880s Nevada, widow becomes pregnant
Sylvia AndrewColonel Ancroft's Love2003OctoberH857 MBHR026383526X / 0-263-83526-XRegency
Louise AllenOne Night with a Rake2003OctoberH858 MBHR0263835278 / 0-263-83527-8Regency
Deborah HaleThe Elusive Bride2003OctoberH859 MBHR0263835286 / 0-263-83528-6Medieval; Normans
Ruth LanganThe Courtship of Izzy McCree2003OctoberH860 MBHR0263835294 / 0-263-83529-4Western; mail-order bride
Nicola CornickThe Penniless Bride2003NovemberH861 MBHR0263835308 / 0-263-83530-8Regency
Elizabeth BaileyThe Count's Charade2003NovemberH862 MBHR0263835316 / 0-263-83531-6Regency
Gayle WilsonHer Dearest Sin2003NovemberH863 MBHR0263835324 / 0-263-83532-4Regency; Spain 1813, hero rescues Spanish woman from abusive guardian/fiancé, Sinclair Brides 3
Cheryl St JohnThe Doctor's Wife2003NovemberH864 MBHR0263835332 / 0-263-83533-2Western; 1880s Kansas, marriage of convenience, respectable hero, heroine with secrets, Harvey Girls 1
Georgina DevonThe Lord and the Mystery Lady2003DecemberH865 MBHR0263835340 / 0-263-83534-0Regency
Elizabeth RollsThe Chivalrous Rake2003DecemberH866 MBHR0263835359 / 0-263-83535-9Regency; heroine's father has dementia and is accused of theft, Rake 2
Lyn StoneMarrying Mischief2003DecemberH867 MBHR0263835367 / 0-263-83536-7Victorian; 1864, Earl compromises and marries woman whose reputation he ruined 7 years previously
Jillian HartMalcolm's Honor / Malcolm's Honour2003DecemberH868 MBHR0263835375 / 0-263-83537-5Medieval; England
Mary BrendanThe Unknown Wife2004JanuaryH869 MBHR0263839443 / 0-263-83944-3Regency; Meredith Sisters 2 (Isabel)
Anne HerriesA Damnable Rogue2004JanuaryH870 MBHR0263839451 / 0-263-83945-1Regency
Margaret MooreThe Overlord's Bride2004JanuaryH871 MBHR026383946X / 0-263-83946-XMedieval; England 1200s, Warrior 13 (Raymond D'Estienne)
Judith StacyMarried by Midnight2004JanuaryH872 MBHR0263839478 / 0-263-83947-8Western; 1896, new bride finds husband wagered he could marry within 30 days
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Viscount's Bride2004FebruaryH873 MBHR0263839486 / 0-263-83948-6
Joanna MakepeaceHer Guardian Knight2004FebruaryH874 MBHR0263839494 / 0-263-83949-4Medieval; Wars of the Roses
Gayle WilsonThe Heart's Wager2004FebruaryH875 MBHR0263839508 / 0-263-83950-8Regency; France, intrigue, hero under-cover, heroine on the run, Heart 2
Bronwyn WilliamsBeckett's Birthright2004FebruaryH876 MBHR0263839516 / 0-263-83951-619th Century; North Carolina cattle farm, foreman and boss's daughter
Louise AllenThe Earl's Intended Wife2004MarchH877 MBHR0263839524 / 0-263-83952-4Regency
Dorothy ElburyA Hasty Betrothal2004MarchH878 MBHR0263839532 / 0-263-83953-2Regency
Deborah HaleBorder Bride2004MarchH879 MBHR0263839540 / 0-263-83954-0Medieval; 1140s Wales
Carolyn DavidsonA Marriage by Chance2004MarchH880 MBHR0263839559 / 0-263-83955-9Western; Wyoming 1894
Catherine MarchMy Lady English2004AprilH881 MBHR0263839567 / 0-263-83956-7Norman Conquest
Gail WhitikerA Most Unsuitable Bride2004AprilH882 MBHR0263839575 / 0-263-83957-5Regency; London, why does woman ride in Hyde Park so heavily veiled?
Julia JustissThe Proper Wife2004AprilH883 MBHR0263839583 / 0-263-83958-3Regency; Wellingford 2
Kate BridgesThe Doctor's Homecoming2004AprilH884 MBHR0263839591 / 0-263-83959-1Western; Montana Territory 1882
Sylvia AndrewA Very Unusual Governess2004MayH885 MBHR0263839605 / 0-263-83960-5Regency
Victoria AldridgeA Convenient Gentleman2004MayH886 MBHR0263839613 / 0-263-83961-319th Century; New Zealand, Morgan 2
Gayle WilsonThe Gambler's Heart2004MayH887 MBHR0263839621 / 0-263-83962-1Regency; beauty and the beast, hero is a gambler with scarring from a fire, Heart 3
Mary BurtonThe Colorado Bride2004MayH888 MBHR026383963X / 0-263-83963-XWestern; Colorado
Juliet LandonThe Widow's Bargain2004JuneH889 MBHR0263839648 / 0-263-83964-8Medieval; Scotland 1319
Anne O'BrienThe Runaway Heiress2004JuneH890 MBHR0263839656 / 0-263-83965-6Regency
Julia JustissMy Lady's Trust2004JuneH891 MBHR0263839664 / 0-263-83966-4Regency; England 1812, My Lady's 1
Jillian HartMontana Man2004JuneH892 MBHR0263839672 / 0-263-83967-2Western; Montana Territory, 1884
Diane GastonThe Mysterious Miss M2004JulyH893 MBHR0263839680 / 0-263-83968-0Regency
Louise AllenThe Society Catch2004JulyH894 MBHR0263839699 / 0-263-83969-9Regency
Cheryl St JohnSaint or Sinner2004JulyH895 MBHR0263839702 / 0-263-83970-2Western; reformed rake
Bronwyn WilliamsBlackstone's Bride2004JulyH896 MBHR0263839710 / 0-263-83971-0captive widow, half-breed drifter
Nicola CornickThe Notorious Lord2004AugustH897 MBHR0263839729 / 0-263-83972-9Bluestocking Brides 1
Sophia JamesFallen Angel2004AugustH898 MBHR0263839737 / 0-263-83973-7Victorian; England 1861
Helen KirkmanA Moment's Madness2004AugustH899 MBHR0263839745 / 0-263-83974-5Viking; England, 917 AD
Lyn StoneThe Scot2004AugustH900 MBHR0263839753 / 0-263-83975-3Victorian; arranged marriage of Englishwoman to Highland Scot
Helen DicksonBelhaven Bride2004SeptemberH901 MBHR0263839761 / 0-263-83976-11930s; Europe
Mary NicholsThe Hemingford Scandal2004SeptemberH902 MBHR026383977X / 0-263-83977-XRegency; Hemingford 1
Patricia Frances RowellA Perilous Attraction2004SeptemberH903 MBHR0263839788 / 0-263-83978-8Regency; England 1810, Elements 1 (Fire)
Ruth LanganBadlands Law2004SeptemberH904 MBHR0263839796 / 0-263-83979-6Western; the Dakotas, Badlands 1
Nicola CornickOne Night of Scandal2004OctoberH905 MBHR026383980X / 0-263-83980-XBluestocking Brides 2
Anne O'BrienPuritan Bride2004OctoberH906 MBHR0263839818 / 0-263-83981-8Restoration; England 1663
Julia JustissMy Lady's Pleasure2004OctoberH907 MBHR0263839826 / 0-263-83982-6Regency; My Lady's 2
Mary BurtonThe Perfect Wife2004OctoberH908 MBHR0263839834 / 0-263-83983-4
Paula MarshallThe Daring Duchess2004NovemberH909 MBHR0263839842 / 0-263-83984-2Regency; London 1819
Joanna MaitlandMy Lady Angel2004NovemberH910 MBHR0263839850 / 0-263-83985-0Regency
Elaine KnightonBeauchamp Besieged2004NovemberH911 MBHR0263839869 / 0-263-83986-9Medieval; Welsh Marches, 1200s
Jillian HartBluebonnet Bride2004NovemberH912 MBHR0263839877 / 0-263-83987-7Western; Montana Territory
Nicola CornickThe Rake's Mistress2004DecemberH913 MBHR0263839885 / 0-263-83988-5Bluestocking Brides 3
Georgina DevonAn Unconventional Widow2004DecemberH914 MBHR0263839893 / 0-263-83989-3Regency
Kate BridgesThe Surgeon2004DecemberH915 MBHR0263839907 / 0-263-83990-7Western; 1890s Alberta, Canada, Mounties 2
Ruth LanganBadlands Legend2004DecemberH916 MBHR0263839915 / 0-263-83991-5Western; Badlands 2
Elizabeth RollsHis Lady Mistress2005JanuaryH917 MBHR0263843513 / 0-263-84351-3Regency; Blakehurst 1, an ebook of this novel included in free download offer for Harlequin's 60th birthday, January 2009
Catherine MarchThe Knight's Vow2005JanuaryH918 MBHR0263843521 / 0-263-84352-1Medieval; Britain 1277
Patricia Frances RowellA Dangerous Seduction2005JanuaryH919 MBHR026384353X / 0-263-84353-XRegency; Cornwall 1816, Elements 2 (Water)
Judith StacyMaggie and the Law2005JanuaryH920 MBHR0263843548 / 0-263-84354-8Western; Colorado 1889, sheriff keeps an eye on college-graduate heroine, potential thief
Mary BrendanA Scandalous Marriage2005FebruaryH921 MBHR0263843556 / 0-263-84355-6Regency; Meredith Sisters 3 (June)
Diane GastonThe Wagering Widow2005FebruaryH922 MBHR0263843564 / 0-263-84356-4Regency
Terri BrisbinThe Dumont Bride2005FebruaryH923 MBHR0263843572 / 0-263-84357-2Medieval; Lincolnshire, England 1194, Dumont 1
Carolyn DavidsonThe Texan2005FebruaryH924 MBHR0263843580 / 0-263-84358-0Western; Texas
Sylvia AndrewThe Bridegroom's Bargain2005MarchH925 MBHR0263843599 / 0-263-84359-9Regency
Anne O'BrienMarriage Under Siege2005MarchH926 MBHR0263843602 / 0-263-84360-2English Civil War
Julia JustissMy Lady's Honor / My Lady's Honour2005MarchH927 MBHR0263843610 / 0-263-84361-0Regency; My Lady's 3
Jillian HartMontana Legend2005MarchH928 MBHR0263843629 / 0-263-84362-9Western
Meg AlexanderHer Gentleman Protector2005AprilH929 MBHR0263843637 / 0-263-84363-7Regency; French Revolution
Anne HerriesA Perfect Knight2005AprilH930 MBHR0263843645 / 0-263-84364-5Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 1
Gail RanstromA Wild Justice2005AprilH931 MBHR0263843653 / 0-263-84365-3Regency; 1816, Wednesday League 1
Ruth LanganBadlands Heart2005AprilH932 MBHR0263843661 / 0-263-84366-1Western; Badlands 3
Louise AllenA Model Débutante2005MayH933 MBHR026384367X / 0-263-84367-X
Juliet LandonThe Bought Bride2005MayH934 MBHR0263843688 / 0-263-84368-8Medieval; post-Norman Conquest, 1080s
Gayle WilsonRaven's Vow2005MayH935 MBHR0263843696 / 0-263-84369-6Regency; American merchant marries duke's daughter, marriage in name only
Margo MaguireHis Lady Fair2005MayH936 MBHR026384370X / 0-263-84370-XMedieval; England 1429
Helen DicksonThe Earl and the Pickpocket2005JuneH937 MBHR0263843718 / 0-263-84371-8
Anne HerriesA Knight of Honour / A Knight of Honor2005JuneH938 MBHR0263843726 / 0-263-84372-6Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 2
Gail RanstromSaving Sarah2005JuneH939 MBHR0263843734 / 0-263-84373-4Regency; investigative heiress in disguise, Wednesday League 2
Judith StacyWritten in the Heart2005JuneH940 MBHR0263843742 / 0-263-84374-2Western; Los Angeles, California 1896, staid hero and bold heroine
Dorothy ElburyThe Viscount's Secret2005JulyH941 MBHR0263843750 / 0-263-84375-0Regency
Claire ThorntonThe Defiant Mistress2005JulyH942 MBHR0263843769 / 0-263-84376-9Restoration; Venice and England 1666, Charles II, second chance for previously-betrothed couple, City of Flames 1
Julia JustissA Scandalous Proposal2005JulyH943 MBHR0263843777 / 0-263-84377-7Regency
Victoria BylinOf Men and Angels2005JulyH944 MBHR0263843785 / 0-263-84378-5Western; Colorado 1885
Anne O'BrienThe Disgraced Marchioness2005AugustH945 MBHR0263843793 / 0-263-84379-3Regency; Faringdon Scandals 1 (Henry)
Anne HerriesHer Knight Protector2005AugustH946 MBHR0263843807 / 0-263-84380-7Medieval; Banewulf Dynasty 3
Deborah HaleLady Lyte's Little Secret2005AugustH947 MBHR0263843815 / 0-263-84381-5Regency
Jillian HartHigh Plains Wife2005AugustH948 MBHR0263843823 / 0-263-84382-3Western; Montana 1881
Anne AshleyBetrayed and Betrothed2005SeptemberH949 MBHR0263843831 / 0-263-84383-1Regency
Claire ThorntonThe Abducted Heiress2005SeptemberH950 MBHR026384384X / 0-263-84384-XRestoration; England 1666, Charles II, reclusive and scarred heiress is rescued/abducted during Great Fire of London, City of Flames 2
Mary NicholsMarrying Miss Hemingford2005SeptemberH951 MBHR0263843858 / 0-263-84385-8Regency; Hemingford 2
Carolyn DavidsonTempting a Texan2005SeptemberH952 MBHR0263843866 / 0-263-84386-6Western; Texas
Louise AllenThe Marriage Debt2005OctoberH953 MBHR0263843874 / 0-263-84387-4Regency
Mary BrendanThe Rake and the Rebel2005OctoberH954 MBHR0263843882 / 0-263-84388-2Regency, Meredith Sisters 4 (Silver)
Kate BridgesThe Engagement2005OctoberH955 MBHR0263843890 / 0-263-84389-0Western; 1890s Alberta, Canada, Mounties 3
Mary BurtonThe Lightkeeper's Woman2005OctoberH956 MBHR0263843904 / 0-263-84390-419th Century; North Carolina 1880s
Diane GastonA Reputable Rake2005NovemberH957 MBHR0263843912 / 0-263-84391-2Regency
Meriel FullerConquest Bride2005NovemberH958 MBHR0263843920 / 0-263-84392-0Norman Conquest
Miranda JarrettPrincess of Fortune2005NovemberH959 MBHR0263843939 / 0-263-84393-9Regency
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Carol Finch, Lynna BanningOne Starry Christmas: Stormwalker's Woman by Davidson; Home for Christmas by Finch; Hark, the Harried Angels by Banning2005NovemberH960 MBHR0263843947 / 0-263-84394-7Christmas; Banning: Western; Oregon 1900
Anne O'BrienThe Outrageous Débutante [UK] / The Outrageous Debutante [US]2005DecemberH961 MBHR0263843955 / 0-263-84395-5Regency; Faringdon Scandals 2 (Nicholas)
Margaret McPheeThe Captain's Lady2005DecemberH962 MBHR0263843963 / 0-263-84396-3Regency; 1804, high seas from England to Gibraltar, heroine disguised as Captain's boy
Jenna KernanWinter Woman2005DecemberH963 MBHR0263843971 / 0-263-84397-1Western; Rocky Mountains, 1835
Jacqueline NavinThe Sleeping Beauty2005DecemberH964 MBHR026384398X / 0-263-84398-XRegency
Ann Elizabeth CreeThe Venetian's Mistress2006JanuaryH965 MBHR0263846288 / 0-263-84628-8
Mary NicholsBachelor Duke2006JanuaryH966 MBHR0263846296 / 0-263-84629-6Regency
Blythe GiffordThe Knave and the Maiden2006JanuaryH967 MBHR026384630X / 0-263-84630-XMedieval; 1350s England
Victoria BylinWest of Heaven2006JanuaryH968 MBHR0263846318 / 0-263-84631-8Western; 1880s New Mexico, Midas 1
Dorothy ElburyThe Officer and the Lady2006FebruaryH969 MBHR0263846334 / 0-263-84633-4Regency
Gail RanstromThe Rake's Revenge2006FebruaryH970 MBHR0263846342 / 0-263-84634-2Regency; heroine posing as murdered fortune teller, Wednesday League 4
Anne HerriesRansom Bride2006FebruaryH971 MBHR0263846350 / 0-263-84635-0Elizabethan
Kate BridgesThe Proposition2006FebruaryH972 MBHR0263846369 / 0-263-84636-9Western; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 1
Anne O'BrienThe Enigmatic Rake2006MarchH973 MBHR0263846385 / 0-263-84638-5Regency; Faringdon Scandals 3 (Joshua)
Miranda JarrettThe Silver Lord2006MarchH974 MBHR0263846393 / 0-263-84639-3Regency; Claremont 2
Juliet LandonHis Duty, Her Destiny2006MarchH975 MBHR0263846407 / 0-263-84640-7Medieval; late Medieval London, 1473
Carolyn DavidsonTexas Gold2006MarchH976 MBHR0263846415 / 0-263-84641-5Western; Texas
Gail WhitikerA Promise to Return2006AprilH977 MBHR0263846431 / 0-263-84643-1Regency; second chance for love threatened by hero's amnesia, Spy 2
Miranda JarrettThe Golden Lord2006AprilH978 MBHR026384644X / 0-263-84644-XRegency; Claremont 3
Helen DicksonHis Rebel Bride2006AprilH979 MBHR0263846458 / 0-263-84645-8James II of England; 1684
Jenna KernanTurner's Woman2006AprilH980 MBHR0263846466 / 0-263-84646-6Western; Rocky Mountains, 1830s
Mary BrendanA Practical Mistress2006MayH981 MBHR0263846482 / 0-263-84648-2Regency; Hunter Brothers 1 (Sir Jason)
Gail RanstromThe Missing Heir2006MayH982 MBHR0263846490 / 0-263-84649-0Regency; Wednesday League 5
Michelle StylesThe Gladiator's Honour / The Gladiator's Honor2006MayH983 MBHR0263846504 / 0-263-84650-4Ancient Rome; 65 BC, gladiator, divorced heroine
Anthology: Judith Stacy, Cheryl Reavis, Pam CrooksSpring Brides: Three Brides and a Wedding Dress by Stacy; The Winter Heart by Reavis; McCord's Destiny by Crooks2006MayH984 MBHR0263846512 / 0-263-84651-2
Emily BascomThe Rogue's Kiss2006JuneH985 MBHR0263846539 / 0-263-84653-9Georgian; 1741
Patricia Frances RowellA Treacherous Proposition2006JuneH986 MBHR0263846547 / 0-263-84654-7Regency; Elements 4 (Moonlight)
June FrancisRowan's Revenge2006JuneH987 MBHR0263846555 / 0-263-84655-5Medieval; 1454
Judith StacyThe Last Bride in Texas2006JuneH988 MBHR0263846563 / 0-263-84656-3Western; Texas 1882, man rescues ungrateful woman during bank raid
Louise AllenThe Viscount's Betrothal2006JulyH989 MBHR9780263846584 / 978-0-263-84658-4
Sarah ElliottReforming the Rake2006JulyH990 MBHR9780263846591 / 978-0-263-84659-1Regency
Nicola CornickLord Greville's Captive2006JulyH991 MBHR9780263846607 / 978-0-263-84660-7
Pam CrooksThe Mercenary's Kiss2006JulyH992 MBHR9780263846614 / 978-0-263-84661-4Western; 1890s
Mary NicholsAn Unusual Bequest2006AugustH993 MBHR9780263851410 or 9780263846638 / 978-0-263-85141-0 or 978-0-263-84663-8Regency; 1817, alternate cover
Gail RanstromThe Courtesan's Courtship2006AugustH994 MBHR9780263851427 or 9780263846645 / 978-0-263-85142-7 or 978-0-263-84664-5Regency; Wednesday League 6, alternate cover
Sophia JamesAshblane's Lady2006AugustH995 MBHR9780263851434 or 9780263846652 / 978-0-263-85143-4 or 978-0-263-84665-2Medieval; 1358, alternate cover
Cheryl St JohnThe Mistaken Widow2006AugustH996 MBHR9780263846669 / 978-0-263-84666-9Western; 1869, heroine injured in train wreck, mistaken identity
Louise AllenThe Bride's Seduction2006SeptemberH997 MBHR9780263846683 / 978-0-263-84668-3Regency
Patricia Frances RowellA Scandalous Situation2006SeptemberH998 MBHR9780263846690 / 978-0-263-84669-0Regency; England 1807, Elements 3 (Air)
Juliet LandonThe Warlord's Mistress2006SeptemberH999 MBHR9780263846706 / 978-0-263-84670-6Roman Britain; Brigantia, Northern England, 202 AD
Victoria BylinAbbie's Outlaw2006SeptemberH1000 MBHR9780263846713 / 978-0-263-84671-3Western; New Mexico 1887, Midas 2
Margaret McPheeMistaken Mistress2006OctoberH1001 MBHR9780263846737 / 978-0-263-84673-7Regency; London
Christine MerrillThe Inconvenient Duchess2006OctoberH1002 MBHR9780263846744 / 978-0-263-84674-4Regency; Devon, Radwell 1
Denise LynnFalcon's Desire2006OctoberH1003 MBHR9780263846751 / 978-0-263-84675-1Medieval; Northern England 1142, Falcon 1
Jillian HartThe Horseman2006OctoberH1004 MBHR9780263846768 / 978-0-263-84676-8Western; Montana Territory 1882
Anne AshleyA Lady of Rare Quality2006NovemberH1005 MBHR9780263846782 / 978-0-263-84678-2Regency
Mary NicholsTalk of the Ton2006NovemberH1006 MBHR9780263846799 / 978-0-263-84679-9Regency
Terri BrisbinThe Norman's Bride2006NovemberH1007 MBHR9780263846805 / 978-0-263-84680-5Medieval; Northwestern England, 1198, Dumont 2
Lisa PlumleyThe Drifter2006NovemberH1008 MBHR9780263846812 / 978-0-263-84681-2Western; Arizona Territory, heroine is Eastern-educated, author on etiquette
Anne HerriesAn Improper Companion2006DecemberH1009 MBHR9780263846836 / 978-0-263-84683-6Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 1
Lyn StoneThe Viscount2006DecemberH1010 MBHR9780263846843 / 978-0-263-84684-3Victorian; England 1859, widow with son marries disreputable viscount for protection from plot to declare her insane
Claire ThorntonThe Vagabond Duchess2006DecemberH1011 MBHR9780263846850 / 978-0-263-84685-0Restoration; England 1666, Charles II, pregnant heroine pretends lover married her before his death, masquerades as his widow, City of Flames 3
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Kate Bridges, Mary BurtonA Season of the Heart: Rocky Mountain Christmas by Hart; The Christmas Gifts by Bridges; The Christmas Charm by Burton2006DecemberH1012 MBHR9780263846867 / 978-0-263-84686-7
Louise AllenNot Quite a Lady2007JanuaryH1013 MBHR9780263851526 / 978-0-263-85152-6Regency
Helen DicksonThe Defiant Debutante2007JanuaryH1014 MBHR9780263851533 / 978-0-263-85153-3Regency
Deborah HaleThe Bride Ship2007JanuaryH1015 MBHR9780263851540 / 978-0-263-85154-0Canada, Nova-Scotia
Michelle StylesA Noble Captive2007JanuaryH1016 MBHR9780263851557 / 978-0-263-85155-7Ancient Rome; 75 BC, roman hero held captive, shelters in a pagan temple
Kate BridgesThe Bachelor2007JanuaryH1017 MBHR9780263851564 / 978-0-263-85156-4Western; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 2
Mary BrendanThe Wanton Bride2007FebruaryH1018 MBHR9780263851571 / 978-0-263-85157-1Hunter Brothers 2 (Mark)
Juliet LandonA Scandalous Mistress2007FebruaryH1019 MBHR9780263851588 / 978-0-263-85158-8Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 1
Anne HerriesA Wealthy Widow2007FebruaryH1020 MBHR9780263851595 / 978-0-263-85159-5Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 2
Denise LynnFalcon's Honor / Falcon's Honour2007FebruaryH1021 MBHR9780263851601 / 978-0-263-85160-1Medieval; Northern England 1142, Falcon 2
Carolyn DavidsonThe Marriage Agreement2007FebruaryH1022 MBHR9780263851618 / 978-0-263-85161-8Western; Devereaux 3 (Lily)
Diane GastonInnocence and Impropriety2007MarchH1023 MBHR9780263851625 / 978-0-263-85162-5Regency
Helen DicksonRogue's Widow, Gentleman's Wife2007MarchH1024 MBHR9780263851632 / 978-0-263-85163-219th Century; England/Charleston, South Carolina, 1880
Sophia JamesHigh Seas to High Society2007MarchH1025 MBHR9780263851649 / 978-0-263-85164-9Regency; Wellingham 1 (Asher)
Terri BrisbinThe Countess Bride2007MarchH1026 MBHR9780263851656 / 978-0-263-85165-6Medieval; Lincolnshire, England 1198, Dumont 3
Cheryl St JohnThe Tenderfoot Bride2007MarchH1027 MBHR9780263851663 / 978-0-263-85166-3Western; Colorado, pregnant, abused widow hired as ranch housekeeper
Louise AllenA Most Unconventional Courtship2007AprilH1028 MBHR9780263851670 / 978-0-263-85167-0Regency
Anne HerriesA Worthy Gentleman2007AprilH1029 MBHR9780263851687 / 978-0-263-85168-7Regency; Hellfire Mysteries 3
Miranda JarrettRake's Wager2007AprilH1030 MBHR9780263851694 / 978-0-263-85169-4Regency; Penny House 1
Michelle StylesSold and Seduced2007AprilH1031 MBHR9780263851700 / 978-0-263-85170-0Ancient Rome; 68 BC, followed by The Perfect Concubine ebook novella, lady marries merchant to save father form scandal
Pam CrooksWanted!2007AprilH1032 MBHR9780263851717 / 978-0-263-85171-7Western; 1870s Idaho
Margaret McPheeThe Wicked Earl2007MayH1033 MBHR9780263851724 / 978-0-263-85172-4Regency; London and Cornwall, 1814
Mary NicholsWorking Man, Society Bride2007MayH1034 MBHR9780263851731 / 978-0-263-85173-1Victorian; England 1844
Gail RanstromIndiscretions2007MayH1035 MBHR9780263851748 / 978-0-263-85174-8Regency
Helen DicksonTraitor or Temptress2007MayH1036 MBHR9780263851755 / 978-0-263-85175-5Stuart era; 1698 Scotland/England
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St John, Jenna KernanWed Under Western Skies: Abandoned by Davidson; Almost a Bride by St John; His Brother's Bride by Kernan2007MayH1037 MBHR9780263851762 / 978-0-263-85176-2Western; Kernan: Colorado
Helen DicksonA Scoundrel of Consequence2007JuneH1038 MBHR9780263851779 / 978-0-263-85177-9Regency
Elizabeth BeaconAn Innocent Courtesan2007JuneH1039 MBHR9780263851786 / 978-0-263-85178-6Regency
Sarah ElliottThe Rake's Proposal2007JuneH1040 MBHR9780263851793 / 978-0-263-85179-3Regency
Catherine MarchThe King's Champion2007JuneH1041 MBHR9780263851809 / 978-0-263-85180-9Medieval; England 1295
Judith StacyThe Hired Husband2007JuneH1042 MBHR9780263851816 / 978-0-263-85181-6Western; Los Angeles, California 1897, financial consultant hired to rescue heroine's father's business
Juliet LandonDishonour and Desire / Dishonor and Desire2007JulyH1043 MBHR9780263851823 / 978-0-263-85182-3Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 2
Christine MerrillAn Unladylike Offer2007JulyH1044 MBHR9780263851830 / 978-0-263-85183-0Regency; Radwell 2
Georgina DevonThe Rake's Redemption2007JulyH1045 MBHR9780263851847 / 978-0-263-85184-7Regency
Michelle StylesThe Roman's Virgin Mistress2007JulyH1046 MBHR9780263851854 / 978-0-263-85185-4Ancient Rome; 69 BC, older cousin attempts to separate relative from unsuitable widow
Victoria BylinMidnight Marriage2007JulyH1047 MBHR9780263851861 / 978-0-263-85186-1Western; New Mexico, Midas 3
Louise AllenNo Place for a Lady2007AugustH1048 MBHR9780263851878 / 978-0-263-85187-8Regency
Joanna MaitlandBride of the Solway2007AugustH1049 MBHR9780263851885 / 978-0-263-85188-5Regency
Anne HerriesMarianne and the Marquis2007AugustH1050 MBHR9780263851892 / 978-0-263-85189-2Regency; linked to Married by Christmas
Lyn RandalWarrior or Wife2007AugustH1051 MBHR9780263851908 / 978-0-263-85190-8Ancient Rome; Gladiatrix 1 (Leda)
Lisa PlumleyThe Matchmaker2007AugustH1052 MBHR9780263851915 / 978-0-263-85191-5Western; Northern Arizona Terriroty, 1880s, Crabtree Sisters 1 (Molly), Morrow Creek 1
Mary NicholsA Desirable Husband2007SeptemberH1053 MBHR9780263851922 / 978-0-263-85192-2Victorian; Great Exhibition 1851
Annie BurrowsHis Cinderella Bride2007SeptemberH1054 MBHR9780263851939 / 978-0-263-85193-9Regency
Miranda JarrettThe Lady's Hazard2007SeptemberH1055 MBHR9780263851946 / 978-0-263-85194-6Regency; Penny House 2
June FrancisTamed by the Barbarian2007SeptemberH1056 MBHR9780263851953 / 978-0-263-85195-3Medieval; 1461, Scottish Borders
Jenna KernanThe Trapper2007SeptemberH1057 MBHR9780263851960 / 978-0-263-85196-0Western; Missouri River, 1840
Sophia JamesMasquerading Mistress2007OctoberH1058 MBHR9780263851977 / 978-0-263-85197-7Regency; 1816
Anne HerriesMarried by Christmas2007OctoberH1059 MBHR9780263851984 / 978-0-263-85198-4Regency; linked to Marianne and the Marquis
Terri BrisbinThe Earl's Secret2007OctoberH1060 MBHR9780263851991 / 978-0-263-85199-1Regency; Edinburgh 1818, Regency-MacLerie 1
Michelle StylesTaken by the Viking2007OctoberH1061 MBHR9780263852004 / 978-0-263-85200-4Early Middle Ages; 793 AD, England and Norway, herione kidnapped by Vikings at Lindisfarne, Viken Jaarls 1
Jillian HartMontana Wife2007OctoberH1062 MBHR9780263852011 / 978-0-263-85201-1Western; Montana Territory, 1883
Deb MarloweScandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss2007NovemberH1063 MBHR9780263852028 / 978-0-263-85202-8Regency
Miranda JarrettThe Duke's Gamble2007NovemberH1064 MBHR9780263852035 / 978-0-263-85203-5Regency; Penny House 3
Carla KellyBeau Crusoe2007NovemberH1065 MBHR9780263852042 / 978-0-263-85204-2Regency; hero survived shipwreck and isolation on a desert island
Meriel FullerThe Damsel's Defiance2007NovemberH1066 MBHR9780263852059 / 978-0-263-85205-9Medieval; France, 1135
Lynna BanningThe Scout2007NovemberH1067 MBHR9780263852066 / 978-0-263-85206-6Western; Nebraska Territory, 1860
Elizabeth BeaconHousemaid Heiress2007DecemberH1068 MBHR9780263852073 / 978-0-263-85207-3Regency
Anne HerriesMarrying Captain Jack2007DecemberH1069 MBHR9780263852080 / 978-0-263-85208-0Regency
Claire ThorntonMy Lord Footman2007DecemberH1070 MBHR9780263852097 / 978-0-263-85209-7Georgian era; 1789 Paris, beginnings of French Revolution, hero undercover as footman/hairdresser, marked as Regency on UK cover
Michelle WillinghamHer Irish Warrior2007DecemberH1071 MBHR9780263852103 / 978-0-263-85210-3Medieval; Ireland 1171, widower protects woman from abusive fiancé, MacEgan Brothers 1 (Bevan)
Anthology: Judith Stacy, Victoria Bylin, Elizabeth LaneStay for Christmas: A Place to Belong by Stacy; A Son is Given by Bylin; Angels in the Snow by Lane2007DecemberH1072 MBHR9780263852110 / 978-0-263-85211-0
Diane GastonThe Vanishing Viscountess [& The Mysterious Miss M]2008JanuaryH1073 MBHR9780263862362 / 978-0-263-86236-2UK edition includes the free story "The Mysterious Miss M", effectively making it a 2-in-1
Christine MerrillA Wicked Liaison2008JanuaryH1074 MBHR9780263862379 / 978-0-263-86237-9Regency
Lyn StoneThe Arrangement2008JanuaryH1075 MBHR9780263862386 / 978-0-263-86238-6Regency; composer with secrets, gossip columnist
Louise AllenVirgin Slave, Barbarian King2008JanuaryH1076 MBHR9780263862393 / 978-0-263-86239-3
Stacey KayneMustang Wild2008JanuaryH1077 MBHR9780263862409 / 978-0-263-86240-9Western; 1880s New Mexico and Wyoming Territory, Wild 1
Elizabeth RollsA Compromised Lady2008FebruaryH1078 MBHR9780263862416 / 978-0-263-86241-6Regency; hero is lame, Blakehurst 2
Mary NicholsRunaway Miss2008FebruaryH1079 MBHR9780263862423 / 978-0-263-86242-3Regency
Bronwyn ScottPickpocket Countess2008FebruaryH1080 MBHR9780263862430 / 978-0-263-86243-0William IV; England 1831
Annie BurrowsMy Lady Innocent2008FebruaryH1081 MBHR9780263862447 / 978-0-263-86244-7Tudor; Henry VII
Kate BridgesThe Commander2008FebruaryH1082 MBHR9780263862454 / 978-0-263-86245-4Western; 1895, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Reid Brothers 3
Louise AllenThe Dangerous Mr Ryder2008MarchH1083 MBHR9780263862461 / 978-0-263-86246-1Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 1
Deb MarloweAn Improper Aristocrat2008MarchH1084 MBHR9780263862478 / 978-0-263-86247-8Regency; England 1821, Egyptology
Amanda McCabeTo Catch a Rogue2008MarchH1085 MBHR9780263862485 / 978-0-263-86248-5Regency; London, Chase Muses 1
Carol TownendThe Novice Bride2008MarchH1086 MBHR9780263862492 / 978-0-263-86249-2Norman Conquest; heroine raised in convent takes sister's place in marriage, Wessex Weddings 1
Pam CrooksHer Lone Protector2008MarchH1087 MBHR9780263862508 / 978-0-263-86250-8Western; Los Angeles, 1898
Anne AshleyLady Gwendolen Investigates2008AprilH1088 MBHR9780263862515 / 978-0-263-86251-5Regency
Anne HerriesThe Unknown Heir2008AprilH1089 MBHR9780263862522 / 978-0-263-86252-2Regency
Miranda JarrettThe Adventurous Bride2008AprilH1090 MBHR9780263862539 / 978-0-263-86253-9Georgian era; 1780s France and Italy, Grand Tour 1
Helen DicksonForbidden Lord2008AprilH1091 MBHR9780263862546 / 978-0-263-86254-6Elizabethan
Carolyn DavidsonTexas Lawman2008AprilH1092 MBHR9780263862553 / 978-0-263-86255-3Western; Texas, 1901
Nicola CornickThe Last Rake in London [& The Notorious Lord]2008MayH1093 MBHR9780263862560 / 978-0-263-86256-0Edwardian; London, linked to Bluestocking Brides triology, UK release includes Cornick's "The Notorious Lord" as a free bonus, effectively making it a 2-in-1
Louise AllenThe Outrageous Lady Felsham2008MayH1094 MBHR9780263862577 / 978-0-263-86257-7Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 2
Dorothy ElburyAn Unconventional Miss2008MayH1095 MBHR9780263862584 / 978-0-263-86258-4Regency
Michelle WillinghamThe Warrior's Touch2008MayH1096 MBHR9780263862591 / 978-0-263-86259-1Medieval; Ireland 1175, healer, badly wounded warrior, MacEgan Brothers 2 (Connor)
Lisa PlumleyThe Scoundrel2008MayH1097 MBHR9780263862607 / 978-0-263-86260-7Western; 1882 Northern Arizona Territory, Crabtree Sisters 2 (Sarah), Morrow Creek 2
Margaret McPheeUntouched Mistress2008JuneH1098 MBHR9780263862614 / 978-0-263-86261-4Regency; West Coast of Scotland and London, 1815
Elizabeth BeaconA Less than Perfect Lady2008JuneH1099 MBHR9780263862621 / 978-0-263-86262-1Regency; Carnwood 1
Margaret MooreThe Duke's Desire2008JuneH1100 MBHR9780263862638 / 978-0-263-86263-8Regency
Michelle StylesViking Warrior, Unwilling Wife2008JuneH1101 MBHR9780263862645 / 978-0-263-86264-5Early Middle Ages; 794 AD, Central Norway, second chance for divorced couple, Viken Jaarls 2
Cheryl St JohnPrairie Wife2008JuneH1102 MBHR9780263862652 / 978-0-263-86265-2Western; Nebraska 1867, troubled marriage following death of child
Mary BrendanThe Virtuous Courtesan2008JulyH1103 MBHR9780263862669 / 978-0-263-86266-9Regency
Anne HerriesThe Homeless Heiress2008JulyH1104 MBHR9780263862676 / 978-0-263-86267-6Regency
Lyn StoneThe Wilder Wedding2008JulyH1105 MBHR9780263862683 / 978-0-263-86268-3Victorian; 1880s Paris/London, heroine believes she is dying, wants to live life to the full
June FrancisRebel Lady, Convenient Wife2008JulyH1106 MBHR9780263862690 / 978-0-263-86269-0Medieval; England 1475
Judith StacyJared's Runaway Woman2008JulyH1107 MBHR9780263862706 / 978-0-263-86270-6Western; Colorado 1887, woman hiding her son from his uncle
Christine MerrillMiss Winthorpe's Elopement2008AugustH1108 MBHR9780263862713 / 978-0-263-86271-3Regency; heiress cit marries stranger over the anvil to free herself from her brother
Juliet LandonThe Rake's Unconventional Mistress2008AugustH1109 MBHR9780263862720 / 978-0-263-86272-0Regency; Ladies of Paradise Road 3
Mary NicholsRags-to-Riches Bride2008AugustH1110 MBHR9780263862737 / 978-0-263-86273-7Victorian; 1837 London [but says Regency on UK cover]
Lyn RandalTempted by Innocence2008AugustH1111 MBHR9780263862744 / 978-0-263-86274-416th Century; Spain/Spanish Indies, 1517
Jillian HartRocky Mountain Man2008AugustH1112 MBHR9780263862751 / 978-0-263-86275-1Western; Rocky Mountains, 1884
Louise AllenThe Shocking Lord Standon2008SeptemberH1113 MBHR9780263862768 / 978-0-263-86276-8Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 3
Joanna MaitlandHis Cavalry Lady2008SeptemberH1114 MBHR9780263862775 / 978-0-263-86277-5Regency; London/St Petersburg, 1814, heroine serving as an officer in Russian cavalry regiment, Aikenhead Honours 1
Michelle StylesAn Impulsive Debutante2008SeptemberH1115 MBHR9780263862782 / 978-0-263-86278-2Victorian; 1847 Northumberland [but says Regency on UK cover], elopement to Gretna Green
Carol TownendAn Honorable Rogue / An Honourable Rogue2008SeptemberH1116 MBHR9780263862799 / 978-0-263-86279-9Norman Conquest; travelling musician to escort woman to England, Wessex Weddings 2
Elizabeth LaneHer Dearest Enemy2008SeptemberH1117 MBHR9780263862805 / 978-0-263-86280-5Western; Colorado 1884
Diane GastonScandalising the Ton / Scandalizing the Ton2008OctoberH1118 MBHR9780263862812 / 978-0-263-86281-2Regency
Bronwyn ScottNotorious Rake, Innocent Lady2008OctoberH1119 MBHR9780263862829 / 978-0-263-86282-9Regency; London 1829
Deb MarloweHer Cinderella Season2008OctoberH1120 MBHR9780263862836 / 978-0-263-86283-6Regency
Meriel FullerThe Warrior's Princess Bride2008OctoberH1121 MBHR9780263862843 / 978-0-263-86284-3Medieval; Scottish Borders, 1157
Debra CowanWhirlwind Baby2008OctoberH1122 MBHR9780263862850 / 978-0-263-86285-0Western; West Texas, 1885, Whirlwind 4
Helen DicksonScandalous Secret, Defiant Bride2008NovemberH1123 MBHR9780263862867 / 978-0-263-86286-7Victorian; England/Tuscany, 1895
Michelle StylesA Question of Impropriety2008NovemberH1124 MBHR9780263862874 / 978-0-263-86287-4Regency; Northumberland 1813, rake meets heroine sent home from London season
Miranda JarrettSeduction of an English Beauty2008NovemberH1125 MBHR9780263862881 / 978-0-263-86288-1Georgian era; Rome, Italy, 1784, Grand Tour 2
Anne O'BrienConquering Knight, Captive Lady2008NovemberH1126 MBHR9780263862898 / 978-0-263-86289-8Medieval; Henry II, 1158
Lynna BanningHigh Country Hero2008NovemberH1127 MBHR9780263862904 / 978-0-263-86290-4Western; Oregon 1884
Sylvia AndrewMiss Winbolt and the Fortune Hunter2008DecemberH1128 MBHR9780263862911 / 978-0-263-86291-1Regency; Berkshire, May 1820
Annie BurrowsCaptain Fawley's Innocent Bride2008DecemberH1129 MBHR9780263862928 / 978-0-263-86292-8Regency
Anne HerriesThe Rake's Rebellious Lady2008DecemberH1130 MBHR9780263862935 / 978-0-263-86293-5Regency
Michelle WillinghamHer Warrior King2008DecemberH1131 MBHR9780263862942 / 978-0-263-86294-2Medieval; Norman Conquest of Ireland 1170, Irish king marries Norman bride to save his tribe, MacEgan Brothers 3 (Patrick)
Anthology: Cheryl St John, Jenna Kernan, Pam CrooksA Western Winter Wonderland: Christmas Day Family by St John; Fallen Angel by Kernan; One Magic Eve by Crooks2008DecemberH1132 MBHR9780263862959 / 978-0-263-86295-9Western; Kernan: Colorado, 1887
Margaret McPheeThe Captain's Forbidden Miss2009JanuaryH1133 MBHR9780263867558 / 978-0-263-86755-8Regency; Portugal 1810, Peninsular War
Mary NicholsThe Earl and the Hoyden2009JanuaryH1134 MBHR9780263867589 / 978-0-263-86758-9Regency
Helen DicksonFrom Governess to Society Bride2009JanuaryH1135 MBHR9780263867596 / 978-0-263-86759-6Regency
Georgina DevonHer Rebel Lord2009JanuaryH1136 MBHR9780263867602 / 978-0-263-86760-2Georgian; 1746, Scottish Borders
Stacey KayneMaverick Wild2009JanuaryH1137 MBHR9780263867619 / 978-0-263-86761-9Western; Wyoming Territory, 1883, Wild 2
Juliet LandonMarrying the Mistress2009FebruaryH1138 MBHR9780263867626 / 978-0-263-86762-6Regency
Amanda McCabeTo Deceive a Duke2009FebruaryH1139 MBHR9780263867633 / 978-0-263-86763-3Regency; Sicily, Chase Muses 2
Gail RanstromLord Libertine2009FebruaryH1140 MBHR9780263867640 / 978-0-263-86764-0Regency; London 1821, Blood Wyvern Brotherhood 1
Sophia JamesKnight of Grace [UK] / The Border Lord [US]2009FebruaryH1141 MBHR9780263867657 / 978-0-263-86765-7Medieval; 1360, Scottish Borders
Kate BridgesKlondike Doctor2009FebruaryH1142 MBHR9780263867664 / 978-0-263-86766-4Western; 1898, British Columbia to Klondike [Yukon gold rush], Klondike 1
Mary BrendanThe Rake's Defiant Mistress2009MarchH1143 MBHR9780263867671 / 978-0-263-86767-1Regency
Bronwyn ScottThe Viscount Claims His Bride2009MarchH1144 MBHR9780263867688 / 978-0-263-86768-8Regency; 1829, ex-spy Viscount
Dorothy ElburyThe Major and the Country Miss2009MarchH1145 MBHR9780263867695 / 978-0-263-86769-5Regency
Blythe GiffordInnocence Unveiled2009MarchH1146 MBHR9780263867701 / 978-0-263-86770-1Medieval; Flanders, 1337
Pam CrooksUntamed Cowboy2009MarchH1147 MBHR9780263867718 / 978-0-263-86771-8Western; Denver, 1885
Louise AllenThe Disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst2009AprilH1148 MBHR9780263867725 / 978-0-263-86772-5Regency; Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 4
Carole MortimerThe Duke's Cinderella Bride2009AprilH1149 MBHR9780263867732 / 978-0-263-86773-2Regency; duke compromises girl, makes her his ward, Notorious St Claires 1 (Hawk)
Michelle StylesImpoverished Miss, Convenient Wife2009AprilH1150 MBHR9780263867749 / 978-0-263-86774-9Regency; Northumberland, England, reclusive, scarred hero
Carol TownendHis Captive Lady2009AprilH1151 MBHR9780263867756 / 978-0-263-86775-6Norman Conquest; 1067, half-Norman hero undercover as a Saxon rebel, Saxon heroine, Wessex Weddings 3
Carolyn DavidsonOklahoma Sweetheart2009AprilH1152 MBHR9780263867763 / 978-0-263-86776-3Western; 1893, Oklahoma
Elizabeth RollsLord Braybrook's Penniless Bride2009MayH1153 MBHR9780263867770 / 978-0-263-86777-0Regency; Blakehurst 3
Anne HerriesA Country Miss in Hanover Square2009MayH1154 MBHR9780263867787 / 978-0-263-86778-7Regency, Season in Town 1
Patricia Frances RowellAn Impetuous Abduction2009MayH1155 MBHR9780263867794 / 978-0-263-86779-4Regency; Derbyshire 1811, Elements 5 (Firelight)
Anne O'BrienChosen for the Marriage Bed2009MayH1156 MBHR9780263867800 / 978-0-263-86780-0Medieval; The Welsh Marches, 1460
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Kate Bridges, Charlene SandsWestern Weddings: Rocky Mountain Bride by Hart; Shotgun Vows by Bridges; Springville Wife by Sands2009MayH1157 MBHR9780263867817 / 978-0-263-86781-7Hart: Western, Montana, Brooks Brothers 1
Joanna MaitlandHis Reluctant Mistress2009JuneH1158 MBHR9780263867824 / 978-0-263-86782-4Regency; Vienna, Aikenhead Honours 2
Bronwyn ScottThe Earl's Forbidden Ward2009JuneH1159 MBHR9780263867831 / 978-0-263-86783-1William IV; London 1832, guardian/ward
Ann LethbridgeThe Rake's Inherited Courtesan2009JuneH1160 MBHR9780263867848 / 978-0-263-86784-8Regency; 1816
Terri BrisbinTaming the Highlander2009JuneH1161 MBHR9780263867855 / 978-0-263-86785-5Medieval; Scotland 1355, Medieval-MacLerie 1 (Connor, the laird)
Kathryn AlbrightThe Rebel and the Lady2009JuneH1162 MBHR9780263867862 / 978-0-263-86786-2Western; Southern Texas Territory, 1836, followed by Texas Wedding for their Baby's Sake
Claire ThorntonRunaway Lady2009JulyH1164 MBHR9780263867886 / 978-0-263-86788-6Restoration; 1667, Cornwall and London, hired bodyguard suspects heroine of being a Dutch spy
Marguerite KayeThe Wicked Lord Rasenby2009JulyH1165 MBHR9780263867893 / 978-0-263-86789-3Georgian; 1798, marked as Regency
Terri BrisbinSurrender to the Highlander2009JulyH1166 MBHR9780263867909 / 978-0-263-86790-9Medieval; Scotland 1356, Medieval-MacLerie 2
Lisa PlumleyThe Rascal2009JulyH1167 MBHR9780263867916 / 978-0-263-86791-6Western; Northern Arizona Terriroty, 1883, Crabtree Sisters 3 (Grace), Morrow Creek 3
Carole MortimerThe Rake's Wicked Proposal2009AugustH1168 MBHR9780263867923 / 978-0-263-86792-3Regency; The Notorious St Claires 2 (Lucian), M&B Historicals no longer appear to be numbered
Christine MerrillDangerous Lord, Innocent Governess2009AugustH1169 MBHR9780263867930 / 978-0-263-86793-0Regency; lady masquerading as a governess
Anne AshleyThe Transformation of Miss Ashworth2009AugustH1170 MBHR9780263867947 / 978-0-263-86794-7Regency; 1814
Helen DicksonMistress Below Deck2009AugustH1171 MBHR9780263867954 / 978-0-263-86795-4Georgian; 1721 Cornwall and Algeria
Cheryl St JohnHis Secondhand Wife2009AugustH1172 MBHR9780263867961 / 978-0-263-86796-1Western; Colorado 1890, badly scarred hero, brother's pregnant widow, Copper Creek Brides 2
Louise AllenThe Piratical Miss Ravenhurst2009SeptemberH1173 MBHR9780263867978 / 978-0-263-86797-8Regency; 1817 Jamaica and England, Those Scandalous Ravenhursts 6
Joanna MaitlandHis Forbidden Liaison2009SeptemberH1174 MBHR9780263867985 / 978-0-263-86798-5Regency; France, Aikenhead Honours 3
Anne HerriesAn Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square2009SeptemberH1175 MBHR9780263867992 / 978-0-263-86799-2Regency, Season in Town 2
Terri BrisbinPossessed by the Highlander2009SeptemberH1176 MBHR9780263868005 / 978-0-263-86800-5Medieval; Scotland 1300s, Medieval-MacLerie 3 (Duncan)
Jenna KernanHigh Plains Bride2009SeptemberH1177 MBHR9780263868012 / 978-0-263-86801-2Western; 1864, American West, including Sioux, High Plains 1
Catherine MarchThe Brigadier's Daughter2009OctoberH1178 MBHR9780263868029 / 978-0-263-86802-9Victorian; 1870s London and Russia
Mary NicholsHonourable Doctor, Improper Arrangement / Honorable Doctor, Improper Arrangement2009OctoberH1179 MBHR9780263868036 / 978-0-263-86803-6Regency, 1817 London
Sarah MalloryThe Wicked Baron2009OctoberH1180 MBHR9780263868043 / 978-0-263-86804-3Regency
June FrancisHis Runaway Maiden2009OctoberH1181 MBHR9780263868050 / 978-0-263-86805-0Tudor; England 1502
Jillian HartRocky Mountain Widow2009OctoberH1182 MBHR9780263868067 / 978-0-263-86806-7Western; Montana Territory 1884
Annie BurrowsDevilish Lord, Mysterious Miss2009NovemberH1183 MBHR9780263868074 / 978-0-263-86807-4Regency
Amanda McCabeTo Kiss a Count2009NovemberH1184 MBHR9780263868081 / 978-0-263-86808-1Regency; Bath, The Chase Muses 3
Sarah ElliottThe Earl and the Governess2009NovemberH1185 MBHR9780263868098 / 978-0-263-86809-8Regency, 1822
Michelle WillinghamHer Warrior Slave2009NovemberH1186 MBHR9780263868104 / 978-0-263-86810-4Medieval; Ireland 1102, woman asks slave to help her find her son, MacEgan Brothers prequel, linked to The Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave
Elizabeth LaneThe Stranger2009NovemberH1187 MBHR9780263868111 / 978-0-263-86811-1Western; New Mexico Territory 1881
Anne O'BrienCompromised Miss2009DecemberH1188 MBHR9780263868128 / 978-0-263-86812-8Regency; 1813, Sussex, France and London, Hallaston 1 (Lucius)
Joanna FulfordThe Wayward Governess2009DecemberH1189 MBHR9780263868135 / 978-0-263-86813-5Regency; Yorkshire
Emily MayThe Earl's Dilemma2009DecemberH1190 MBHR9780263868142 / 978-0-263-86814-2Regency
Carol TownendRunaway Lady, Conquering Lord2009DecemberH1191 MBHR9780263868159 / 978-0-263-86815-9Norman Conquest; 1070 Winchester, unwed mother barters body for protection, Wessex Weddings 4
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Victoria Bylin, Cheryl St JohnThe Magic of Christmas: A Christmas Child by Davidson; The Christmas Dove by Bylin; A Baby Blue Christmas by St John2009DecemberH1192 MBHR9780263868166 / 978-0-263-86816-6
Deb MarloweTall, Dark and Disreputable2010JanuaryH1193 MBHR9780263873184 / 978-0-263-87318-4Regency; 1821
Anne HerriesThe Mistress of Hanover Square2010JanuaryH1194 MBHR9780263873191 / 978-0-263-87319-1Regency; Season in Town 3
Michelle WillinghamThe Accidental Countess2010JanuaryH1195 MBHR9780263875645 / 978-0-263-87564-5Victorian; England 1850, soon after marriage of convenience, husband loses his memory, Accidental 2
Denise LynnFalcon's Love2010JanuaryH1196 MBHR9780263875652 / 978-0-263-87565-2Medieval; England 1142, Falcon 3
Stacey KayneMountain Wild2010JanuaryH1197 MBHR9780263875669 / 978-0-263-87566-9Western; Wyoming Territory, 1889, Wild 3
Carole MortimerThe Rogue's Disgraced Lady2010FebruaryH1198 MBHR9780263875676 / 978-0-263-87567-6Regency; Notorious St Claires 3 (Sebastian)
Dorothy ElburyA Marriageable Miss2010FebruaryH1199 MBHR9780263875683 / 978-0-263-87568-3Regency
Ann LethbridgeWicked Rake, Defiant Mistress2010FebruaryH1200 MBHR9780263875690 / 978-0-263-87569-0Regency; 1811
Denise LynnFalcon's Heart2010FebruaryH1201 MBHR9780263875706 / 978-0-263-87570-6Medieval; England 1143, Falcon 4
Kate BridgesKlondike Wedding2010FebruaryH1202 MBHR9780263875713 / 978-0-263-87571-3Western; Yukon, Canada, 1898, Klondike 2
Sophia JamesOne Unashamed Night2010MarchH1203 MBHR9780263875720 / 978-0-263-87572-0Regency; Wellingham 2 (Taris)
Mary NicholsThe Captain's Mysterious Lady2010MarchH1204 MBHR9780263875737 / 978-0-263-87573-7Georgian; England 1750, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 1
Lucy AshfordThe Major and the Pickpocket2010MarchH1205 MBHR9780263875744 / 978-0-263-87574-4Georgian; England 1780
Terri BrisbinThe Maid of Lorne2010MarchH1206 MBHR9780263875751 / 978-0-263-87575-1Medieval; Scotland 1308
Pam CrooksKidnapped by the Cowboy2010MarchH1207 MBHR9780263875768 / 978-0-263-87576-8Western; Texas 1897
Diane GastonGallant Officer, Forbidden Lady2010AprilH1208 MBHR9780263875775 / 978-0-263-87577-5Regency; Three Soldiers 1
Marguerite KayeThe Rake and the Heiress2010AprilH1209 MBHR9780263875782 / 978-0-263-87578-2Regency
Sarah MalloryWicked Captain, Wayward Wife2010AprilH1210 MBHR9780263875799 / 978-0-263-87579-9Regency; Wylder Brothers 1
Anne HerriesThe Pirate's Willing Captive2010AprilH1211 MBHR9780263875805 / 978-0-263-87580-5Elizabethan era; Spain 1558, Melford Dynasty 3
Carolyn DavidsonLone Star Bride2010AprilH1212 MBHR9780263875812 / 978-0-263-87581-2Western; Texas 1895
Bronwyn ScottUntamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress2010MayH1213 MBHR9780263875829 / 978-0-263-87582-9William IV; England 1835, heroine teaches horse riding, preceded by Arabian Nights with a Rake
Mary NicholsThe Viscount's Unconventional Bride2010MayH1214 MBHR9780263875836 / 978-0-263-87583-6Georgian; 1760 England, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 2
Michelle StylesCompromising Miss Milton2010MayH1215 MBHR9780263875843 / 978-0-263-87584-3Victorian; Cumberland 1837, governess is endangered after rescuing a drowning man
Anne HerriesForbidden Lady2010MayH1216 MBHR9780263875850 / 978-0-263-87585-0Medieval; England 1400s, Melford Dynasty 1
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Judith Stacy, Stacey KayneStetsons, Spring and Wedding Rings: Rocky Mountain Courtship by Hart; Courting Miss Perfect by Stacy; Courted by the Cowboy by Kayne2010MayH1217 MBHR9780263875867 / 978-0-263-87586-7Hart: Western, Montana, Brooks Brothers 2
Louise AllenPractical Widow to Passionate Mistress2010JuneH1218 MBHR9780263875874 / 978-0-263-87587-4Regency; Shelley Sisters 1
Ann LethbridgeCaptured for the Captain's Pleasure2010JuneH1219 MBHR9780263875881 / 978-0-263-87588-1Regency
Emily BascomMajor Westhaven's Unwilling Ward2010JuneH1220 MBHR9780263875898 / 978-0-263-87589-8Georgian; London 1782
Carol TownendHer Banished Lord2010JuneH1221 MBHR9780263875904 / 978-0-263-87590-4Norman Conquest; Normandy and England, 1070s, hero has ruined reputation and been banished, Wessex Weddings 5
Elizabeth LaneThe Borrowed Bride2010JuneH1222 MBHR9780263875911 / 978-0-263-87591-1Western; Colorado 1899
Amanda McCabeHigh Seas Stowaway [& Shipwrecked and Seduced]2010JuneH1223 MBHR9780263883039 / 978-0-263-88303-916th Century; Venice 1525; UK edition includes the linked novella "Shipwrecked and Seduced"
Sarah MalloryThe Earl's Runaway Bride2010JulyH1224 MBHR9780263875928 / 978-0-263-87592-8Regency
Sarah ElliottThe Wayward Debutante2010JulyH1225 MBHR9780263875935 / 978-0-263-87593-5Regency; London and Norfolk, 1818
Deborah HaleMarried: The Virgin Widow2010JulyH1226 MBHR9780263875942 / 978-0-263-87594-2Regency; 1821, Gentlemen of Fortune 1
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Jenna KernanOutlaw Bride2010AugustH1234 MBHR9780263876017 / 978-0-263-87601-7Western; 1850 Sacramento, California, snowbound pass, Cascade Mountains 1
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Mary BrendanChivalrous Rake, Scandalous Lady2010SeptemberH1237 MBHR9780263876031 / 978-0-263-87603-1Regency
Deborah HaleWanted: Mail-Order Mistress2010SeptemberH1238 MBHR9780263876048 / 978-0-263-87604-8Regency; Gentlemen of Fortune 3
Anne HerriesThe Lord's Forced Bride2010SeptemberH1239 MBHR9780263876055 / 978-0-263-87605-5Melford Dynasty 2
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Meriel FullerCaptured by the Warrior2010NovemberH1251 MBHR9780263876154 / 978-0-263-87615-4Medieval; England, Shropshire 1453
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Julia JustissWicked Wager2010NovemberH1253 MBHR9780263883084 / 978-0-263-88308-4Regency
Ann LethbridgeThe Gamekeeper's Lady2010DecemberH1255 MBHR9780263876185 / 978-0-263-87618-5Regency; 1816, Mountford 1
Sarah MalloryDisgrace and Desire2010DecemberH1256 MBHR9780263876192 / 978-0-263-87619-2Regency
Michelle StylesThe Viking's Captive Princess2010DecemberH1257 MBHR9780263876208 / 978-0-263-87620-8Early Middle Ages; 796 AD, heroine with mysterious parentage, ends up concubine to warrior, Viken Jaarls 3
Anthology: Carol Finch, Elizabeth Lane, Pam CrooksCowboy Christmas: A Husband for Christmas by Finch; The Homecoming by Lane; The Cattleman's Christmas Bride by Crooks2010DecemberH1258 MBHR9780263876215 / 978-0-263-87621-5Western
Anne StuartRuthless2010DecemberH1259 MBHR9780263883091 / 978-0-263-88309-1Georgian; Paris 1768, impoverished heroine goes to orgy to drag her mother home, House of Rohan 1 (Lord Francis)
Diane GastonChivalrous Captain, Rebel Mistress2011JanuaryH1260 MBHR9780263878325 / 978-0-263-87832-5Regency; 1815, Three Soldiers 2
Gail WhitikerCourting Miss Vallois2011JanuaryH1261 MBHR9780263878417 / 978-0-263-87841-7Regency; French farmer's daughter given London season, Spy 3
Isabelle GoddardReprobate Lord, Runaway Lady2011JanuaryH1262 MBHR9780263878424 / 978-0-263-87842-4Regency; 1817
Helen DicksonThe Bride Wore Scandal2011JanuaryH1263 MBHR9780263878516 / 978-0-263-87851-6Queen Anne; England 1708
Stacey KayneThe Gunslinger's Untamed Bride2011JanuaryH1264 MBHR9780263878523 / 978-0-263-87852-3Western; San Francisco and a logging camp, 1883
Margaret MooreKnave's Honor / Knave's Honour2011JanuaryH1265 MBHR9780263878615 / 978-0-263-87861-5Medieval; England 1204, King John series 3
Carole MortimerLady Arabella's Scandalous Marriage2011FebruaryH1266 MBHR9780263878622 / 978-0-263-87862-2Regency; duke rumoured to have killed his first wife, The Notorious St Claires 4 (Arabella)
Mary BrendanDangerous Lord, Seductive Miss2011FebruaryH1267 MBHR9780263878714 / 978-0-263-87871-4Regency; 1828
Amanda McCabeThe Shy Duchess2011FebruaryH1268 MBHR9780263878721 / 978-0-263-87872-1Regency
Carol TownendBound to the Barbarian2011FebruaryH1269 MBHR9780263881127 / 978-0-263-88112-7Medieval; around 1090, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, former slave switches places with Princess, at Princess's request, Palace Brides 1
Pam CrooksThe Cattleman's Unsuitable Wife2011FebruaryH1270 MBHR9780263882353 / 978-0-263-88235-3Western; Montana Territory, 1883
Anne StuartReckless2011FebruaryH1271 MBHR9780263882421 / 978-0-263-88242-1Regency; 1804, spinster spies on orgy, jaded debauched hero, House of Rohan 2 (Adrian Alistair)
Christine MerrillLady Folbroke's Delicious Deception2011MarchH1272 MBHR9780263882438 / 978-0-263-88243-8Regency; blind hero
Deb MarloweHow to Marry a Rake2011MarchH1273 MBHR9780263882445 / 978-0-263-88244-5Regency; Newmarket, Suffolk
Michelle StylesBreaking the Governess's Rules2011MarchH1274 MBHR9780263882452 / 978-0-263-88245-2Victorian; 1837, Newcastle upon Tyne, second chance at love, previously betrothed and disgraced heroine
Anne HerriesHer Dark and Dangerous Lord2011MarchH1275 MBHR9780263882506 / 978-0-263-88250-6Tudor; c1505, England and Normandy, Melford Dynasty 4
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Anne StuartBreathless2011MarchH1277 MBHR9780263882520 / 978-0-263-88252-0William IV or Victorian; c1830s, House of Rohan 3 (Miranda), hero manoeuvres heroine into marriage for revenge
Anne AshleyMiss in a Man's World2011AprilH1278 MBHR9780263882537 / 978-0-263-88253-7Regency; 1802
Annie BurrowsCaptain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride2011AprilH1279 MBHR9780263882582 / 978-0-263-88258-2Regency
Joanna FulfordHis Counterfeit Condesa2011AprilH1280 MBHR9780263882599 / 978-0-263-88259-9Regency; Spain 1812, Countess 1
Elizabeth BeaconRebellious Rake, Innocent Governess2011AprilH1281 MBHR9780263882605 / 978-0-263-88260-5Regency; Carnwood 2
Kate BridgesWanted in Alaska2011AprilH1282 MBHR9780263882612 / 978-0-263-88261-2Western; 1899 Alaska, Alaska 1
Michelle WillinghamTaming her Irish Warrior [& The Warrior's Forbidden Virgin]2011AprilH1283 MBHR9780263882667 / 978-0-263-88266-7Medieval; England 1180, MacEgan Brothers 4 (Ewan), UK edition includes free bonus novella "The Warrior's Forbidden Virgin" (a related story)
Ann LethbridgeMore than a Mistress2011MayH1284 MBHR9780263882674 / 978-0-263-88267-4Regency; Yorkshire 1820, Mountford 2
Lucy AshfordThe Return of Lord Conistone2011MayH1285 MBHR9780263882681 / 978-0-263-88268-1Regency; 1810
Mary NicholsSir Ashley's Mettlesome Match2011MayH1286 MBHR9780263882698 / 978-0-263-88269-8Georgian; Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 4
Terri BrisbinThe Conqueror's Lady2011MayH1287 MBHR9780263882919 / 978-0-263-88291-9Norman Conquest; Knights of Brittany 2
Lisa PlumleyMail-Order Groom2011MayH1288 MBHR9780263882933 / 978-0-263-88293-3Western; Northern Arizona Territory 1884, Morrow Creek 5
Michelle WillinghamSurrender to an Irish Warrior [& Voyage of an Irish Warrior]2011MayH1289 MBHR9780263882940 / 978-0-263-88294-0Medieval; Ireland 1180, MacEgan brothers 5 (Trahern), UK edition includes free bonus novella "Voyage of an Irish Warrior" (cousin Quin MacEgan)
Bronwyn ScottSecret Life of a Scandalous Debutante2011JuneH1290 MBHR9780263882957 / 978-0-263-88295-7
Sophia JamesOne Illicit Night2011JuneH1291 MBHR9780263882964 / 978-0-263-88296-4Regency; 1825 Paris and 1830 London, Wellingham 3 (Cristo)
Marguerite KayeThe Governess and the Sheikh2011JuneH1292 MBHR9780263882971 / 978-0-263-88297-1Regency era; Arabia, 1820, Sheikh 2, Armstrong Sisters 2
June FrancisPirate's Daughter, Rebel Wife2011JuneH1293 MBHR9780263887693 / 978-0-263-88769-3Tudor; 1504
Kate WelshQuestions of Honor / Questions of Honour2011JuneH1294 MBHR9780263887709 / 978-0-263-88770-919th Century; Pennsylvania 1875, mining town, second chance at love, secret baby, Wheatonburg 1
Blythe GiffordHis Border Bride2011JuneH1295 MBHR9780263887761 / 978-0-263-88776-1Medieval; Scotland 1356
Christine MerrillLady Drusilla's Road to Ruin2011JulyH1296 MBHR9780263887860 / 978-0-263-88786-0Regency
Deborah SimmonsGlory and the Rake2011JulyH1297 MBHR9780263887877 / 978-0-263-88787-7Regency; a minor spa-town
Michelle StylesTo Marry a Matchmaker2011JulyH1298 MBHR9780263887884 / 978-0-263-88788-4Victorian; 1848 Northumberland village, matchmaking widow and scientific-minded hero
Terri BrisbinThe Mercenary's Bride2011JulyH1299 MBHR9780263887891 / 978-0-263-88789-1Norman Conquest; 1067 north-eastern England, Knights of Brittany 3
Julia JustissFrom Waif to Gentleman's Wife2011JulyH1300 MBHR9780263887907 / 978-0-263-88790-7Regency; Midlands 1817, worker unrest, destitute governess, Baron masquerading as his own land agent, Wellingford 5
Debra CowanWhirlwind Bride2011JulyH1301 MBHR9780263887914 / 978-0-263-88791-4Western; West Texas, 1883, Whirlwind 1
Louise AllenRavished by the Rake2011AugustH1302 MBHR9780263887921 / 978-0-263-88792-1Regency; 1808, India and England, Wreck of the Bengal Queen 1
Gail WhitikerBrushed by Scandal2011AugustH1303 MBHR9780263887938 / 978-0-263-88793-8Regency; London, Spy 4
Elizabeth BeaconThe Rake of Hollowhurst Castle2011AugustH1304 MBHR9780263887945 / 978-0-263-88794-5Regency; spinster's brother sells house to man she had a teenage crush on
Anne HerriesBought for the Harem2011AugustH1305 MBHR9780263887952 / 978-0-263-88795-2Elizabethan-era Ottoman Empire; two English noble women sold in a slave market, adopted son of Caliph is English former slave
Juliet LandonSlave Princess2011AugustH1306 MBHR9780263887969 / 978-0-263-88796-9Roman Britain; Bath/Aquae Sulis 208 AD, captive Celtic princess in the custody of Roman
Elizabeth LaneThe Horseman's Bride2011AugustH1307 MBHR9780263887976 / 978-0-263-88797-6Western; Colorado 1919, hero is wanted for murder
Louise AllenSeduced by the Scoundrel2011SeptemberH1308 MBHR9780263887983 / 978-0-263-88798-3Regency; 1809, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, woman washes up on beach of small island involved in a covert Naval operation, Wreck of the Bengal Queen 2
Margaret McPheeUnmasking the Duke's Mistress2011SeptemberH1309 MBHR9780263887990 / 978-0-263-88799-0Regency; 1809, duke finds former love in a brothel, Gentlemen of Disrepute 1
Sarah MalloryTo Catch a Husband...2011SeptemberH1310 MBHR9780263888003 / 978-0-263-88800-3Georgian; London and Yorkshire, young woman must marry for money, hero is rich industrialist
Marguerite KayeThe Highlander's Redemption2011SeptemberH1311 MBHR9780263888010 / 978-0-263-88801-0Georgian; 1747 Edinburgh and Highlands, French woman in Scotland searching for betrothed after 1745 Jacobite uprising, Highland Brides 1
Terri BrisbinHis Enemy's Daughter2011SeptemberH1312 MBHR9780263888027 / 978-0-263-88802-7Norman Conquest; 1067, North of England, scarred hero and temporarily blinded bride, Knights of Brittany 4
Jenna KernanHis Dakota Captive2011SeptemberH1313 MBHR9780263888034 / 978-0-263-88803-4Western; Dakota Territory, 1884, one former captive of the Sioux kidnaps another, Great Plains 2
Louise AllenMarried to a Stranger2011OctoberH1314 MBHR9780263888041 / 978-0-263-88804-1Regency; 1809, twin brother of woman's fiancé offers marriage of convenience after fiancé dies in shipwreck, Wreck of the Bengal Queen 3
Margaret McPheeA Dark and Brooding Gentleman2011OctoberH1315 MBHR9780263888058 / 978-0-263-88805-8Regency; Scotland, woman working as a companion is blackmailed into stealing, caught by employer's son, Gentlemen of Disrepute 2
Helen DicksonSeducing Miss Lockwood2011OctoberH1316 MBHR9780263888065 / 978-0-263-88806-5Regency; Essex 1817, rakish duke employs impoverished woman to catalogue his library
Marguerite KayeThe Highlander's Return2011OctoberH1317 MBHR9780263888072 / 978-0-263-88807-2Georgian; 1748, second chance for laird's daughter and hero banished for asking to court her, Highland Brides 2
Isabelle GoddardThe Earl Plays with Fire2011OctoberH1318 MBHR9780263888089 / 978-0-263-88808-9Regency; 1816, second chance for spinster and hero six years after she jilted him for his friend
Anthology: Jillian Hart, Carolyn Davidson, Kate BridgesMail-Order Marriages: Rocky Mountain Wedding by Hart; Married in Missouri by Davidson; Her Alaskan Groom by Bridges2011OctoberH1319 MBHR9780263888096 / 978-0-263-88809-6
Carole MortimerThe Lady Gambles2011NovemberH1320 MBHR9780263888102 / 978-0-263-88810-2Regency; London 1817, gambling club's new owner finds a woman is employed to sing there, Copeland Sisters 1
Ann LethbridgeLady Rosabella's Ruse2011NovemberH1321 MBHR9780263888119 / 978-0-263-88811-9Regency; rake meets impoverished noble woman who is working as a companion while searching for her father's will
Anne AshleyThe Viscount's Scandalous Return2011NovemberH1322 MBHR9780263888126 / 978-0-263-88812-6Regency; 1814, Viscount accused of murdering father and brother, saved by testimony of a girl, they meet on his return nine years later
Joanna FulfordThe Viking's Touch2011NovemberH1323 MBHR9780263888133 / 978-0-263-88813-3Early Middle Ages; East Anglia, England 895 A.D., hero is rich mercenary, heroine is widow with son, marriage of convenience for protection, Viking 2
Julia JustissSociety's Most Disreputable Gentleman2011NovemberH1324 MBHR9780263888140 / 978-0-263-88814-0Regency; Wellingford 6
Pam CrooksThe Lawman's Redemption2011NovemberH1325 MBHR9780263888157 / 978-0-263-88815-7Western; New Mexico Territory, 1883, scarred lawman turned cowboy, city woman, Wells Cattle Company 3
Carole MortimerThe Lady Forfeits2011DecemberH1326 MBHR9780263888164 / 978-0-263-88816-4Regency; London, guardian/ward, Copeland Sisters 2
Diane GastonValiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy2011DecemberH1327 MBHR9780263888171 / 978-0-263-88817-1Regency; 1815/1817 Belgium/England, second chance between British soldier and French widow, Three Soldiers 3
Mary NicholsWinning the War Hero's Heart2011DecemberH1328 MBHR9780263888188 / 978-0-263-88818-8Regency; 1816, veteran of Waterloo meets woman campaigning for equality
Anne HerriesHostage Bride2011DecemberH1329 MBHR9780263888195 / 978-0-263-88819-5Medieval; 1193, widower knight back from the Crusades is attracted to female hostage
Michelle WillinghamClaimed by the Highland Warrior2011DecemberH1330 MBHR9780263888201 / 978-0-263-88820-1Medieval; Ballaloch, Scotland, 1305, husband returns after 7 years captivity, MacKinloch 1 (Bram)
Anthology: Cheryl St John, Charlene Sands, Jenna KernanWestern Winter Wedding Bells: Christmas in Red Willow by St John; The Sheriff's Housekeeper Bride by Kernan; Wearing the Rancher's Ring by Sands2011DecemberH1331 MBHR9780263888218 / 978-0-263-88821-8
Carole MortimerThe Lady Confesses2012JanuaryH1332 MBHR9780263892161 / 978-0-263-89216-1Regency; 1817, lady disguised as a companion, falls for employer's nephew, Copeland Sisters 3
Sarah MalloryThe Dangerous Lord Darrington2012JanuaryH1333 MBHR9780263892178 / 978-0-263-89217-8Regency; Yorkshire, widow needs help of rakish earl, Wylder Brothers 2
Carla KellyMarrying the Captain2012JanuaryH1334 MBHR9780263892185 / 978-0-263-89218-5Regency; naval captain takes a room in heroine's run-down inn at Plymouth, Ratliffe's Daughters 1
June FrancisThe Unconventional Maiden2012JanuaryH1335 MBHR9780263892192 / 978-0-263-89219-2Tudor; Henry VIII, 1520, guardian/ward, independent-minded woman wants to investigate her father's murder
Meriel FullerHer Battle-Scarred Knight2012JanuaryH1336 MBHR9780263892208 / 978-0-263-89220-8Medieval; 1193, veteran of the Crusades protecting headstrong heroine
Kate BridgesAlaskan Renegade2012JanuaryH1337 MBHR9780263892215 / 978-0-263-89221-5Western; Alaska 1899, nurse gets second chance with bounty hunter hero, road romance, Alaska 2
Anne HerriesThe Disappearing Duchess2012FebruaryH1338 MBHR9780263892222 / 978-0-263-89222-2Regency; new bride runs away
Carla KellyThe Surgeon's Lady2012FebruaryH1339 MBHR9780263892239 / 978-0-263-89223-9Regency; Ratliffe's Daughters 2
Gail WhitikerImproper Miss Darling2012FebruaryH1340 MBHR9780263892246 / 978-0-263-89224-6Regency
Emily MayBeauty and the Scarred Hero2012FebruaryH1341 MBHR9780263892253 / 978-0-263-89225-3Regency; post Waterloo
Jeannie LinButterfly Swords2012FebruaryH1342 MBHR9780263892260 / 978-0-263-89226-0Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, 758 AD, Butterfly Swords 1
Jenna KernanGold Rush Groom2012FebruaryH1343 MBHR9780263892277 / 978-0-263-89227-7Western; Alaska 1897
Anne HerriesThe Mysterious Lord Marlowe2012MarchH1344 MBHR9780263892284 / 978-0-263-89228-4Regency; abduction
Carla KellyMarrying the Royal Marine2012MarchH1345 MBHR9780263892291 / 978-0-263-89229-1Regency; Peninsular War, sea voyage & Portugal, Ratliffe's Daughters 3
Elizabeth BeaconA Most Unladylike Adventure2012MarchH1346 MBHR9780263892307 / 978-0-263-89230-7Regency
Michelle WillinghamSeduced by Her Highland Warrior2012MarchH1347 MBHR9780263892314 / 978-0-263-89231-4Medieval; Scotland 1305, MacKinloch 2 (Alex)
Deborah SimmonsReynold de Burgh: The Dark Knight2012MarchH1348 MBHR9780263892321 / 978-0-263-89232-1Medieval; 13th century, hero feels inferior to brothers, lame leg, de Burgh 7 (Reynold)
Lisa PlumleyThe Bride Raffle2012MarchH1349 MBHR9780263892338 / 978-0-263-89233-8Western; Northern Arizona Territory 1883, Morrow Creek 6
Anne HerriesThe Scandalous Lord Lanchester2012AprilH1350 MBHR9780263892345 / 978-0-263-89234-5Regency; young widow
Margaret MooreHighland Rogue, London Miss2012AprilH1351 MBHR9780263892352 / 978-0-263-89235-2Regency; 1817, Highland Regency 1
Deborah HaleHis Compromised Countess2012AprilH1352 MBHR9780263892369 / 978-0-263-89236-9Regency; 1817, married couple estranged by scandal
Jeannie LinThe Dragon and the Pearl2012AprilH1353 MBHR9780263892376 / 978-0-263-89237-6Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, 759 AD, Butterfly Swords 2
Helen DicksonDestitute on His Doorstep2012AprilH1354 MBHR9780263892383 / 978-0-263-89238-3English Civil War
Kate WelshHis Californian Countess2012AprilH1355 MBHR9780263892390 / 978-0-263-89239-019th Century; 1876 New York / San Francisco, British aristocrat hunting for woman finds her decoy, Wheatonburg 2
Christine MerrillLady Priscilla's Shameful Secret2012MayH1356 MBHR9780263892406 / 978-0-263-89240-6Regency
Marguerite KayeRake with a Frozen Heart2012MayH1357 MBHR9780263892413 / 978-0-263-89241-3Regency; Sussex 1824, governess accused of theft
Helen DicksonMiss Cameron's Fall from Grace2012MayH1358 MBHR9780263892420 / 978-0-263-89242-0Regency; 1810, mistaken identity
Isabelle GoddardSociety's Most Scandalous Rake2012MayH1359 MBHR9780263892437 / 978-0-263-89243-7Regency; Spanish girl in Brighton for the summer
Amanda McCabeThe Taming of the Rogue2012MayH1360 MBHR9780263892444 / 978-0-263-89244-4Elizabethan; 1589 London, playwright
Kate WelshA Texan's Honor / A Texan's Honour2012MayH1361 MBHR9780263892451 / 978-0-263-89245-1Western; Texas 1878, marriage with a stranger to escape a brute
Elizabeth BeaconThe Duchess Hunt2012JuneH1362 MBHR9780263892468 / 978-0-263-89246-8Regency; duke throws a house party to find a wife, Seaborne 1
Carla KellyMarriage of Mercy2012JuneH1363 MBHR9780263892475 / 978-0-263-89247-5Regency; Devon, inheritance tied to marrying American prisoner-of-war
Deb MarloweUnbuttoning Miss Hardwick2012JuneH1364 MBHR9780263892482 / 978-0-263-89248-2Regency; spinster assistant to a Marquess
Carol TownendChained to the Barbarian2012JuneH1365 MBHR9780263892499 / 978-0-263-89249-9Medieval; around 1090, warrior on sale in Constantinople slave market, Palace Brides 2
Jeannie LinMy Fair Concubine2012JuneH1366 MBHR9780263892505 / 978-0-263-89250-5Early Middle Ages; China; Tang Dynasty, 824 AD, Concubine 1
Anthology: Elizabeth Lane, Kate Welsh, Lisa PlumleyWeddings Under a Western Sky: The Hand-Me-Down Bride by Lane; The Bride Wore Britches by Welsh; Something Borrowed, Something True by Plumley2012JuneH1367 MBHR9780263892512 / 978-0-263-89251-2Western
Annie BurrowsAn Escapade and an Engagement2012JulyH1368 MBHR9780263892529 / 978-0-263-89252-9Regency
Ann LethbridgeThe Laird's Forbidden Lady2012JulyH1369 MBHR9780263892536 / 978-0-263-89253-6Regency; 1818, English woman in Scotland, The Gilvrys of Dunross 1 (Ian)
Anne AshleyHis Makeshift Wife2012JulyH1370 MBHR9780263892543 / 978-0-263-89254-3Regency; 1813, marriage to claim inheritance
Lyn StoneThe Captain and the Wallflower2012JulyH1371 MBHR9780263892550 / 978-0-263-89255-0Regency; 1815, scarred man picks plain woman as bride
Michelle WillinghamTempted by the Highland Warrior2012JulyH1372 MBHR9780263892567 / 978-0-263-89256-7Medieval; Scotland 1305, MacKinloch 3 (Callum)
Carol ArensRenegade Most Wanted2012JulyH1373 MBHR9780263892574 / 978-0-263-89257-4Western; Kansas 1881, marriage to a stranger
Diane GastonA Not So Respectable Gentleman?2012AugustH1374 MBHR9780263892581 / 978-0-263-89258-1Regency; 1828, rake to the rescue of ex-betrothed
Marguerite KayeOutrageous Confessions of Lady Deborah2012AugustH1375 MBHR9780263892598 / 978-0-263-89259-8Regency; 1817
Michelle StylesHis Unsuitable Viscountess2012AugustH1376 MBHR9780263892604 / 978-0-263-89260-4Regency; Durham 1811, businesswoman marries to retain inheritance
Sophia JamesLady With the Devil's Scar2012AugustH1377 MBHR9780263892611 / 978-0-263-89261-1Medieval; Scotland 1346
Carol TownendBetrothed to the Barbarian2012AugustH1378 MBHR9780263892628 / 978-0-263-89262-8Medieval; around 1090, Constantinople, princess to wed to order, Palace Brides 3
Jillian HartMontana Bride2012AugustH1379 MBHR9780263892635 / 978-0-263-89263-5Western; Montana Territory 1884, pregnant widow mail order bride to blacksmith
Margaret McPheeHis Mask of Retribution2012SeptemberH1380 MBHR9780263892642 / 978-0-263-89264-2Regency; 1810, woman taken hostage for revenge, Gentlemen of Disrepute 3
Bronwyn ScottHow to Disgrace a Lady2012SeptemberH1381 MBHR9780263892659 / 978-0-263-89265-9transformation of a bluestocking, Rakes Beyond Redemption 1
Lucy AshfordThe Captain's Courtesan2012SeptemberH1382 MBHR9780263892666 / 978-0-263-89266-6Regency; 1816, lady investigates disguised as a courtesan
June FrancisMan Behind the Façade / Man Behind the Facade2012SeptemberH1383 MBHR9780263892673 / 978-0-263-89267-3Tudor; England 1526, travelling player and childhood friend
Terri BrisbinThe Highlander's Stolen Touch2012SeptemberH1384 MBHR9780263892680 / 978-0-263-89268-0Medieval; Scotland 1370, woman rejected by her childhood crush, Medieval-MacLerie 4 (Tavis)
Debra CowanWhirlwind Cowboy2012SeptemberH1385 MBHR9780263892697 / 978-0-263-89269-7Western; West Texas 1886. sweetheart returns with amnesia
Christine MerrillTwo Wrongs Make a Marriage2012OctoberH1386 MBHR9780263892703 / 978-0-263-89270-3Regency
Bronwyn ScottHow to Ruin a Reputation2012OctoberH1387 MBHR9780263892710 / 978-0-263-89271-0Rakes Beyond Redemption 2
Helen DicksonWhen Marrying a Duke...2012OctoberH1388 MBHR9780263892727 / 978-0-263-89272-7
Gail WhitikerNo Occupation for a Lady2012OctoberH1389 MBHR9780263892734 / 978-0-263-89273-4Regency; lady writes plays under pseudonym, Bretton 1
Amanda McCabeTarnished Rose of the Court2012OctoberH1390 MBHR9780263892741 / 978-0-263-89274-1Elizabethan; 1564 London, Tudor Queens 1
Anthology: Judith Stacy, Lauri Robinson, Debra CowanAll a Cowboy Wants for Christmas: Waiting for Christmas by Stacy; His Christmas Wish by Robinson; Once Upon a Frontier Christmas by Cowan2012OctoberH1391 MBHR9780263892758 / 978-0-263-89275-8Western; Stacy: Texas 1889; Robinson: Nebraska 1884; Cowan: Indian Territory 1872
Bronwyn ScottHow to Sin Successfully2012NovemberH1392 MBHR9780263892765 / 978-0-263-89276-5William IV; London 1835, Rakes Beyond Redemption 3
Michelle StylesHattie Wilkinson Meets Her Match2012NovemberH1393 MBHR9780263892772 / 978-0-263-89277-2Regency; 1816
Mary NicholsThe Captain's Kidnapped Beauty2012NovemberH1394 MBHR9780263892789 / 978-0-263-89278-9Georgian; 1761, Piccadilly Gentlemen's Club 5
Carla KellyThe Admiral's Penniless Bride2012NovemberH1395 MBHR9780263892796 / 978-0-263-89279-6Regency; Plymouth, marriage of convenience, hero has a hook for a hand
Blythe GiffordReturn of the Border Warrior2012NovemberH1396 MBHR9780263892802 / 978-0-263-89280-2Stewart; Scottish Borders 1528, Brunson Clan 1 (John)
Lauri RobinsonUnclaimed Bride2012NovemberH1397 MBHR9780263892819 / 978-0-263-89281-9Western; Wyoming Territory 1877
Carole MortimerSome Like it Wicked2012DecemberH1398 MBHR9780263892826 / 978-0-263-89282-6Regency; 1817, widowed duchess and another duke, Daring Duchesses 1 (Pandora)
Diane GastonBorn to Scandal2012DecemberH1399 MBHR9780263892833 / 978-0-263-89283-3Regency; 1816, widower and governess
Sarah MalloryBeneath the Major's Scars2012DecemberH1400 MBHR9780263892840 / 978-0-263-89284-0Regency; Exmoor, reclusive scarred hero, Coale Brothers 1 (Dominic)
Anthology: 3 x Michelle WillinghamWarriors in Winter: In the Bleak Midwinter; The Holly and the Viking; A Season to Forgive2012DecemberH1401 MBHR9780263892857 / 978-0-263-89285-7Medieval; Ireland, MacEgan next generation (Brianna, Rhiannon, Liam)
Anne HerriesA Stranger's Touch2012DecemberH1402 MBHR9780263892864 / 978-0-263-89286-4Stuart; early 1600s, Cornwall, government agent rescued from shipwreck, Melford Dynasty 5
Carol FinchOklahoma Wedding Bells2012DecemberH1403 MBHR9780263892871 / 978-0-263-89287-1Western; Oklahoma Territory 1892, single woman in land rush, undercover marshal as fake fiancé
Carole MortimerSome Like to Shock2013JanuaryH1404 MBHR9780263897999 / 978-0-263-89799-9Regency; London 1817, young widow looks for adventure, Daring Duchesses 2 (Genevieve)
Louise AllenForbidden Jewel of India2013JanuaryH1405 MBHR9780263898002 / 978-0-263-89800-2Georgian era; India 1788, heroine is daughter of Indian princess and English peer, India 1
Joanna FulfordThe Caged Countess2013JanuaryH1406 MBHR9780263898019 / 978-0-263-89801-9Regency; husband and wife spies run into each other in Paris, Countess 2
Blythe GiffordCaptive of the Border Lord2013JanuaryH1407 MBHR9780263898026 / 978-0-263-89802-6Stewart; Scottish Borders 1528, court of King James, Brunson Clan 2 (Bessie)
Sarah MalloryBehind the Rake's Wicked Wager2013JanuaryH1408 MBHR9780263898033 / 978-0-263-89803-3Regency; Bath, heroine hosts card parties, Coale Brothers 2 (Jasper, the Viscount)
Carol ArensRebel with a Cause2013JanuaryH1409 MBHR9780263898040 / 978-0-263-89804-0Western; Nebraska 1881, bounty hunter
Annie BurrowsNever Trust a Rake2013FebruaryH1410 MBHR9780263898057 / 978-0-263-89805-7Regency; rakish earl
Margaret McPheeDicing with the Dangerous Lord2013FebruaryH1411 MBHR9780263898064 / 978-0-263-89806-4Regency; 1810, actress tries to seduce confession from lord, Gentlemen of Disrepute 4
Ann LethbridgeHaunted by the Earl's Touch2013FebruaryH1412 MBHR9780263898071 / 978-0-263-89807-1Regency; Cornwall, gothic, earl inherits title, orphaned heroine inherits all the unentailed assets
Deborah SimmonsThe Last de Burgh2013FebruaryH1413 MBHR9780263898088 / 978-0-263-89808-8Medieval; girl disguised as boy gets help from knight, de Burgh 8 (Nicholas)
Gail RanstromA Daring Liaison2013FebruaryH1414 MBHR9780263898095 / 978-0-263-89809-5Regency; man investigates suspicious deaths, including how old flame has been twice widowed
Jenna KernanThe Texas Ranger's Daughter2013FebruaryH1415 MBHR9780263898101 / 978-0-263-89810-1Western; Texas 1879, ex-outlaw helps rescue kidnapped heroine
Michelle WillinghamThe Accidental Prince2013MarchH1416 MBHR9780263898118 / 978-0-263-89811-8Victorian era; Lohenberg (pretend European country) 1855, princess with violent father, forced betrothal, Accidental 4
Julia JustissThe Rake to Ruin Her2013MarchH1417 MBHR9780263898125 / 978-0-263-89812-5Regency; 1815, heroine picks disgraced diplomat to help ruin her reputation and avoid marrying anyone, Ransleigh Rogues 1 (Max)
Lucy AshfordThe Outrageous Belle Marchmain2013MarchH1418 MBHR9780263898132 / 978-0-263-89813-2Regency; 1819, fake betrothal, dressmaker and landowner
Blythe GiffordTaken by the Border Rebel2013MarchH1419 MBHR9780263898149 / 978-0-263-89814-9Stewart; Scottish Marches 1529, clan leader kidnaps enemy's daughter, Brunson Clan 3 (Black Rob)
Isabelle GoddardUnmasking Miss Lacey2013MarchH1420 MBHR9780263898156 / 978-0-263-89815-6Regency; woman-turned-highwayman holds up earl
Lauri RobinsonInheriting a Bride2013MarchH1421 MBHR9780263898163 / 978-0-263-89816-3Western; Colorado 1885, hero thinks that heroine is only pretending to be his new ward
Sophia JamesThe Dissolute Duke2013AprilH1422 MBHR9780263898170 / 978-0-263-89817-0William IV; 1831, three-year separation after forced marriage, Wellingham 4 (Lucinda)
Anne HerriesHis Unusual Governess2013AprilH1423 MBHR9780263898187 / 978-0-263-89818-7Regency; heiress working as governess
Michelle StylesAn Ideal Husband?2013AprilH1424 MBHR9780263898194 / 978-0-263-89819-4Victorian; Newcastle upon Tyne 1852, heiress rescued from ruin by fake betrothal to viscount
Terri BrisbinAt the Highlander's Mercy2013AprilH1425 MBHR9780263898200 / 978-0-263-89820-0Medieval; Scotland 1300s, hero kidnaps woman whose heart he previously broke, Medieval-MacLerie 5 (Lilidh)
Julia JustissThe Rake to Redeem Her2013AprilH1426 MBHR9780263898217 / 978-0-263-89821-7Regency; Europe 1816, hero tries to clear his cousin's name, Ransleigh Rogues 2 (Will)
Carolyn DavidsonA Man for Glory2013AprilH1427 MBHR9780263898224 / 978-0-263-89822-4Western; Kansas 1847, widow of hanged man and undercover-investigator hero
Christine MerrillThe Greatest of Sins2013MayH1428 MBHR9780263898231 / 978-0-263-89823-1Regency; doctor and his brother's betrothed, Sins 1
Louise AllenTarnished Amongst the Ton2013MayH1429 MBHR9780263898248 / 978-0-263-89824-8Regency; Regency London 1816, hero raised in Calcutta, India 2
Marguerite KayeThe Beauty Within2013MayH1430 MBHR9780263898255 / 978-0-263-89825-5Regency; scientist heroine, artist hero, Armstrong Sisters 3
Helen DicksonThe Devil Claims a Wife2013MayH1431 MBHR9780263898262 / 978-0-263-89826-2Medieval; heroine engaged to someone else
Elizabeth BeaconThe Scarred Earl2013MayH1432 MBHR9780263898279 / 978-0-263-89827-9Regency; reclusive former soldier, society beauty, Seaborne 2
Carla KellyHer Hesitant Heart2013MayH1433 MBHR9780263898286 / 978-0-263-89828-6Western; 1875 Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory, divorced teacher, army surgeon
Annie BurrowsReforming the Viscount2013JuneH1434 MBHR9780263898293 / 978-0-263-89829-3Regency; previously turned down marriage proposal
Diane GastonA Reputation for Notoriety2013JuneH1435 MBHR9780263898309 / 978-0-263-89830-9Regency; 1819 London, gambling, self-made hero, Masquerade Club 1
Lyn StoneThe Substitute Countess2013JuneH1436 MBHR9780263898316 / 978-0-263-89831-6Regency; 1818, marriage of convenience, convent-raised heroine
Jeannie LinThe Sword Dancer2013JuneH1437 MBHR9780263898323 / 978-0-263-89832-3Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, 848 AD, sword dancer heroine, thief taker hero, Sword Dancer 1
Joanna FulfordHis Lady of Castlemora2013JuneH1438 MBHR9780263898330 / 978-0-263-89833-0Medieval; 11th century Northumbria, possibly-barren widow, forced betrothal, Captive Wife 2
Lisa PlumleyThe Honor-Bound Gambler / The Honour-Bound Gambler2013JuneH1439 MBHR9780263898347 / 978-0-263-89834-7Western; nothern Arizona Territory 1884, preacher's daughter meets gambler, Morrow Creek 9
Deborah HaleHighland Rogue2013June/JulyH1440 MBHR9780263906615 / 978-0-263-90661-5Victorian; London 1875, laird's daughter protects sister from servant turned fortune hunter
Deborah SimmonsThe Gentleman Thief2013June/JulyH1441 MBHR9780263906622 / 978-0-263-90662-2Regency; emeralds go missing in Regency Bath, RITA Award finalist
Jackie ManningTaming the Duke2013June/JulyH1442 MBHR9780263906639 / 978-0-263-90663-9Regency; England 1821, female horse whisperer
Merline LovelaceCrusader Captive2013June/JulyH1443 MBHR9780263906646 / 978-0-263-90664-6Medieval; Middle East 1152, woman asks knight for help losing her virginity to escape marriage and harem
Margaret MooreA Warrior's Lady2013June/JulyH1444 MBHR9780263906653 / 978-0-263-90665-3Medieval; married by royal command, Warrior 14 (Sir Reece Fitzroy)
Elizabeth LaneThe Lawman's Vow2013June/JulyH1445 MBHR9780263906660 / 978-0-263-90666-0Western; California 1858, lawman looking for revenge is shipwrecked, loses memory, rescued by enemy's daughter
Margaret McPheeMistress to the Marquis2013JulyH1446 MBHR9780263898354 / 978-0-263-89835-4Regency; London 1811, actress is mistress to a lord for six months, Gentleman of Disrepute 5
Bronwyn ScottA Lady Risks All2013JulyH1447 MBHR9780263898361 / 978-0-263-89836-1Victorian; Brighton 1837, captain meets female billiards player, Ladies of Impropriety 1
Ann LethbridgeHer Highland Protector2013JulyH1448 MBHR9780263898378 / 978-0-263-89837-8Regency; Scottish Highlands, lady falls for a younger son, The Gilvrys of Dunross 2 (Niall)
Carol TownendLady Isobel's Champion2013JulyH1449 MBHR9780263898385 / 978-0-263-89838-5Medieval; France 1173, a count fetches his betrothed after her years in a convent, Knights of Champagne 1
Gail WhitikerNo Role for a Gentleman2013JulyH1450 MBHR9780263898392 / 978-0-263-89839-2Regency; to protect his sister's reputation, hero pretends he's the playwrite, Bretton 2
Lauri RobinsonThe Cowboy Who Caught Her Eye2013JulyH1451 MBHR9780263898408 / 978-0-263-89840-8Western; Dakota Territory 1844, cowboy offers marriage to pregnant shopkeeper
Carole MortimerNot Just a Governess2013AugustH1452 MBHR9780263898415 / 978-0-263-89841-5Regency; London 1817, widowed lord with a daughter hires governess widow, Season of Secrets 2
Bronwyn ScottA Lady Dares2013AugustH1453 MBHR9780263898422 / 978-0-263-89842-2Victorian; London 1839, Ladies of Impropriety 2
Sarah MalloryBought for Revenge2013AugustH1454 MBHR9780263898439 / 978-0-263-89843-9Regency; Waterloo veteran seeks revenge on man through his daughter
Michelle WillinghamTo Sin with a Viking2013AugustH1455 MBHR9780263898446 / 978-0-263-89844-6Viking; Ireland 875 AD, heroine takes a married Viking trader captive
Elizabeth BeaconThe Black Sheep's Return2013AugustH1456 MBHR9780263898453 / 978-0-263-89845-3Regency; runaway lady meets Seaborne family's black sheep, Seaborne 3
Lynna BanningSmoke River Bride2013AugustH1457 MBHR9780263898460 / 978-0-263-89846-0Western; Oregon, mail order bride of single father is Chinese American
Sophia JamesMistress at Midnight2013SeptemberH1458 MBHR9780263898477 / 978-0-263-89847-7Victorian; 1855 England
Amanda McCabeThe Runaway Countess2013SeptemberH1459 MBHR9780263898484 / 978-0-263-89848-4Regency; London 1813
Mary NicholsIn the Commodore's Hands2013SeptemberH1460 MBHR9780263898491 / 978-0-263-89849-1Regency; 1792
Anne HerriesPromised to the Crusader2013SeptemberH1461 MBHR9780263898507 / 978-0-263-89850-7Medieval
Deborah HaleBeauty and the Baron2013SeptemberH1462 MBHR9780263898514 / 978-0-263-89851-4Regency; 1818, war-wounded, reclusive hero
Elizabeth LaneThe Ballad of Emma O'Toole2013SeptemberH1463 MBHR9780263898521 / 978-0-263-89852-1Western; Utah Territory 1886
Mary BrendanA Date with Dishonour / A Date with Dishonor2013OctoberH1464 MBHR9780263898538 / 978-0-263-89853-8Regency; London
Helen DicksonThe Master of Stonegrave Hall2013OctoberH1465 MBHR9780263898545 / 978-0-263-89854-5Regency; 1820 Yorkshire
Georgie LeeEngagement of Convenience2013OctoberH1466 MBHR9780263898552 / 978-0-263-89855-2Regency; 1805
Joanna FulfordDefiant in the Viking's Bed2013OctoberH1467 MBHR9780263898569 / 978-0-263-89856-9Viking; Victorious Vikings 1 (Leif)
June FrancisThe Adventurer's Bride2013OctoberH1468 MBHR9780263898576 / 978-0-263-89857-6Tudor; Oxfordshire 1527
Anthology: Carolyn Davidson, Carol Arens, Lauri RobinsonChristmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family For Christmas by Davidson; A Christmas Miracle by Arens; Christmas With Her Cowboy by Robinson2013OctoberH1469 MBHR9780263898583 / 978-0-263-89858-3Western; Davidson: Missouri 1887; Robinson: Wyoming 1881
Marguerite KayeRumours that Ruined a Lady / Rumors that Ruined a Lady2013NovemberH1470 MBHR9780263898598 / 978-0-263-89859-0Regency; London 1830
Isabelle GoddardThe Major's Guarded Heart2013NovemberH1471 MBHR9780263898606 / 978-0-263-89860-6Regency; Sussex 1813
Margaret MooreHighland Heiress2013NovemberH1472 MBHR9780263898613 / 978-0-263-89861-3Regency; Scottish Highlands, 1817, Highland Regency 2
Michelle StylesPaying the Viking's Price2013NovemberH1473 MBHR9780263898620 / 978-0-263-89862-0Viking; 876 North Yorkshire
Terri BrisbinThe Highlander's Dangerous Temptation2013NovemberH1474 MBHR9780263898637 / 978-0-263-89863-7Medieval; Scotland 1375
Carol ArensRebel with a Heart2013NovemberH1475 MBHR9780263898644 / 978-0-263-89864-4Western; South Dakota 1879
Carole MortimerNot Just a Wallflower2013DecemberH1476 MBHR9780263898651 / 978-0-263-89865-1Regency; 1817
Anne HerriesCourted by the Captain2013DecemberH1477 MBHR9780263898668 / 978-0-263-89866-8Regency; Officers and Gentlemen 1
Amanda McCabeRunning from Scandal2013DecemberH1478 MBHR9780263898675 / 978-0-263-89867-5Regency; 1814
Meriel FullerThe Knight's Fugitive Lady2013DecemberH1479 MBHR9780263898682 / 978-0-263-89868-2Medieval; England 1326
Ann LethbridgeFalling for the Highland Rogue2013DecemberH1480 MBHR9780263898699 / 978-0-263-89869-9Regency; Edinburgh 1822
Kate WelshThe Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife2013DecemberH1481 MBHR9780263898705 / 978-0-263-89870-5Western
Louise AllenFrom Ruin to Riches2014JanuaryH1482 MBHR9780263909319 / 978-0-263-90931-9Regency; 1814 Oxfordshire
Anne HerriesProtected by the Major2014JanuaryH1483 MBHR9780263909326 / 978-0-263-90932-6Regency; Officers and Gentlemen 2
Bronwyn ScottSecrets of a Gentleman Escort2014JanuaryH1484 MBHR9780263909333 / 978-0-263-90933-3Victorian; London 1839, Rakes 1
Carol TownendUnveiling Lady Claire2014JanuaryH1485 MBHR9780263909340 / 978-0-263-90934-0Medieval; France 1174
Diane GastonA Marriage of Notoriety2014JanuaryH1486 MBHR9780263909357 / 978-0-263-90935-7Regency; London 1814, scarred heroine, hero temporarily running gaming establishment
Kate BridgesRancher Wants a Wife2014JanuaryH1487 MBHR9780263909364 / 978-0-263-90936-4Western; California 1873, mail-order bride to man she knows, Mail Order 1
Annie BurrowsPortrait of a Scandal2014FebruaryH1488 MBHR9780263909371 / 978-0-263-90937-1Regency
Anne HerriesDrawn to Lord Ravenscar2014FebruaryH1489 MBHR9780263909388 / 978-0-263-90938-8Regency; Officers and Gentlemen 3
Sarah MalloryLady Beneath the Veil2014FebruaryH1490 MBHR9780263909395 / 978-0-263-90939-5Regency
Michelle WillinghamTo Tempt a Viking2014FebruaryH1491 MBHR9780263909401 / 978-0-263-90940-1Viking; Ireland 875
Juliet LandonMistress Masquerade2014FebruaryH1492 MBHR9780263909418 / 978-0-263-90941-8Regency; 1814
Lauri RobinsonThe Major's Wife2014FebruaryH1493 MBHR9780263909425 / 978-0-263-90942-5Western; Oklahoma Indian Territory 1878
Christine MerrillThe Fall of a Saint2014MarchH1494 MBHR9780263909432 / 978-0-263-90943-2Regency; Sins 2
Sarah MalloryAt the Highwayman's Pleasure2014MarchH1495 MBHR9780263909449 / 978-0-263-90944-9Regency; 1807
Helen DicksonMishap Marriage2014MarchH1496 MBHR9780263909456 / 978-0-263-90945-6Regency; the Azores and London, 1800
Blythe GiffordSecrets at Court2014MarchH1497 MBHR9780263909463 / 978-0-263-90946-3Medieval; England 1361
Anne HerriesThe Rebel Captain's Royalist Bride2014MarchH1498 MBHR9780263909470 / 978-0-263-90947-0English Civil War
Debra CowanThe Cowboy's Reluctant Bride2014MarchH1499 MBHR9780263909487 / 978-0-263-90948-7Western; Indian Territory 1873, stage coach stop
Louise AllenUnlacing Lady Thea2014AprilH1500 MBHR9780263909494 / 978-0-263-90949-4Regency; 1814, grand tour
Carla KellyThe Wedding Ring Quest2014AprilH1501 MBHR9780263909500 / 978-0-263-90950-0Regency; former soldier, road trip
Bronwyn ScottLondon's Most Wanted Rake2014AprilH1502 MBHR9780263909517 / 978-0-263-90951-7Rakes 2
Mary NicholsScandal at Greystone Manor2014AprilH1503 MBHR9780263909524 / 978-0-263-90952-4Regency; 1817, heroine in love with sister's fiancé
Georgie LeeRescued from Ruin2014AprilH1504 MBHR9780263909531 / 978-0-263-90953-1Regency; 1816, second chance for widow with old flame
Kate BridgesWelcome to Wyoming2014AprilH1505 MBHR9780263909548 / 978-0-263-90954-8Western; Wyoming 1873, hero undercover detective, Mail Order 2
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