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M&B Undone ebook Novellas released in the UK
Cover Author Title Year Month No. ebook ISBN Setting/Notes
Nicola CornickThe Unmasking of Lady Loveless2009FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781426826016 / 978-1-4268-2601-6linked to Unmasked and to Brides of Fortune trilogy
Michelle WillinghamThe Viking's Forbidden Love-Slave2009FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781426826023 / 978-1-4268-2602-3Medieval; Ireland 1102, hero is attracted to the love-slave he is supposed to deliver to his king, linked to Her Warrior Slave
Bronwyn ScottLibertine Lord, Pickpocket Miss2009FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781426826030 / 978-1-4268-2603-0Regency era; Vienna 1823, linked to Pickpocket Countess
Amanda McCabeShipwrecked and Seduced2009FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781426826047 / 978-1-4268-2604-7linked to High Seas Stowaway
Annie BurrowsNotorious Lord, Compromised Miss2009MarchUndone ebook novella 9781426826054 / 978-1-4268-2605-4
Ann LethbridgeThe Rake's Intimate Encounter2009AprilUndone ebook novella 9781426829239 / 978-1-4268-2923-9
Bronwyn ScottPleasured by the English Spy2009MayUndone ebook novella 9781426829284 / 978-1-4268-2928-4Regency
Joanne RockA Night of Wicked Delight2009JuneUndone ebook novella 9781426830471 / 978-1-4268-3047-1Medieval; prequel to The Knight's Return
Diane GastonThe Unlacing of Miss Leigh2009JulyUndone ebook novella 9781408914199 / 978-1-4089-1419-9Regency
Louise AllenDisrobed and Dishonored [US] / Disrobed and Dishonoured [UK]2009AugustUndone ebook novella 9781408914205 / 978-1-4089-1420-5linked to Those Scandalous Ravenhursts
Terri BrisbinA Night for her Pleasure2009SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781408914571 / 978-1-4089-1457-1Medieval; Brittany, 1066, Knights of Brittany 1
Joanna MaitlandHis Silken Seduction2009OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408914588 / 978-1-4089-1458-8Regency era; Napoleonic France, Aikenhead Honours
Carole MortimerAt the Duke's Service2009NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781408914939 / 978-1-4089-1493-9Georgian; guardian/ward, Notorious St Claires prequel (Alexander)
Michelle WillinghamThe Warrior's Forbidden Virgin2009DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781408914946 / 978-1-4089-1494-6Medieval; England 1180, linked to Taming her Irish Warrior (which is MacEgan brothers 4)
Margaret MooreThe Welsh Lord's Mistress2010JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781408916667 / 978-1-4089-1666-7
Marguerite KayeThe Captain's Wicked Wager2010FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408917541 / 978-1-4089-1754-1Georgian; 1785
Amanda McCabeThe Maid's Lover2010FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408923085 / 978-1-4089-2308-5Elizabethan
Kathrynn DennisAwakening His Lady2010FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408923092 / 978-1-4089-2309-2Medieval; early 1200s
Michelle WillinghamAn Accidental Seduction2010FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408923153 / 978-1-4089-2315-3Victorian; second chance at love, impoverished heroine, Accidental 1
Barbara MonajemNotorious Eliza2010FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408923160 / 978-1-4089-2316-0heroine paints portraits of courtesans
Lauri RobinsonWedding Night with the Ranger2010MarchUndone ebook novella 9781408923238 / 978-1-4089-2323-8Western; Kansas 1880
Christine MerrillSeducing a Stranger2010MarchUndone ebook novella 9781408917558 / 978-1-4089-1755-8Regency; lieutenant, army widow
Bronwyn ScottWicked Earl, Wanton Widow2010MarchUndone ebook novella 9781408923221 / 978-1-4089-2322-1William IV; England 1830
Amelia CaseyTaken by the Highwayman2010AprilUndone ebook novella 9781408927892 / 978-1-4089-2789-2
Amanda McCabeTo Bed a Libertine2010AprilUndone ebook novella 9781408927908 / 978-1-4089-2790-8prequel to the Chase Muses series
Carole MortimerConvenient Wife, Pleasured Lady2010MayUndone ebook novella 9781408927915 / 978-1-4089-2791-5
Marguerite KayeThe Highlander and the Sea Siren2010MayUndone ebook novella 9781408927922 / 978-1-4089-2792-2Regency; paranormal (selkie)
Christine MerrillTaming Her Gypsy Lover2010JuneUndone ebook novella 9781408923290 / 978-1-4089-2329-0Georgian; 1790s England; prequel to the Regency Silk and Scandals series
Ann LethbridgeThe Laird and the Wanton Widow2010JuneUndone ebook novella 9781408923306 / 978-1-4089-2330-6Regency; linked to Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress
Joanne RockThe Virgin's Pursuit2010JulyUndone ebook novella 9781408923368 / 978-1-4089-2336-8Medieval; 11th century Northumbria
Michelle WillinghamInnocent in the Harem2010AugustUndone ebook novella 9781408923436 / 978-1-4089-2343-6Tudor era; Ottoman Empire, 1565, Bedouin princess tries to escape slave market, taken to Prince's harem
Bronwyn ScottArabian Nights with a Rake2010AugustUndone ebook novella 9781408923443 / 978-1-4089-2344-3William IV era; Algerian Desert, 1833, followed by Untamed Rogue, Scandalous Mistress
Michelle WillinghamPleasured by the Viking2010SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781408923504 / 978-1-4089-2350-4Medieval; Vikings, Ireland 1181, Bealtaine, heroine facing alliance with a Norman, linked to MacEgan brothers (Gunnar Dalrata)
Elizabeth RollsA Scandalous Liaison2010SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781408923511 / 978-1-4089-2351-1Regency; second chance at love, artist
Jeannie LinThe Taming of Mei Lin2010OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408905159 / 978-1-4089-0515-9Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, 710 AD, Butterfly Swords 0.5
Joanna MaitlandDelight and Desire2010OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408906613 / 978-1-4089-0661-3Regency, Scotland 1800
Marguerite KayeBitten by Desire2010OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408923375 / 978-1-4089-2337-5Regency; Paranormal, 1816
Ann LethbridgeOne Night as a Courtesan2010NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781408905401 / 978-1-4089-0540-1Regency; Three Sexy Rakes 1
Ashley RadcliffThe Samurai's Forbidden Touch2010NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781408905418 / 978-1-4089-0541-8Medieval; 1183, Heian Period, Northern Japan
Amanda McCabeTo Court, Capture and Conquer2010DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781408905425 / 978-1-4089-0542-5Elizabethan; London 1589
Lauri RobinsonHer Midnight Cowboy2010DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781408905432 / 978-1-4089-0543-2Western; Eastern Wyoming, 1884
Ann LethbridgeUnmasking Lady Innocent2011JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781408929100 / 978-1-4089-2910-0Regency; Three Sexy Rakes 2
Marguerite KayeTemptation is the Night2011JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781408929117 / 978-1-4089-2911-71920s; England
Joanne RockSummoned for Seduction2011JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781408934975 / 978-1-4089-3497-5Medieval; Scottish Highlands, 1072
Lisa PlumleyWanton in the West2011FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408934982 / 978-1-4089-3498-2Western; Arizona Territory, 1884, Morrow Creek 7
Deborah HaleSeduced: The Scandalous Virgin2011FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408934999 / 978-1-4089-3499-9Regency; linked to Gentlemen of Fortune trilogy
Elaine GoldenAn Imprudent Lady2011MarchUndone ebook novella 9781408935774 / 978-1-4089-3577-4Regency; Fortney Follies 1
Michelle StylesThe Perfect Concubine2011MarchUndone ebook novella 9781408935781 / 978-1-4089-3578-1Ancient Rome; 68 BC, linked to Sold and Seduced
Marguerite KayeClaimed by the Wolf Prince2011AprilUndone ebook novella 9781408935927 / 978-1-4089-3592-7Stuart; Scotland, 1700, Legend of the Faol 1 (paranormal, shapeshifting)
Elaine GoldenA Disgraceful Miss2011AprilUndone ebook novella 9781408935934 / 978-1-4089-3593-4Regency; Fortney Follies 2
Marguerite KayeBound to the Wolf Prince2011MayUndone ebook novella 9781408936399 / 978-1-4089-3639-9Stuart; Scotland, 1703, Legend of the Faol 2 (paranormal, shapeshifting)
Amanda McCabeGirl in the Beaded Mask2011MayUndone ebook novella 9781408936405 / 978-1-4089-3640-520th Century; England 1922
Marguerite KayeThe Highlander and the Wolf Princess2011JuneUndone ebook novella 9781408936801 / 978-1-4089-3680-1Legend of the Faol 3 (paranormal, shapeshifting)
Lauri RobinsonNights with the Outlaw2011JuneUndone ebook novella 9781408936818 / 978-1-4089-3681-8Western; Nebraska 1885
Marguerite KayeThe Sheikh's Impetuous Love-Slave2011JulyUndone ebook novella 9781408936825 / 978-1-4089-3682-5Regency-era Arabia; 1816, shipwrecked and gifted to the prince, Princes of the Desert 1
Ann LethbridgeDeliciously Debauched by the Rake2011JulyUndone ebook novella 9781408936832 / 978-1-4089-3683-2lovers of long standing
Louise AllenAuctioned Virgin to Seduced Bride2011AugustUndone ebook novella 9781408936849 / 978-1-4089-3684-9Regency; 1814, kidnapped and auctioned in a brothel, Transformation of the Shelley Sisters 1
Elaine GoldenA Compromised Innocent2011AugustUndone ebook novella 9781408936856 / 978-1-4089-3685-6Fortney Follies 3
Amanda McCabeUnlacing the Lady in Waiting2011SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781408951019 / 978-1-4089-5101-9Elizabethan; Scotland, formerly engaged couple
Barbara MonajemThe Wanton Governess2011SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781408951026 / 978-1-4089-5102-6Regency; Sussex 1801, unemployed governess masquerades as gentleman's wife while he's abroad
Michelle WillinghamCraving the Highlander's Touch2011OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408951033 / 978-1-4089-5103-3Medieval; Scotland 1306, lady feels for her husband's prisoners, linked to MacKinloch series (Alys Fitzroy, Lady of Harkirk)
Jeannie LinThe Lady's Scandalous Night2011OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408951040 / 978-1-4089-5104-0Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, 759 AD, Butterfly Swords 2.5
Diane GastonThe Liberation of Miss Finch2011NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781408951477 / 978-1-4089-5147-7Regency; 1829, old flame, poor relation, former servant now self-made man, linked to Three Soldiers series
Carole MortimerA Wickedly Pleasurable Wager2011NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781408951484 / 978-1-4089-5148-4Regency; 1796, house party, Copeland Sisters 1
Christine MerrillVirgin Unwrapped2011DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781408968802 / 978-1-4089-6880-2Regency; attracted to fiancéís business partner
Amanda McCabeOne Wicked Christmas2011DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781408968819 / 978-1-4089-6881-9Regency; 1806, widow plans to take late husband's best friend as lover
Ann LethbridgeA Rake for Christmas2012JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781408975176 / 978-1-4089-7517-6Regency; 1813, intrigued by what she can hear through the wall of neighbour's sexual encounters
Marguerite KayeSpellbound & Seduced / Spellbound and Seduced2012JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781408975183 / 978-1-4089-7518-3Regency; Scottish Highlands 1822, curse can only be broken by a perfect love
Bronwyn ScottAn Illicit Indiscretion2012JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781408975190 / 978-1-4089-7519-0William IV; 1835, each wants one last fling
Barbara MonajemThe Unrepentant Rake2012FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408979105 / 978-1-4089-7910-5Regency; 1802, independent-minded governess takes a lover
Lauri RobinsonDisobeying the Marshal2012FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781408979112 / 978-1-4089-7911-2Western; El Dorado, Kansas 1881, the marshal and woman who had a passionate encounter meet again
Margaret McPheeHow to Tempt a Viscount2012MarchUndone ebook novella 9781408979129 / 978-1-4089-7912-9Regency; 1807, estranged couple, Gentlemen of Disrepute
Lauri RobinsonTesting the Lawman's Honor2012MarchUndone ebook novella 9781408979136 / 978-1-4089-7913-6Western; El Dorado, Kansas 1881, deputy and widow
Marguerite KayeBehind the Courtesan's Mask2012AprilUndone ebook novella 9781408980866 / 978-1-4089-8086-6Regency; 1818, diplomat Earl and courtesan's sister
Jeannie LinCapturing the Silken Thief2012AprilUndone ebook novella 9781408980873 / 978-1-4089-8087-3Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, 823 AD, musician attempts to steal a book to gain her freedom
Linda SkyeThe Debutante's Ruse2012MayUndone ebook novella 9781408979525 / 978-1-4089-7952-5Hong Kong, governorís daughter as debutante/thief
Joanne RockFor the Highlander's Pleasure2012MayUndone ebook novella 9781408980873 / 978-1-4089-7954-9Medieval; Scotland 1306, warrior sought by woman's father to help protect their lands
Lauri RobinsonThe Sheriff's Last Gamble2012JuneUndone ebook novella 9781408981641 / 978-1-4089-8164-1Western; Dakota Territory 1886,
Helen DicksonOne Reckless Night2012JuneUndone ebook novella 9781408981658 / 978-1-4089-8165-8English Civil War; post war, desperate heroine on the run
Marguerite KayeFlirting with Ruin2012JulyUndone ebook novella 9781408995518 / 978-1-4089-9551-8lady cultivates scandalous reputation to escape society's strictures, Castonbury Park prequel
Lyn StoneThe Widow and the Rake2012JulyUndone ebook novella 9781408995525 / 978-1-4089-9552-5widow wants a better husband than last time
Linda SkyeA Pleasurable Shame2012AugustUndone ebook novella 9781408995532 / 978-1-4089-9553-2Medieval; France 1067, droit du seigneur
Barbara MonajemTo Rescue or Ravish?2012AugustUndone ebook novella 9781408995549 / 978-1-4089-9554-9Regency; 1802, runaway woman bumps into old flame
Bronwyn ScottHow to Live Indecently2012SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781408995556 / 978-1-4089-9555-6William IV; 1835, Rakes Beyond Redemption series
Terri BrisbinTaming the Highland Rogue2012SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781408995563 / 978-1-4089-9556-3Medieval; laird's wife tries to stop him arranging more marriages, Scotland 1307, Medieval-MacLerie 3.5 (Connor/Jocelyn)
Lauri RobinsonWhat a Cowboy Wants2012OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408995570 / 978-1-4089-9557-0Western; second chance when man returns to fetch orphaned siblings, Iowa 1883
Jeannie LinAn Illicit Temptation2012OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781408995587 / 978-1-4089-9558-7Early Middle Ages; China, Tang Dynasty, 824 AD, escorting a princess to an arranged marriage, Concubine 1.5
Annie BurrowsHis Wicked Christmas Wager2012NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781408995594 / 978-1-4089-9559-4Regency; widow, chance meeting with old flame
Marguerite KayeAn Invitation to Pleasure2012NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781408995600 / 978-1-4089-9560-0Regency; Scottish Highlands, widow of a fortune hunter posing as man's fiancée, Christmas
Barbara MonajemA Lady's Lesson in Seduction2012NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781472000644 / 978-1-4720-0064-4Regency; rake and widow at Christmas country house party
Carole MortimerSome Like it Scandalous2012DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781408995617 / 978-1-4089-9561-7Regency; Christmas 1817, widowed duchess takes a younger lover, Daring Duchesses (Sophia)
Christine MerrillTo Undo a Lady2012DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781408995624 / 978-1-4089-9562-4Regency; Christmas, woman becomes actress and mistress
Linda SkyeThe Pirate's Reckless Touch2012DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781472008138 / 978-1-4720-0813-8Regency; Christmas, woman needs pirate for treasure hunt
Joanne RockMaid Until Midnight2013JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781472008824 / 978-1-4720-0882-4Medieval; Yorkshire 1344, man takes betrothed captive when father reneges on wedding contract
Sarah MalloryThe Tantalizing Miss Coale2013JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781472008831 / 978-1-4720-0883-1Regency; woman meets old flame while eloping with another man, Coale Brothers
Tatiana MarchThe Virgin's Debt2013FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781472008848 / 978-1-4720-0884-8Stuart; Scotland 1504, man saves woman from trial for witchcraft and takes her as his mistress, Hot Scottish Knights 1
Amanda McCabeAn Improper Duchess2013FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781472008855 / 978-1-4720-0885-5widowed duchess attempts to make herself scandalous to preserve her freedom
Lauri RobinsonHis Wild West Wife2013MarchUndone ebook novella 9781472008862 / 978-1-4720-0886-2Western; Kansas 1883, man follows runaway wife from Chicago
Tatiana MarchSubmit to the Warrior2013MarchUndone ebook novella 9781472008879 / 978-1-4720-0887-9Stuart; Scotland 1541, King commands courtier to kill a cruel laird and wed his widow, Hot Scottish Knights 2
Marguerite KayeLost in Pleasure2013AprilUndone ebook novella 9781472008886 / 978-1-4720-0888-6Regency; time travel, modern woman travels back to London 1816
Linda SkyeUnveiled for the Persian King2013AprilUndone ebook novella 9781472008893 / 978-1-4720-0889-3a princess is given in tribute to the Persian King for his harem
Ann LethbridgeIn Bed with the Highlander2013MayUndone ebook novella 9781472008909 / 978-1-4720-0890-9Stuart; time travel, modern woman travels back to Scotland 1715
Barbara MonajemThe Magic of His Touch2013MayUndone ebook novella 9781472008916 / 978-1-4720-0891-6Regency; England 1804, heroine is discovered in naked true-love ritual, May Day Mischief 1
Marguerite KayeHow to Seduce a Sheikh2013JuneUndone ebook novella 9781472008923 / 978-1-4720-0892-3Regency; Arabia 1801, prince buys French slave in order to set her free
Barbara MonajemBewitched by His Kiss2013JuneUndone ebook novella 9781472008930 / 978-1-4720-0893-0Regency; England 1804, lovers still drawn to each other three years after tryst, May Day Mischief 2
Linda SkyeA Dance with Indecency2013JulyUndone ebook novella 9781472008947 / 978-1-4720-0894-720th Century; 1920s New York City, man doesn't recognise young wealthy widow as a former lover
Ann LethbridgeOne Night with the Highlander2013JulyUndone ebook novella 9781472008954 / 978-1-4720-0895-4Regency; scandalous widow is girl he once knew, Gilvrys of Dunross
Carole MortimerNot Just a Seduction2013AugustUndone ebook novella 9781472008961 / 978-1-4720-0896-1Regency; 1817, earl wants widowed old flame as his mistress
Bronwyn ScottA Lady Seduces2013AugustUndone ebook novella 9781472008978 / 978-1-4720-0897-8ex-spy and spymaster
Lauri RobinsonDance with the Rancher2013SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781472008985 / 978-1-4720-0898-5Western; Colorado 1879
Lauri RobinsonRescued by the Ranger2013SeptemberUndone ebook novella 9781472008992 / 978-1-4720-0899-2Western; Montana 1885
Tatiana MarchSurrender to the Knight2013OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781472009005 / 978-1-4720-0900-5Stuart; Scotland 1541, Hot Scottish Knights 3
Greta GilbertMastered by her Slave2013OctoberUndone ebook novella 9781472009012 / 978-1-4720-0901-2Ancient Rome; 80 AD
Joanne RockVanquished by the Viking2013NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781472009029 / 978-1-4720-0902-9Viking; Anglesey, Wales 995 AD
Michelle KellyThe Virgin Courtesan2013NovemberUndone ebook novella 9781472009036 / 978-1-4720-0903-6Regency
Amanda McCabeA Very Tudor Christmas2013DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781472009043 / 978-1-4720-0904-3Tudor; England 1571
Barbara MonajemUnder a Christmas Spell2013DecemberUndone ebook novella 9781472009050 / 978-1-4720-0905-0Regency; England 1815, supernatural
Lauri RobinsonSnowbound with the Sheriff2014JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781472055293 / 978-1-4720-5529-3Western; Montana 1886
Linda SkyeRussian Winter Nights2014JanuaryUndone ebook novella 9781472055309 / 978-1-4720-5530-9Catherine the Great; Russia 1733
Elizabeth RollsA Shocking Proposition2014FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781472057273 / 978-1-4720-5727-3Regency; Northumberland
Barbara MonajemUnder a New Year's Enchantment2014FebruaryUndone ebook novella 9781472057280 / 978-1-4720-5728-0Regency; Hampshire 1816
Bronwyn ScottAn Officer But No Gentleman2014MarchUndone ebook novella 9781472082886 / 978-1-4720-8288-6Victorian; London 1839, Rakes series
Michelle KellyBorgia Fever2014MarchUndone ebook novella 9781472082893 / 978-1-4720-8289-3Renaissance Rome
Bronwyn ScottA Most Indecent Gentleman2014AprilUndone ebook novella 9781472082909 / 978-1-4720-8290-9Victorian; London 1839, Rakes series
Harper St GeorgeHis Abductor's Desire2014AprilUndone ebook novella 9781472082916 / 978-1-4720-8291-6Western; Montana Territory 1887
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